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Disclaimer: Everything you recognise is probably from the wonderful mind of JK Rowling.. things you don't are probably from my own crazy imagination lol.



---Chapter 2 – Upping the Ante---

featuring seamus o'connor, our teddy bear... [by me]




Keegan’s Quidditch To-Do List

-       Work on Elbie’s left hand swing

-       Work on Elbie’s moral conscience on the pitch

-       Work on Seamus’ defensive play or actually MAKE him start playing defensively (oversized git…)

-       Perfect Marcus’ diving and feints

-       Work on little Lizzie’s left side saves

-       Create new plays for Adam, Miranda, and me

-       Build up endurance in the team

-       Kill Miranda… after we beat Gryffindor

-       Kill Oliver… after we kick his arse

I absentmindedly stuck the quill into my mouth and instantly began spluttering out ink. Edan gave me a puzzling look before ignoring me completely and turning back to the front. 


Useless uncaring brother… I could have died or something.


Ah well, I guess he was used to it. 

It was an irritating habit of mine to stick writing utensils into my mouth when I was thinking. I wasn’t exactly sure why I do it but I can’t seem to stop. It’s like when people bite their nails when they’re nervous, I just stick pens and quills and such into my mouth. One day, I was going to get lead or ink poisoning and die. I bet Wood would dance on my grave… the git.


Oh lord, I cannot believe this bloody bet! Correction, these bets… I mean as if I was going to be his slave! There was no way I was going to do what that prat told me or let alone, be in close proximity to him for 48 flipping hours.


That’s just pure torture! I’d rather have Filch hang me upside down by my ankles while getting pissed on by his cat… 

That’s disturbing.  

Merlin, I was going more mental than usual.  

“Sweetie, we’re here,” my dad said, breaking me out of my reverie. I smiled at him and put my quill into my side-bag along with my journal. 

Dad had parked the car in front of King’s Cross and was now helping Edan unload the trunks. I sighed and stepped out of the small blue car. 

“All set?” Dad asked. He had just put the trunks onto a trolley for Edan and I, and was now pulling me into a hug. “I’m going to miss you two.”

“I know, Dad,” I laughed. “And we’ll miss you too… Right Edan?”

“Huh? Yeah Dad, totally,” he murmured but his eyes were following a small petite blonde that I vaguely recognised. She flipped her hair and let out a dainty little giggle.


Yup… totally Edan’s type. Dainty and sweet. 

Dad chuckled, his laughter struggling to be heard against the harsh wind. “Right well I can see Edan wants to leave so I’ll let you to get to your train. Have a great year! And don’t forget to write… oh and Keegan? It’s your last year, do well, have fun and win me the House Cup, will you?”  

I laughed and hugged him again. “Yeah Dad, will do! Bye!”

Edan quickly gave him a manly one-sided hug before steering the trolley towards the direction of the previously mentioned blonde. I followed him silently while assessing the blonde in my head. After all, I was the oldest one and I had a right to be curious and protective of my little brother—regardless of the fact that he was only a year younger than me.


She was pretty I had to admit that. She had curly blonde hair and big blue innocent eyes. She was a Hufflepuff like Edan. I could tell. Not really because I was extremely intuitive but she was wearing the emblem of the Hufflepuffs. She looked about the same age as Edan… I wondered how long it’d take before my brother finally snagged the girl. I mean the kid was a very sweet guy but he was still a guy. He’s had more relationships than I have had snogs, which is altogether, a depressing thought. It didn’t hurt that girls fawned over my brother. Edan was tall with black hair and hazel-coloured eyes. He was also quite a lean boy—used to be a Chaser on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team but quit to focus on his studies.


I mean who does that? I’m the Ravenclaw and I still place Quidditch over studies any day!  

Edan suddenly took off at a sprinting speed and went straight through the wall onto Platform 9 ¾. I rolled my eyes at his eagerness and went sprinting after him. I stumbled out and managed to land straight into someone else. He grabbed me by the waist and allowed me to land on him instead of the hard surface. I was about to gush out an apology and an extremely heartfelt thank you when I realised who was beneath me.

“Wood,” I growled.

“Easy there, Riddell, you’re the one that went flying into me,” he smirked, his dark eyes dancing with amusement. “Although, you’re also the one lying on top of me.”  

I quickly pushed myself off of him and continued to glare. “You were in my way, now please move.” 

“And why would I do that?” he queried. 

“Because if you don’t, I swear to Merlin I’m going to kick you where the sun don’t shine,” I threatened lightly. 

