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The Time of Cupids
By: Gryffindorgirl153

Chapter Three
James Potter

Never in a million years, did I ever expect myself to ever admit that I had actually sank to the point where I found myself thinking about how much I missed Victoria Rose. Hold the bucketful of squeals and giggles. I meant the old Victoria Rose—you know, the girl who was never afraid to put me in my place, the girl who would constantly treat me like the dirt she walks on. I missed that Victoria, not this disgusting, nauseating—and not to mention, incredibly annoying—Victoria Rose, that has been lovesick to her stomach, chasing me around with her heart dangling on the hem of her sleeve. It was difficult to believe that about a couple of days ago, I believed that she could not et any more annoying than she already was. Unfortunately, I was wrong. her pool of annoyingness has just increased tenfold, and I was currently drowning in it.

Not long ago, all there was to deal with was her incessantly loud voice, her obnoxious attitude, and the side of her that screams ‘I’M A TOTAL BITCH, AY WASSAP!’. But now, thanks to Desmond—oh yeah, thank Desmond for everything—I had to deal with a semi-nice/generous/sweet/(and dare I say) Cute Victoria. Sure, there were times when she was herself—and believe me, those were the times that I cherished the most during the day—but those times were rare, and unfortunately, limited. For about 98% of the time, she was this unfamiliar, lovesick, teenage girl that I wanted to strangle until she died.

But of course, I wouldn’t do that. Why? Because Desmond will end up shooting about fifty arrows up my arse. As annoying as this girl may be, I’d rather deal with her than trying to deal with fifty arrows from a Cupid.

BUT MERLIN’S FUCKING BEARD. I was going crazy. When I say crazy, I mean cray-zee. I was going insane. I didn’t even like her. We weren’t even friends—No. Scratch that. We weren’t even acquaintances. I’ve been around her for six years, and I still haven’t gotten around to actually liking her. If I haven’t even come close to liking her after six years, I doubt that I would ever fall in love with her. Ever.

Fuck, we’re going to be in this little predicament forever.

How could I ever bring myself to like a girl like that? She’s vile, rude, selfish, obnoxious and self-centered—everything that I didn’t want in a girl. She never gives up the opportunity to strike a heated argument, and she sabotaged our upcoming game! When you mess with Quidditch, you cross the line.

Now, I’m left dealing with Quidditch tryouts to fill the spot that she successfully left open for a bunch of amateurs to replace. What the bloody hell was she thinking? Leaving the team? We were about loyalty. We were Gryffindors for god sakes. Loyalty was our M.O. No one abandons the team, especially over some stupid, petty argument. We’ve had several arguments in the past, most of which was more rocky than the last. She was being over dramatic when she decided to quit the team. I bloody hate how overdramatic girls are. Dudes are just so chill. Whatever happened to girls?

Fuck it. Everyone knows that without Vic, the Chaser Trio would be weaker than ever. Desmond was skilled, and so was Layla, sure. But unfortunately, without Victoria, they were screwed. There would be a flaw in the entire game plan, not to mention a colossal gap in the game, even with a replacement chaser. Our entire game would be on the shoulders of our defense players, and our offense would be entirely too weak.

What was she thinking? I may not know much about Victoria Rose, but the one thing I knew for certain was her intense love for Quidditch. Which I why I don’t get why she was letting this happen. Well I guess we could all put the blame on her pride.

Alright. Fine.

My pride plays a small teeny role in this little situation as well.

Fine, my pride is just as large as hers.

Sue us. We’re prideful people.

But that doesn’t mean, that she should allow our team to fall into a deep pile of our own shit!

As I watched the horrible players—minus Layla who Desmond managed to ditch sometime in the last twenty minutes—throw the quaffle around in their pathetic little formation, I heard a voice pierce through my thoughts. “Hey,”

I think this is the only time she has ever said hello to me without sounding sarcastic, demanding, threatening or downright repulsed.

“How are try outs going?” she asked.

Well, obviously, it’s wonderful, because I’ve got tons of amazing skilled chasers lined up to be on the team.

I sighed heavily, and out of impulse, I ran my hand through my hair. “Wonderful.” I snapped. I turned to face her, and for once, she faced me with a look that somehow told me that this little act that I thought was a façade, was more genuine than I thought. I looked away quickly, realizing that I had been staring at her for more than I would’ve normally liked. “Just bloody great.” I found myself saying. “What happened to all the Quidditch Players in the world?” I muttered.

“I have a deal for you.” She began. I fought the urge to turn my attention towards her, and instead, I focused on the players who were recklessly flying back and forth across the field. “It’s in your best interest to at least listen to me, Potter.” She snapped.

