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Chapter 28- semi-formal affairs

Warning!!!!- This chapter contains a scene of sexual nature, it is not very explicit, but please be aware that if sex stuff makes you uncomfortable you might want to stop reading once you get to the Sunday night dinner alone.
AN: Thanks to everyone who reviewed the last chapter. It really helped. I’m sorry about the wait, March was scholarship application season, then I had formatting issues and limited internet access. Sorry. Love you all. Please read and review!

Hermione immediately threw herself into planning the Summer semi-formal. It was scheduled for the 3rd of June, since graduation was the 5th of June. However, in planning for the dance she had an epiphany.

“Where are you going?” Hermione was rushing out of their common room when Draco asked this, he wasn’t accusatory, just curious.

“I have a thought, but I have to talk to the Headmistress first. I’ll be right back.” And with that she hurried on her way.

“What may I do for you Ms. Granger?” Professor McGonagall was sitting at her desk, grading papers.

“I had an idea, but I wasn’t sure if you would approve or not, especially so last minute.” Professor McGonagall gave her a nod, indicating that she should go on, “I was wondering if we could have a special, seventh year students and their guests only dance just before graduation, like the night before?” McGonagall gave her a curious look, “I think it would be nice to have a sort of, goodbye ball. It would be formal, one last chance to look your best for your peers.”

“That sounds great Ms. Granger, I like the idea that perhaps the houses would get on better if there were fewer students from each house at the dance, they would be forced to mingle.” Hermione nodded, agreeing.

“I’m not sure if it would work, but you could always say that it was mandatory to attend with a member of a different house?” Hermione wasn’t even sure what she was suggesting. Her fellow students might just kill her.

“I like this idea, I will work on crafting a spell to ensure it. For now, just plan it in private with the Head Boy. I’ll let you know when to tell the student body. Let’s plan on June 4th. Good day Ms. Granger.” Hermione started to walk out. Then she realized something. She turned around and walked back. “Is there something else you need Ms. Granger?” Hermione nodded.

“Well, the summer semi-formal for the whole school is scheduled for the 3rd of June. Dances two nights in a row is a bit intense.” Professor McGonagall nodded at that, thinking pensively. “What if we pushed the summer dance up to the 25th of May? That way there would at least be a bit of time between the two dances for the prefects to get ready and set it all up.”

“That sounds great. You should post announcements in the common rooms so everyone knows the change of date.” Hermione agreed, said her goodbye and then she left Professor McGonagall to her grading.

When Hermione got back to the common room Draco was exactly where she had left him. He looked up as she walked towards him.

“Hey, what did you rush off to ask the Headmistress?” She smiled and sat down next to him, twisting her body so her torso was facing him. He smiled, happy that she seemed to be a bit relaxed for once.

“Well, I realized that we never do anything special for the seventh years. We are graduating after all. I thought it would be nice to have something to celebrate that and to have one last hurrah. Plus, it would be a nice way to say goodbye to everyone you have lived with for the past seven years of your life.” He took hold of her hands, looking interested. He nodded for her to go on. “I asked if we could have a graduation dance. It would be one last formal dance, the night before we graduate. It will be for seventh years only, unless they choose to invite a lower year student as their guest. It is scheduled for the 4th, so the summer semi-final was pushed back to the 25th of May.” Draco looked happy. He would get to go to more than one dance with Hermione, not as Damien and not with her being Emily. They would get to be themselves, together.

“You look nervous. What’s the catch?” She looked at him guiltily.

“Well, this won’t really affect you and me, but the Headmistress wants to promote inter-house relations, even if it is through people who are graduating. So she is making a spell that will ensure that no one can attend the dance unless they are accompanied by someone from a different house. So you need to have a date from a different house. We already have that, but I’m worried about most of my friends, they are such stubborn Gryffindors, but I want them to have fun.” Draco kissed her. She shut up. It wasn’t passionate or whatever, it was simple and it was nice.

“I think it will be fine, but not if you keep worrying about it. If worst comes to worst we’ll just make our friends go with each other. Mine being Slytherin and yours Gryffindor it will all work out.” Hermione seemed to relax at that. She kissed him this time.

They didn’t really have much to do. It was a Sunday morning and they had already finished all of their homework. So neither of them felt too much regret at spending a good portion of the morning snuggled close together, kissing and just enjoying being together. Eventually they started plans for the two dances. Working hard to get it all planned in time.