“AH AND SO THE TENSION BEGINS!” boomed a voice.


Wood and I both turned towards the owner and were greeted with the sight of one of my Beaters, Seamus O’Connor. He came running over and easily picked me up off the ground.


“I’ve missed your tyrannical reign, my dear captain.”

“And you’re about to get your first order of laps if you don’t put me down, O’Connor,” I smiled back. Of course, I didn’t mean it. I loved the buffoon. 

The boy laughed good-naturedly and turned towards Oliver. “Hey there, mate. How was summer? Heard you had Fred and George on the weights to buff them up.”  

Oliver chuckled, “Yeah well maybe they should take pointers from you considering they’re still two lanky-arse redheads.”  

Seamus threw his head back and laughed. “Mate, this is God’s gift… can’t be taught,” he winked as he flexed his biceps.  

Merlin, boys and their bloody testosterone… 

“Right, as amusing as this has been,” I interrupted. “We better get our arses on that train before we get left behind.”

The three of us quickly grabbed our trunks and ran towards the train. The trunks were thrown in ahead of us and I jumped on after. Oliver came right behind me and Seamus managed to launch himself onto the train just as it was leaving the platform, causing the buffoon to actually head butt Oliver in the back, which in turns plummets the git into me. 


Oliver moved his hand so it was resting just beside my waist and pushed himself forward. “We’ve got to stop meeting like this,” he chuckled. 

“Shut it, Wood,” I groaned—in pain and frustration. “Plus you’re the one on top of me this time!” 

“Mhmm,” he murmured. “So I am.”



“So errr… any chance of you getting OFF OF ME THEN?” I shouted. The boy was heavy and I was literally pinned onto the trunks by his body weight.  

“Well… I am quite comfortable and I bet all the compartments are full anyway.” 

If my legs weren’t pressed against the trunks, I would have soooo kneed him in the groin. 

“Wow! Maybe that Clarke kid was onto something!”

“Yeah, mate, I found her on top of him earlier!” Seamus chuckled. “Maybe we should give them some room.”


There was a chorus of laughter and Oliver finally pushed himself off me. He tossed me another obnoxious grin before levitating his trunk and disappearing down the aisle.


I got up and stretched out my sore limbs, turning to find myself facing my entire Quidditch team. 

Miranda arched an eyebrow at me and I shot her a scowl, “Don’t even say a flipping word, Miranda.”

They all laughed and Miranda smiled innocently at me, “I wasn’t going to say anything.”

“Well if you’re not, I will,” Elbie or Elliot MacNeill, my other Beater and Miranda’s long-term boyfriend, piped up. “So how long have you and Wood been shagging, Keegan?”

“First of all, it’s Captain Keegan to you!” I retorted. “And WE ARE NOT SHAGGING!” 

Yeah, bet I got that message across now! And they better remember it too because there’s no way in hell, I’d ever shag Oliver Wood. Never. 

They shrugged but shared a secret smile before leading me towards our compartment. It was a bit of a tight space for three girls and four overgrown boys to fit into but we managed somehow, even though Seamus took up about half of the seat. Marcus, our Seeker, and Little Lizzie Lee, our Keeper, just about fit in there with him, and Miranda was sitting with her legs draped over Elbie, while I was pushed up against my third Chaser, Adam Nicholson. 

I looked around at my team and was incredibly glad that we did not have to hold tryouts this year. I had the best team a captain could possibly have and there was no rebuilding to do, which was every captain’s dream. We could just get back to Hogwarts and get straight into the intensive training drills I’ve mapped out for them. Not that they know… they don’t need to know. I’ll let them enjoy their post-summer bliss before I bring out my Captain Keegan face.  

“Keegan, you alright? You look like you’re about to kill a baby deer or something,” Miranda noted. 

I’d never kill a baby deer!  

“I’m fine!” I exclaimed a bit too loudly. “No really, guys. I’m just buzzing for Quidditch to start.” 

A collective groan sounded throughout the compartment and Little Lizzie Lee threw a Sugar Quill at my face. It bounced off my forehead and landed onto the floor.  

“Can we not think about Quidditch for a little while longer?” Marcus sighed. “I’m still bloody reeling from our last match.”


That was the one where he got knocked out by a Bludger and left Potter to get the Snitch—not that it was his fault.  

“Fine, fine, I won’t,” I rolled my eyes. “What do you want to talk about then? Your summers? Because I know exactly how it went outside of our Quidditch Boot Camp… Miranda and Elbie spent the time snogging, Seamus spent the time working out and playing that Muggle sport… Rug… Rugby? Whatever. Adam spent his time chasing girls and you two,” I look pointedly at Lizzie and Marcus, “Spent your time sending each other flirty little messages. So how close was I?” 


