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Disclaimer: noo i dont own harry potter and the other characters! lol ALL FAMILIAR QUOTES ARE FROM JK ROWLING's HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS BOOK.

lines with ** means quotes from the book. they will be credited at the end of the chapter.

Chapter 7

"Ah, is that the letter from Hogwarts?" Narcissa asked, staring at the white envelope in Draco's hands.

Draco glared at the letter and shrugged. "Maybe."

"Well go on then, open it." Lucius frowned, sitting on the couch across from Draco. "What's your grades?"

Draco ripped the letter open and unfolded the paper inside. He glanced at the paper and smiled, handing it to his parents.

"It's not bad. I got an O in Potions! Only two P's though, but that's okay. The rest are E's and A's." He said proudly, watching his parents look over his grades.

Narcissa looked at the letter with pursed lips as Lucius raised one delicate eyebrown.

"How could you have P on Charms and History of Magic, Draco? You need to raise your grades a bit better. Who's got the highest score from the exams?" Lucius asked, handing the grades back to his son.

Draco's smirk vanished, replacing a scowl. "Some girl in Gryffindor beat everyone in our year."

Narcissa's eyebrows raised. "Oh? What's her name?"

"No doubt she's a Pureblood?" Lucius asked, also interested.

Draco felt uneasy and cleared his throat. "No. Her name's Hermione Granger. Muggle-born."

His pale face growing red from shame, as his parents stared at him with disbelief. How else were their parents suppose to react when they find out their son, all pure blood of magic, has been beaten by a girl with no magic back round?

"Granger? Harry Potter's friend?" Narcissa asked. She didn't looked at all pleased. "I read in the Daily Prophet about Potter, Granger and your co-worker's son Weasley being Hogwarts hero's last year."

Lucius shook his head, looking completely disappointed. "You should be ashamed of yourself, Draco. I expect you to get better grades and beat that Granger girl."

Draco folded the letter back and shoved it inside the envelope, feeling hot in the face. He threw the envelope to the couch and sighed impatiently.

"I'll do better if I had something fun at school. I'm not even in the Slytherin team." Draco huffed, crossing his arms.

"Draco, stop. Come now, we should go get your school supplies. If you promise to do well your second year, I'll get you a new racing broom." Lucius said, standing up and heading towards the door.

Draco's face lit up and stood up as well, following his father and walking to his side.

"Draco, hurry up will you? I need to stop by to see Mr. Borgin." Lucius Malfoy called out to Draco.

Draco groaned and fastened his pace so he could be beside his father. "I don't see why I need to come to see Mr. Borgin."

He followed Lucius as they entered a shop, hearing the bell ringing from their entrance.

Draco's eyes caught an object and started walking towards it with curiosity. As he reached for it, his father told him not to touch it. He looked at his father in annoyance telling him that he promised to give him a gift.

Even Harry Potter got something.

He started complaining how Harry Potter got the Nimbus Two Thousand and how he got special permission from their Headmaster to be in the Gryffindor team. As he kept rambling, Mr Borgin showed them the Hand of Glory. Draco stared at it in awe, but his thoughts were interrupted when he heard his father complaining about his grades.

"It's not my fault!" Draco retorted, "The teachers all have favorites, that Hermione Granger- -" **

"I would have thought you'd be ashamed that a girl of no wizard family beat you in every exam," Lucius snapped. **

Draco felt anger rush over him, but he didn't say anything. He was starting to hate that annoying Hermione again. She was making him look like a complete fool in front of his people, without even knowing it.

Stupid Granger. Draco angrily thought to himself, feeling livid as he looked at the place.

He was so caught up with anger, he didn't know Hermione's best friend was also in the same shop, hiding from them in the back round. His green eyes beaming, as he watched the pale boy looking abashed and red.

"Hey look at that midget with Potter" Crabbe snickered, elbowing Draco in the sides.

Draco looked up and sneered, watching Harry, Ron and Hermione talking to a very small, mousy-haired boy from Gryffindor house. He saw the boy looking up at Harry in fondness, with a muggle looking camera in his hand.

"What are they talking about?" Draco asked, crossing his arms and glancing at Hermione, who was reading a book the entire time.

He was still angry about her beating him in every class. He haven't felt so embarrassed and ashamed until Hermione came and ruined his school year. He realized he didn't really hate hate her. But she was in the line of getting close to it. Especially since she's a Muggle-born and best friends with Weasley and Potter.

He strained his ears to hear eavesdrop.

The bloody kid is asking for an autograph from him?

"Signed photos? You're giving out signed photos, Potter?" Draco asked, obnoxiously loud. "Everyone line up! Harry Potter's giving out signed photos!"

He noticed Hermione glaring at his direction, but he didn't care. He wanted to embarrass them good.

Harry glared at Draco with his fist clenching, telling him to shut up.

Hermione went back to her book, trying to ignore the childish argument in front of her. Go away, Malfoy! Hermione groaned to herself, glaring at him over her book. She watched as the little boy name Colin, call Draco jealous.

