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Disclaimer: Everything familiar belongs to JK Rowling! otherwise, it belongs to my beautifully odd mind. LOL. jk... just odd. 


---Chapter 3 – The Gryffindor Magnet---

featuring our sexy enemy captain, oliver wood... [by me]




The Fidelius Charm is a unique and complex charm that hides the person or thing from view. However, it can be visible to certain individuals, known as the Secret Keepers…

“Miranda, stop breathing down my neck!” I whispered harshly at her.

She rolled her blue eyes and tossed her hair back. “I was not and just so you know, I was not copying either. What do you take me for? A Slytherin?” Miranda snorted at her own joke causing a few Slytherin girls in the vicinity to glare at her viciously. 

I sighed. “So if you didn’t want to copy me then what is it that you wanted?” 

“I wanted to let you know that Justin Dodgson is staring at you,” Miranda grinned wickedly.

What? I cast a subtle glance towards the Hufflepuff boy and he was indeed staring shamelessly at me.  

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. “So what if he is?”

“So what?” Miranda repeated incredulously. “The boy is adorable! And come on, we all know you haven’t had a good snog in a long time, Keegan.” 

I frowned at her and kicked her under the table. “That is irrelevant. And I’m not interested.” 

“But you could be interested?” Miranda pushed.

What did she want me to do? Grab Justin by the collar and shag him senseless in some broom closet? Because her use of the word ‘snog’ definitely had underlying meanings.  

“Miranda, I have other things to think about other than boys,” I told her pointedly. It was true. I did. I had Quidditch and NEWTS to think about. I hardly had time for a relationship.  

“UGH! You’re the worst single friend ever,” Miranda groaned as she slumped onto her desk.  

I arched an eyebrow. “What does that even mean?” 

“It means that I can’t live vicariously through your raunchy nights with boys if you don’t even have one night with a boy that doesn’t involve talking about school or Quidditch!” she complained. 

I chuckled and shrugged. “Sorry, mate. I’m just not interested.” 

Miranda let out another groan for extra effect before turning her attention back to Professor Flitwick.

Was it that weird for me not to be interested in boys?

I mean I guess Justin was cute enough. He had curly golden brown hair and these gorgeous blue eyes, but… what was the point? It was way too much work to even like a guy. I had a Quidditch team to train, a House Cup to win, NEWTS to study for, and just… I just had a lot of things on my plate, all right? If the right guy comes along, I will give it a go. Promise… Scout’s honour and all that nonsense. 

At the end of the lesson, Miranda and I made our way out of Charms. It was nearing noon now so no one had classes for the next hour or so to break for lunch. Miranda, deciding to spend time with her boyfriend, bid me farewell with a grumpy look before departing towards the Ravenclaw Tower. 

I made my own way towards the Great Hall, still slightly annoyed with Miranda for bringing up the topic of relationships or my lack thereof. I was trying to justify my reasons for not wanting one when I was flanked on both sides by two tall lanky redheaded boys.

The Weasley twins. 


“Sweet beautiful Keegan,” the one on the left said. 

“Are you still mad at us for that incident with Marcus?” the one on the right finished. 

I shrugged, deciding to not say a word, even though I could feel both of them staring intently at my face. I involuntarily felt a soft blush slowly creep up my cheeks.

“Don’t be angry!” the left one said, taking the redness of my face as a sign of anger. “We were only doing what Oliver told us to do!” 

“If you wanted to be angry with anyone, it’s him!” the right one agreed. “You know we love you, don’t you?”

I couldn’t help but crack a smile. I stopped and turned to look at both of them. “I’m not mad. Annoyed? Yes. But not angry. I’m just an incredibly sore loser.”  

The two redheaded boys laughed and wrapped their arms tightly around me, sandwiching me in from both sides. 

“I knew you loved us!” they both exclaimed in unison before starting to walk again.

This twin telepathy thing was freaking me out.

“Speaking of love,” the right one, which I now realised, was Fred, said slyly. “Our boy, Ollie, told us about your little bet with him.” 