Marcus and Lizzie blushed a dark crimson, while the rest just burst out laughing.  

“Pretty damn close,” Adam laughed from beside me. “In my defence, summer is the best time to be chasing girls… those damn sun dresses, gets me every time.” 

“Mate, a wool jumper would get you,” Elbie teased. 

“Well they’re so soft, I just want to touch them,” Adam said innocently but then winked at all of us. “Touch what’s on the inside and outside.”

“Ugh, gross,” the girls and I cried out in unison while the boys burst into another chorus of laughter.


Disgusting pervey gits… but I secretly love them all. Secretly though. 

“Wait, now I remember what I wanted to ask you!” Marcus jumped up excitedly causing Lizzie to jump as well in surprise. He put an apologetic hand on her leg and she began to blush visibly.  

I stifled a snigger. “What is it that you remember?”

“What is this bet I hear you have going on with Wood?” he arched an eyebrow, and all five sets of eyes fixed their attention onto me. The only pair of eyes that weren’t looking at me curiously was Miranda. Actually, her eyes were staring out of the window guiltily for spilling my secret.


What was the bloody point of a best mate when she doesn’t keep any of your secrets? 

I groaned loudly and gave ‘my best mate’ a quick kick to the shin. She yelped and ended up kneeing Elbie in the gut. Serves her right. 

“Well… Wood decided to raise the stakes,” I mumbled. “And basically, if we lose the Ravenclaw – Gryffindor match, I have to be his slave for 48 hours…” They all stared at me, looking shocked. “And if we lose the House Cup to them, I have to wear his Quidditch robes and make a toast about how he’s the better captain.”

“But he’s not!” Lizzie cried out. Ah, always the bright one she is. 

“I know! But it was Miranda’s sodding idea so whatever, I have to go through with it,” I told them. “I’ll just put on my best acting hat and get on with it if it comes to that.”

Seamus chuckled, “I don’t think you’ll be acting at all.” 

“And what do you mean by that, O’Connor?” I arched an eyebrow challengingly. 

He gave me a small smile before shrugging. “Nothing, love… just a thought, ignore me.”

I stared at him, willing him to carry on, but decided to let it go. I had more important things on my mind anyways… Like sleep.


Allowing the drowsiness to overpower me, I laid my head onto Adam’s shoulder and soon drifted off into a deep sleep.


“She’s going to have an aneurysm when she wakes up, you know that right?” Miranda said but her voice sounded hazy and far-off. It took me awhile to even understand what she said.

“Mhmm, probably,” chuckled another voice except this one was oddly close by. “But if we had left it to her, she’d still be fast asleep and missing the mandatory Quidditch meeting.”

Quidditch?! Meeting?? QUIDDITCH MEETING?

“QUIDDITCH MEETING!” I cried out, flailing my arms around. This however was not actually the best thing to do as it turns out the owner of that voice was carrying me and I had managed to flail so much, I literally just rolled out of his arms. 

I landed hard onto the floor, possibly breaking my tailbone in the process. I yelped in pain and bit down hard on my lower lip. “Ouch,” I said glumly. 

“She looks like a five year old baby that just got a boo-boo,” Miranda giggled. She then bent down towards me, “did little Keegan get a boo-boo?” 

I swiped at her outreached hands and pushed myself off the floor. “It’s Captain Little Keegan to you!” 

Miranda rolled her eyes and someone began laughing behind me. I knew that laugh before I even had to turn around to face him. Only one person in this place had such an annoying laugh. Oliver Wood.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, but to be honest, I really didn’t care. I just wanted him to leave. 

“Carrying you to the captains’ meeting,” he replied nonchalantly. “I found you asleep in the library on my way to it. 

“So you just decided to kidnap me?”

“No, actually, we tried to wake you up but blimey woman, you sleep like a log,” Oliver explained. “So I decided to carry you and Miranda accompanied me so you wouldn’t, and I quote, claw my eyes out when you wake up.”

I turned to look at my best friend and silently praised her for her quick thinking. If I had woken up to just Oliver carrying me, I probably would have clawed his eyes out.


“Well okay, fine.”

He raised an eyebrow at me as if to ask why I wasn’t angrier but I merely just shrugged. I’d rather Oliver carry me to this meeting than miss it altogether. The git must have understood this because he immediately said, “well, we should head off then or we’ll be late to this thing.”

