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Till 34 by Corko
Chapter 1 : Till 34
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Molly Weasley was flying through the sky on her vacuum cleaner. She was thinking over the heated argument she had had with her husband Arthur about his obsession with spoons. She was on her way to the local supermarket to buy potato ships and some vacuum cleaner bags. 


She hid her vacuum cleaner behind a bin in case any muggles were watching. The vacuum cleaner was her faithful friend. She called her Pamela Cliona Weasley. It was the only good thing that came out of her husbands obsession. He charmed it to fly and she confiscated it but after a while fell in love with it. She never used a broom anymore.


Sh went into the store and got the stuff. As she went to pay she saw that there was only one person there at till 34. It was a man his face was bathed in the moonlight. He smelled of stale urine and faeses. His face was as white as mayonnaise, his eyes were the colour of ketchup, his fingers were like Mc Donalds chips and his eylashes were as curly as curly fries. Their eyes met over the vacuum cleaner bags. He said, "hi". She said, "hey". They kissed over the potato chips. It was truly love at first sight.

 They went to Alabama and started a ranch. They had four children, Pamela, Cliona, Lauren and Aoife.


Pamela grew up to be a defense against the dark arts teacher and taught at Hogwarts. She married Dennis Croker and had three children, Sophie, Emily and Katie. Dennis works at the ministry.


Cliona who was a squib became a lorry driver. She has been in jail five times for robbery. She has no huband or boy friend and still lives with her parents.


Lauren who disliked  the family moved to england and went out with Hugo Weasley and had 7 children, Megan, Ciara, Lucy, Emily, Rebecca, Aimee and Margret.  But because they were related they each had four eyes and two heads. There at St Mungos due for surgery now.

Aoife is a auror at the ministry and single handedly captured eight death eaters. She married Martin Septim whos a muggle and is a banker. They have two children, Robert and Hans. Martin still has no idea that his wife and family are wizards. He thinks his children are a boarding school for the gifted.


As for Voldemort and Molly they are still on love and going strong. At ages 94 and 78 they are still in good health.


Harry still has nightmares but they are about ranches, ponies and Molly. He thinks that Molly was kidnapped and transformed into a pony. He are still searching for the ranch but it remains hidden. 


Arthur was glad Molly was gone. He could now study spoons without her breathing down his neck. 


The Order of the Pheonix is still alert and searching for deatheaters. 


Bellatrix never got over Voldemort and killed herself after she burned a village of muggles.

Dumbledore died at age one hundred and forty eight. He is in the Guinness Book of World records as the oldest man ever. He is buried at hogwarts.

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Till 34: Till 34


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