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Disclaimer: HP belongs to JK Rowling, as always :)





Chapter 9: The Kiss Is Like Honey But The Truth Has A Sting





Rose sat in the library. A large reference book lay in front of her, and her quill sped across the parchment in an effort to finish her arithmancy essay. 


She wanted to finish it as soon as possible so she could get onto the quidditch pitch to practice for the match on Saturday.


She scribbled her last few lines, picked up the heavy book and went to put it back on the shelf it had come from. She found the empty spot on the shelf that the book belonged to and slid it in.


Turning she found herself face to face with Malfoy. She jumped in surprise.


“Bloody hell, Scorpius,” she said, her eyes wide with shock, “You scared the crap out of me!”


“I tend to have that effect on people,” he smirked, “You know…taking their breath away. On first name terms now are we?”


Rose frowned.


“That was a mistake,” she said, moving past him and walking towards her table. He followed her.


“You’ve been calling my name in your sleep, haven’t you?” he whispered behind her as Mme Pince glared at them from behind a bookshelf. “I tend to have that effect on people too.”


“How would you know Malfoy?” said Rose, raising her eyebrows, “Seen it with your own eyes?”


“I have witnesses.”


“Mmm. I’m sure Flint was a little different, probably sounded more like, ‘Ooh Zambini! ZAMBINI!’” Rose moaned loudly.


People around them began to stare and giggle.


“That’s beside the point Weasley,” said Malfoy, looking unfazed by her dig, “I know you’ve been thinking about it.”


“About what Malfoy?” said Rose, her face innocent, gathering up her parchment and ink, shoving it all into her bag.


“The way you kissed me last night,” said Scorpius, grinning.


“You were the one who started it,” Rose cried indignantly.


“Shh!” snapped Mme Pince.


“You didn’t exactly push me away,” Scorpius whispered in her ear.


“Still!” whispered Rose, her fierce tone still in place, “I had just told you I hate you and you interpret that as ‘take me right here.’”


She rolled her eyes and slung her bag over her shoulder, and marched away to a different bookshelf that was out of the way of everyone else. To her great annoyance Malfoy continued to follow her.


"Go away, Malfoy," she snapped. He smirked in a way that infuriated her.


"What do you want from me?" she cried, "I hate you Malfoy! Every time I see you I feel like I want to be sick."


Scorpius paid her no attention. He advanced until he had her pinned against a bookshelf. She said nothing. 


He brought his face close to hers and she could feel his breath on her neck. It made her shiver a little.


He brought his lips to her jaw and began to kiss her. She felt her hands fall to her sides and let out a soft breath. 


He raised his head and their lips met.


His lips were soft and they moved deftly over hers. She felt like she was drowning. 


She finally came up for air, gasping.


"I hate you," she muttered. He kissed her again in reply, only more deeply.


Something inside her snapped again and she pushed him off abruptly. He stood there staring at her, his cocky grin still in place and it made her blood boil.


"What's wrong now?" he asked. She pushed herself off of the bookshelf and moved away from him, the fog in her head clearing rapidly.


"What's wrong?" she cried, "What's wrong is that I hate you! I hate you with every fibre in my body. You can't just go around kissing people whenever you feel like it!"


"Why not?" he grinned.


"Because you're an ass," she snapped, growing more and more infuriated by his grin.


"Whatever," he said casually, slowly backing away, "I won't be snogging you anymore, if that's what's bothering you Weasley. I mean, you're not very good at it."


Rose stopped and stared at him. He smirked, knowing he had flicked a switch inside of her. She hated being bad at something, and she hated it even more when someone told her she was bad at something. She was fuming with anger, her cheeks almost as red as her long hair.


"Shut up, you git," she uttered darkly.


He began to walk away but she marched up to him. She had a new force in her, and she drove him back against the bookshelf. She took his green and silver tie  firmly in her hand and pulled his face to hers, kissing him with all her might.


He responded eagerly, his hands moving to her waist. Her hands were in his hair, pushing his face more securely against hers. Rose felt as though she was on fire, as though every nerve was electrified.


She pressed her lips harder against his and he groaned slightly. But just as quickly as the kiss had started, it stopped. Rose released him and picked up her bag that lay on the floor.