“Yeah, okay,” I mumbled in response. I gave a quick bye to Miranda before jogging up to Oliver, who had already began walking briskly towards the meeting.  

The two of us quickly burst through the doors a few minutes later and found ourselves facing all of the Head of Houses and the House Quidditch Captains. There was Marcus Flint, Slytherin’s maniacal and slimy captain, and Cedric Diggory, Hufflepuff’s playboy captain. 

“Glad you two could join us,” Professor Snape sneered and gestured towards the seats behind Diggory and Flint.


If he weren’t a professor, I’d probably have hexed him ages ago. The guy was a massive jerk. He walked around like he was god’s gift to Hogwarts and was extremely biased to his own house, Git Central or better known as Slytherin. 

“Yes, Mister Wood, I had expected you to be on time for this,” Professor McGonagall, Gryffindor’s Head of House, said. “But now that you and Miss Riddell are both here, let’s begin.”

“So the following rules still stand, tryouts are to be held at the end of Week Two and there will be no training till then,” Professor Snape said sternly. “And I mean NO training, you get that, Mister Wood?” 

Oliver shifted beside me. He was definitely holding back a smart retort. I can see it form the way his lips were twitching madly. But fortunately for him, he managed to nod politely. 



Professor Flitwick, my Head of House, smiled kindly at me before turning his attention to the rest of us. “The fixtures for this upcoming season are as follows: Ravenclaw versus Hufflepuff, October 14th. Gryffindor versus Slytherin, October 21st.” 

I turned to look at Oliver and his eyes narrowed ever so slightly. That was a hard match to play first. Everyone knew that the Slytherins played dirty, meaning he was going to have to be extra careful to protect his players from getting severely injured in the first match. 

“Then Ravenclaw versus Gryffindor, December 5th, and Hufflepuff versus Slytherin, December 8th,” Professor Flitwick continued. “Those are the matches before the Christmas holidays.”

“The ones after the holidays are Gryffindor versus Hufflepuff, February 24th, and Ravenclaw versus Slytherin, February 27th,” Professor Sprout, the Head of the Hufflepuff House, added on. “Then we will have another meeting later to discuss the House Cup finals. The time and date for that will be sent to you when it is nearer.” 

“Don’t worry, Mister Flint, we will be sending you a timetable of these fixtures later in the week,” Professor McGonagall sighed. “Also, by Headmaster Dumbledore’s request, we have made a few additions to this year’s Quidditch season. Nothing that will affect the matches themselves so don’t give me those looks, Mister Wood, Miss Riddell.” I blushed abashedly. “These additions include a Quidditch camp for those wishing to play for fun and improve their skills in the process.”

“A what?” Flint cried out, looking horrified. 

I wasn’t keen on the idea myself, but I wasn’t also that opposed to helping out little young uns.  

“A camp, Mister Flint,” Professor McGonagall was clearly getting tired of the big buffoon’s lack of… well, a brain. “It will be every Sunday afternoon and I expect all four of you to be there unless you can give me an extremely valid reason. Headmaster Dumbledore is expecting this to help unite the four Houses together so I expect everything to run smoothly. Do you understand?”

We all nodded obediently. Professor McGonagall was an extremely terrifying woman after all. 

“Oh and the best part, we have decided to up the ante!” Professor Sprout clapped her hands excitedly. I couldn’t help but smile at her enthusiasm. “To increase competition and good-natured fun, we have decided that along with winning the House Cup, the winning House will also be able to host their victory party in the Great Hall!” 

I think I peed myself… NO FREAKING WAY!!! A victory party IN the Great Hall? That will be soooo much better than hosting it in our common room! 

However, I expect this party to adhere to the rules and code of conduct of Hogwarts, do I make myself clear?” Professor McGonagall added.

I nodded eagerly. The professors spent a few more minutes talking about playing fair and putting our academics ahead of Quidditch before they finally let us out. I had barely listened to it though. I was still buzzing from the idea of hosting a victory party in the Great Hall.


Merlin, the team was going to be ecstatic and this will really spur them on to want it more! 

House Cup, here I freaking come! 


A/N: hi again! welcome back to the wonderful mind of keegan riddell! i hope you guys enjoyed the first chapter!! if you did, go review it ;-) haha... anyway, what did you guys think about chapter two??? sexual tension galore, right? i love it! oh oh and i know i don't have any canon Ravenclaws, but what do you think about my OCs? and what about this new thing the professors are doing?? answeransweranswerreviewreviewreview :) 

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