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She struggled against the hand, trying to figure out who it was.


            “Shhh Mione it’s just me!” Fred whispered in her ear


            “Oh thank goodness! So you’re the one that’s been following me?” Hermione asked questioningly


            “What? No, I was just going to meet George, we were going to- wait a minute someone’s been following you?”


            “Yeah. Well, at least I think someone is… I just get this feeling every time I’m on hall duty or walking back to my dorm. What were you going to do with George?”


            He laughed “Well I can’t tell a prefect that, now can I?”


            Hermione, who had a tendency to want to know everything and anything, was determined to get him to tell.


            “PPLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEE tell me PUHLLLEEEAAASSSEEEEEEE I’ll do anything! I’ll do your homework for a year! I’ll be your best friend, I’ll-”


            “-Help us with what were doing?” Fred asked, challengingly


            She thought for a moment, weighing her options. She could do something that was likely more than a little dangerous and probably broke every rule that the school had, or she could wonder what it was until she went mad. “Anything” she said firmly.


            Fred looked more than a little shocked, but then a wide grin broke out over his face “Follow me then”


            He led her through twists and turns and through passages she didn’t even know existed. After what she thought was hours, but was more than likely only a few minutes, he stepped out into a room that had kittens lining the walls.


            “Umbridges office?” Hermione asked, flabbergasted.


            “We’re pulling the prank of all pranks tonight, love” said George, stepping out of the shadows.


            “And what is that exactly?” she asked

            “Well, we saw Harry coming into the common room the other night, and his hand was bleeding. When we asked what was wrong, he told us the bloody toad had a quill that-”


            “-Cut into his skin whatever he wrote, yeah I know, but what does that have to do with it?” she asked curiously


            “Well me and Freddie confronted her about it and she gave us a detention. So we’re going to charm the quill to write whatever we write into her hand instead of ours.”


            She thought for a moment. “I’m all for the whole ‘taste of her own medicine thing’ but I think I have a WAY better idea” she said, an evil grin spreading across her face.



            “Wicked” the twins said together, getting identical smiles.



And that was why, the next day, you could find Umbridge singing the praises of one Harry James Potter. Literally. Singing.


            “How’d you get that to work again?” asked Fred again, holding what looked like an Extendable Ear in front of his face.


            “I just did a form of what you did to let the extendable ears hear, except an opposite form so whoever drinks the potion I made hears whatever we say, and a little bit of a confundus charm to make her not as able to fight as she would usually, an unillegal form of the imperio charm, slipped her the potion in the morning and Voila! She sings whatever we say into the ear. Quite simple, really, when you think of it that way.” Hermione said thoughtfully


            “Pure genius! We should have brought you over to the dark side earlier Mione!” Fred exclaimed.


            She blushed “Oh it was nothing”


            “Hermione Granger is a genius and should be given an award for her astounding academic achievements and lovely personality” he whispered into the ear.


            Five seconds later you could hear Umbridge singing that rather obnoxiously off-key to the tune of that years sorting hat song.



            “Bloody amazing” Fred said under his breath, while Hermione, oblivious of Fred watching her, finished her dinner.



            Hermione was once again walking back to her room when she felt those damned eyes on the back of her neck again. It was starting to really tick her off. Was she imaging it, or was it something really serious that was worthy of her worrying? She needed to know!






She sighed in frustration. Maybe it was just a ghost. Oh well, she thought, I’ll figure it out eventually.



And she went to bed, more than a little irritated, to stay up the whole night pondering.



            “Great Neville, you’re doing excellent!” Harry said encouragingly after Neville was able to stun him halfway through their DA meeting.


            “Ok people, now we’re going to do quite a complicated spell. It took me a couple weeks to master it in third year so don’t quit if you don’t get it right away. It’s called a Patronus charm. What you have to do is think of your happiest memory and say ‘Expecto Patronum’ and you should produce white mist or what looks like an animal. So, um, yeah just, begin I guess” he finished awkwardly.


            Of course, Hermione got it on her 3rd try.


            “Look Harry, I’ve done it!” she yelled excitedly, examining her otter.


            “Brilliant Hermione, can you try helping people now? Nobody else has got it yet.” He asked


So Hermione went around the room and soon almost everyone had done it.


            “Hey Hermione! Over here!” George called “Freddie and me can’t seem to get it quite right”


            “Oh, okay sure guys! First, think of your absolute happiest memory. Have you got one?” she asked. They both nodded their heads “Great! Now, I find it helps when I close my eyes and play it over in my head” they both did as they were told and shouted the charm, and two identical weasels sprouted out of their wand tips.


            “Thanks loads Hermione!”  They shouted.



            “No problem” she said, and went onto the next group.



            “Hermione! Can you be our fourth during exploding snap? We need another player” George shouted across the common room later that week.


“Sure” she said, smiling “But let me warn you I have never and will never lose a game of exploding snap”


            “Fine by me, she can be on my team” said Fred


            And so hours and many laughs later, Fred and Hermione came out victorious against George and Lee Jordan.


            “Can I walk you to your dorm Hermione? You know, as a thank you of sorts?”


            “Sure Fred”


            So Fred and Hermione set off down the hall to her dorm.


            “I’m honestly surprised we won. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you play exploding snap before” Fred said


            “Doubting my talents?” she laughed “Actually, I haven’t ever played before, but intimidation made it harder for them to concentrate”


            Fred looked shocked “Wait are you telling me the great Hermione no-tomfoolery- Granger actually played a prank?”


            She turned bright red “Well yes actually… oh you must think I’m horrible for cheating!”


            “Actually” Fred whispered “I think it’s brilliant”


He looked down at her and realized how much she had grown up in the five years he had known her. Her hair had flattened significantly, and her teeth had straightened and become smaller. She had gotten a figure and her clothes had no problem showing that. She’s actually… hot Fred thought, then shook himself out of it. This was Rons best friend and ex girlfriend for Merlins sake! It was then that he realized he was staring, and quickly looked away. I hope she didn’t notice that... he thought.


            Why is he staring at me like that? Hermione thought do I have something in my hair? She subconsciously put a hand up to her hair and flattened it out, a habit she had acquired through many years of having extraordinarily bushy hair.


“I’m actually kind of glad you came” Hermione admitted after several moments of silence “Every time I walk to my room I always feel something watching me and it’s starting to freak me out a little”


            “Yeah I remember you telling me something about that” Fred said “Well nothing can hurt you while I’m here. I won’t let it.” He blushed after saying it, realizing exactly what he had said


“Thanks Fred” she said as they got to her door.


            “No problem” he said sincerely “Well um-” she was looking at him and a very strange thing happened. He suddenly couldn’t talk, could only look into her big brown eyes. It felt like swimming in chocolate. All he could do was breathe and relax and think about how beautiful they were.


She coughed and he snapped out of it “Oh! Um, yeah, night!” he said, and walked away quickly, leaving behind a very confused Hermione.



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