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Return to Hogwarts by reduct72
Chapter 7 : Question
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Exiting the Great Hall after the awkward moment, Harry and Ginny were holding hands. Ginny tugged Harry toward the stairs to the 7th floor where the Gryffindor Common Room lay. 

"I wonder how Malfoy's feeling," Ginny said, curiously.

"Since when do you care?" Harry asked. "I thought we were only on "waving terms" (air-quotes implied) and such."

Ginny shrugged, "I don't know. I just feel a little sorry for him. He's been through a lot lately. With his father in Azkaban and his best friend dying. Also, Goyle's not even here either."

Harry felt foolish, "Sorry for that."

"Don't worry," Ginny assured him. She pulled her hand from his grasp and walked on beside him. 

"Alright," Harry replied, uncertainly. That was weird. Since when did anyone care about Draco Malfoy?


Hermione continued to comfort Draco at the table in the Great Hall. He was still whimpering, but he had told her not to bother.

"Are you sure you are okay?" Hermione asked.

Draco nodded, "You can go if you want. I don't mind."

"Well if you don't want me here...." Hermione trailed off, tossing her bushy brown hair behind her. The wooden seats were a bit uncomfortable anyways.

"No, it's just that I don't want to keep Potter and female Weasley waiting," he snarled, then chuckled as if he was changing his mind about reverting to his old, sinister ways. 

The only girls remaining in the Great Hall besides Hermione were Astoria and Pansy, who had beeen waiting towards the door to be sure that Hermione wouldn't bite their heads off like she might have on the Hogwarts Express earlier.

"You mean Harry and Ginny? They don't mind. I guess they are fed up with Ron and I's drama and squabbles," Hermione replied, being as honest as she could. Was she really being a bitch to everyone lately?

"I see," Draco said, falling quiet. His facial expression lay blank. 

After a silent pause, Draco finally said, "Do you... er... want to be friends... with me?"

Hermione's face brightened. Draco smiled and took it as a simple "yes". 

"Of course, Draco," Hermione agreed, grinning.

"Thanks, Gra- er... Hermione."

Hermione decided to stand up after a few minutes and quiet moments with him. Her heels making loud clacks with each step. 

"G'night, Draco."

"G'night, Hermione."

And as Hermione began to pace towards the Entrance Hall, she started to feel actually happy for the first time in a while.


Another Hogwarts student lurking in the shadows was Ron Weasley watching his ex-girlfriend form a new relationship. Rage was his only feeling right now.

Once Hermione had left, Ron snuck out the door behind her and took a shortcut to the seventh floor. He stepped up to the Fat Lady who let him in, despite having no password this time.

He was now seeking revenge. Sweet revenge.


The next morning, Harry woke up to Ron's loud and obnoxious snoring and Dean getting dressed in his uniform. He reached for his glasses, cleaned them quickly, and dressed into his fresh, new Gryffindor uniform. 

He stepped down to the Common Room, quietly, and waited for Ginny Weasley to come down the stairs from the Girls' Dormitory. 

They joined together, passed the fireplace, and exited out to the seventh floor corridor. 

"There you two are! I've been out here for ages!" Hermione shouted. Perfect greeting from the Prefect. Hermione's hair was carelessly put into a ponytail, unlike Ginny's scarlet curls.

"Neville's told me something about Herbology this morning. I think we have it with the Ravenclaws, today," Hermione stated. She sounded extremely excited for some reason this morning. This wasn't the normal Hermione.

She led the way to the Grand Staircase and ascended down the stairs. Hogwarts was so merry and cheerful in the morning. This had been something Harry had never understood.

Reaching the grounds, Hermione gasped at what was there. Ginny was right behind her and repeated her reaction. Harry was puzzled.

There on the grounds, had been the one and only, Cho Chang.


Neville stood in front of Greenhouse 7 and tapped his foot. Where were his friends? He decided to do a bit of investigating, just in case they had been in the Greenhouse already.

"Professor Sprout? Have you seen Harry or Hermione this morning?" he asked, aloud, to his favourite teacher and mentor, Ponoma Sprout. 

"No, I haven't, Mr. Longbottom. But, for some reason, I saw Cho Chang this morning asking me the same question," the teacher replied, a bit frivolously. Lately, the woman had been nonchalent for no apparent reason.

"Cho Chang?" Neville questioned, curiously. Why would the ex-Ravenclaw and Quidditch star be here at Hogwarts?


Ginny was shocked when she saw Harry's ex-girlfriend standing in front of her eyes. She thought she had gone crazy after Cedric died and Harry dumped her, but she guessed not now.

For some strange reason, Ginny had a feeling of resent towards Cho. She felt like she was going to be jealous lately.

Did someone say foreshadowing?

Ginny, carelessly, shrugged off the appearance of Cho.


Cho Chang was nearly crying in the presence of her old classmates. She stepped towards the trio and decided to say something.

"Hi, Harry," she greeted, casually. She spotted Ginny glaring and felt her stare burning into her face.

"Er... hi, Cho," Harry said, waving awkwardly. He bit his lip as did Cho.

Cho didn't know how to say this, "Could I, um, talk to you... in private?"

Ginny and Hermione both raised an eyebrow. What was Cho on about? But Harry, oblivous to the bizarreness of the scene, pulled Cho off to the side to talk in the grassy area near the castle.

"Sure," Harry replied, quietly. Hermione and Ginny watched as they walked away and gave each other looks. 

Author's Note: What does Cho possibly want from Harry? Will Draco and Hermione be more than friends? What about Ron and Ginny? And will Neville ever find Harry and Hermione? Find out in Part Two! I haven't updated in a while. Please review and reply! (:

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Return to Hogwarts: Question


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