The semi-formal was easy to plan. It just needed a color scheme and a way to prevent intoxication. Other than that it just needed a Hogsmede trip to buy dresses and then it was good to go. The Hogsmede trip was planned for the 15th of May.

The graduation dance was a bit more difficult. Hermione wanted to make it fantastic. It was for her year after all.

“How about we have memory balls?” Draco suggested as he sat next to her one evening, working in their common room so no one would see what they were doing. The Headmistress had said they could inform the seventh years in one week’s time.

Hermione looked at him weirdly. “What is a memory ball?” Draco laughed. Hermione pouted at him, but he just hugged her and kissed her forehead.

“I’m not laughing to be cruel; I just find it amazing that you don’t know something. I thought there wasn’t anything you didn’t know.” Hermione pouted again, but a smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. “A memory ball floats in the air and when someone looks at it they see memories. You can magic them to only show memories from a certain time period, so we could make it just the last seven years and take out summers. Each person sees different memories. They’re pretty neat.” Hermione hugged him tightly.

“They sound perfect for what I’m imagining! This is going to be so great!”

Once the school heard about the dance they were super excited. Everyone was pretty pissed that they had to take someone from a different house, but they didn’t let it ruin their desire to go to the first ever Graduation Dance. The main issue was the Slytherins. Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws and Gryffindors were filling to go with each other, but Slytherins didn’t want to go with any other house, nor did the other houses want to go with Slytherins. Hermione and Draco spent a lot of time trying to show other houses that Slytherins could be alright, and simultaneously showing Slytherins that not only were they capable of getting along with the other houses, but that the other houses weren’t all that bad. It wasn’t like they had to go with a Gryffindor, they could ask someone from either of the other two houses.

With all that was going on, Hermione and Draco were seeing less and less of each
other. Draco decided to do something about that. He told all their friends that their Sunday dinner was cancelled that week. When Hermione showed up he had an elegant dinner for two laid out. Complete with candles.

“What’s this? Where is everyone else?”

“I told them all it was cancelled this week. I thought we deserved some time to ourselves, I feel like we haven’t spent time alone together in forever.” Hermione nodded in agreement as she walked over to hug him, squeezing him extra tightly for the sweet gesture.

They made small talk as they ate, though sometimes they just ate in silence. It wasn’t uncomfortable. They were just happy to finally be alone together. After dinner they curled up on the couch and just watched the fire burn. The heat was turned off, like Hermione had had it in the fall, since it was already well into April. It was almost May.

They started kissing. Their time apart had made them miss each other so much. Hermione ran her fingers through his hair, it was so soft. He was rubbing circles on her back, his hand just under the hem of her shirt and his other hand resting on her knee. However, his hands didn’t stay there. They moved up, and up, until the one hand slid under her bra strap and the other was under her skirt on her thigh.

She didn’t mind. One of her hands had left his hair to slip under his shirt and caress his taut muscles. She eventually slipped his shirt off over his head. He reciprocated the gesture. She was straddling his waist by then, both her hands running over his smooth chest. His hand grabbed her waist, pulling her even closer to him. He unhooked her bra and she leaned in, wanting to feel his bare skin touch hers. They both groaned.

Draco stood up, pulling Hermione with him. She had her legs wrapped around his torso and he had his hands on her bum, holding her up as he walked towards the stairs. He carried her up to his room and over to the bed. He carefully lay her down, lying on top of her. He looked down at her, her eyes were so bright.

“Are you ok with this?” He wasn’t sure why he asked. He wasn’t sure he could stop, even if she told him to. He would, for her, but he was on the edge, dying to jump off with her.

“I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t.” She smiled up at him, kissing him on the lips, nose, neck, all the way down his chest, and then back up to his lips. She then tugged at the waist band of his pants. He grinned. Once they were both in only their underwear, He asked again.

“Are you sure?” She just nodded this time, thrusting up her hips.. He groaned. Soon neither of them was wearing anything and they were discovering all sorts of new facts about each other. When they were both spent they just hugged each other, enjoying a post-coital moment. They soon fell asleep together.

AN: I know it is not that long, but I was told in a review that there was too much happening in the last chapter and I felt like this chapter was going in the same direction. Sorry that I suck at writing romantic stuff. I, unfortunately, have no idea what I’m talking about, so I hope it’s sort of accurate-ish. Haha. Thanks for being such great reviewers, please continue it! Love you all!

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