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Genocide: a love story. by hermiones not so evil twin
Chapter 4 : chapter 3
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Why hello again! Glad to be back! 132 reads, for the first three chapters! I don’t have much to say this time, (please hold the applause) except for a HUGE-NORMOUS shout out to AlPadfootPotter96, who is by far my most faithful reviewer, and an amazing writer! (HINT, read their stuff !)




Just remember, read the dates, and calculate accordingly, review, and ENJOYY!!





November 4th




Lily Evans


          “Lily, you’re not honestlywearing that on your first full day with you new boyfriend are you?” asked Gracie, her nose wrinkled as she scanned me up and down.


          I shot her a look that clearly said “shut the hell up” but she ignored it, and continued evaluating my usual apparel of Hogwarts skirt with shorts underneath, yellow converse, Hogwarts robes, and hair carelessly down, doing whatever it may please. Her makeup coated face was etched deep with disapaproval, an i siereosly considered running for it before she tried anything.


          “Yeah Lils,” added Mary, while Lia nodded in vigor. “It’s not 1950, so help me God, pull up your ruddy skirt!”


          I retorted snappily, sick of the jibes at my casual apparel, as apparently I was the only one in the dorm who couldn’t be bothered with things like clothes, shoes and makeup. “Does it look like I give a shit? I just want to eat, and you better not test me Mars, I was up all night brewing your ruddy hangover potion.”


          My stomach growled audibly, providing evidence for my testimony.



          I just wanted to go to the great hall, eat the Belgian waffles they were serving (my all time favorite food besides chocolate) and see Dirk. Oh yeah, and I have charms 4th period! (yay!)


          Not wanting to be rude, even if they were trying to superficialize me, I asked if anyone wanted to come with.


          None of them were ready but Grace, who stopped me abruptly. “I’ll go down with you, but only if you let me fix you.” She demanded in her “I’m trying to be scary” voice.


          No. No freaking way was I wearing makeup. I may be a Gryffindor, but all those pencils and paints and powders and pointy things scared the living daylights out of me. 


          To my horror, Mars got up, along with Lia, and stood with her, all three of them linking elbows in front of me, grinning evilly.


          Sighing reluctantly, I plopped down on the floor, knowing that if Mary and Lia agreed, the only way out of here would be to hex my way out.


          Actually, now that I think about it, that’s not a half bad idea. I know I could take them, 3 to 1, because Marley, who was almost a match for me, was asleep, and would be for quite some time, judging by her alcohol intake.


          In the end, I decided against hexing them, it would be much too mean, since I knew they were trying to help, in their own way.


          Reluctantly, I closed my eyes, hoping I would live to see my Belgian waffles.



          15 minutes, half a dozen spell, some make up, 4 terrified screams, and 12 exasperated sighs later, I stood up, and looked at myself in the mirror, more than a little revolted by what I saw.




          My skirt was now at least six inches above my knees, my normally wavy, and a little unruly dark red hair was now straight, and my eyes were thinly lined with black eyeliner, mascara, and charcoal shadow.




     Sighing, I and grabbed my bag, so we could just leave before she tried magically tightening my shirt or something, when I saw my nails.





          My nails have been magically painted such a dark purple that the untrained eye mistook them for black ever since I got in a fight with my mom the first time I tried wearing  the color, when I was seven, just after I met Sev, because she thought it was too inappropriate for a seven year old.  I used my freshly discovered wandless magic to have black-ish painted nails all the time, that could only by changed by more magic, and unaffected by nail polish remover. My nails have been that awesome color constantly for over eight years, until now.


          Now they were a dark turquoisey green, and even though I normally liked both dark colors, and turquoise, I found myself hating it. Hating it a lot.


          I smiled widely as without trying, they faded slowly to normal.


          Well oopsies, I guess in my anger I turned it back without meaning to. How sad.


          Nails keeping me sane, I half stomped, half walked down the stairs, the other three following excitedly in my wake.


          Two thirds of the way down the stairs, I noticed Dirk, and Derek (the prat).


Not wanting to give Dirk time to react to what the girls had done to me, I sprinted the rest of the way there, and threw my arms around him, snogging him fiercely.




          I noticed that he still wasn’t that great of a kisser; it wasn’t just the alcohol from last night. He was really slobbery, and he kind of kissed like a snake. You know, tongue darting in, out, in out?


          Well whatever, I wasn’t dating him for his kissing skills. After all, practice makes perfect, * wink wink *



          After I heard at least 8 people fake barfing, I decided it was time for breakfast, and the yummy waffles that were awaiting with it.


          Breaking apart, we made our way out of the common room, and down the stairs, his arm wrapped low around my waist, my elbow linked with Mary’s,  Lia and Grace with there arms draped casually over each other’s shoulders, talking and gossiping happily, in their own world where Belgian waffles, and the news on the war in the paper weren’t at the top of their list of priorities.


