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A/n: I know I said we’d be back at Hogwarts this chapter…but my brain went another direction then I thought it would haha. Hope its not horrible! Also this chapter is an entry for the “Wait, What?” challenge on the forums by huffleherbs!



CHAPTER EIGHT: Engagement Parchment




“Could we please just leave Hugo behind?” I tapped my foot impatiently looking towards Mum, who was on her way down the staircase.


“Rose, he’ll be ready in a moment, calm down.”


Predictably, Hugo was causing the rest of the family to run late for the Hogwarts Express. You would think that being a girl I would take longer, but no.


“We’re going to be late,” I insisted, “And where is Dad?”


My answer came when I heard banging and clunking noises making their way through the house. Soon Dad appeared making his way down the front hall; Hugo’s trunk is his arms. The trunk was a little to large to fit through because of the way Dad was carrying it, and the sides were making a hideous scraping sound against the walls. 


Ronald! You are tearing the wallpaper,” Mum waved her wand and the trunk levitated itself into a less awkward position, “Why weren’t you using magic?” 


Dad huffed, “Maybe I’m still young enough to do it manually, I’m not that old. Right, Rose?”


“No, you’re pretty old, Dad,” I said confirming his worst fears.


Hugo came running loudly down the stairs then and I met him with a cold glare. I hated being late.


“What’s your problem?” Hugo glanced over at me.


I scoffed, “If it was up to me I would have let you miss the train. You make us late every time!”


Hugo looked towards Dad, “Well if I did miss the train, I could just take the ford!”


The two of them started laughing at the old memory and Dad seemed very pleased with Hugo. Mum and I held matching looks.


“Let’s go now, shall we?” Mum said making sure everyone had their belongings, “We’re going to side apparate since we are running so late. Be careful with your luggage!”


Mum grabbed onto to Hugo and Dad took my hand.


Gripping my luggage and my purse tightly, I threatened, “You better not splinch me!”


Hugo cut in, “Why do you think Mum took me? Clearly it’s more important that I arrive in one piece.”


Mum chastised Hugo and then the four of us took off. The Landing was a bit rough, as we had apparated into an alley outside of Kings Cross and my trunk slammed painfully into my gut.


Ouch,” I let out, putting my hand against the building we were next to.


“Nice landing, Rose,” Hugo shouldered me so I hit the building as he walked past.


“Mum! Hugo just pushed me!” I haughtily grabbed my trunk and took after the little bugger, setting out for revenge.


In a machine like voice Mum just said, “Hugo don’t push your sister.” What a classic Mum thing to do.


By the time we made into onto the platform, the usual Weasley goodbye ceremony was already happening. We usually try (despite Hugo’s best efforts) to get to the platform pretty early, so that everyone in our massive family can say goodbye.


I quickly dove into the swirling mass of red-heads, wanting to get this over as soon as possible.


“Nana!” I exclaimed in my false cheery tone, “I’m going to miss you and Grandpop so much!”


Nana Weasley gave me a tight hug with tears in her eyes, “I know, silly me for tearing up. But seeing all you kids going off to school just brings back so many memories!”


I patted her shoulder awkwardly and turned to Grandpop, who gave me a brief hug also.


“Now Rosie,” he said in a stern voice, “Are you absolutely sure you didn’t take my muggle blender to school with you? I won’t be upset if you did.”


“Grandpop, what would I do with a muggle blender at school? It wouldn’t even work!”


He seemed dismayed at my logic and turned to say goodbye to Cousin Lily whispering, “My own son, raising his kids to be ignorant of the ingenious uses of all muggle contraptions!”


I shook my head and made my way down the line, a blur of hugs and kisses. One person I was surprised to see was Teddy Lupin, his bright aquamarine head vividly standing out.


“Hey, Ted,” I walked up to him. Teddy and I have always gotten along despite the age difference, though he wasnt that much older. While he wasn’t technically family, he and his grandma Andromeda usually make appearances at our family events, but he hadn’t been to any since his break up with Victoire.