And there she goes. That’s my old Vicky, the one I hate and miss. I turned to face her, forcing the smirk off my face. “What?” I pushed a demanding voice through my throat. I need to keep up appearances! “What could you possibly offer me at this point?”

She glared at me. I never thought that I would ever feel happiness after receiving one of Vic’s infamous glares. “I’ll come back to the team.”

Am I dreaming? Is she really going to be the first to wave the white flag?

“What?” I sputtered.

“You heard me.” She said. “I’ll come back to the team.”

I stared at her for a while, not able to believe what she was saying. “Where does your little deal play in?” I asked.

“I’ll come back to the team, IF,” she paused, her eyes boring into mine. To be honest, I was slightly scared to hear the next few words that were about to leave her mouth. “You go on a date with me.”

I glared at him, nevertheless, I attempted to control my anger, stuffing it back down my throat. “I’ll come back to the team.”

“W—what?” I sputtered once again, with pure and far from minimal disbelief.

“Go on a date with me, and I’ll re-join the team.” She repeated.

I think my jaw just dropped a hundred feet since I suddenly felt the bottom of my chin rubbing against the sand of the pitch. “A date.” I repeated.

“Yes, Potter.” She growled. “Did you acquire brain damage between breakfast and now?” I grinned slightly, unable to help myself. “Stop grinning like that, Potter. Are you up for the deal or not?”

I clicked my tongue, surprised by her rapid change in attitude, going from civil and acceptable to unpleasant and distasteful. “Vicky, you’re the one who proposed this little deal. What’s got your knickers in a twist?”

She rolled her eyes and scowled. “Shut it Potter.” she retorted brusquely. “It’s not like I could help it.” I heard her mutter under her breath. “Is this you agreeing?” she asked.

I suddenly looked away, fully realizing what she was asking of me. Re-filling the open chaser position, which saves our team from falling on our own asses, or going on a date with a girl shot by Cupid, and forced to fall in love with me. Being eaten alive by the giant squid, or being torn apart by a thestral I can’t see? Drown, or burn?

Why does life have to be so hard? Merlin, why do you hate me so much? I’m the son of Harry Freaking Potter. I should be graced with a wonderful life, you know, since my dad saved the world and all that.

“Now this is a sight you don’t see every day.” I lifted my gaze and found Fred hovering in front of Victoria and I with a large smirk printed on his lips. “Aren’t you two the cutest couple ever.”

I glared at him. “Fred, you sound like a thirteen year old girl. Get back to the game.”

He scoffed. “This is barely a game. Besides, Tyler already put the bludgers away. We got bored.”

“Then go find something else to do!” I snapped.

Fred smirked. “I see. You two want to be alone. You could have just said so in the first place, el capitan.”

Before I could even move more than two feet, Fred was already zooming towards the opposite direction. That cousin of mine seriously knew how to get himself in very dangerous situations.

How dare he call us cute.

How dare he aid in spreading this annoying rumor around the entire school.

“Well, Potter?”

I almost forgot she was here.

I didn’t give her an immediate answer. Instead, I ignored both her proposal and presence for a moment or two and began planning Quidditch plays in my head. I began brainstorming, trying to think of any plausible strategy; one that does not include Victoria. About twenty different plays worked itself out in my head, but none of them were close to being enough. Desmond and Layla were not strong as a duo. Desmond did his job as main defense while Layla and Vic quickly weaved their way across the pitch and towards the hoops. No one was quick enough. Fuck.

I had no other choice. Either we sink or swim.

“I’ll think about it.” Yeah, that’s right James. Don’t give her what she wants when she wants it. Make her work for it. You know. Just like how she made you work to get your entire bloody team back on their own two feet. “I’ll let you know.”

She stared at me. “You’ll let me know.” She repeated dully. “Wow, Potter. I didn’t think that you would risk the structure of your team for your abnormally large amount of pride.”

I ignored her. Her words dug through my skin, creating a perfect, thin layer right beneath it. Merlin, I wanted to strangle her sometimes. She thought she knew everything—everything in the whole bloody world. This wasn’t just a matter of pride!

Well.. Okay maybe it was. Just a little bit.

But that is irrelevant! Completely and indubitably irrelevant.

Back to my little dilemma.

My entire team was currently going to shit, so what other choice did I have? I need to take one for the team. I need to be the best captain I can be. If that means that I have to make sacrifices, then so be it. Consider this my biggest. Sacrifice. Ever.

Before I could change my mind, I pulled my wand from my Quidditch boot and pointed it to my throat. “Sonorous.” I muttered. “Tryouts are over. Thank you for attending, everyone, I shall post up the results in the notice board in the common room by tomorrow afternoon, after lunch. You’re all dismissed.”

