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Chapter Six.


Hermione entered the Room of Requirement making sure that nobody saw her. The room was always equipped for the users needs. Today it was a small sitting room with just two small couches, a table and a fire place. She sat down to wait. After a few minutes the door opened. She looked up but saw no one walk in. The door closed again. She began reaching for her wand just as Malfoy suddenly appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the room.

“What… how did you…” Hermione started but then she saw what he was a holding, “An invisibility cloak?” she asked him.

“Yeah,” he said casually.

“But where did you get it? I thought Harry had one of the only ones,” she said.

“Uh yeah… he does,” he said as if that explained everything.

Hermione frowned. He came and sat down across from her.

“So what do you want to know?” he asked after a minute of silence.

“Uh, well…” she felt suddenly overwhelmed by the amount she wanted explained but decided to start with the simplest of questions, “How old are you?” she asked.

He raised an eyebrow.

“Twenty-two,” he replied.

“So you came back six years?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said simply.

“With a time turner?”

“Yes,” he said again.

“Wow, I only ever travelled a few hours back, I had no idea you could go so far,” she said slowly, more to herself than him.

“You have to be very precise. It’s easy to go too far. You were really helpful with that,” he said.

“I… what?” she asked.

“Oh, uh. Future you I mean,” he said.

“This is confusing,” she said softly.

“I know,” he replied. She took another deep breath.

“So… why are you here?” she asked finally.

“Well, it’s complicated, I guess,” he started, “Some things need to be changed,”

“But wizards aren’t supposed to meddle with time. It’s not safe,” said Hermione remembering all the rules she had to follow in her third year.

“Things have changed Hermione. It’s not the same where I’m from. In fact, this was your idea,” he continued on.

“My idea…” she said furrowing her brow.

He took a deep breath and continued, “Voldemort,” Hermione shuddered at the name, “He’s a lot stronger than he is here, right now. He has a lot more followers and well… there aren’t a lot of us fighting on our side anymore,”

“Why not?” asked Hermione.

“Most of them have been killed. Or they’re under the Imperious curse…”

Hermione took this in.

“Hold on,” she said, “Our side?”


“So… You’re on our side?… You? Draco Malfoy?” she asked incredulously.

“Yes,” he said the corners of his mouth turning up slightly.

“And what? We all work together?” she asked still not believing what she was hearing.

“Yeah, you could say that,” he said smirking at her.

“Okay, go on,” she said.

“Well like I said there isn’t many of us left now and Voldemort is running the show. We don’t have the numbers to make any sort of attack on him anymore. There are death eaters everywhere. Before long he’ll have everything,” he said.

Hermione thought about what he’d said.

“Okay… I still don’t understand what this has to do with me. I mean why are you here to see me? I mean Harry’s the one who usually deals with this stuff,“ she said.

“Because Potter would hex me before I got a chance to explain any of this to him. Plus, him and Weasel are attached at the hip, I’d never get the chance,”

“Don’t call him that,” said Hermione.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to offend your boyfriend,” he said smirking again.

“He’s not my boyfriend! And that’s completely off topic anyway…So how are we supposed to go about changing the future then?” she asked him.

“We will not be changing it, you will,” he replied.

“But how?” she asked again.

“Well, we think, well you and I from the future…” he sighed, “This is so hard to explain.”

“No I understand, what did we think I should do?” she asked phrasing her question carefully.

“We need to form an alliance earlier. By the time we met after Hogwarts and realised we were fighting the same fight, it was already too late. Don’t get me wrong, we tried our hardest but he had all the numbers,” he said. He looked at her in an almost admiring sort of way.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” she said feeling a slow blush creep across her cheeks.

He shook his head and smiled slightly, “No reason,”

“Still, you realise what you’re saying is crazy?” she asked, “I mean according to you I’m supposed to just form an alliance with the boy who set me on fire this afternoon?”

Draco smiled at her, “I know it won’t be easy, but you’re a smart girl Hermione, I know you’ll find a way to work something out,”

She shook her head, “I’m going to need a lot of help,”

“Well who knows me better than myself?” he asked.

She smiled back faintly, “I guess,”

They sat in silence for a few moments.

“So any more questions?” he asked.

“About a million, but I think my head might explode if I try to grasp anything else right now,”

He laughed his soft laugh again. It was a sound she’d never heard from the Draco Malfoy she knew. Of course, she was used to hearing his evil cackle but this laugh was soft, almost musical. It was nice. Hermione shook herself. What was she thinking?

“I’d like to talk some more but I need some time to process everything. Could we meet back here tomorrow?” she asked him.

“Of course,” he replied.

They both stood up and looked at each other awkwardly.

“Umm…I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then,” she said.

“Definitely. See you tomorrow Hermione,” he said.

She stopped.

“How come you don’t call me Granger?” she asked dumbly.

He just smiled at her again and slipped the invisibility cloak on and disappeared from sight. The last thing she heard was his soft laughter disappearing down the hall.


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