          As we reach the entrance to the great hall, I pick up my pace, along with Mary, the mouthwatering smell of Hogwarts waffles drawing us in like a moth to flame.


          “Whoa there babe” Dirk says. BABE? Ummm honey, my name is Lily. “Calm down.” Excuse me?! No. what part of that smell is hard for his brain to understand? Was there some neurology problems or something going on?


          He’s not the best in the class, but he’s not dumb either, so shouldn’t he know not to tell a feminist who can kick his ass (7 years of muggle karate) or can beat him at a duel with her eyes closed, to slow down just because she starts going a little faster than him?


         “It’s my favorite food, I’ll go save us a seat.” I say, with a little more snap than I intended. Luckily, he seems to have caught on. Smart child.


          “All right go ahead.” AHEM? I wasn’t asking for permission.


          I know, I know, I’m being way too sensitive in the sake of feminism, but I can’t help it. I know he’s not sexist, and to a normal person, especially male, (not that there less intelligent, but simply MOST are a little less sensitive to what would offend a feminist, since it’s just normal talking a lot of the time that sets me off). In fact, I’m sure he had no idea what he was implying, so I’m not mad.




          Luckily, there seems to be enough seats for our whole crowd over by Remus, Pete, and a gaggle of gossiping third years.


          I sit down; Mary, Lia, and Gracie close behind. (everyone in our dorn LOVES this meal), and I save a spot for Dirk next to me, my mind now solely occupied by waffles, forgetting about the approaching Daily Profit in 15 or so minutes.


          Happily, I snatch 8 massive waffles, by far the most out of anyone at the table, and the four of us start happily devouring our individual stacks in silence, not wanting to open our mouth and talk, for fear of losing some waffle, until Dirk sits down, pulls me close to him, and I swallow as he initiates a snog.


           Although I feel nervous, you know, leaving the waffles unattended, I eagerly snog him back, both of us getting really into it for who knows how long, when, “BAM!” Dirks gone, a massive, wart covered slug in his place.


           I know immediately who it is, and I jump up.


          “JAMES POTTER, I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!” I scream, whipping my head around, trying to locate him..


          He’s only four seats down. Perfect… easy target.


          He looks scared, of me (mission accomplished) but still angry, and obviously proud of his handiwork.


          That gives me an idea, and I flick my wand at the enchanted ceiling, using nonverbal magic to make a robotic voice scream louder than a fog horn the message I’m thinking in my head.




          I know, my insults aren’t very original, I must have called him an incompetent toe rag 4 dozen times, but it just seems to fit him so well.


           And anyways, the charm didn’t have the desired effect.


          His face mildly flashes embarrassment, but its quickly replaced with an extremely cocky grin.


          To my utter horror, he steps up, onto the bench, then onto the table, spreads out his arms, and shouts into the whispering and staring great hall, “YES! LILY DARLING IS RIGHT! I LOVE HER, I LOVE HER SO MUCH I CAN TELL; THE REASON SHE IS SCREAMING IT TO THE WHOLE SCHOOL, IS BECAUSE SHE WANTS ME WITH A FIERY NEED, A NEED SO BAD THAT AT NIGHT—“


          “Mr. Potter get down this instant! Detetention, the both of you, tonight, my office, 6 o clock. I expected more from my head boy and girl.” Mcgonnagals cool voice cuts though Potters.


          Mcgonagal picked up the slug Dirk, and walked away, as I sat down huffily, my waffles and newspaper completely forgotten as I seethed.


          Mary, upon catching my expression, shot a quick, silent jelly legs curse at Potter under the table, and my mouth twitched upwards a little as I saw him flop silently and painlessly to the ground.


          Mary was friends with Potter, and one of the stars on his team, but I knew she agreed on me when it came to the topic of his constant oppressive stalking.


          Silently, she gave me a look, and I stood up with her, exchanging a quick grin, each knowing what the other would do, as we linked arms, puffed out our chests, stuck up our noses, raised our eyebrows, and started stomp waddling, our stomps magically enhances, swinging out hips melodramatically, huffing every three seconds, acting a combination of stuck up prefect, and woe is me, staring to talk loudly in an exaggerated form of what the Americans think we talk like.


          “Oh Lily dearest, can you believe what an utter outrage the new tea is?!” Mary asks, flailing her arms about, and shaking her head as she talks.


          “O yes, miss Mary, quite the outrage, quite the outrage indeed! And did you hear about Mrs. Smith’s neighbor?! “


          “Why I’m afraid I did darling, you know, the whole thing with the Liverpool fellow, what’s his name? Harry Witherspoon? ? Yes that’s the one. Ummmm…. ELLO GOVENAH! LOO! KNICKERS!” She shouted, running out of stereotypical things to say.