Regretfully, I slowly turned to Victoria and found her smiling brightly in my direction. Great, the psycho Victoria is back. I never knew girls in love were so crazy. “Don’t get so excited, Rose.” I told her, turning back to the retreating figures. “I said I’d think about it.”

She continued hovering on her broomstick behind me, and I turned back to ask her why she was still hovering around. I noticed that she was still smiling, and rather widely in fact. She looked like she just won a million galleons…

What was she so happy about? It’s not like I said yes.

The players were dismissed, and they all headed to the locker rooms to change back into their uniforms. Victoria headed back to the stands to pick Desmonds Lazy Arse off the stands, bringing him back down to the ground.

Each of us headed back into the castle and dispersed once we reached the main staircase, still clad in our Quidditch uniforms. We were neither sweaty nor dirty. Hell, we barely moved a muscle. If it wasn’t for our naturally sexy, wind-swept hair, there would have been no plausible sign that we had just came from practice.

At the risk of sounding incredibly vain and conceited, I quite liked strutting around the castle in my Quidditch gear and uniform, with my name plastered right across my shoulder blades. It gives me a sense of pride, despite the fact that every single student in the castle already knew that I was Seeker and Captain of the Gryffindor team.

While we passed the corridor leading to the Ravenclaw common room, Desmond and I passed a group of Ravenclaw girls in our year. There were about five girls clustered into a small circle, each of them had shrugged off their heavy, black robes, leaving on their white cotton blouse and their plaid school skirt. Merlin, this was one of the joys of attending Hogwarts. Girls in Hogwarts Uniforms were undeniably hot. Their skirts fell around mid thigh, and their long, tanned legs were bare, giving both Des and I a lovely view.

They caught our eyes, and almost immediately, a familiar, flirtatious smile crept on their faces. Oh yeah, that’s the power of the Quidditch uniforms and the brooms slung on our shoulders. Girls loved Quidditch players. Especially the Ravenclaw girls. They may look pristine and perfect at first glance, but believe me when I say that they are incredibly frisky creatures. They had the sex appeal of a Slytherin and the playfulness of a Gryffindor, which is what made them so bloody perfect.

I guess there was something attractive about incredibly good-looking boys coming back from Quidditch practice, all worn out and hot. Temperature wise of course. The girls continued smiling, and I met the eyes of a certain blonde whose perfectly curved, plump lips were tinted a deep shade of red.

I returned her little half smirk, half smile, adding a discreet wink in her direction.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for blondes.

And, not to mention, Ravenclaws chicks.

“Ugh, James you’re a pig.”

Startled by the voice, I quickly turned around and successfully managed to smack Desmond right in the face with my broomstick. So much for looking slick in front of a group of hot girls. Hot Ravenclaw girls.

Ignoring the unknown girl that was walking behind Desmond and I, I quickly turned to him, forcing the chuckle back down my throat. “Sorry, mate.” I half laughed. “This girl startled me.”

Once he lifted his head, he glared at me. “It’s just Layla, you dolt.” He snapped, clutching the side of his face with the palm of his hand. “She’s been calling you a pig for six years. I would have thought that you would have gotten used to it by now.”

I turned, and Layla was in fact, walking at a safe distance behind Desmond and I. “Oh, hey Layla.” I greeted, grinning. I wasn’t really that happy to see her, I was just relieved to be able to smile freely after holding in my laughter when I hit Desmond in the face.

She rolled her eyes.

I frowned at her. “Thanks for distracting my little moment with that blonde back there.” I told her sarcastically. “She was really cute too.”

This time, Layla frowned at me. “Way to check out other girls in front of Vicky, James.”

Whoa, hang on there. Since when did I, James Sirius Potter, need to worry about looking at other girls in front of Victoria? She was not my girlfriend. I am bloody free to do whatever the hell I want!

Like check out hot Ravenclaw girls in a sexy school girl get-up.

It was then that I had finally realized that Victoria was walking quietly beside her. Her attention seemed to be immersed in something small and golden in her hands. As we all slowed our pace, I watched with curiosity as her brow started to furrow with every passing second, all thoughts the Ravenclaw girls fleeing from my mind. She looked frustrated and confused, and well…. It was rather cute. In a strange, abnormal, hateful way, of course.

Layla seemed to notice where my attention had been for the past two minutes, since she turned to Victoria as well, looking over her shoulder to see what she was fiddling with. “Vic, what are you doing?” she asked suddenly, clearly confused as well.

“I can’t get this bloody thing to open.” Victoria muttered, clearly frustrated, in a voice that was barely audible.