“Long time no see, Rosie,” Ted smiled widely at me. I would be lying if I said Ted wasn’t entirely too handsome for his own good, which is part of why I had thought him and Victoire were a perfect couple. I don’t really know what happened, but I do know she’s working in France right now and the two haven’t spoken since.


He started fishing something out of his trouser pocket before finally pulling out a gold ring, “Here it is! I picked this up for you when I was visiting Canada. Listen to this, when you have it on it can record conversations.”


I took the ring carefully from him, “I think this would be better suited for James or somebody. But thank you, I’ll guard it with my life, let me just put it in my purse…” I paused and noticed that I didn’t have my purse.


“Bollocks! I must have dropped it when we apparated,” I cursed myself for forgetting it.


Ted looked at the watch on his wrist, “If you run you could probably get it and not miss the train. There is still exactly 8 minutes.”


“Right, it was great seeing you Ted,” I quickly hugged him, putting the ring on and weaved through the throng of people to find my mum.


“Mum,” I interrupted her as she spoke with Aunt Angelina, “I left my purse in the alley I think, I’m going to run and get it!”


She looked slightly miffed at the intrusion but nodded, “Take one of your cousins Rosie, and be careful.”


I craned my neck to look for the closest cousin, which of course happened to be James but I sure as hell wasn’t taking him. Albus was the next closest so I grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the platform.


“I dropped my purse when we apparated, come with me?”


Though it was kind of too late for him to decide not to since I was pulling him along, so he just nodded.


It only took about a minute to get my purse, because it ended up being on the steps into King’s Cross rather than the alley.


“Great,” Albus said sarcastically as we got back to the entrance to 9 and 3/4 . People were steadily streaming out of the platform which was an issue as we were trying to get back in.


Albus turned to me, “I reckon its best we just go and hope we don’t run into anyone.”


“Agreed,” I said eying the wall doubtfully.


“Well, go ahead,” Albus gestured at the wall which still had a steady amount of people exiting it.


I hesitated but Albus just grabbed my hand and we both passed through. However, the moment we emerged I felt my body slam against someone who had apparently been taking the ‘it’s best to get a running start’ approach.


My bum hit the hard floor with an incredibly painful thump and Albus’ leg had kicked me in the back. Though being the half decent guy that he was, Albus helped me off the floor.


“Does it look like I’m wearing an invisibility cloak?” Whoever we had hit snarled out as he got up.


“I’m so sorry,” I breathed out rubbing my back, “We just needed to get in to catch the train….”


I chanced a look up and felt my jaw drop down to the floor I had just been on. None other than Mr. Malfoy, Scorpius’ dad stood in front of me looking very annoyed.


He wasn’t looking at me though; he was brushing off his very expensive looking suit. But eventually he looked up and his eyes narrowed dangerously at Al and me.


“You’re those two interns,” he said in a low monotone, “From the woods that day.”


“Erm, No. We’re not interns are we?” I turned to Albus who just nodded looking extremely confused, “Yep. Sorry, I think you are confusing us with some other people.”


Just then a women came from behind Al and I, “Draco, what is keeping you?”


Of course, it was Scorpius’ mum.


Draco turned towards the pale blonde women and said, “Look, it’s the two interns we met in the woods over holiday.”


This was definitely one of the many times in my short life that I wished I had the ability to melt into a puddle of goo and disappear. Yeah, maybe even purple goo if I dared to dream.


Scorpius’ mum looked us over, “Are you really? I’ve actually been wondering about the whole intern thing. We have a son who I would love to get a head start at the ministry…”


“No,” I cut in quickly, “I’m sorry I think your husband confused us for somebody else. We’re just students.”


She looked towards Al, “Oh. Yes, look Draco…surely that isn’t the boy from the woods. Though you do look just like him! Remarkably so…well I’m sorry for the confusion. Let’s go Draco, we have that appointment with the Minister to get to.”