“So what? It was Miranda’s idea,” I shrugged nonchalantly. The two exchanged a glance.

“We want in,” George stated.

“In on what? I’m not being your slave too!” I cried out irritably.


No way in hell!

Fred winked at me. “As much as I’d love you to be my slave, that’s not what I meant. I meant… we want to make a bet with you.” 

I instinctively took a step back. Everyone knew that making bets with the Weasley twins usually ended up with you coughing up slugs for the next week… or something like that anyways.


“What bet?” 

“It’s not something you won’t enjoy,” George laughed at my terrified expression. “We were actually hoping you could do us a favour. It’s more of a bet between Fred and me.”

“Oh?” I didn’t know what else to say.

“Yeah,” Fred said. “Well you see, George and I have this ongoing argument over which one’s the best twin and since we’ve kind of… exhausted our options in the Gryffindor household, we thought who else to judge the wooing powers of the Weasley twins than the gorgeous and intelligent, Keegan Riddell.”

“Flattery won’t get you boys anywhere,” I reminded them, smiling in spite of myself. 

Fred laughed. “I see you’re a tough one to impress, which is why we want you to judge us on a series of challenges, the first one being a date!”

“We want you to then judge us and tell us which one of us you think is the better twin!” George finished. 

I stared at them in disbelief. They can’t be serious.


“You can’t be serious!”

“Oh, dead serious, my dear,” Fred replied. Oh boy… 

“But wait, this has nothing to do with mine and Wood’s bet,” I remembered.  

They both shrugged, and George told me, “well that’s the thing, we were hoping that you’d spill the beans on the best twin while you’re announcing your love for our boy Ollie.”

What?” I cried out as I stopped walking again. We were nearly at the Great Hall now. “And what makes you so sure it’ll be me up there and not your ‘boy Ollie’, huh?”

“Well because we’re Gryffindors,” George winks. “And if not then, we’ll settle for a less public affair.” 

“Oh for Merlin’s sake, fine, whatever,” I sighed exasperatedly. “Can I please just go eat in peace now?” 

They both nodded happily and sandwiched me into another hug before allowing me to go have my lunch. 

Honestly, these bloody Gryffindors were getting on my nerves. What is with all of them anyways? Why did they always have to bet on everything?


And for the love of Dumbledore, can’t they all just leave me in peace? 


Apparently not.

No, today I was attracting Gryffindors from left and right, and I was not in the least bit pleased about this. It was like I was the bloody Gryffindor Magnet or something.

First, I get flanked by the Weasley twins and cornered into becoming some warped judge for the two of them. Then I get knocked down a flight of stairs by that Irish mate of Potter’s, Finnegan or something. And then, I get interrogated by Angelina Johnson and Alicia Spinnet about my intentions with the Weasley twins.


What the bloody hell was going on?


I now found myself hiding out in my favourite nook of the library, trying to get a head start on my Defence against the Dark Arts essay, and hoping to the lords above no one finds me.


So it wasn’t due till next month, I was a Ravenclaw…


We were overachievers by nature. Plus concentrating on curses was helping me calm my nerves and temper down. There were only so many Gryffindors I could deal with and Ravenclaws for that matter.


We were also inquisitive and nosy by nature—blame it on our need to know everything. I had been poked and prodded by Miranda ever since I told her about the twins, and then Elbie, Seamus, Marcus, and Adam kept trying to act like my big brothers; warning me against the idea. 

I really was sick and tired of everyone. It was only Wednesday of Week One for Merlin’s sake! At this rate, I don’t even think I’ll make it to the House Cup finals. I might end up throwing myself off the Astronomy Tower instead. 

Okay, maybe I was being a tad melodramatic about it all… it was just that I hated excessive attention, unless it was about being awesome at Quidditch or being super intelligent at some class. Anything else was irritating and made me very jumpy. 

Taking a deep breath, I shook my head and tried hard to focus on the parchment in front of me.