Desmond chuckled and fell behind, sliding his arm across Victoria’s shoulders. “Vicky, why are you trying to open a snitch? You’re going to end up losing it in the castle. Seeking isn’t exactly your thing, sweetie.”

“I want to play with it.” She answered simply, frowning up at Desmond. “But it won’t bloody open!” her sudden outburst caused my heart to pound a beat faster than its normal rate. “What is the point having a snitch that won’t even open?” Victoria asked as if she was holding the most stupid thing on earth.

I sighed as I decided to put Vicky out of her little debacle. “That snitch will only open for whoever was the first to catch it.” I informed her. Reaching out, I grabbed the snitch from her hand and just as I had expected, I felt the familiar soft wings grazing across the palm of my hands. “I think I caught this in my fourth year.”

Victoria smiled happily and grabbed the snitch right out of my hand and released it into the ceiling. She followed the snitch with a look of pure happiness sprawled across her face.

“You’re like a child, Vic.” Desmond commented, retracting his arm and steadying his broomstick across his shoulders once more.

“You’re only realizing this now?” Layla questioned. “She’s acted like this since we were eleven. Always so amazed by snitches. It’s too bad she couldn’t be a seeker.”

I remember Victoria and I tried out for the team at the same time. Both she and I tried out for the one open Seeker position. You can all guess how that turned out. She was small and fast, yes. But she could not perform a complete and successful dive, even if her life depended on it. The nose of her broomstick always came an inch from the ground before someone tackled her off her own broom to prevent any unwanted deaths.

“I think Vicky would be dead right now if she was seeker instead of chaser. And not to mention, we Gryffindor house wouldn’t have won so many trophies.”

“Oh puh-lease, Desmond. You talk as if James single handedly won each and every one of those awards.” Layla retorted, and I couldn’t help but smirk proudly at their conversation.

“Face it, Layla, he’s the best seeker there is!”

“You know Des, sometimes it sounds like there’s a lot more to you and Potter than just a close-knit friendship...”

Okay, I’m going to ignore the fact that Layla had just implied that my best friend and I were gay for each other, and instead, I’m going to turn my attention to something more worth-while. It’s not like I had a choice anyway. It was either watch in amusement as Victoria attempts to catch the fluttering snitch, or slowly lose a dangerously enormous amount of brain cells from watching Layla and Desmond argue about his (more than once questioned) sexual orientation.

From far away, Victoria looked like a little, miniature fairy. Her blonde hair came loose, falling around her shoulders. Her thin frame made her look small and fragile at first glance, and the way she ran, jumped and gilded everywhere gave the strangely believable faux pretense the cherry on top of a large sundae.

Ugh, if she wasn’t so annoying, and maybe if I didn’t hate her so much, then maybe—just maybe—I wouldn’t have such a hard time admitting that she was, in actuality, rather beautiful.


“Mate, you should just do it.”

The corridors were irritatingly crowded. There was a group of what looked to be sixth years huddled up by the entrance of the Transfiguration room, causing the majority of the traffic. Frustrated, I shoved my way through the crowd, making sure that Desmond and Tyler were still trailing behind me. Classes has just ended, and we were all making our way to History of Magic, the one class I seriously regret taking.

“Desmond’s right, James.” Tyler said once we were all walking side by side in a less crowded corridor. “It’s one date. Honestly, Vicky isn’t that bad.”

I heard a chuckle come from my right. “She’s not bad at all.” Desmond informed me for about the five-hundredth time since we’ve first met. “Honestly mate. You’ll learn to love her. I didn’t like her much when we were younger, but what can I say? She grew on me.”

“He’s been with her for six years and he still can’t stand her.” Tyler pointed out.

“That’s because he’s never bothered to try.”

“That’s enough.” I told the two. “I’ll meet you guys in class. I need to take care of something.”

I left the two of them as they turned the corner, and began racking my brain, trying to think of what Victoria’s next class was… Charms! She’s always complaining about having Charms with the majority of the Slytherins. Whiny little bint.

I walked down the corridor with hurried strides, wanting to get this over with before I managed to change my mind again. The corridors were almost empty at this point, most kids having already moved into their next class. It was difficult to locate the Charms room, but he managed to catch a blonde wisps of hair disappearing behind a set of dark, oak doors.

“Victoria!” I bellowed, hoping to catch her before she completely entered the classroom. “Victoria!” I called again.

The door was almost shut, and I sighed, slowing my pace. This was ridiculous. I was chasing down Victoria so that I can say yes to her asking me out. On a bloody date. A bloody, freaking, date.