She snickered loudly when she saw Draco's face redden again, but had the sneer plastered in his face.

Him jealous? Of what? He don't want a foul scar across his head. He told them he didn't think getting ones head cut open makes them that special.

Someone's really jealous, alright. Hermione thought to herself.

She frowned, when she heard Ron say something to Draco. That caused Draco to snap back and started imitating Ron's mother.

She glanced to the side and noticed their teacher, Gilderoy Lockhart, coming towards them. Her heart was fluttering intensely, as her favorite teacher came towards them, beaming.

She turned around just in time to see Ron whipping his broken wand out, and whispered, "Look out!"

Lockhart came striding towards them, wearing a huge grin on his face, asking about signing autographs.

Hermione couldn't help but giggle when her favorite teacher flung an arm around Harry's shoulders. Harry looked at Ron and Hermione helplessly, and groaned in annoyance as Colin took the picture of them. She glanced back at Draco, who was smirking at Harry's face as he slid back to the crowd.

"That sucks." Ron snickered, watching Lockhart drag Harry away with him.

Hermione shrugged and went back to her book. "Right."

"Wish that was you, Weasley?" Draco asked, walking towards them with Crabbe and Goyle.

Ron sat next to Hermione and glared at him. "Get lost, Malfoy."

Draco smirked and crossed his arms. "No, I don't think I will."

Hermione snapped her book shut and stood up, glaring at him. "Maybe you wish that was you? I think little Colin is right, you are jealous aren't you? That's why you always find a way to make Harry's life miserable! You're just jealous." She smirked when she saw Draco's face lit up with something.

Draco automatically felt a rush of admiration towards the impossible girl for standing up to him, but he right away shoved that away behind his head. He kept telling himself that her bravery was really annoying.

"Hermione." Ron warned, tugging on her sleeves.

"You better watch your friend, Weasley." Draco said dangerously, his eyes glued to Hermione's still.

Ron got up as well. "Are you threatening her?"

Draco looked at Hermione intensely, "Maybe."

He saw a familiar angry spark in Hermione's eyes. He couldn't help but suddenly think about his childhood friend Herminee, and faltered.

Stop thinking like that! Draco sneered to himself, still glaring back at Ron and Hermione.

The school bell rang, causing them to finally separate. Ron pulled Hermione with him, as they followed Harry and Lochkart's direction.

"Stupid git." Ron muttered, his arm still on Hermione.

She turned her head to glance back at Draco, but was surprised to see his face completely blank and staring back.

"Let's sit over there, we'll have a better view of Harry and my brothers." Ron said, sitting on a bench and watching the Gryffindor team.

Hermione glanced at the stands and laughed when she saw Colin taking pictures of Harry.

"He reminds me of paparazzi's." She giggled, watching Harry trying to ignore Colin.

"What?" Ron asked in confusion.

"Never mind." She replied dismissively.

"What the?" He said suddenly, pointing to several people with green robes walking towards the Gryffindor team.

"That doesn't look good." Hermione groaned, watching the team captains argue.

"Let's check it out." Ron said, standing up.

Hermione followed him and crossed his arms, glaring at the Slytherin team. She noticed Draco was in the middle, and shot him a dirty look which he gladly shot one back.

Ron interrupted the little battle between the Slytherin and Gryffindor team by asking what the problem was. His gaze flickered at Draco and demanded to know what he was doing there.

"I'm the new Slytherin seeker, Weasley," Draco said, smugly. "Everyone's just been admiring the brooms my father's bought our team." **

He grinned evilly when he saw the way Ron stared at his brand new broom.

That's right, Weasley. You know you can't afford this. Draco thought to himself as he told them to raffle their team's old broomsticks. Maybe then they can afford something almost as luxurious as his own broom.

Hermione wanted nothing more than to smack that annoying smirk on his face. She glanced at Ron's red face and glared back at Draco.

"At least no one on the Gryffindor team had to buy their way in," Hermione said sharply, giving Draco a dirty look. "They got in on pure talent." **

The smug look on Malfoy's face flickered. He could hear the crowd around them getting quiet, and felt that familiar embarrassment tingling his skin.

"No one asked your opinion, you filthy little Mudblood." Draco spat, trying to drown his sudden guilt with hate.

Hermione felt confused. What does that mean?

Suddenly everyone around them started reacting and next thing he knows, Ron flew backward onto the grass. Belching up several slugs.

Hermione and Harry took Ron by the arms, and quickly walked away from them. Hermione turned back and gave Draco a threatening look, before giving her attention back to her best friend.

Hermione laid on her bed, silent tears springing from her eyes. She had found out a few weeks ago from Ron that Mudblood is a foul word for someone like her. Someone born with non-magical parents.

But why does it matter is she was Muggle-born? Her parents were extremely proud of her for being a witch and getting top marks. How could she have blood that's dirty? She and Harry didn't understand in the first place.

Few days ago, her, Ron and Harry was walking along a corridor after Nearly Headless Nick's Deathday party.

