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Picking Up The Pieces by TheGoldenKneazle
Chapter 10 : Releasing (Out of it)
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Chapter 10 – Releasing (Out of it)

*Carried on from the end of Ch. 9*

But after all that hugging, and the feeling of safety returning, all the adrenaline left my system and I just flopped, having to be supported by Al and James.

It was then, of course, that McGonagall walked in. 

Not that she was the worst person to walk in – not by any means. But she wasn’t the best person right now either. 

Absentmindedly, I wondered if I looked as absent as I felt. Apart from the fact that I was soaked through and dripping with water, in my pyjamas, bleeding from a hole in my chest, chalky white and with purple rings under my eyes from the Ice… probably not!

I started hysterically laughing at the irony of this, but when all four people turned to stare at me with varying you’ve-gone-mad and apprehensive expressions on their faces, I settled for a loose smile that turned out to be more of a grimace.

McGonagall stood in the doorway for a few seconds, appraising the room and us with her nostrils flaring. 

The bathroom was in quite a mess. There was water and blood leaking everywhere, as well as an overflowing bath with orange bubbles flowing around us. Then there was us, dripping on the edge, very damp and surrounded by various bits of James’ outer uniform. 

I was starting to get annoyed and upset as I coughed, because I had this great gash in my chest that was really painful and BLEEDING everywhere, but nobody was doing anything. McGonagall seemed to catch onto my train of thought immediately, and glaring at me, said:

“Well, Miss Weasley, Mr Potter, Mr Malfoy and Mr Potter… what a fine mess you have created here!” She was standing above, hands on hips, and very intimidating. I didn’t think it was the right time to start my explanation.

“I hear a commotion with various shouts coming from this corridor, only to find it deserted and flooded! I then hear screams and shouts coming from this very bathroom, and enter, only to find a family reunion of sorts, with you all having taken a dip in your clothes, and Miss Weasley not retrieving memories as she was supposed to, but with a dangerous wound!”

I scowled. It wasn’t like I wanted this, was it? “How did I even end up being ambushed with the Headdress of Steel?” I asked crossly, feeling slightly childish. “I don’t seem to remember any nurses coming to my aid when I was reliving my family’s quarantine scene and screaming for help, blinded!” I snapped.

I felt like walking to the pool and plunging in to un-stick-ify myself from all the blood, but I didn’t think it would be taken too well by the headmistress, and one of my cousins may well dive in and drown trying to save me.

Ha, serves them right for dumping me in it in the first place.

That reminded me of a time when I was six or seven, and Dad had been working on a bathtub product of some kind. I was downstairs at the time, but we were all there when the water exploded and swept the house in a giant wave, flooding us for weeks. We’d had to move to the burrow for a few months while Mum and Dad tried to right our house, which was harder than you’d think, even using magic…

I jerked back to the present as McGonagall said “Well, I understand that it is hard for you to remember, Miss Weasley, but it is imperative that you do,” in a slightly softer tone than usual.

Then she straightened herself out again, and merely said “On the other hand, you have given us the most troublesome and rollercoaster-like fifty-two hours in a long time at Hogwarts.

First, you unleash a horde of Hogwarts rats upon a student” I giggled – I had forgotten that. “Then, you barrel out of the top of Gryffindor tower and fight muggle-style with a good number of students in your year.”

“Miraculously, you make it through to the next day, where you forget everything you have learnt in the last three years of classes” I bowed my head in shame and sadness, “and get a large amount of house points taken off you for, again, muggle-fighting another provoker!” Sheesh, it was only thirty points. I’d had a hundred and fifty taken off in one go before. 

“You need to learn to control your temper Miss Weasley!” McGonagall stormed. “Of course now, to top it all, you fall into a trance, and the minute Beatrice, Madame Beauvoir, has a chance to leave you with that ridiculous memory device, you manage to knock out yourself and two other students into one painful memory, ending another of your cousins throwing you all into a giant pool, then having to dive in to save you from it!”