Suddenly, I caught a head poking out of the door from the corner of my eye. The familiar face of Victoria Rose clouded my vision, and I slowly began walked towards her. “What do you want?” she asked. “I have class.”

“This won’t take long.” I assured her. ‘Believe me, It’s not like I want to be here either..’ I thought to myself.

“Then why are you here?”

Did I just say that out loud?

“Er, I came to tell you…” How should I say this? ‘Hey there Vicky, I came to tell you that I want to go on a date with you in exchange for your participation on the Gryffindor team. “That… er… I agree.”

She gave me a confused look, stepping out further into the corridor. “Agree with what?” she continued.

I stared at her for a moment, resisting the urge to begin rocking on my heels. “That thing that we were talking about earlier..”

Her eyes narrowed in confusion. “What thing?” she asked.

Was she knocked over the head with a boulder or something?

“That thing…”

“Potter, cut the crap. Just tell me what you came to tell me.” She sighed with defeat and spoke with exaggerated exasperation. “I need to get to class.”

I scowled at her. “I’ll go on a date with you.” I muttered.

She was silent for a few moments. “What?” she asked, loudly, leaning in closer.

“Are you being serious right now, Victoria?” I demanded, my eyebrows furrowing.

“I honestly did not hear word you said.”

In any other circumstances, if any other Gryffindor had the balls to quit the team, I would never, ever take them back, even if they groveled at my feet. If I did, what kind of example would that set for the rest of us? People will think that they can just leave whenever they want, as if I’ve gone soft. No, I’m definitely not going soft. I’m just—well to be honest, I’m just down right desperate. And, while we’re all being honest here, I needed Vic on the team.

“I’ll. Go. On. A. Date. With. You.” I said through gritted teeth, trying to recite all the reasons that had brought me standing before her in the first place.

Suddenly, her face cracked into a grin. I wasn’t sure why, but it frustrated me even more. “I thought that’s what you said.”

Refraining myself from the urge to glare at her, I shifted my gaze down to the ground. “The Saturday after the Quidditch game good for you?” I didn’t bother waiting for her answer. “Good, then. Nice chatting with you.” I turned on my heel and continued down the opposite end of the corridor.

“James!” I cringed at how smoothly my name rolled off the tip of her tongue. “You’ll fall in love with me in no time!” she called loudly.

I almost filled the corridor with my bitter, dry laughs. “I wouldn’t hold my breath,” I called back, turning around to face her. There was a significant distance between us now, but I could still see the smile plastered on her face. “Oh by the way, Vicky, Quidditch practice, tomorrow five-thirty AM. Best not be late.” I sang.

“Go die, Potter!”

That’s my girl.

Victoria Rose

Ugh. This love sick thing was getting a bit ridiculous. The first couple of moments I was shot with an arrow, I guess I was able to control the love switch more than I was able to do so now. Every where I go, I think of Potter. I think of the possibilities of running into him in the corridors, or sitting beside him during breakfast, lunch or dinner. I was so bloody in love with the boy, it was driving me mad!

Of course, there were those random moments when my head finally decides to start working, and I would immediately seize the moment and throw an insult or two towards Potter. Hey, I need my daily dose of messing with Potter’s life. My day would not be complete without it!

Layla and I were aimlessly walking through the corridors, trying to kill some time before curfew. After finishing our homework (well, the important ones at least—no, more like my homework for my very first class the next day), we decided to take a stroll around the castle. I normally don’t favor wandering around the dark, murky castle (as beautiful as I think Hogwarts is, it’s bloody creepy at night), but for Layla, who was absolutely itching to take a walk, I made an exception.

“Are you sure you don’t want to wait for Desmond to come back?” I asked her as I hesitantly followed her out of the common room. “I’m sure he’ll be back soon, and you know he never passes up the chance to walk around in the dark…”

“Oh stop being so dramatic.” Layla spoke exasperatedly. “There are torches everywhere. It won’t be dark until the prefects have finished making their rounds for the night.”

“And by then we’ll be back in our nice, warm beds, right?” I asked brightly, my face practically lighting up with joy. “RIGHT?!”

“Chill!” Layla exclaimed, giving me a strange and slightly fearful look. “Why are you so afraid of the dark?”

I shrugged, as I rolled the sleeves of my crisp, white shirt back down to my wrists. “You never know what’s hidden in the dark.”

“Nothing will happen.” She assured me.

I sighed hopelessly. The opposite of what she believed would happen always tends to happen—if that made any sense at all.. I reckon I’m in for a very long night.

