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An incredible splashing noise from upstairs made Katie cringe. She sighed, pulling her hair up. "George, Fred? You two doing alright up there?" There was a gurgling laughter from Fred as George called down an affirmative, however strained, response. 


Raising her eyebrows in doubt, Katie sat down on the sofa. She waved her wand, and stopped the automatic knitting needles from their work, and began to hand knit the pink baby booties that were hanging from the shining green needles. She had almost forgotten about her worry for the boys upstairs when there was another great splashing noise, and what sounded like her fiance George trying not to yell.


"I'll never have these done in time for Hermione's shower if this keeps up," she said to herself, setting down the needles and making her way up the stairs to the bathroom.


Upon reaching her destination, she realized that the door was shut, and even more worrisome, locked. She brought her hand into a fist, and tapped on the door lightly. "George darling, open the door."


"Erhm- Just a moment, Katielove. I'm just drying Freddie off now." There was a creaking noise, and a shifting of weight that signaled to Katie that George was walking toward the door.


The door opened inwardly, and George poked his head through the open crack. His hair was mysteriously sopping wet."Erhm- Kate, love... do you happen to know where the towels ar-"


In the middle of his question, a red haired streak of lighnting shot from behind the bathroom door, and ran stark naked down the hall and to his room. Katie looked back at her fiance who was now showing his entire person rather than just his head. He was soaked from head to toe. Katie, who had been tapping her foot in judgement since her appearance infront of her family now could not help but laugh in spite of herself at the sight. 


Walking to the linen cupboard across the hall, she pulled out a towel and tossed it to George. "I'll take care of Freddie. You... you just need to dry off." She pecked his cheek and with the corner of the towel dabbed a bit of the water off his face. He laughed slightly before walking back into the bathroom and closing the door. Katie then took off down the hallway after the little mischief maker she called her son. 


Catching him, she began to tickle him which caused shrieks of laughter to fill the house. As she pulled the zipper on his footed red and gold flannel pajamas into place, George entered the room. He walked over to his son with a smile on his face. "You remind me of Uncle Fred more and more every day," he said, planting a light kiss on the lightly freckled cheek of the four-year-old. 


Freddie's eyes shone happily. He picked up the picture of his father and uncle before his uncle's death which was sitting on his night stand. "Uncle Fred..." he said quietly. Katie looked at her fiance, who was obviously choking back tears. She too missed Fred, the little one looked so much like him it was hard to stand sometimes. 


Placing the picture back onto the standd, George tucked Freddie tightly underneath the covers. He watched as Katie stood up from the end of the bed, and began to walk toward the door. Just as he was about to follow suit and do the same, Fred stopped them.


"Mummy? Dad? Will you tell me a story? You know, how you used to?" George was befuddled. Fred hadn't asked for a story at bed-time in well over a year. Katie spun round with a bright smile on her face. She came back immediately to Fred's bedside. 


"Sure, sweetums. What story would you like to hear? Something from Aunt Mione's version of Beadle the Bard?" Katie smiled, as George pulled up a large, plush chair that had been in Freddie's room ever since it had been in place as a nursery. He sat down as far over as he could, so Katie could squeeze in next to him. 


"Not tonight. I want to hear about when you and Daddy fell in love," a light flush rose across his cheeks, causing his freckles to blend in with the rest of his skin. His blue eyes which normally shone bright with mischief, were filled instead with an innocent curiosity. 


George smiled, his eyes twinkled as he looked at Katie. Her brown hair was pulled up, and she was wearing pajamas, she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. The mother of his child. His fiance. 


"Sure, Freddiepie," she smiled, brushing her hand over his forehead. 


"How to start, how to start..." George sighed, as Katie settled down next to him in the chair. The couple glanced at eachother for a long moment before a smile cracked across George's face and he began.


"Once upon a time not too long ago, there lived a princess. Not only was she a princess, she was a witch too. She was the fairest princess in all the land, but being fair had its downfalls."


