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Adam White


I resisted the urge to pound my fist against the mattress the following morning. I wanted to feel the vibrations pass through the springs. It was a funny way to wake up. I clenched my eyes shut tightly, pretending to be asleep. I wasn’t in the mood for morning conversation. I decided to become an insomniac.


The scraping metal of Jack’s ‘helpful’ chore caused me to look as he pulled open the emerald curtain. Scorpius pulled open my bed hangings.


“I know you’re awake.” He accused loudly.


I wanted to dispute. I wanted him to leave.


I screwed up my face. “No I’m not.”


“Because that doesn’t make it obvious.” He grabbed hold of the side of my duvet and pulled with all his strength. But I held on tighter. There are something’s I will fight for. “Get. Up. You. Lazy. Shit.” He groaned as he tugged.


Jack threw himself gracefully on to the end of my bed, landing with a thud and shaking the structure.


“You fat oaf!” I shouted, sitting up instantly. “You could have broken my bed!”


Jack merely smiled. “Right, now you’re awake. Can you please clear up a small question for me?”


“If you leave afterwards; it’s Saturday.” I croaked, lying back down and refusing to move.


Jack stood up. “Why is Nancy worried about Adam White wanting you dead?”


I could practically hear Scorpius’s expression shouting. “Adam White?! Circe, I hate that prick!”


“Yes,” I chided. “The whole world knows that you hate him.”


“But why is my cousin worried for your life?” he asked and began to jolt the mattress on my bed, shaking me in it. “She was rather nervous at dinner last night.”


I waved my hand airily. “It’s all fine. White was just being an arse.”


“Hang on.” Scorpius, called. Having moved to the other side of the room, he jogged back over and pounced himself on to the curtain rail of my bed, feet on the lower foundations of the wood. “You owned White, and I wasn’t there to see it…or join in?”


“That was my next accusation,” Jack added.


I covered my face with my palms and rolled my eyes. “Jack, my question to you – why is she dating the bastard?”


Scorpius gasped. “She’s shagging him?”


“Not all dating means constant sex, Malfoy.” Jack shot back. “Plus that’s my cousin you’re talking about. I would appreciate it if you didn’t put those images in my head. Albus fancies the pants off of her, but he doesn’t make me feel sick at the thought.”


“Wait a minute-“


Scorpius cut me off. “Don’t even bother trying to deny it, Al.”


And so I didn’t.


Jack made a low noise in the back of his throat. “She’s not dating him. Trust me that would be one thing that I would never allow. I hate that guy.”


“I’m with you on that one.” Scorpius agreed. “For a moment there I felt worried. But I never doubted your cousin, she has good taste. She would never go for him.”


“He thinks she’s sweet and innocent.” I said in to the fabric of my pillow. I was now lying face down.


I felt better not having to look at their ugly mugs as I spoke. Especially not in the morning.


“Is he blind?” Scorpius asked. “Even I can see that she is a rascal.”


I huffed and rolled over. “He seems to like her.”


“She said about that, yeah.” Jack reached over and took his hat off of his bedside table. It was on top of a pile of Quidditch magazines. I wanted to scold him for leaving out that vital bit of information about his cousin. “He wants her as arm candy or something. But she doesn’t like him.”


“Then why doesn’t she chuck him?” I asked him. “She didn’t try to push him away when we were talking yesterday. Oh by the way, Scorpius I have a book for you.”


“Later,” he pushed. “This is important. Exactly how many hexes are we throwing at White today?”


“None,” Jack snapped. “Albus, if you want Nancy to like you, don’t go around hexing people that she talks to. She may be sassy but she’s a Hufflepuff for crying out loud.”


“So can I still hex him?” Scorpius questioned.


I rolled over and stumbled out of bed, making my way over to the bathroom. I vanished inside and began to clean my teeth. Scorpius and Jack began a heated discussion in the dorm. If Jack is still set on the idea that we should leave White alone then he is mental.


I poked my head out of the doorway, toothbrush in hand and spoke through a toothpaste-y grin. “Can I hex him while Bambi’s not around?”


“Just leave the bloke alone!” he exclaimed. “I may not like him very much, but he doesn’t deserve you two on his arse.”


Scorpius brushed his hands through his hair in despair. “Why are you a Slytherin?”



I watched as Bambi’s fingers ran over the card deck. She spread them out on to the stone infront of her. She sat in the raised archway; her legs cross as she faced the other wall. She turned two cards over before sighing and turning them back over again. I walked towards her quietly, going in for the scare approach.


Why she was out of class was a mystery for me. I didn’t want to go to Charms. That’s my excuse. She may have been witty, but she was too innocent for bunking.


I took another step forward before she sniffed. It was a loud sniff, a defeated one.


Her wrist brushed over her eye and dug in to its socket as she rubbed. Her sleeves were pulled over, only showing the tips of her fingers. I watched as her nails scraped over the stone infront of her.


She was crying.


I felt intrusive, watching her in such a state, but still my mind told me to pursue.