“—and then there were fourteen rat tails on top of the bloody table, and the little bitch decides to take all fourteen—no, she doesn’t even take the five that she needs, she takes the whole thing—and just walks away.” It’s been about thirty minutes since we’ve left the common room. And within that thirty minutes, we managed to get ourselves lost. This was definitely one thing we did not consider when we decided to go on this little night time adventure of ours. As well took several turns and walked down countless of corridors, Layla has been too distracted as she recited her day in a very long, very angry, rant. As for me, well, AS FOR ME, guess who I was too busy thinking about.

James Fucking Potter, that’s who.

“So I’m all like, COOL this bitch just stole all my rat tails. Now Slughorn will be breathing down my neck when I go into the storage room to get more ingredients. I’m about to get up and get some more, when she takes the fucking rat tails, which are STILL BLEEDING, MIND YOU, and sticks them right down my shirt, Oh yeah. Right down my fucking shirt.” she continued.

I chuckled. “You know most people would think that you were the most angelic person ever. What they do not know is that you curse like a pirate.”

She stared at me with utter shock. “Have you been listening to a word I’ve been saying?” She demanded, a look of sheer horror plain on her face. “She stuffed bleeding rat tails down my shirt!”

“What more can you expect from Georgia Henriksen?” I asked her, not surprised at all. “She’s a bitch, and everyone surely knows it.”

Layla began muttering a thread of curses under her breath, and I laughed softly. “Don’t worry, I’m sure you and Dom will start scheming on how to get her back in no time. Don’t you worry.” I told her, looping my arm around hers. “Never once have either of you let her get away with anything.”

“Vic,” Layla said suddenly, stopping in her tracks. “Where are we?”

I stared at her, my arm dropping back down to my side. “I think, about twenty minutes ago, we’ve already established that we are lost.” I said dryly.

“How are we going to get back to the common room? The lights are dimming—the prefects must almost be done with their rounds.”

I gave her a look, a look of pure distaste that bluntly said ‘I TOLD YOU SO. THIS IS WHY WE SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN OUR DORM INSTEAD OF GETTING OURSELVES LOST’. “Well.. aren’t we screwed.” The things I say when I’ve got absolutely nothing else to say. Well, I had plenty to say, but I wasn’t about to blow off on Layla. She will have enough to deal with when I start freaking out when the lights go off.

Ten minutes later, the lights have completely gone off, and here we are, still wandering around, but now, we’re wandering around in the dark. I think I was about two minutes away from a nervous break down.

“Layla, it’s freaking dark.”

“I know, Vic. I can see that.”

“No Layla, I mean it’s dark as shit.” I put emphasis on ‘shit’. That’s what we were in. Complete and utter shit. “We can’t even see what’s on the other end of that hallway over there.”

“Relax, we have our wands.”

“The light from our wands doesn’t reach the other end, unfortunately.” I informed her bluntly. “If it did, would I still be complaining about how dark it was?”

“Merlin, Vicky, you’re like a child who’s afraid of the dark.”

“I am afraid of the dark!”

“You’re such a child.”

Before I could think of some snappy come back, a loud bang echoed through the quiet corridor. My heart almost fell out of my chest as I jumped about a feet off the ground. “What the bloody hell was that?” I demanded, huddling closer to Layla. Although she was beside me, there was still a good 270 degrees exposed to any being that might have been around us. “What was that?” I asked again.

Another bang came, and Layla squealed. “I don’t know.” She answered fearfully.

As ironic as it sounds, the sound of menacing laughter followed a third bang. My heart began thumping wildly in my chest. All I could focus on was the laughter, and what might be at the end of that corridor. There were so many possibilities. When you’re a witch, everything you believed when you were a simple muggle no longer applies. Your world expands—your range expands, and soon enough, you learn that there are so many different possibilities for any situation that you manage to get yourself into. There are so many different ways to die.

The sound of the laughter grew louder, which meant that the perpetrator was coming closer.

“Who’s there?” I demanded, my voice quivering slightly. I held my wand out forward as I tried to extend the light as far as possible. There was no one in sight, and both Layla and I stood there, wondering what was going on. “Who’s there?” I repeated.

The laughing continued, but this time, a second laugh joined in.


I screamed my guts out and quickly ran forward, dragging Layla along with me. The voice that suddenly appeared in my ear caused me to feel a rather unsettling and uncomfortable feeling in my chest that made me feel nauseated.

The laughter continued, although this time, it was not as menacing as before. It went from a cackle to downright laughter. I recognized the laugh as well.

“Desmond.” I growled.

I turned around and found Potter and Desmond bent over, laughing their heads off.

“Merlin, Vicky, you should have seen your face!” Des exclaimed while he raised his hand to point his finger in my direction. “It was bloody priceless!”

“And Layla! Oh Merlin, I’ve never seen you so afraid.” Potter added.