          Half the hall was looking at us, watching us in a way that made it clear they wanted to send us to the loony bin, and we were struggling to keep a straight face.


           As we approached the doors, I shouted one more thing in our mock London accents.


          “LONG LIVE THE KING!!!”




          As soon as we passed the doors, we crumpled over in laughter, clutching each other for support as we laughed at each other about what fools we had made of ourselves.


        Finally, minutes later, Mars spluttered out between giggles, “do—you think—that – was – dramatic enough?!”


        This causes me to break out in another fit of giddiness, my side causing actual pain to laugh any more.


        “I don’t—know. Do—you think we should do—it again?” I asked in-between gasping breaths.


        Mary took one last deep breath and whispered excitedly “How would you feel About skiving off the first few classes?”


        I love Mary McDonald.


        “Mars you’re a genius. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” I asked, knowing that she was.


        “The cave?” we asked, simultaneously, smiling mischievously at each other, as we sprinted off to Gryffindor common room, racing each other playfully, both of us extremely athletic.


        We launched ourselves into the 7th year girl’s dorm, with a force that would probably snap a muggle door off its hinges.


        The curtains were still drawn around Marley’s bed, and she was obviously still sleeping off her hang over.


        Well, I hoped she didn’t have too much, because arm and arm, we pulled back the curtains on the four poster, and started jumping up and down on her bed, barley missing her body each time, singing “Zippedee Doo Da” as loud as we possibly could, (pretty darn loud) and horribly off key.


        Understandably, she groaned, her head still under the pillow, and stuffed her hand up in an obscene gesture.


        Mocking being offended, we stopped jumping, and sat down playfully on top of her.


        “Maarrrrllllleeeeeeeeeyyyyyy! Geuuuusss whhaatt? We’re going to the cave!!! Get up! Grab your broom! Get dressed! Were leaving, and if you don’t come with us, well draw on your face with Ci Ci’s makeup!!! Isn’t that right Mars?!” I asked in a singsong voice, enjoying this more than I should.


        Before Mary could answer me however, Marlene grumbled, “shub ub, dumass. Hungover.”


        “No shit. Grow up you baby, Lily made potion.” Mars said, reaching across valiantly, and snatching a vile of it, shoving it forcefully under Marley’s pillow.


        Together, we hopped of the bed, each reaching into our equally messy trunks, rummaging around for our brooms, and not caring enough about Marley’s to search for it by hand, summoning it out from under her bed, leaving a trail of mess in its wake. I threw my head forward, and pulled my long, currently straight, shiny, navel length hair, into a ponytail, so it didn’t obscure my vision when we flew.


        As Marley started to sit up, and threw back the potion, I changed out of my uniform, and too small skirt, and into fitted sweat pants, with the name of a muggle summer camp in America I went to couple years ago emblazoned on the front, Anokijig, and a Holyhead Harpies T-shirt that was a little too small.


        Thanks to my brilliant potions making skills, Marley was lively, and back to her usual ‘too tough for words’ façade. Still in what she wore last night, I tossed her her broom, and dove under my bed, looking for some food.


        The underneath of my bed was quite awesome if I may say so myself. I had huge store of Honeydukes chocolates, sugar quills, acid pops, Droobles, the works, along with things like boxes of crackers, bags of crisps, and packages of biscuits I had nicked (more like had shoved at me) from the kitchen.


        I grabbed a little of it all, stuffed it into a knapsack, decided it wasn’t enough, and we’d have to stop at the kitchens, added a quilt Mum had made from my bed, and looked around at Mary and Marley, who were standing, also in muggle comphy clothes, holding their brooms.


        “Ready?” I asked, the excited anticipation in my voice clear as day.


        Marley broke out in a mischievous grin, that reminded me of the Marauders, as we shot out of the room, and down the stairs, running past people, speeding towards the kitchen to get the perishable foods.


        After tickling the pear, just the way Remus showed me, we stepped inside.


         Immediately, I was ambushed by an exited House Elf, who hugged my legs fiercely and I almost fell over.


        “Miss Lily! Winnie is so glad to see you miss! How has you been lately?!” Winnie squealed, and I smiled.


        I had been out late one night a few years back, when I rescued Winnie from getting brutally beaten up by some Slytherins, who were laughing. Yes LAUGHING!! Who laughs at innocent creatures getting tortured? I couldn’t even eat meat, I felt too bad for the animals! Its one of my most nightmarish experiences, Winnie, whimpering in a ball while the two of them stood around her. Of course, I had done the bat bogey on them, and gotten them almost expelled by Dumbledore, but it didn’t change the fact that someone out there could possibly think that was okay. That anything that discriminating could be okay. It was so much like what was happening to muggle borns every day in the real world. After saving Winnie, she had showed me the come and go room, and we had been good friends ever since.


