In a single moment everything can change. One moment, instantaneous, and you’re on a path you never imagined.

One moment of change, a single glance. That’s all it takes.

It was their engagement party, of all places. The fairytale of the family they were, proclaimed in love by their parents the moment they were born. Nothing could spoil their happiness. They’d settle down, have some kids and live in a gingerbread house with the Fairy Godmother as their nanny and pet unicorns roaming the fields.

I was decidedly inebriated. It’s a strange feeling, I’ve always found. There’s a stone cold sober section of my brain which runs alongside the drunken section. However the decisions of the drunken section are carried out while the sober section observes the proceedings with a grim smile and a disappointed shake of the head, a top hat adorning his hair and one of those fancy cigars hanging from his mouth. This top hat and cigar persona of soberness was all too happy to stand back and allow me to make a fool of myself, and was rather sadistic in his punishments of head cracking hangovers. The engagement party was such a time, where a nasty incident with a chair had the entire room in shaking fits of mirth and me storming or, rather, haughtily stumbling, from the house.

I lay on the lawn, loving the feel of the soft, springy grass beneath my back and looked up at the stars. It’s a confronting experience. It feels like I’m staring down the universe, staring the heart of creation in the eyes. All of time and space is laid bare for me to see, an entire universe of unknown beauty and wonders. My heart constricted and my breath hitched in my throat as I gazed open mouthed at the skies above. This was not, in case you were wondering, an effect of the alcohol. The stars always seem to cause this reaction in me, a wonder and a curiosity so deep that brilliance overtakes it.

Then he came out. By now, I suppose, you’re expecting something dramatic. Maybe he threw himself on me in a fit of wild passion. Maybe I threw myself on him in a fit of wild passion.

No. It was much subtler than that.

I doubt he realised what happened. For that matter I doubt he noticed anything was amiss. I’m not sure I can comprehend it. It was the teetering on a precipice, the beginning of a new beginning. Noticing the potential to fall is there while watching the possibilities from above, wavering on the edge of the unknown.

He looked at me. He had a lopsided grin on his face as we conversed. The particulars of the conversation have long since fled my mind, inane drunken rambling I’m sure. It was the eyes. I’d never been able to pin point the exact colour, a light brown, deep hazel, blue, green. They twinkled in a different fashion each time I looked at them.

As I lay there on the grass, he lay beside me. We watched the stars. I turned my head and looked him in the eye and found it felt no different to watching the stars. He had the promise of a universe in those eyes of his, swirling nebulas and twisting galaxies, spinning solar systems and burning stars.

Naturally, I did what any sane girl would do.

I ran.

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