I turned to Layla and realized that she was seething in her own shoes. “I am going to kill you two.” She said in a low, threatening voice.

“I swear to God, you two better run.”

Abruptly, their laughter ceased, and before they knew it, Layla and I lunged in their direction, running as fast as we could. Unfortunately, these two boys played Quidditch, and lets face it, boys were generally faster runners than girls were. It was simply genetics. Potter and Desmond quickly bolted down the corridor, while both Layla and I were hot on their heals.

It was difficult to run so quick and hold out our wands for light at the same time. My vision started to blur, and my chest began constricting tightly.

“Since when were you two able to run so much?” Potter asked with surprise. “You complain so much about running during practice, when clearly, you two are both fit to run for miles and miles!” It was amazing how he wasn’t even out of breath yet.

“It’s called being pissed, Potter! I believe this is all adrenaline.” I barked, turning a corner, following as fast as I could. My hands itched to squeeze his neck until it popped. “You two scared us to death!”

Unexpectedly, a loud screech flared from Layla’s tiny mouth, and before I could even register what was going on, she jumped forward and tackled Desmond to the ground.

Both Potter and I were too shock to even remember that he was supposed to be running away from him, and I was supposed to kill him with my own bare hands. We slightly skid against the ground before we came to a complete stop. I walked towards my two best friends, who looked as though they were playfully wrestling on the ground.

“Am I the only one who finds this incredibly strange?” I heard a voice whisper in my ear.

My heart fluttered. Yes, it fucking fluttered. The previous feeling of my chest constricting tightly was replaced by a light, soaring feeling. It felt as though I was falling from a thousand feet in the sky.

I might not be falling from the sky, but I sure as hell was falling somewhere.

“This is very, very strange.” I managed to say.

Yes. I successfully managed to make myself not seem so thickheaded.

“I’m going to kill you, you bloody prat!” Layla cried as she straddled Desmonds waist.

If this were a boy, Desmond would have him on his back with a throat pointed straight at his throat. I think Desmond was too much of a gentleman to manhandle a girl like Layla. Either that or he was just shit scared that she was going to rip his head off.

“I’m sorry, James and I were just playing around!” he exclaimed in defense. His arms were held in front of his face in attempt to shield himself from Layla’s punches, which wasn’t much, but enough to leave a bruise. “Layla, I’m sorry!”

“You scared us, you arsehole!” she snapped at him.

Potter sighed from behind me, and walked around me. He stepped over the two and grabbed Layla by the waist, hoisting her up on her feet. “James, let go of me!” she shouted demandingly.

“Calm down,” he told her.

Trying my best to hide my grin, I knelt down beside Desmond and helped him up off the ground. “This is what you get.” I told him with a completely straight face.

“Oh shut it. I know you want to laugh.” He scowled, looking away from me while he brushed the dirt off his clothes.

Against my will, my lips curved into a smile.

I hated how I couldn’t stay mad at him for long.


“I’d like to inform all of you that you’re all very close to getting caught out after hours.” All four of our heads snapped towards the culprit of the voice. Absentmindedly, we all sighed once we spotted Tyler emerging from the darkness, making his way towards us. “Vicky, you can scream.”

“So I reckon you took care of that thing, yeah?” Potter asked, setting Layla back down on her feet.

I couldn’t help but feel a slight shred of jealousy once I realized that Potter had his arms around Layla.


This is disgusting.

“Yeah.” Tyler replied, his face breaking out into a smirk. “Took care of it alright.”

I looked from Tyler, to Potter and back. “Ugh, Tyler you’re disgusting.” I rolled my eyes. “Always snogging random girls here and there. One day, you’re going to catch an STD, and you will cry and suffer.”

“Vicky is just bitter that she’s all alone in this sad, cold world.” Desmond interjected. I felt his hand slither around my shoulders, and I turned to glare at him. “It’s okay, Vicky. You will always have me.”

“And not to mention her new boyfriend, the eldest of the Potters.” Tyler smirked again.

“Shut it, Ty.” Potter ordered. “C’mon, lets get back before we get caught out after hours.”

Slowly, the rest of us nodded and turned around towards the direction where Tyler came from. However, before we could take another step into the darkness, a muffled moan, followed by the sound of objects colliding together, stopped us in our tracks.

“Er, what was that?” Layla asked from beside Potter.

All our eyes were glued to a broom closet situated on the right hand side of the corridor. I felt like we were all looking into some parallel universe. I shook out of my trance and took a look at the rest of their faces, and it’s as if they were entranced. “Guys, instead of staring at the door, why don’t we open it and see who’s inside?” thickheads.

Another moan.

“They’re snogging.” Tyler said.