"Don't ever insult my kissing skills again," she said, leaving him dumbstruck. He stood there, his lips swollen and his hair messy.

She flashed him a sarcastic grin and began to make for the library exit. Scorpius carried on following her.


Once they were outside Rose sighed and turned to face him.


“What? Are you stalking me now?”


“Why don’t you like me Weasley?” sighed Scorpius, but she could tell he was mocking her.


“You’re a conceited ass,” she answered.


“And you’re an annoying know-it-all,” he sighed, “but I still kissed you.”


“Maybe you shouldn’t have,” Rose snapped.


“Good point,” Scorpius said, “Shouldn’t have kissed a Weasley. What was I thinking?”


Rose felt angry. Part of her wanted to kiss him again, but this part was quickly squashed out by common sense and she folded her arms decisively.


“Fine!" cried Rose, "We'll just forget this ever happened, agreed?"


"Agreed," said Scorpius.


He held out a hand and she shook it decisively.


"First time we've ever agreed on something," said Rose.


She turned away and walked towards the staircase, flexing the hand she had just shaken his with.


  *    *     *        *       *


"Good practice today team," said James, grinning after they had landed, "I think we can be sure that Slytherin won't hve a chance tomorrow." The team all cheered, spurred on by their captain's enthusiasm. Rose laughed and headed for the changing rooms.


"Did you hear?" asked Sarah, looking bright eyed and eager.


"You'll have to elaborate," said Rose.


"There's an end of term winter dance next Saturday!" Sarah looked excited. Rose grinned, although the prospect of a school dance made her feel somewhere between horrified and nauseous.


"Great!" she said with fake enthusiasm.


"But," said Sarah, "We have to bring dates. It's a girls choice dance, so we have to ask the guys."


Rose felt even more disgust. Sarah, however, continued to look pleased.


"Who're you going to ask?" asked Rose, guessing that she already had someone in mind.


Sarah bowed her head for a moment and she looked shy.


"I really want to ask Nick," she bit her lip shyly.


Rose was stunned. Sarah was usually so confident. This shy, blushing girl was the picture of a school girl crush.


"Nick?" Rose repeated, "As in Nicholas Spinnet? Our beater?"


"He's such a nice guy!" she said, "And we always have a laugh together. But I'm nervous, I mean I've never actually been alone with him."


"So?" asked Rose, still dumbstruck at Sarah's lack of confidence, "Why not ask him?"


"Ask who?" called Joanna Rees, the third chaser, as she came into the changing room.


She was a sunny, dark haired girl with tanned skin, whom everyone liked. She was Lily's best friend in fifth year.


Sarah flashed Rose a look that said 'Thanks a lot'. Rose shrugged.

Sarah sighed reluctantly.

"Nick," she said to Joanna, "I want to ask him to the winter dance."

Joanna smiled,

"Go for it," she said, "Nick's so nice! Not like all those other jerks from the male race."

 "Agreed," Rose muttered to herself, her mind drifting off to thoughts of Scorpius.


Since he had impulsively kissed her...twice (Rose made a mental note that she shouldn't let it happen again), and their agreement to forget the kisses had happened neither had spoken a word to each other. During detention last night they hadn't even looked at one another.


Rose was never going to admit how she felt whenever she saw Scorpius in the corridor or in the Great Hall at meal times. Whenever their eyes med through a crowd of students she made sure to scowl, but her heart wasn't in it anymore, and she knew deep down, despite what she had said after he had kissed her, she didn't hate him as much as before.


He still made her blood boil, but it was different, somehow altered so that her heart pounded and her blood rushed to her face.


"Who will you ask Rose?" asked Joanna, bringing Rose back down to earth.


"No idea," she said, "No one's really caught my eye."


Liar, called a little voice in her head.



Once they were changed and ready they walked across the lawns later, towards the great hall for breakfast.


"Hey Sarah," called Nick, catching up with them and slightly out of breath.


"Oh...hi Nick," Sarah said, smiling and going pink.


"Hey Rose," said Nick. Rose smiled at him in reply.


"So who are you guys going to ask to this do?" he asked.


Rose saw that this question was only directed towards Sarah. Sarah shrugged casually, but she blushed deeply to the roots of her blonde hair.


