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Arthur had to escape. The Burrow was too busy for him to concentrate. Bill and Charlie were home for the summer, so they were playing Exploding Snap with Percy; the twins were annoying Ron and Ginny; and Molly was shouting at Fred and George for annoying Ron and Ginny. He loved his family dearly, but a family of seven children was sometimes too much. Avoiding Ginny as she skirted past him, he walked through the kitchen and out the back door.

Outside, he breathed deeply, inhaling the fragrance of the last roses of July. Almost immediately he felt calmer so before someone disturbed his peacefulness, he made his way to the end of the garden. The gnarled, old trees he passed stood still in the heavy air and a few gnomes poked their heads out of the bushes.

Arthur opened the door to his sanctuary. It was a tired, debilitated outhouse known as ‘the garden shed’ but it was Arthur’s place. It was where he kept everything that was Muggle. The shed was very cluttered, as expected. Batteries, plugs and other unrecognisable objects cluttered up the shelves on one wall. On the workbench opposite, a large toolbox sat, with screwdrivers laid next to it. The dusty window was covered with cobwebs at the far end of the shed, and above it, hung a sign that Fred and George had made for him some years ago.

There was very little in the shed that was magical. Arthur didn’t even use his wand to turn on the lights; instead, he lit a few lamps on the workbench and took a ring of keys off the hook. He had just finished investigating how the engine of his old Ford Anglia worked. When he’d first taken the car apart, the engine was a big mess of wires, tubes and metal parts and Arthur had no idea what any of them were for. It still had all those metal parts, but now he understood about spark plugs, pistons and valves. What was more, he’d even managed to put it back together, and it still worked. Being a wizard, he couldn’t just leave it as it was, so he’d made a few adjustments.

The Ford Anglia, itself, was currently sitting in the garage in the yard. The original five-seater car could now hold ten people, as well as their luggage and pets, comfortably. It would be perfect when September 1st came. But today, he was going to test his newest modification. After a few failed charms, he’d finally managed to make the car fly!

He heard a scuffle from outside. Striding to the door, he pulled it open to reveal two identical boys crouching at the bottom. They looked up, only slightly guiltily, as their father sternly looked at them.

“What are you doing this time, boys?” He knew there was no point being angry at them, as Molly would’ve been.

“Well, we got bored-”

“-of annoying Ron and Ginny-”

“-so we decided to come here-”

“-and help you!” Fred finished with a smile.

“I’m sorry, boys. I don’t need any help today. Why don’t you find Bill or Charlie?”

Arthur didn’t want to tell Fred and George about the car’s new qualities quite yet. Molly didn’t much like him working on it in the first place but she didn’t know how much help he’d had from the twins. They were quite interested in Muggle items. He wasn’t sure why but he knew it wasn’t just innocent curiosity. That’s why he was a little apprehensive. But looking at their faces, he felt sorry for them. And he did enjoy spending time with them.

“Alright, boys. But not a word to your Mother.”

“You have our word,” they chorused as they followed him to the garage.

They were interested in cars and moved from place to place as they inspected the car.

“So what are you working on at the moment, Dad?”

“I’ve almost finished, actually. Can you check the tyres for me, Fred?” Fred bent down at one of the back wheels, picking up a tyre gauge from nearby. He unscrewed the dust cap and a hiss of air escaped.

“If you’re going out, which you obviously are, can we come with you?” George asked nicely.

“Yeah, we’d like to see what you’ve done to it.”

Arthur nodded.


The three Weasleys sped away from the Burrow towards a deserted field. There, they would be hidden from the Muggles and, more importantly, from Molly. Once they had gone far enough, Arthur pressed a small button next to the steering wheel. The car shimmered a bit before fading slightly.

“Is that it?” Fred asked.

“That’s the invisibility booster, Fred.” Arthur pressed down onto a pedal. Slowly the car lifted off the ground. Fred and George gasped in amazement, looking around to see if they were actually flying in a car. They were! The twins whooped with joy while Arthur smiled proudly.

After a few minutes, Arthur returned the car to solid ground much to the twins’ disappointment.

“Dad, can Fred and I have a go at driving the car?”

“You don’t even know how to drive, you’re only 14! How...? Actually, don’t tell me; I don’t even want to know.” George leant back in the seat, resigned that they wouldn’t be driving today. But there was always another day.

As Arthur, Fred and George walked back into the house half an hour later, Molly strode out of the kitchen.

“Fred, George! There you are. The garden needs degnoming.” She stopped talking, remembering she was angry. “Where have you been?”

Fred and George tried to inch back the way they’d just come in but she stopped them.

“Molly, we just went for a drive in the Anglia, that’s all.” The twins nodded earnestly. She studied them suspiciously before turning back and walking to the kitchen. Arthur let out a breath of relief.

“Not a word,” he hissed before following her. Fred and George snickered, walking to the back door.

I've finally got it to 1000 words exactly. It’s not as easy as you might think! I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks go to LadyMalfoy23, for looking over it to make sure it was ready for public viewing ;) Please review below, it only takes a minute :)

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