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I Could Be Your Hero by potterprincess07
Chapter 25 : Difficulties
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A/N: And another one! Whew, I can't believe how many chapters have posted tonight! So here is your next chapter. And just a forewarning, you may want to keep tissues nearby! 


That morning hadn't started off well, and Hermione was sure that the rest of the day, as well as the days following it, were going to be worse.

At least these past few days she had had something to keep her mind off of everything that was going on, even though, ironically it had been spent planning Draco’s funeral, which was something that she would not have wanted to wish on her worst enemy.

Hermione took in a deep breath as she looked into the mirror and smoothed her dress. When she reached her stomach, she slowed down, protectively running her hand across her abdomen.

 It made her feel happy and sad all at the same time. It was the best feeling in the world, knowing that she was carrying new life inside her, but at the same time, it was the worst, knowing that this time, Draco wouldn’t be there to share in it with her. 

“I love you, Draco,” she whispered. Had she ever made sure that he knew that? Did he truly know that she cared? The thought made her sad as she remembered some of the things that he had told her about his own childhood and how much he had lit up, both inside and out when Scorpius had been born.


Draco held the newborn Scorpius in his arms, cradling him so protectively, that if one didn’t know better, they would have sworn there was no way that that could have been THE Draco Malfoy. After all, everyone knew that Draco didn’t have a kind bone in his body...did he?


Tired and groggy from the birth, Hermione watched from her bed as Draco began bonding with their son, and it pulled at her heart watching this - noting such a change that had come over him in such a short amount of time.


Maybe people really can change, she thought, remembering all of the times that she had told him that there was no way a Malfoy could change, not even him. it looked like she was about to have ot eat her words.


“I love you too, Hermione. I always will. I never doubted that you loved me. I could see it in your eyes everyday, as well as feel it in your heart.”


She turned around sharply, trying to figure out where that had come from. Was she hallucinating? Or had she really heard Draco talking to her?


“Draco? Is that you?” she asked, feeling stupid, but knowing that she had to ask.


“Yes, my love. It’s me. I can't stay long, but I needed to see you, one last time.”


Frantically, she looked around the room until her eyes fell on the wedding photo of the two of them on the stand by the bed, and there he was, looking as handsome as ever, smiling at her.


“Why haven’t you come to me before now? I need you!”


“Shh,” he said. “I think this is the reason I wasn’t supposed to come, but I had to. You are smart, and brave, and most of all, beautiful, Hermione Malfoy.” Her throat felt tight as she could feel tears threatening to spill, with hearing him call her that.


“Why...why did they do this to us?” she asked, trying to hold her sobs back, without success.


“Things happen a way that that they are supposed to. I was brought to you. You...you made my life better, Hermione. Though our time together was short, it was the best times of my life. I would do it all over again, knowing that you were there waiting for me.”


“But we need you, Draco,” she tried to insist, knowing that it was futile arguing with him. “Scorpius needs you. I need you. We’re going to....”


He smiled. “I know, Hermione. We’re having another baby. All I ask is... tell them about me? Let them know that I love them... that I will always love them.”


By now, Hermione couldn’t control the tears that were running down her face.


“Don’t cry, love. I’ll always be with you, in your heart. Your friends...Ginny and H..Harry, they will help you. Harry is a good man, Hermione. I don’t know if I ever told you that, and I want you to let him know that. I want you to...to promise me that you will try to love again. I don’t want you to be sad. Or alone. You’re too smart and beautiful for that.”


She stared out from her tears and tried to take in the sight of him, before he was gone once again.


“I have to go now, Hermione,” he whispered, once last time. “Don’t forget...I love you.” And he was gone, as quickly as he had come in.



Ginny and Harry smiled warmly at her, and she took in how nice they looked, Ginny in her black dress that accented her hair nicely, as well as was still able to do a nice job of concealing her stomach, which, like Hermione’s, was still a secret. Harry looked quite dashing next to her, in a conservative set of dress robes, that if only the situation was different, would have been a wonderful opportunity to share that knowledge.


“Are you ready?” Harry asked gently, as they reached the front door.


“I have to be, don’t I?” she asked, taking in deep breaths. “Where’s Scorpius?” she asked, looking around frantically.


“Are you sure you want him to go?” Ginny asked. “Mum said she would be happy to watch him for you.”


Hermione shook her head. “No. He may not understand all of what is going on, but I don’t want him to miss it. What if he never forgave me for it?” she said, starting to cry.


“Shhh,” Harry said gently, wrapping her in his arms. “He’ll be fine. It’s you that I’m worried about.”


She wiped her eyes. “I’ll be fine. I have to be. I have to be strong for him. I can’t...”


She trailed off as another sob attack hit her and Harry rubbed her back gently. “We’re here for you. Remember that. All of us,” he directed that last part towards Ron, who merely nodded.


Scorpius, who was dressed as dashingly as Harry, only in much smaller form, was playing with his stuffed Hippogriff in the living room.


“Scorpius,” Ginny called. “We’re ready. You can bring Beaky with you,” she added, referring to the stuffed Hippogriff.


As they walked out the front door, a thought suddenly hit Hermione.


“How are we getting...” be her words were cut off as she looked at a sleep black car waiting in the front.


“Ministry cars...” she whispered with the  tears coming back. She felt like she'd never cried so much in her entire life. She figured it was expected of her, though.


Ginny pulled her to the side and whispered, ”The car...that was um, Ron’s idea. He said, he well, he wanted to do something nice for you.” Hermione started to protest, but Ginny shushed her. “Let him. He hasn’t been sure of what to say to you in ages. Don’t give me that look. I’m not suggestion anything. I am not!” she said, which Hermione wasn’t sure if she was trying to convince her or herself.


“All I’m trying to say is just… let it go.”


They had reached the car by now and they all climbed in.


“It’s a limy-sine,” Ron said, just a tad bit excitedly, as he stood next to the cars. No matter how much he had become exposed to cars, he was never ceased to be amazed at the way that they all looked.


“No,” Scorpius said with disdain.


“It’s a booster seat, buddy,” Harry said, trying to lift Scorpius into the seat. “You have to ride in it, whether you want to or not.”


Never had a child had such a horrible look on his face.


“Look… Rose is sitting in her seat. You can sit beside her and show her Beaky.”


“No,” he repeated, closing his eyes and, Hermione was ashamed to admit, stuck out his tongue.


Desperate, Harry said, “If you get in the seat, I’ll give you a piece of candy.”


Once Scorpius was in his seat and Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny were seated the car sped off toward the church.


They were all quiet the entire ride, except for Scorpius who was happily munching on the candy that Harry had given him and making his Beaky fly and talking for him.


That was when the car came to a stop at the curb of the church and the door was opened for them.

A/N: Sigh. I admit, I cried when I wrote this chapter. It was also one of the first chapters ever written for this story. I think I wrote this chapter out before Chapter 5 had even been written, i was so sure of where I wanted to take this story. 

Just a quick thank you to everyone who has stuck with this story and has reviewed it and added it to your favourites. That is just the best feeling in the world to see so many reads, reviews, and that it has been/is being added to your favourites. I love you guys!


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I Could Be Your Hero : Difficulties


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