She had felt completely scared on the inside when they noticed the threatening writing on the wall:


She remembered Draco's evil smirk when he saw Filch's cat petrified on the wall. He turned to Hermione and smirked, saying Mudblood's are next.

Ever since then, she's been feeling scared on the inside.

She tossed to her side and remembered what their teacher said today about the Chamber.

"Unleash the horror within," Hermione muttered to herself, repeating her teacher's words. "Ugh, but what does that mean?"

She glared at her alarm clock and decided she will be doing a lot more research about it first thing tomorrow.

Draco walked alone on a corridor and stopped abruptly when he noticed voices coming from an abandoned girls' bathroom.

He hid to the side and gaped with surprise when he saw Harry, Ron and Hermione emerging out of the bathroom.

"Honestly, that was almost cheerful for Myrtle. Let's go." He heard Hermione said, dragging the guys out of the bathroom.

What was Potter and Weasley doing in a bathroom with Granger? Draco thought to himself, for some reason feeling annoyed about it.


Draco jumped up, but was glad he was still hidden. He watched as Ron's older brother Percy, walking barging towards them and giving Ron and Harry a hard time about them being in the girls' bathroom. He couldn't help but smirk, watching Ron's face redden with anger.

"Five points from Gryffindor!" Percy bellowed, muttering a few more words about writing to their mother. He walked away from them and noticed Draco. "What are you doing?"

"Nothing." Draco shrugged. "You can't dock points for me, for just hanging out here, can you? it's not late after hours."

Percy glared at Draco, "Get to class." And walked away from him, continuing his leadership duties.

He turned around and watched Ron and Harry exchange words with Hermione.

"I'm going to go in the library, you two." Hermione assured them. "I'll meet you guys at the common room."

Harry and Ron exchanged looks and nodded, walking away from her.

Hermione glanced back at the bathroom and sighed. "See you later, Myrtle." She said sweetly.

"Who's Myrtle?" Draco snapped, showing himself from his hiding place.

Hermione jumped up and whipped her wand out. But when she saw the sight of Draco, she let out breath of relief.

"Don't scare me like that!" Hermione said breathlessly, tucking her wand back.

Draco eyed her odd behavior and crossed his arms. "Why so tense, Granger?"

"None of your business, Malfoy." Hermione retorted, shoving away from him.

"You need to show some respect, Mudblood." Draco sneered, following her.

Hermione looked back and glared, "Stop following me."

She turned around, trying to hide the hurt he caused.

He noticed her fingering her wand, but didn't stop.

"Obviously me following you annoys you, so I think I'll continue." Draco smirked.

Hermione continued ignoring him as she walked inside the library, taking books off the shelves and sitting on a nearby desk. She ignored Draco pulling a seat loudly and sitting down across from her.

What is this git doing? Hermione thought to herself, completely annoyed. She continued flipping through the pages, still researching about this Chamber of Secrets.

"How do you do it?" Draco asked rudely, interrupting her concentration.

"What?" She asked, completely confused.

"How did you managed to beat everyone from the final exam's last year, when you're nothing but a Mudblood?" Draco sneered, leaning on his chair and rudely putting his feet on the table.

Hermione scowled at him disapprovingly, "I study."

He scoffed at her response. "I hope this monster in the chamber gets you, Granger."

For some reason, he felt sick saying that. But he didn't care.

She rolled her eyes, "Leave me alone."

She absently fiddled with a necklace around her neck, but still kept most of it underneath her shirt.

"What's that, Granger?" Draco snapped, glaring at her hidden necklace.

"None of your business." Hermione spat back, glaring at her book.

Draco brought his hands to his neck and traced a necklace as well, but didn't say anything else.

Herminee. He suddenly thought. He stared at Hermione and frowned. "Herminee."

Hermione's concentration shattered and brought her head up to look at him.

"What?" Her eyes widened. "What did you just call me?"

She stared at Draco and did small comparisons of him and Drake. The little boy who used to call her that same name.

Both blond hair, both silver eyes, both pale faces.

I think they're also the same age. She thought to herself, studying him.

She gasped.

No. No. No. No. No. Impossible.

"Malfoy, what did you call me?" She needed confirmation. Maybe she misheard him.

Draco noticed his error and quickly got up. Masking his face with disgust. "I called you a Mudblood." He kicked his chair back to the table and spat, "No matter how much you study, you still don't belong in our world." Harsh, Draco. He silently thought to himself, watching Hermione's reaction.

Hermione's eyes flickered with confusion and anger as she watched Draco walking away from her as if she had a contagious disease.


"Git." She muttered, also getting up and heading towards the common room. She was still wondering who could be the heir of Slytherin and forgot all about the too familiar comparison between Draco and Drake.

I didn't want to add the citations in the story because it would be distracting, so i put them down here:

 Quotes with ** with Draco, Lucius, and Borgin (borgin n burkes scene) is from Jk Rowling, Chamber of secrets, pg 50.

Quotes with ** with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco (mudblood scene) is from Jk Rowling, Chamber of secrets, pg 112

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