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'Cadogan Peter Pevensie! Aneirin Harry Pevensie! What are you up too?' The boys looked back at me with smiles.


'Nothing Mum!' Aneirin called to me. He was just the vision of a young Edmund. But he was really the exact opposite of his father's personality. He was the prankster of the group, the troublemaker—and worse of all, he had my brains so he could come up with some bloody brilliant pranks, his father's soft brown eyes and thick, dark hair always was his way out of trouble though.


Cadogan was more like me, except he had tousled instead of curly hair. He was strong and regal, holding himself like a noble prince, like his father but still, the golden flecks in his eyes sparkled with my high intelligence as he smiled.


He was the most Narnia of our trio as well. He had Edmund's ability for swordsmanship and tact, he really was the best parts of Edmund and I put together.


Aneirin was the mischievous and curious, the rule-breaking parts of Edmund and I put together. Both a blessing and a curse.


The boys were a year apart to the day, and sharing a birthday was always interesting when July 21 rolled around. Cadogan was the eldest.


Ece, our now older corgi, ran around the station, one ear up and the other down and her coat now a bright purplish hue.


I sighed, placing my hands on my hips as I tried to hold back a smile, 'Aneirin's idea?' He was the prankster of the two boys. Cadogan never really did pranks unless he was around Fred and George for too long.


I heard Edmund laugh before he wrapped his arms around me, 'Relax my love. They are fine, just having a bit of fun.'


'Mummy?' The young girl that was a mirror to me gently pulled on my robe's sleeve.


'Yes Aderyn?' I asked with a smile, gently touching her chocolate-colored ringlets.


'When will Aunt Luna get here?' She wined, not wanting to wait any longer. I smiled, every since she had figured out her middle name came from the amazing Luna Lovegood, a family friend and war hero—not to mention wife to the amazing Harry Potter—my little Aderyn Luna Pevensie simply was in awe of her. It was sort of cute, and Luna was so sweet to go along with it. But it wasn't just Luna who had caught the girls attention.


'Soon, they are probably just trying to get James out of bed.' I smiled as the little girl blushed a bit. It was no secret she was head over heels for the young Potter boy. They were just about the same age, James just a few months older. And they would be starting school together next year.


Everyone assumed something would come of the two of them, I simply wanted to stay out of the whole thing. Secretly, I was hoping right along with the rest of them as well.


Aderyn smiled as she looked up to see Luna and Harry walking through the portal, Albus Severus and her beloved James close behind.


'Uncle Harry! Aunt Luna over here!' Aneirin called. Albus ran over to Cadogan and the two instantly started up a conversation. Both were in Gryffindor and just as close as two Third Years could be. Cadogan joined in a bit but it was a harder for him, he was the fourth year and in Ravenclaw. They still all got along pretty well though.


James came shyly over to Aderyn's side.


'Hullo Aderyn.' He said, his beautiful grey eyes not daring to meet her chocolate ones.


'Hullo James!' Aderyn had not shyness in her. She was bold and strong.


'Just like her mother, every time.' Edmund said, his usual line when it came to Aderyn.


I took Edmund's hand and was just about to retort when the whistle sounded.


'Alright boys! Time to get on the train!' I called, Edmund and Harry helped the boys get their trunks on and soon everyone was saying their good byes and such.


Still, the Albus and our two were teenage boys so goodbyes didn't take to long. Mushy stuff was a no-no for this stage in their life.


The boys disappeared onto the train and we all started to leave, planing on going out to lunch together as a treat for our two left behind.


'Mum?' I turned when I heard Cadogan's voice. I smiled and stepped over to the train.


'Yes Cadogan?' I said.


He flew into my arms for one last hug, something I hadn't expected at all.


Quickly he kissed my cheek, 'I love you. Have a safe trip home.' And he was gone.


I stood dumbfounded. Teenagers weren't suppose to do that. A quick look around the train told me that stereotype was correct.


Edmund laughed and walked over to take my hand, 'He loves you, and he wanted you to know that. Cadogan is just started to learn not to care what others think and just be himself. He's growing up.'


'That he is.' My hands tightened around Edmund's arms as he wrapped them around me. All of the boys stuck their heads out to wave goodbye, and we waved right back.


Once the train was gone from sight I turned to look at Edmund. We had both grown up, aged some, but I was still utterly and completely head over heels for my Narnian Prince.


Edmund gave me a quizzical look before I stood up a bit and kissed him.


'What was that for?' He asked, wrapping his arms round my waste.


'Because I love you, and always will.' I said. Smiling brightly.


Edmund kissed me back, the feel of his lips still lingered after he pulled back, 'I love you, and will forever and always.'


I smiled, feeling like a young girl again, back when we had first met. The butterflies playing in my stomach and the new feeling of love running all through me.


And then Aderyn pulled on my robe again.


I smiled, the moment broken but the feeling still there, 'Yes dear?'


'Can I hold Jame's hand?' She asked, her curls falling into her eyes.


I laughed aloud and nodded, 'You can but you need to ask his permission first.'


Her smile grew and she skipped over to James, setting her new plan into motion.


'Just like her mother.' Edmund whispered, kissing my cheek.


I smiled, 'With the compassion and love of her father.'


Edmund wrapped his arm around me as we started back over to the portal.


'I wonder if we'll get to go to Narnia ever again.' Edmund sighed, I knew he missed the place but there was nothing I could do about it. We had gotten to go back three times over the course of the life we had made together, but the last time was years ago. When Cadogan was younger, he was just about eight.


I smiled, maybe that was why he was more Narnian then the rest. Maybe the trip had stocked that Narnian blood in him to come out and grow as a part of him.


I touched Edmund's arm and smiled, 'Maybe one day. I'm sure Aderyn would love to be crowned a princess.'


Edmund laughed, 'I'm sure she would!'


Luna and Harry walked over to us, they smiled. I could tell they had just been imagining the days of our youth as well.


And with that we stepped threw the portal. Except, it wasn't into the Muggle World that he expected.


We had stepped right into Narnia.


My mouth dropped, could it really be? Edmund's face broke into a smile as Harry's and Luna's grew in awe.


I looked back to James and Aderyn, who had taken James hand and didn't look like she was letting go anytime soon.


They both were amazed by the scene being painted around them. It was a beautiful spring day, flowers everywhere and the sea gently blowing a breeze around us.


'Da, where is this place?' Aderyn asked, pulling James with her to stand next to Edmund.


Edmund smiled, and knelt next to her, 'This is Narnia. Remember me telling you about it?'


She nodded, her mouth still open with amazement. James was to preoccupied with the ocean's waves to be shy about holding Aderyn's hand.


'This is my world. You guys have only grown up in Mum's world but know I've been given the chance to share a piece of my world with you. Would you care to see?' Edmund stood and held out his hand to his daughter. She took it, still not releasing James', and Edmund started towards the castle.


I smiled and watched the scene, enjoying the beauty of the moment.


Harry walked over to me, Luna next to him like always, 'Just like old times.'


I smiled, a happy tear falling down my cheek, 'Yes, just like old times.'


And in that one moment, I just knew, my love for Edmund might be tested and be strengthened. Having gone through all the years we've had together, both good and bad.


But I knew that it would never weaken.


The butterflies started as he turned to look at me over his shoulder, he motioned for me to come and I ran towards him like I was a young, silly seventeen year old again.


I jumped into his arms, hugging him tight, 'Never let me go.'


He smiled into my hair, 'I never will.'



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