Katie smiled, she had an idea of where he was going with this, and continued once George had paused, unsure of what he would say next. "The princess had gone to school and was in training to be a teacher, but had no desire to do so. Her father, the King of the land, however, had made it clear of his intentions for the princess. She was to marry a pure-blood wizard, and have pure-blood children. She would not work, as it was not lady-like. He even had a plan of who she was to marry. But the princess said no."


George stopped her, and started the tale again from his perspective. "The princess was tired of being fawned upon by her father's chosen suitors, and devised a plan to get away from them. So the princess made a bet with the king. She would marry any suitor of his choosing, and live the life he had always wanted her to live, if she couldn't make the British... Dragonitch team."


"Dragonitch, George? Really?"


"I'm a jokester, not a novellist, bear with me, Katie," he muttered back to his fiance, and then looked back to his son with smile on his face. "Anyway, Dragonitch was the roughest, toughest game in all the land, so initially the King would not hear of this. However, after weeks of consideration the King decided to let his daughter have her way. She would be allowed to play Dragonitch and live as a civilian if she could make the Dragonhead Dragonflies." A loud snort erupted from Katie's throat. Finally, she managed to contain her laughter long enough to continue the story.


"And so the Princess began to train. Her father had promised to find her the best dragon with wich she could ride for practice and try-outs.  But the King had a plan as well. Ever since he had agreed to the princess to let her try out for the Dragonitch team the Dragonhead Dragonflies," Katie couldn't help but laugh in saying this. "He had been scheming and plotting ways to get his way. He knew that the Princess could make the team, as her determination was well known kingdom-wide."


"And so he agreed with the Princess, but with three conditions," Geoge held up three fingers, and smiled. His son looked up at him, eyes wide and expectant. Freddie was the mirror image of him and his late twin when they were his age, but his spirit shone differently. His eyes sparkled with a fire that was more Katie than anything he had ever seen in himself, or even Fred. "The first condition was that he insisted on buying her dragon. The day after their agreement had sealed, a large and ferocious dragon appeared in the courtyard of the castle. The King thought he had her. He was sure that his daughter would never be able to tame the beast he had forced upon her. However, on the King's daily stroll through the castle grounds, he found that the dragon was no longer roaming the courtyard in chains. Instead, it was in the sky, the Priness riding it, pursuading it which way to go."


He looked at his fiance, signalling his passing of the story. "And so the King was enraged. How could his daughter have tamed the dragon so quickly? He knew she was of magical blood, of his blood, but he knew not how she could be so successful with such a dragon. The King had two conditions with which he could yet rest on. The second condition, the King thought, ws sure to leave the princess stumped. His second condition was that the Princess be instructed daily by a trainer of the King's choosing. And so the king hired a dark sorcerer to train his daughter in the ways of..."


"Dragonitch," George cut in, noticing that Katie was going to burst into laughter at any moment. "And so the sorcerer came to the castle to train the Princess. He promised the King that he would put a dark spell on the Princess, but in return he wished to be a suitor for the Princess. He wished to woo her and take her as his sorceress. Her determination could bring about a new world order of wizards. The King agreed, begrudgingly. He was sure that he could back out once the goal was reached. Th Princess' hand in marriage had already been promised to a prince in the next kingdom. However, after training the princess for weeks successfully under a dark spell, the sorcerer accidentally intercepted an owl in which told of the Kings plan to marry off the princess in one weeks time. The day after the try outs for the Dragonitch team."


"So the sorcerer left the castle, but not before cusing the King and his plans against his daughter." Katie smiled, but it was empty. She realized that this was an embellished story, but it was still her life. Her father had denounced her for wanting to play professional quidditch. He had thrown up every road block possible to get in her way. Castion Bell, her father, the Death Eater.


George noticed the pain that began to flood Katie's eyes, and took over for the rest of the story. Fred noticed nothing but a seamless transition of story tellers. "And thus the King was left to rest on his final condition. The condition that he would be there to attend the Dragonitch match that would determine whether or not the young princess would make the team. The match that would determine her future.