“Bambi,” I said, making her jump. My voice was still no louder than a whisper, but still my goal had been reached.


I simply watched with curiosity and knowing as she wiped her cheeks and her lashes with a hurried embarrassment. It was too late. I had already seen. Her attempts to hide her face were pointless. She buried her head in her hands and scratched her nails in to her hair line.


Against my better judgment I walked over. I placed a hand on to her shoulder and she shook it off. Her face still covered by her hands.


“Go away,” she sniffed.


I didn’t.




“Go!” It wasn’t loud. But it was enough.


I took a step back and fixed my tie. I was having trouble with it this morning. I felt like a child while looking in the mirror at the scruffy material – but compared to the broken girl infront of me. I quickly realized that I didn’t want to leave.


I pulled my bag off of my shoulder and put it down on the floor by the arch. Pushing her over a little, I made enough room to sit in next to her. She pulled her legs up to her chest, still her hands covering her dainty features.


She didn’t speak again, only sniffed quietly. If this were Lily, James would have told her to suck it up and left her alone. But I was the caring brother, the one with the hugs. Throughout childhood I was the one that would brush her hair and plait it before she went to bed. If she cried I would kill the bastard that got her in to that state, but not before I hugged her tight.


And that’s exactly what I did.


As I sat down next to her, facing slightly in a different direction I pulled her slender frame in to my arms. She only fought against it for a moment, one single moment before she accepted that I wouldn’t be letting go for a long while.


I held her as she cried. As the tears fell down her hidden cheeks, I held her tight.


A hand came away from her face and rested on my chest in a small fist. Another hand tucked under my arm. I pulled my legs up in to the arch, suddenly hidden from the view of the far hallway. Her face was buried in to my jumper that I had begrudgingly worn this morning due to the dropping temperature.


Bambi had sat in this archway for at least twenty minutes before I had found her. The view of the open grounds was to our right, perfect for the cold weather to hit. She felt cold in my arms, her fingers red from the sudden winter. My hand reached to her unclenching fist and took her fingers with mine. I wanted to flinch at their state. The tips were a painful red against her perfectly coloured nails.


After only minutes her sniffs died out, only one every once in a while. She turned her head from my jumper and looked sadly at the wall infront of the two of us. She was still neatly tucked in my arms, no signs of wanting to pull away.


She gave a small sniff and pulled her hand from mine, using the back of it to wipe her eyes. Her mascara smudged. Small black lines trailed down her face and smudged around the lids of her eyes. She usually wore her eyes dark, a little darker than most, but now they just seemed big and sad. It was too much emotion for one person to hold.


Her hand went back to my chest. This time it wasn’t clenched. My fingers brushed over her forearm. I could feel little sparks of energy through the material of her jumper as my thumb rubbed comfortingly across her arm.


It was at this moment that I realised just quite how pretty she was. Even with puffy eyes and red cheeks, she was rather beautiful. Freckles danced across her rosy cheeks and jumped across her nose. Her eyes were big and bold, a feature that you simply couldn’t over look. As she pouted a little, and looked at a brick in the wall, her frame leant in to mine. Her hair was a mess, curls pinned to her head with grips that my sister loved so much. A few curls fell to frame her face, others fell loose.


She tucked her legs up tighter and leaned in to me even more.


“What’s wrong with me?” she asked quietly. Her voice cracked but she still didn’t look away from the wall.


I furrowed my brows. “What do you mean?”


“Am I odd? Stupid?” she questioned. “Am I the type of person that sleeps around?”


“Not in the slightest.” I reassured. “What makes you say that?”


She only blinked. “Jack always says that I am odd as fuck. But I never thought that he meant it.”


“Did Jack say something to you?” I pressed. “What did he do?”


Unexpectedly she tilted her head upwards and looked at me through her teary eyes. “Why are you being so nice to me?”


“That’s beside the point,” I rounded. “What did Jack say?”


She shook her head. “He didn’t say anything.” Her voice was a little raspy. “It doesn’t even matter.”


I wanted to cry myself as she pulled away. She certainly was a frustrating one. She sat up straight and stretched out her back in a single movement.




“I’m sorry for freaking out on you.” She apologised, picking up her cards with one swipe and slinging her bag over her shoulder she tried to jump up from the arch way.


I was blocking her way out.


And I wasn’t planning to move anytime soon.


“You still haven’t answered my question.” I said. Bambi blinked and began to wipe the mascara from her cheeks. I caught hold of her hands and held them still. “What happened?”


“It’s silly.”


“Bambi,” I said softly. “Look at me.”


She shook her head.




“It’s a stupid reason. I was childish!”


I clicked my tongue against the back of my teeth. “You weren’t childish.”


“I was!”


“Will you look at me, woman!”


She still didn’t.


“Albus, please.”


“Look at me.”


“I can’t!”


“Why not?”


“I just can’t. I’m embarrassed.”




“Just don’t!




She looked.