Right… Defence against the Dark Arts. 

The Unforgiveable Curses (Avada Kedavra, Imperius, and Cruciatus Curse) are not the only Dark Magic that leaves behind a trace. There are others that… 

I felt a figure looming over me. 

Oh Merlin, please tell me it’s someone I don’t know. I reluctantly looked up into a pair of wide-set blue eyes.  

“Justin!” I said in surprise. “What are you doing here?”

He chuckled. “You’re not the only one that uses the library, Keegan.”

I blushed. “Oh right, sorry.” 

“Well actually, I did have an ulterior motive in coming here,” he told me shyly. “I know it’s a bit early, but I was just wondering if you’d go to the first Hogsmeade trip with me.”

What? Shit. Uhh…


“I’m sorry, Justin. I’m going with Fred Weasley,” I told him truthfully.


I was. It just wasn’t a real date.

“Oh, right,” he smiled feebly. “Of course a girl like you would already be taken. I thought I was being smart by asking you this early.”

I smiled reassuringly back at the boy. “No, no! You are! It’s just… it’s a long story, but it’s not a real date. It’s just something I promised I’d do.”

“Oh?” Justin perked up instantly. “So… say you didn’t have this obligation, would you have said yes to me?”

Probably not, but I couldn’t very well tell him that. So I gave him my brightest smile and said, “of course.” 

He grinned happily. “Well, maybe another time then, Keegan. I’ll see you around?”

“Yeah, sure,” I said as I waved at his retreating figure. 

Merlin, what have I just done? I’ve just given that poor boy false hope! It’s not his fault that I’m a weird hybrid of girl.


I groaned loudly and plopped my head onto the desk. I wish Quidditch would just start now. I need some way of releasing all this frustration! I needed to throw a Quaffle around… I needed to… fly!

I needed to fly! That was it! 

Happy that I finally figured out how to let loose of this frustration, I quickly piled my parchment and quills into my messenger bag before running out of the library—much to the dismay of Madam Pince.


Whatever, I’ll make it up to the old hag later. 

I sprinted up the steps, taking two at a time towards the fifth floor and up the winding spiral staircase. I was met with the familiar bronze knocker in the shape of an eagle and awaited my riddle.  

“Lovely and round, I shine with pale light, grown in the darkness. A lady’s delight. What am I?” the eagle asked. 

“A pearl,” I quickly replied. That was easy. Although the riddle was wrong, a pearl is not every lady’s delight. This lady? Flying was her delight! 

I bounded through the common room and thanked my lucky stars that no one was in the room to intercept my beautiful plans for the evening. I quickly slipped through the door and into my dormitory. I changed out of my school robes and donned an old greying Montrose Magpies (my favourite Quidditch team since Montrose, Scotland was where my dad was born) hoodie and black sweatpants. Grabbing my trusted Nimbus 2000, I swiftly raced out of the Ravenclaw Tower before anyone could find me.  

In the same ninja stealth like manner, I made it out onto the Quidditch pitch completely undetected.


Finally, I was at peace.


Breathing a sigh of relief, I mounted my Nimbus 2000 and gave it a lazy kick up into the air. I was in no need to speed so I gently swooped in and out of the Quidditch hoops. I let my hair down and allowed the wind to overwhelm me with a sense of calmness. There was nothing like breathing in the fresh Scottish air and being up and away from everyone. I could already feel my shoulders start to unknot and my muscles start to relax. And even though I knew my cheeks were red from the biting wind, that didn’t stop me from carrying on. It was a beautiful evening and I was going to enjoy every second of it. 

“Keegan?” someone asked curiously.

I turned my broom around so I was facing the intruder. “Wood? Merlin, are you following me now too?” 

“God, no!” he exclaimed hastily. “I was trying to get away and flying calms me down. What about you?”

“Following you? Puh-leaaase!” I replied. “I’m up here for the same reason.”

