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“He’s late.” Hermione said, standing outside of the three broom sticks, gazing up the road to Hogwarts.

“It’s five minutes to, Regulus is not late.” Draco chuckled, besides he didn’t inherit your need for order and timeliness.”

Hermione raised her eyebrows at her husband. “I’ve noticed. He’s been at Hogwarts for over a month and we’ve only received three letters. He only owled last night to say he’d meet us on his Hogsmead trip. When I was in my first year,”

“When you were a first year, you were wound tighter than a goblin’s pocket watch. Regulus is independent, free spirited,”

“Terrified of your nagging discriminations. He still hasn’t told us what house he’s in. I’ve asked Ron and Harry and Ginny, they haven’t heard anything.”

“He likes a surprise.”

“You shouldn’t have said you’d disown him if he weren’t a Slytherine.”

“He knows I was kidding. I already love one Griffindor, I can love another.” Draco leaned down and kissed his wife. “You worry too much.”

“No matter what he has to tell us, be respectable.”

“When am I not?” Draco smiled inappropriately at Hermione.

Sighing, she checked her muggle wrist watch. “Now he’s late.” She mumbled.

Draco took out his pocket watch, looking at the smaller of the two hands pointed at safety.

“He’s fine, give him a few minutes.”

“He even made Teddy promise not to tell. Said Regulus wanted to be the ones to tell us. He’s up to something.”

“Of course he’s up to something, he’s your son.” Draco laughed. “Remember your first year?”

“My son? He gets his mischievousness from you.”

“That’s just silly.”

“What if something’s wrong?” Hermione sighed.

“There he is.” Draco patted his wife’s shoulder, “What is he wearing?”

Walking down the path was a young boy, attractive for an eleven year old. He had his father’s pointed nose and stone grey eyes. His chocolate brown hair was slicked back to stop it from curling. He was walking with a few girls and laughing in a haughty way. All of them were wearing black and yellow scarves. He waved to his parents and broke off from the girls.

“I missed you,” Regulus said, hugging his mother.

“You’re in hufflepuff?” Draco’s mouth was hanging in the air.

“Dad? You alright?”

“He’s in hufflepuff, Hermione.”

“Respectable.” She mumbled.

“Name one respectable person who was in hufflepuff.”

“Cedric Digory.”

That shut Draco up.

“Professor Longbottom’s daughter is in Hufflepuff.” Regulus smiled. “There are more girls than boys in Hufflepuff, actually.”

Draco laughed and pulled his son into a hug. “Always the optimist. That’s good. But be careful around Neville’s daughter. He’s not the kind of man I want mad at me.”

Hermione gave both of her boys a stern look, “Try to be respectable, the both of you.”

Father and son looked at each other, saying in chorus, “When am I not?”

Heremione sighed and put an arm around Regulus, let’s go get some butter beer before you need to go back to Hogwarts.”

“Alright, but I want to look in Uncle George’s joke shop too. He said there’s experimental stuff here that isn’t in Diagon Alley.” Regulus said.

“I bet he did.” Hermione said, frowning at the thought of George’s ‘experimental jokes’.

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