My voice was deep, scarily passionate. I let go of one of her hands and cupped her cheek. Carefully I brushed my thumb over her soft skin. Her rosy cheeks flushed a little redder, but she didn’t look away from my eyes.


She bit down upon her lip lightly, her teeth brushing over her coral smile. Her hand went to her covered cheek and gripped on to my palm tightly. Her nails dug lightly in to my skin.


“You called me Nancy,” she acknowledged.


I offered a nod. “Tell me.”


“But,” she argued. “You’ll try to do something about it.”


“That’s kinda the point.”


“It’s not,” she said. “Your reputation precedes you, Potter. You’ll gather great pleasure in sorting out my mess. And if you don’t do anything then Jack certainly will.”


I narrowed my eyes in confusion. “Then we don’t have to tell Jack about this; just keep it between me and you. This will be our little secret.”


Bambi had moved up on to her knees and sat back on her thighs, her black trousers tight against her skin. Her jumper still covering her fingers on her other hand. She pulled her hand away from her face as did I.




“No more buts.”


She bit her lip in self consciousness and I wanted to kiss it.


Her fingers went to her hair and she brushed it away from her face. “I don’t know if I can say it. I don’t want to cause any trouble.”


“It’s no trouble.” I reassured. “Bambi, I’ve just seen you cry and you looked so broken. No one should have to feel like that, ever.”


She leaned forward and threw her arms around my neck.


Unexpected. But I wasn’t going to argue.


My arms snaked around her waist as I hugged back with similar urgency. She was a little taller than me, up of her knees in the way she was, my legs still stretched out infront of me, one knee up.


Her hands caught in the back of my hair as she pulled away.


“Albus, you’re nothing like I thought you would be.”


I raised a brow. “Is that a compliment?”


She only smiled with a small breath. She wasn’t going to answer my question. Instead, she asked one of her own;


“If I tell you, you can’t make a big deal out of it.”


I shook my head. “I won’t.”


“And that you won’t hurt the person.”


“I promise.”


For a moment I was worried that she was going to make me pinky swear. But she didn’t.


“Adam and I got in to a fight.” She admitted.


I sighed. “Am I going to like this?”


“It was over you, pin head.” Bambi stated. “He said that he didn’t like me talking to you.”


“And you said?”


“That he has no say over what I do. He doesn’t own me. He just likes to think that he does.”


I rested my hand on her knee. “So what did he do? I’m guessing that he didn’t take that well.”


“Then he asked me out.”


“Bastard,” I wittily replied. “How could he do such a thing?!”


She only narrowed her eyes. “It was when I said no that he started to accuse me of things.”


The image of dark floppy hair flashed before my eyes as I looked at Bambi’s slightly pained expression. She had returned to refusing to meet my gaze. The image of White happened to be in red. I was guess that my subconscious was telling me it was his blood.


Bambi reached over and took the top card from her pack. The Jack of Hearts.


“He told me that I was as bad as the rest of my family; that I shouldn’t be in Hufflepuff. He told me that I should be wearing green.” Coming from a Gryffindor, that’s the worst insult that you can give. “He started asked questions about you, things that I didn’t know.”


“White’s a tosser.”


She slid the Jack between her fingers. “He asked me what you were like in bed.”


I choked on air for a moment. “I’m sure that White would love to know the answer to that.”


“According to him, so would I.”


“Fair point.”


She hit me.


She threw the card back down. “Stupid hearts, I don’t trust hearts.”


A wanted to let out a small laugh, but I didn’t seem to be able to. “Did you like him?”


The brunette pondered for a moment before shaking her head. “Never. It’s what his heart did to him that I don’t like. It made him mean.”


“That’s jealousy for you.”


She tried to hide the blush on her cheeks. Epic fail.


“Albus,” she asked, picking up another card. “He told me that I was a ‘Slytherin Slag’, I believe was the term he used. He called me names, lots of them. I thought that I could handle it – but I just couldn’t.”


She turned the card over. The King of Spades.


Spades. That’s what I was going to use to hit the bastard with later tonight.


“You shouldn’t have had to.” I said. “It’s not his fault if he doesn’t realise just quite what he’s lost.”


She smiled at her shoes.



An; Thank you for all of the lovely reviews that I have received so far! I’m glad that you are all enjoying it – or at least, I hope that you are.

It appears that the stubborn (and somewhat slightly dramatic) tendencies of Albus and Scorpius’ attitudes have gone down a treat.

What did you all think of this chapter? I will update soon with the next – the final in this short little story of mine.

I hope that you will all enjoy it. It will show the first of Aria and the first interaction with Lily.



“Do you think that the Professors will find out that it was us?” she questioned.


I shrugged. “Probably not, do you care?”


“Not in the slightest,” she retorted. “I simply wondered if I would be getting credited for this plan.”


“You can have your name in the daily Prophet.” I lied “Right next to your arrest and life sentence in Azkaban.”


I waited for her eyes to light up with joy, but they never did. I forgot that Lily wasn’t one for joking around. 


It’s a little snippet. I hope that you’ll all leave a review!


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