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Harry Potter was in a deep sleep, he had after all been awake all the night before fighting the most powerful threat to all wizard and muggle kind, and had defeated it. And for that he was grateful even though he had lost many many friends along the way: Fred Weasley was perhaps the worst death. Then there was Remus Lupin, Nimphadora Tonks, Collin Creavey and many more unknown but no less regretted deaths.

“Harry? Oi mate wake up!” some one yelled.
Harry opened his eyes. But all he could see was blurry shapes and outlines. He felt around for his glasses and put them on. Ron, Harry’s tall red headed best friend since 11 years old, Hermione also a best friend since he was 11, and Ginny, the most beautiful witch Harry had ever known.

“What time is it?” Harry asked.

“Almost eleven.” Said Ron. Harry sat up and ran his hand through his hair.

“How’re you three?” He asked.

“I’m ok.” Said Hermione, who was still dirty, bloody and bruised.

“Were ok.” Ron and Ginny said with out looking at him.They too were covered with dirt, blood and bruises.

“C’mon” Said Ron, “We got to go down stairs mum is waiting for us.”

The four went down to the Great hall. The dead had been moved. And the Great hall was full.

“Ah, there you are, Harry dear are you alright?” Mrs. Weasley asked.

“Yes Mrs. Weasley I’m fine.” Harry replied.

“Good, well George is with Fred in the Chamber in the Entrance hall.” Mrs. Weasley said then hurried off.

Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny went out into the Entrance hall and saw a door leading off it and when they headed through it they saw a gruesome sight. Bodies were laying all over the floor on thin cushions. Fred was in the middle next to Remus and Tonks. Andromeda Tonks was by Tonks. George was sitting with his head in his hands next to his twin. Ginny went and sat next to him, George put an arm around her. Ron sat next to them, Hermione accompanied him. Harry sat down too, for a few minutes, staring at Fred’s peaceful, pale face, but soon he could not look any longer. He got up and walked over to Andromeda, who was crying silently. She held Teddy Lupin, Remus and Tonks’ six week old son. Harry sat next to her, she looked up. Harry smiled at her. She launched her self into his arms. Harry, who had only met her once, was at a complete loss at what to do. He looked at Hermione who had seen the whole thing.

“Say something.” She mouthed.

“Erm, I’m sorry.” He said.She cried even harder. After a few minutes she stopped crying.

“Thank you.” She said, “Would you like to hold him?” She asked, holding out Teddy to him.

“Uh, ok.” He said, he took Teddy and held him. “Hi, Teddy.” He said, “I guess we’re pretty much the same now.”Teddy smiled at him.

Ginny had walked quietly over, “You are good with kids aren’t you.” She said, Harry looked at her, her eyes were red and puffy from crying.  Harry smiled at her, he hoped Ron would not look over, as he leaned in and kissed her. The kiss lasted for several seconds. As they broke apart Ginny smiled. A few minutes later Ron and Hermione came over.

“We’re going back to the Great hall to eat.” Said Ron.

On the way to the Great hall Ron told Harry to fall behind the girls.

“Harry, remember before we left to get the Horcruxuxs when I made you promise not to go out with Ginny?” Ron asked.

“Yes.” Said Harry.

He thought he knew what Ron was getting at. He just hoped he was right.

Ron took a deep breath and said, “Well, I changed my mind. Once I kissed Hermione I knew what you felt like when you kissed Ginny. And I decided it wouldn’t be so bad for you to go out with Ginny if I was going out with Hermione.”

Harry smiled, “Thanks Ron.” He said.They ran to catch Hermione and Ginny. They did not eat much  after being in the death room.

“Where are they keeping Voldemort? Does anyone know?” Harry asked.

“Kingsley might.” Said Hermione.  Harry headed over to Kingsley.

“Harry.” Said Kingsley.

“Hello Kingsley, I mean minister.” Harry corrected himself.

Kingsley smiled, “It’s alright Harry. Call me Kingsley. Can I help you with something?” He asked, in his deep voice.

“Well, actually I wondered if you could tell me where Voldemort is.” Harry said.

“He is in the teachers lounge.” Kingsley said with a disgusted look, “Oh and Harry, that reminds me, I would like you to decide how to dispose of the body.”

“Thanks.” Harry said, “I’ll think about it.” He walked away and beckoned to the others to follow him. Harry found the teachers study but the gargoyles were still smashed so there was no need for a password. The body of Lord Voldemort lay on the floor, it looked as though it had been un-ceremoniously dumped on the floor. Harry saw it and felt a deep sense of utter loathing. He tried to think of the thing that would be most humiliating to Voldemort if he were alive, but he could not. “What do think would be the most humiliating to him if he were alive?” Harry asked.

“Drowning him.” Said Ron.

“I don’t know.” Said Hermione. “He would be pretty embarrassed to be burned.”

"I agree with Hermione." Ginny said.

Harry thought for a minute, “I agree. I think we should burn it.” He said.  The other three nodded.

“Alright come on. We’ll go tell Kingsley.” Ron said.  They all got up and as they walked out Harry tread on Voldemort’s fingers.


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