We were all frowning now, but at least she had credited James and Al where it was due, along with punishment. I was shaking from fatigue and lack of energy now, and although I was already only half-standing, Scorpius had to catch me as I toppled sideways, and gently placed me on the floor. Why was I always headed down?

McGonagall wasn’t so annoyed that she would leave me there though. She sighed and crouched down next to me, carefully examining my wound while Al supported my head. Everything was spinning and blurry, and I couldn’t focus on anything.

The last thing I heard from anyone was McGonagall, murmuring “Tomorrow, Miss Weasley, we WILL have you a normal day, if my life depends upon it.”

Then the blackness closed in… again.










Why did it always come back to the hospital wing?

Because here I was, once again. ARGH.

I felt thoroughly displeased but not particularly aggressive about the fact that I was here, facing those high stone arches, once again. Once again, lying on my back waiting for the go-ahead to leave (which Madame Beauvoir had said would be this evening). Once again, just waiting for the bandages and potions to work their four-hour way through my bloodstream so that I would just have a large scar.

It wouldn’t be as large as the wound itself. But pretty impressive, which was what I had hoped for. If, you know, I had to have the wound at all. Which I didn’t really want, but… anyway, you get what I mean.

I was feeling pretty neutral, to be honest. This in itself was surprising, because when I wasn’t feeling extremely angry/happy/sad/nervous, I was probably under the influence of some greater factor, like food, or in this case, medicine.

I was (mutely) enjoying just lying there in warm whiteness. It was nice… until, of course, some pig decided to put their foot right in MY mess.

“Oh, look what the cat dragged in,” came from a bed across from me, in a very sarky and bored voice. Raising my head slightly, and frowning, I saw the ever-lovely Clarisse Walker.

Now, I have to admit that if you didn’t know Clarisse, you might think she was a perfectly lovely person, with her long brown hair that was always perfectly straight down her back, her pink smile and her flawless honey complexion.

Of course, she was even MORE lovely when you knew her. She was the head Spy on the blue baboons’ team (as my delightful cousins had nicknamed it), and was the most bitchy girl in school. She held the most and wildest parties, had the most boyfriends, got the most drunk and was the most ‘easy’ girl (as credited by James). Yes, who didn’t love Clarisse?

But right now, I felt too drowsy and weighed down by my body to make a cutting remark, tempting as it was. I shouldn’t have been so wasteful about this wonderful opportunity to poke fun at her without getting detention… but instead I grunted and sank beneath the covers, pulling my head under too.

I just lay for ages in the pearly warmth, slowly pulling my legs up more and then tucking my head in so that I was in a loose ball, curled up like a teeny hibernating hedgehog.

Aaw, I love hedgehogs… they’re so cute and tiny!

But with all Clarisse’s sighs (which I could hear), shuffling around (which I could also hear) and her eye-rolls (which I could physically feel… that is how good she has actually got at them), it was not very restful.

So, I did what any normal witch would do in the circumstances. I summoned my wPod and plugged myself in.

I suppose I should explain the wPods… well, when the muggle iPods were being sold at Dad’s shop, they sold pretty well, but we often had complaints when someone tried to change them even a tiny bit by magic, and they exploded or something stupid.

Therefore, Aunt Hermione had the brilliant idea of creating wPods – iPods that you bought music on and played music on and stuff, but that were magic compatible. They even had a wTunes where you could buy all the latest Weird Sisters and The Moon Destiny stuff on it.

Needless to say, they sold pretty well. Okay, they were a MASSIVE hit. Because after all, all teens, magical or not, love to listen to music, and here was an answer for all of us now!

Actually, Aunt Hermione made the very first one for Teddy for when he went on the Hogwarts Express for the very first time. With it, he became very popular pretty quick (although that was not Aunt Hermione’s original aim), and the rest is history.

We all got our own from her when we reached eleven, in different colours for each of us. Nobody had the same colours, and somehow each set fit the owner perfectly. Like, mine was red and brown and pink. Fred’s was red and purple and gold. You get the idea.