        She was one of my best friends actually, (Shh, don’t tell Marley and Mary, cuz I love them too.) even when I wasn’t hungry, I came down here to talk to Winnie, and sometimes I even helped her work, but I stopped when it frightened the other elves. Winnie was the one who had helped me through Sev, and she had been the only one to know. She talked to me about her previous owners, and the cruelties of them, and we just vented to each other about things we couldn’t vent to our own friends. It would be blasphemy for a House Elf to be heard talking bad about a previous owner, and almost as bad for a Gryffindor to admit being friends with a Slytherin these days. Sev made sure I knew that. He told everyone he was tutoring me in potions, and that I was tutoring him in charms, and people just assumed he was a charity case when I protected him form Potter and Black time and time again.


        They hated you know who so much, swore to be aurors, but somehow they justified to themselves constantly bullying him to the point of depression, before he even considered becoming a Death Eater? That, to me, was worse than what the Slytherins had done to Winnie, and I couldn’t bring myself to ever really forgive them for it, because they just kept doing it! I don’t care that I’m not friends with Severus anymore, because it’s not just him they hex! They hex any Slytherin, any age, EVEN 1ST YEARS, and assume that just because they’re Slytherins, they’re in you-know-who’s fan club, so they curse them mercilessly! In a way, I think by doing that, there actually creating more death eaters, because there creating prejudices, and hatred towards Gryffindor.


        Winnie must have seen my distressed face, as she nodded knowingly, and whispered loudly, “Come back later Miss, and tell me all about it.”


        Marley and Mars looked curiously between Winnie and I, but they knew better than to ask. They didn’t know much about my friendship with Winnie, not because I was ashamed of it, goodness no, but because Winnie told me not to tell anyone. She’d be shunned by the other Elves if they found out.


        “Winnie, could we get some stuff for a picnic? We’re going to the cave.” I ask, smiling apologetically.


        She positively beams and starts squealing with excitement, tottering off merrily.

        Once out of the kitchens, we strut up the now empty corridors, everyone else in class, towards the astronomy tower, our place for takeoff. 




November 4th




James Potter




       Lily knows where the kitchens are? I thought it was just us Marauders! Well, I guess she’s worthy…


        Pads and I only wait a minute longer outside the fruit portrait before the Girls come tumbling out, not laden with anything new, but I know their food has been shrunken down.


        Lily’s anger is gone, and I love seeing her when she’s not around me, or thinks she’s not; it’s amazing the attitude change. She’s so much more relaxed and… real. I’m jealous of everyone else, for getting to witness this Lily without having to hide under an invisibility cloak.


        They’re strutting up the stairs, smiling happily, obviously looking forward to something, as Pads and I follow, and I can practically hear his continuing cycle of eye rolling. He pretends he doesn’t want to be here, but I know he has a secret eye on Marley, or as he calls her, “Lenny”.


        We follow them up stair case after staircase, our footsteps magically silenced, not that they’d hear it, at the noise rate they’re going. It cute how they don’t think anyone could be in the hallways to hear them. I know it’s weird to follow them, and I’ll get the mickey taken out of me by Padfoot later, for dragging him along, but hey, if you knew someone like Lily Evans, you’d be amazed I don’t follow her more.


        Damn, where are they going, the freaking Astronomy Tower? I still don’t get why they have they’re brooms. Man does Lily have a broom! Is that honestly a cleansweep200? That’s better than my Dragontail, and just last July that was the best broom on the market! I didn’t even know she could fly! Well, how could I have? She never tries out for the team, or even shows much interest in the games, so any notion of her being a flyer was completely lost on me.


        Slightly out of breath, I stop a few feet behind the girls in, you guessed it, the Astronomy Tower.


        Now I’m seriously confused. Brooms, food, ditching class, and the Astronomy Tower? How do any of those go together?


      “I wonder where they’re flying too..” whispers Sirius almost inaudibly. DUH. They’re at the astronomy tower, because for some reason they must prefer to launch from there.


        Well that makes A LOT more sense.


        Lily, broom and knapsack in tow, stands up on the ledge—wait WHAT?! WHY THE BLOODY FUCK IS LILYKINZ STANDING ON THE LEDGE OF THE ASTRONOMY TOWER?! WHY AREN’T MARS AND MARLEY DOING ANYTHING?!? Before I can open my mouth, or even move, Padfoot, quick as ever, sends a spell under the cloak, silencing my agonizing yell of absolute terror, sprinting forward with him, to stop her, do anything, ANYTHING, but I fall to my knees, listening to her crazed scream, and choking when the horrible noise stops with a gentle, sickening thud.


        She jumped.






    I know, I know mild cliffy, dontchya just wanna scream? Rip your hair out? No? not even a little bit? Okay then, how bout instead you review?

     Betchya cant geuss what important happened! Hey, any of you been to Anokigiji? well you should, its amazing.



          I love you all!


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Genocide: a love story.: chapter 3


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