"Not sure," she said, looking down at her toes.


Rose almost laughed out loud. Where was Sarah, her friend who happily flirted with almost-strangers?


Nick nodded and said,


"Well, anyway, see you guys around."


"Gryffindor vs Slytherin!" cried Rose, trying to break the silence, "Woot woot!"


Sarah shook her head, but smiled gratefully.


Nick grinned and walked away.


Once he was out of ear shot Rose elbowed her Sarah.


"You have it bad, my friend."


Sarah grinned sheepishly.


  *            *             *              *           *


Scorpius sat on a windowsill, looking down upon the approaching Gryffindor. He was supposed to be spying on the Gryffindor team, for tactics, but instead he found himself staring at Weasley at great deal.


He could see her walking up to the castle with the Finnegan girl, themorning sunlight shining in her red hair.


When had he become so poetic?


"Wow," came a voice from behind him, "Watching her from windows, you've got it bad."


Scorpius swiveled round. Natalie Flint stood there, clearly on her way to breakfast. Her dark, expressive eyes looked amused.


"What are you talking about Flint?" he said indignantly, "I was only looking out for Gryffindor tactics."


"Practice finished a long time ago," she said, raising her eyebrows,


"Don't pull that crap with me Scorpius. Is this why you've been so mopey lately?"


"What?" asked Scorpius, chuckling darkly, "Now I really don't know what you're on about! I haven't been moping around. And even if I have, which I haven't, it wouldn't be about...that. It would be because, oh I don't know, I found my girlfriend in bed with one of my best friends."


Flint folded her arms.


"Snap out of it Scorpius," said snapped, "We both know I'm not the

one you're pining for."


Scorpius scoffed and ran a hand through his hair.


"You don't know what you're talking about," he spat, "It's Weasley for god's sake!"


"The heart wants what it wants," She said simply.


"Yeah well, I know what my heart wants, and trust me, it's not Weasley."


"Never trust yourself Scorpius," she sighed, "especially when it comes to love."


"What makes you such an expert?" he asked.


"It doesn't require an expert to know that you've carried a torch for Rose Weasley since our first year. You're the only one too stupid to realise it."


Scorpius swung himself off the windowsill and face her angrily.


"I have not carried a torch! The only thing I've carried is a lot of hate for her!"


Despite his glare she didn't back down.


"You should really take up on Professor McKinley's advice the other day," said Flint, "Swallow your pride, forget your families and just

follow your heart!"


"Corny," Scorpius smirked.


"Just open your eyes, will you, you stubborn git!" snapped Flint, "Stop pretending like I'm the one you want. And stop smirking!"


She marched away, leaving Scorpius feeling stunned.


  *              *              *               *


"Now then," said Professor McGonagall, pacing the classroom and making everyone feel very nervous, "Before we begin our fascinating lesson on how to turn handbags into whistles, I have a short announcement to make."


She paused for a moment and there was no sound. Everyone sat in apprehensive silence. Rose felt nervous, having a strange feeling as though this had something to do with her. McGonagall's lectures were usually directed towards her. 


"This morning Professor McKinley finally expressed the need to use one of the dungeons which your classmates Miss Weasley and Mr. Malfoy so kindly cleaned for their detention. I remember specifying that they should not use magic. Clearly this message was misunderstood, because Professor McKinley found a cleaning charm was still being used to clean the filth off the ceiling. She also found an empt bottle of firewhisky. You were obviously both too intoxicated to stop the cleaning charm before you even left the dungeon. 40 points from Slytherin and Gryffindor."


A loud groan was emitted from students in the room. She resumed pacing and glared at Rose.


"I expected better, from both of you. I would give you a month's worth of detention, but I fear this would put Mr. Filch out of a job.


Anyway now that's finished we can continue with our lesson.


Rose lowered her head.


"Crap," she muttered, as she felt every pair of Gryffindor eyes turn to glare at her.




A/N: I'm so sorry for the long wait! It's been so long, and life got busy :)  I'm working on the updates but i have some major exams coming up so it might be hard...

Anyways what do you think? I hope you liked it!

Review please! I really want to know you're thoughts. :) 

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