“Oh, I heard… the twins, eh?” Oliver laughed gently, the wind carrying his voice to where I was. “Yeah, I think I had it worse today though. I got cornered by Flint and his cronies after Potions. They wanted to ‘warn’ me about our upcoming match, I wasn’t really listening though.” 

“What happened?” I asked him.

“Ah well… let’s just say Flint is sporting a new crooked nose and I have detention for the rest of this week,” Oliver laughed, which was weird. He was never so carefree about getting detention before but then again, it was probably because Quidditch didn’t even start till next week anyways.

“You wouldn’t have done that if Quidditch had started.”  

He laughed again. “Aye, no bloody way would I risk that! But considering it hasn’t, I decided… ah, might as well show that git a thing or two about being a man.”

I threw my head back and couldn’t help laughing hysterically. “I’m sorry and you’re the one to show him how to be a man?”

“What!” Oliver cried out huffily. “I am one hundred and ten percent all man!” 

“Mhmm, if you say so, mate,” I rolled my eyes—not that he could see in the darkness. I could barely make out his eyes. 

There was an awkward silence before Oliver finally broke it. “So Montrose Magpies, eh?” 

“Yeah, Dad’s from there, didn’t you know?” I answered him. 

“Oh right, I think he mentioned it at one point,” Oliver shrugged. “No wonder you lot always take those trips to Montrose! Do you still have family there or something?”

“Nah, my Nan’s moved to Glasgow but we go there for local publicity matches,” I told him excitedly. “The atmosphere is so great! The entire town is black and white! Even the ale gets dyed that colour, although it’s a bit grim to drink black beer but still!” 

Oliver chuckled. “I bet it’s brilliant to be a part of something like that. We Woods support Puddlemere but we rarely ever go down that area of England.” 

“Why Puddlemere?” I asked curiously, cocking my head at him.

“I’m not entirely sure,” Oliver answered, looking perplexed himself. “I think somewhere down the long line of Woods, one of my ancestors was from there. Or maybe we just chose a team at random!” 

“I wouldn’t put it pass Mr. Wood to do that,” I laughed, and Oliver laughed with me too. 

See, we could get along… I mean I had to admit we were extremely alike but I suppose that was also why I hated him the majority of the time. Our personalities clashed too much—plus he was an arrogant git and liked to mess with me. It was a pastime of his.


Actually ever since we were babes now that I think about it. He used to throw his bottle at my head. Then as we grew up a bit more, he used to steal my toy broom and hide it. I wanted to kill him when he did that! 

“What are you thinking about?” Oliver asked, moving closer to me.

I smiled into the darkness. “I was thinking about the time you stole my toy broom and I got so mad at you that I broke yours.”

“Merlin! That was ages ago and if I recall we were both disallowed to fly for an entire month,” Oliver chuckled. “I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to punch a girl more in my life.” 

“Ha!” I scoffed. “You wanted to punch me? I wanted to kill you!” 

Oliver started to laugh, his voice sounding closer now. “You were always the one to take violence to the next level.” 

“What can I say? I don’t deal with arrogant little prats very well,” I smirked at him. 

He was right beside me now. “You don’t hate me that much, Riddell.” 

“Don’t I?” I arched an eyebrow challengingly. 

“No, you don’t,” he said softly. He leaned towards me, his hand moving to cup my cheek and I felt panic start to override my brain.

What the hell was he doing?





“I like Justin Dodgson!” I blurted out before pushing down on my broom and diving towards the ground. 

I don’t even know what compelled me to say that lie but I did. And I was glad of it because it meant being far away from Wood, that slimy advantageous prat!


I really had to hand it to him. Using things he knows about me to get on my good side. 

So it seems that he wanted that House Cup far more than I realised… 

I guess it was time to up my game!


A/N: hey guys!! chapter 3 is here! what did ya think?? drop a review and let me know!! i mean i know you have an opinion! you HAVE to have an opinion... oliver nearly kissed keegan... or DID HE?? ;) and what about all these new developments??? tell me tell me. xxx

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