So ANYWAY, I just hit the first thing my finger landed on. I had no idea what I had last listened to, and now it came again…

It was something fairly boring. I sighed and switched to the next song, and then sat, bobbing my head up and down, ignoring Clarisse's withering looks from across the room.

Eventually, I was just lying there with my eyes closed and all absorbed in the music, when someone came up to the bed and jumped on it, making me half-fall out.

"Oof! Oh my gosh... OI! Help me up here!" I tried to frag myself back up, but Dan just laughed away beside my bed.

"Get your feet OFF my clean bed, you arse!" I cried, only half-indignant. As I may have mentioned the last time I was in the hospital wing, I had to SLEEP under that thing. Not him - ME. And I wasn't a great fan of sleeping amongst mud, thanks very much.

Dan smiled, and said, "I've come to lighten up your boring day."

"What, by going?"

"Yeah, right. I light up a room just walking into it!" I grinned at him.

"So what did you have in mind?" I asked idly, wondering if this involved my fists again. That plan hadn't ended so well, after all.

"Your wPod. We're going to have a pretend talent show!"

At first, I was kind of apprehensive. A talent show? A pretend one? How was it going to work?

But an hour later, I couldn't stop laughing at Dan's impression of a unicyclist, and he knocked over the bed by falling off it when I did a very good impression of a bad singer on the muggle show "The X Factor". I am amazing at that kind of bad-singer impression, because I don't have to try for it! (Nobody ever said the Potters and Weasleys had good voices... there is reason that Professor Binns never mentions any facts that Uncle Harry serenaded Aunt Ginny at some point).

Clarisse was insisting on being huffy and sighing loudly, but I couldn't care less. Dan was a really great friend to come and help me like this.

Eventually, I collapsed in a belly-laughing heap on the bed, the covers thrown about, as the final jazzy chords of our most recent 'talent acts' background music went up and the happy guitar faded. What a good time we'd had… I felt so warm and fuzzy! How cheesy - I'd have to get angry over something stupid tomorrow.

Dan smiled down at me, as he had collapsed on top of me, me on my side, him at right angles across me on his front.

We just couldn’t stop laughing and giggling for the sheer beauty of life. I'd had such a good time when he'd done almost nothing.

How did he do it?




Roxanne’s Memory Book


1.       ‘Only the Good Die Young’ – Billy Joel
2.       ‘Sweet Caroline’ – Neil Diamond
3.       ‘Five Years Time’ – Noah and the Whale
4.       ‘Mr. Brightside’ – The Killers
5.       ‘Hey Soul Sister’ – Train
6.       ‘Three Little Birds’ – Bob Marley
7.       ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey
8.       ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ – Queen
9.       ‘Love Story’ – Taylor Swift
10.   ‘Girlfriend’ – Avril Lavigne
Okay… I know some people won’t be very happy at my songs, but these are all seriously cool, okay? Also, I am very into rock music too, but muggle rock has NOTHING on wizard rock… we win, hands down. However, it is the only type of music we CAN do, so go figure.






*A/N: Hey everyone! Before I say anything, I would like to announce that I DO NOT OWN ANY SONGS HERE. They belong to the artists who wrote them, okay? Also, I do not own Harry Potter (unfortunately) or any of its characters, blah blah, except the plot and characters you don’t recognise.

Songs belong to Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, Noah and the Whale, The Killers, Train, Bob Marley, Journey, Queen, Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne and their respective companies etc.

I hope you like Roxanne’s song selection… it came from her playlist on my iPod and the music that I thought she would listen to. Needless to say, I left out the more angry songs from her playlist!

ANYWAY, how do you think this chapter went? I’m sorry that it is shorter than normal, by about 500 words, but the next scene is a really big one so I didn’t want to squeeze it in and ruin it! PLEASE R&R for me… it means so much! Just write anything at all!

Thanks! ~TGK





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