"On the morning of the match, the Princess and the King rode to the Dragonitch Pitch in the royal carriage, dragon in toe. He begged the princess to reconsider. He wanted nothing but the best for her, and he feared for her safety. He admitted that he had other motives, but this was the main reason as to why he didn't want her to try out for the team. The Princess, however, refused. She knew that this was her final test. She knew that her future depended on it."


"Dad," Fred yawned. "I know that mum's the princess, but where are you in the story? It sounds like it's about to be over."


"It is almost over, Freddie," George laughed, wrapping an arm around his fiance, who was looking up at him almost as expectantly as their son. 


"Well can you just skip to the part where you two meet already!? I've got pre-school tomorrow, and I'm tired."


George smiled, and watched as Freddie batted his eyelids, heavy with sleep. "Okay, I'll try to skip ahead. Anway, after getting ready, the Princess was on the pitch, preparing with the other witches and wizards to mount their dragons and begin the game. Looking into the stands, the Princess saw her father, staring across the field. She followed his gaze to a man standing a few meters away. When the Princess turned her face towards his, he smiled meekly and looked away. She was immediately entranced by his charm, and great red hair-"


"George!" Katie laughed, pushing him lightly. 


"That's you Daddy! That's you!" Fred clapped happily, beaming and looking back and forth between his parents. 


George smiled, patting his son on the head before continuing. "Anyway, the Princess couldn't take her eyes off of the ravishing man in her presence, but managed to do so when the Dragonhead Dragonflies coach blew the warning whistle and all the prospective players mounted their broomsticks. The Princess was nervous as she flew through the air; the gaze her father was casting upon her boring into her. Suddenly, she felt twitchy and tingly. Her vision started to blur and she let go of her dragon. She felt herself plummetting towards the earth."


Freddies eyes grew wide, as he looked at his mother, as if he was in disbelief that she was alive. "But the FABULOUSLY attractive red-head from earlier had been watching her through the game, unable to take his eyes off of the fair princess. He noticed that when she started to act funny, the King was no where to be found in the stands. He dove from undreds of meters in the air, and caught her, bringing her to a safe landing on the ground. The gorgeous man set her down, and took off running, intent on finding the King. When he found him, the King was trying to coax his coach into leaving, but the footman refused to go without the Princess.


"The incredibly attractive red-headed man grabbed the King, and dragged him back into the stadium, to face his daughter. Both the delicious redhead and the King were surprised to find the Princess and her dragon missing from the ground, instead, they pair were hurdling toward the goal posts with the... Draufll in their grasp. The magnificent red head watched in amazement as the girl and her dragon did acrobats in the air, scored points, and won the game for her team. It was at that moment that he knew this was the woman he loved."


George looked at Katie, who was laughing hysterically by this point. He kissed her forehead and squeezed her closer to him as they stood up from the chair.


Fred looked up disappointedly. "That's it?" he asked. "No living happily ever after? What happened to the King? Did she make the team?" his eyes shone bright with inquisitive spunk. 


"Oh! Silly us," Katie smiled. "Yes, dear son. The Princess did in fact make the Dragonitch team. She still plays for them today. She married the marvelous red head, and they had a little prince together. As for the King, he ended up being locked away in the tallest tower of the castle, never to meddle in his daughter's life again."


"And they lived happily ever after?" Freddie smiled up at his father, whose hand was on the light switch, about to click it off. 


"And they lived happily ever after. Good night, Freddie."


"Sweet dreams, My Prince," Katie cooed, kissing his cheek, and then joining her husband in the hall.


They walked down to the living room hand in hand, where Katie picked up her knitting once more. George watched as the needles clicked together, and looped through the pink fabric. The look of intent on Katie's face was mystifying. The passion she put into everything she did, it was incredible. The spark in her eyes that never faded. It was what made her who she was. And he loved her for it.


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