Ginny Weasley sat in the golden chair in the center of the front row, right in front of the grave in the ground, the grave of Harry Potter. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were there as were Ron and Hermione with the rest of their fellow Griffindors, and what remained of the Order of the Phoenix, and the teachers of Hogwarts: McGonagall, Slughorn, Sprout, Flitwick and Hagrid blowing his nose on his table cloth sized handkerchief. It happened the week before.


-         flashback –

She was in the kitchen of The Burrow helping Mrs. Weasley make dinner when she saw Ron, (who had been sent out to find Harry who had went to take a walk.), dragging a bleeding figure through the gate.

“MOM!” She screamed, pointing out the window.

Mrs. Weasley looked and put a hand up to her mouth. She and Ginny ran outside and saw Ron weeping over the body of Harry who had a knife sticking out from his chest. Ron explained how he had found Harry surrounded by former death eaters who had dissaparated when they saw him.

He said that Harry’s last words were “Tell Hermione I am so happy to be her friend and thank her for everything, tell your whole family the same. Tell Ginny I love her. And I will say it to you, Ron I am so happy to be your friend and thank you for everything.”


-         end of flashback –


The old wizard that had married Bill and Fleur finished speaking.

“Can I have a few minutes alone before you bury him?” Ginny asked. The wizard nodded and asked everyone to leave for a few minutes. Ginny took a deep breath and looked at the pale face of Harry. “Harry, oh, Harry.” She wept. “I love you and need you. I miss you so much. And I’m giving you my love.” She said, and she turned to get everyone for the burial. As she walked away Hermione gasped and pointed behind Ginny. She turned and saw Harry walking toward her. “Harry!” she screamed, she ran up and hugged him. “But how? How are you alive?”

Harry shrugged. “I don’t know. I woke up and you were walking away. What were you doing?” He asked. After she told him what she had said. He said, “Well Dumbledore always said love was the most powerful magic ever. Although, I doubt even he knew it was that powerful!” By now everyone had crowded around Harry and were pelting him with questions. Harry raised his hands for silence and said, “We’re not exactly sure how this happened.” He winked at Ginny, which she took to mean he wanted it to stay between them. “So I can’t answer your questions.” He finished. Once the crowd had finally dispersed, the Weasleys, Harry and Hermione left for The Burrow. At dinner Ginny and Harry explained how they thought Harry had come back.

“Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could do that for Freddie.” Mrs. Weasley said, sighing after they had finished telling there tale.

“We could try.” said Mr. Weasley. So they went out to the field were they had buried Fred, and Mr. Weasley used his wand to lift the dirt and lid off his coffin, causing Ginny to jump back and grab Harry’s hand. Ginny told Mrs. Weasley what she had said.

“Oh, Fred.” Began Mrs. Weasley, “We love you and need you. We miss you so much. And we’re giving you our love.”

Everyone held their breath, but nothing happened.

They turned and started to walk away when a voice said, “Hey guys. Wait a minute, I thought I died in the battle by that collapsing wall!” They all turned around.

“FRED!” George yelled, and ran to hug his twin. Mrs. Weasley burst into tears and Mr. Weasley began to cry also.

“Wait a minute aren’t you glad I’m alive?” Fred asked.

“Fred I think those are tears of joy.” said George.

Ginny hugged Harry and cried into his shoulder. Ron just stood there staring at his brother, with his mouth hanging open.

“Careful Ron, I thought I saw a bug flying around and your mouth would make a very comfortable nest.” Fred said, jokingly. Ron shut his mouth. They all walked back to The Burrow and celebrated. The party lasted until about 10:00 pm. Then Harry decided to go to bed. Everyone else agreed. Harry was in bed waiting for Ron to come up too, when Fred cracked open the door. And peeked in, “Harry, did you know about Ron and Hermione?,” he asked.

“Yes,” said Harry.

“I just saw them downstairs!” he laughed.

Harry laughed too. “Does Ginny know?” Fred asked.

“Yes. I told her,” Harry said.

“Blimey, doesn’t anyone tell me anything,” he said, shutting the door.Harry smiled and fell asleep. Early the next morning Harry woke, dressed and woke up Ginny and asked if she would like to go on a walk. She agreed and said she would need to get dressed. Harry waited in the kitchen for her to come down. When she finally did they set out.

“Ginny, I have a question.” he asked after a while. She looked at him. “Do you think that I could use that magic on my parents?”

She seemed to think for a minute, “I don’t know Harry, they have been dead for awhile,” she said, “But we could try it later today.” Harry nodded. Later as they approached The Burrow Harry thought he saw a red haired man look out the window from Fred and George’s room.

“Uh-oh,” said Harry.

“What?” asked Ginny.

“I don’t think we’ll hear the end of this one. Fred saw us,” he added when she looked confused.

As they entered the house Fred got downstairs. “So you two decided to go for a early morning walk, huh?” said Fred, “Does that mean your going out?”

Ginny blushed and said, “So what if we are.”

Fred grinned, “I thought so.”

“I never said-” Ginny started to say.

“Well, your being really obvious. Congrats Harry, my sister is a hard one to win!” Said Fred.Ginny glared at her brother. At breakfast Harry told the others of his plans to go to Godrics Hollow.


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