Draco looked distinctly unconvinced and shook his head, grabbing his wife’s hand and pushing past us.


Once they were through the barrier I said, “Oh thank Merlin!”


“What was that about?” Al asked, “Actually, never mind. I really don’t want to be pulled into whatever you and James were doing over break.”


“Fine with me,” I said.


We both ran towards the family group and got our luggage and split ways as we both picked separate entrances to board the Hogwarts Express. Lines of kids shuffled onto the train awkwardly balancing their heavy trunks.


I picked the line that I saw Jill standing in, and it didn’t hurt that Scorpius was in it too. Because, despite what had just happened, I still hadn’t seen my handsome prince all break.


“Rose!” Jill hugged me tightly, “How was Christmas?”


“Horrible,” I answered, “I think I hate my family.”


“Yeah, they seem like a pretty tough lot.” Instead of Jill’s voice I heard a much deeper one answered and to my shock it was Scorpius himself.


“Sorry to hear you had such a bad Christmas,” he continued on.


I love the way your hair looks after I havent seen you for two weeks. I think your dad may hate me but I think we should name our first born son after him, you know? I reckon  he would be flattered.


Those were my thoughts; because I’m pretty sure I just stared at him with an open mouth.


Jill laughed, “Yeah, her family is kind of crazy. How was your Christmas Scorpius?”


He glanced at me and answered Jill, “It was okay I guess. Just me and my parents.”


I cut in, “I’m sure they are wonderful people.”


Scorpius seemed to genuinely think this was funny and laughed, “If you think so, Rose.”


Hearing him say my name kind of made me want to go dance on a bed of flowers. At sunset. While raining. Surrounded by singing woodland creatures. Or whatever.


Just then I heard someone calling out, “Rose!”


I turned around and was met with Ted who was jogging towards me.


“Hey, is something wrong?” I asked when he approached Jill, Scorpius and I.


But he didn’t stop, he just kept walking right up to me until he was practically on top of me. And then, he did possibly the last thing I could have ever expected from Teddy Lupin.


He grabbed my face in his hands and crushed his lips down onto mine.


My brain seized normal function. Teddy Lupin was kissing Rose Weasley. I’m Rose Weasley. Ted Lupin is kissing me.


He pulled back and there was a mad blush on his face and his hair was a blazing shade of red.


“T-Ted-T-T-T-, You….I…..that…..huh?” I felt like I just had 3 heart attacks, 6 strokes and 9 aneurisms.


He grabbed my hand roughly, “I just wanted to say I’m going to miss you, and I’ll write to you everyday!”


I stared back at him with wide saucer eyes.


“Rose,” Jill sounded completely stunned, “You and Lupin are dating?”


Before I could say anything (not that I could form words after what had happened) Ted answered for her.


He held up my hand, which had the ring he gave me glinting on it, “No, she’s my fiancé.”


“Wait, What?” Scorpius too sounded completely flabbergasted, “You’re engaged?”


“Right, well I have to go,” Teddy said quickly, “Love ya Rose!”


And just like that he disappeared into the crowd. I turned back around to find Scorpius gone.


“And may I ask what in Merlin’s dirty wine cellar was that?”


I glanced back at the spot where Teddy had been only seconds ago, kissing me. Saying we were engaged. 


What just happened?




A/n: WAIT, WHAT? Is your mind completely blown? Don’t worry it will all make sense next chapter!! I feel this chapter was more dramatic than funny so I hope you did get some laughs haha. But yeah, can you guess what’s going to happen next?


I know a lot of people wanted a big thing to happen the next time Rose saw the Malfoys..but don’t worry, this was set up for that! 


Favorite Part? Let me know! Thanks for reading and reviewing guys! Also a Huge massive thanks to mooneylooney262 who is the beta for this story and is such a huge help! She's awesome!













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