“Really? I thought they were in there killing bunnies and other furry animals.” I retorted quickly, unable to pass up the wide open opportunity for sarcasm.

“Har, har.” He bit back.

“Er, should we open it?” Des asked hesitantly, looking back at us.

Layla shrugged and before I knew it, she reached forward and pulled the door open.


Dom was in there. Her shirt was off. She had some bloke pressed up against the wall. His shirt was unbuttoned, but remained on his shoulders. His hands were pressed against her arse, and her hands were roaming his exposed skin. They were getting it in. Neither of them even noticed that five other people were currently watching their ministrations with disbelief.

“Haha…” I began, unsure of what to do. “Isn’t this awkward…”

Dominique, finally coming up for air (she had a very, very long lung capacity), turned around with eyes the size of saucers. “What the fuck?”

My eyes traveled over to the bloke she had been furiously snogging. Judging from the blue and silver, striped tie around his neck, I was able to tell that he was a Ravenclaw—probably in our year. I’ve seen him a couple of times around the castle, but I never had the chance to learn his name. I wasn’t aware that he and Dom were even acquainted. I then realized that this was probably some random hookup, with some random guy, in some random corridor, because of some random moment of passion they just needed to get out of their system.

“Dom?” Potter squeaked. I turned to look at him. It was as if he’d just witness a four year old stripping on a pole in front of a hundred blokes.

Potter/Weasley’s overreact. Big time.

“Dom.” Tyler’s tone was surprisingly cold. He was one of the most light-hearted people I knew. It was rare to see Tyler bitter, hurt or genuinely angry. He was all smiles and giggles. But now, as he stared at a half naked Dominique Weasley, his face turned to stone.

“Dom?” Layla asked with surprise.

“Hey, I think we’ve all established that this girl is, in fact, Dominique.” I interjected before someone else says “Dom,” for the third time.

“Who is he?” Desmond asked, pointing to the guy behind her.

“Yes, Dominique, who is he?” Tyler added as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“I’m not going to tell you his name.” Dom replied quickly. “You’ll murder him!”

Layla scoffed playfully. “Or maybe because you, yourself, don’t know it.”

“I do know it!” Dom exclaimed resentfully.

I could have sworn I heard Tyler growl under his breath.

“Dom.” The boy in question took a step forward and snaked his arm around Dom’s bare waist. “Shouldn’t you tell your friends to leave?” he asked closely, pressing his lips close to her ear. I watched with disgust as he placed wet, sloppy kisses down her neck and across her left shoulder. From the looks of it, Dom didn’t seem to be enjoying the kisses as much a she should have. “We’ve still got a lot of… talking to do.” He smirked—he smirked a very ugly smirk. I’ve never seen an uglier smirk. I preferred Potters’ annoyingly handsome smirk over his. At least it made him look sexy.

Haha… I did not just say that…

I heard another growl come from Tyler, and this time, I was sure it was him. Why? Because he just shoved me out of the way and lunged for the poor bloke. I watched with disbelief as he threw punch after punch, damaging bones and breaking blood vessels in his body.

“Tyler!” Dominique shouted. “Tyler, get off of him!” she grabbed hold of Tyler’s shoulders, but it was no use. He was too strong for her. “James! Desmond, do something!” she pleaded desperately.

I know this was really random, and pretty inappropriate considering that a full on brawl had just broken out right in front of my very eyes, but Dominique was still half naked, clad in only her pink, lacy bra. It must be pretty awkward to be watching your friend beat up with a boy you were just exchanging saliva with, wearing only a bra and a school skirt. She looked like a prostitute. Just saying.

Potter seemed to have noticed this as well, and he shrugged off his white school shirt and placed it on Dominique’s shoulders.

Why… in the name of Merlin Potter. Why did you have to take your bloody shirt off? Wearing only a white beater, I was now able to fully appreciate every part of his upper body. Every part of it.

“Desmond!” Layla exclaimed.

Her sudden outburst caused me to realize how dazed I’ve been. Tyler was currently throwing incessant punches towards some poor bloke while I stood here, ogling Potter’s body.

“Des, I think you should at least pull Ty off of him.” I told him, nudging his side with my elbow.

“Desmond, please do something!” Dominique cried.

I wasn’t sure why he did it. Probably because it was in the nature of a Cupid. Or maybe, it was the first thing he could think of. Or, Des just wanted a bloody laugh.

So he pulled out his bow and arrow, and shot one straight into Tyler’s arse. It was an easy shot, and unfortunately, Desmond did not miss. Tyler cried out with pain, before he turned around swiftly, immediately locking eyes with a very shocked-stricken Dominique Weasley.

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