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Chapter Twenty-Three

The One with the Christmas Presents

I raced quickly out of James’ room with one of his white shirts in my hand. I raced quickly down the stairs before mum could catch me to help her with the preparations.

“Hayley!”  I heard a roar. James. This couldn’t be good. I quickened my pace, I was almost at the door when I heard him again.

“HAYL- where are you going?” James growled, just as I was about to turn the door knob.

Crap. I turned around to face him, he was accompanied by Sirius. I quickly whipped the white shirt behind my back.

“H-Hi,” I mumbled, giving them both a nervous smile. I reached behind me and swung the door open, stepping out into the snow.

“Where are you goi-  Did you not testify against Rosier?” James growled, his eyes widening and his face growing red.

“Well – you see James – I – okay,” I sighed,  “It’s a long story – and I – I really need to go- pee – I need to pee,” I grinned to myself. Yes that’’ll make him uncomfortable. I quickly stepped out, as he was distracted by my words and closed the door.

“Hayley!” I heard him call out.

I ran towards the shed as quickly as I could, looking back to see James was following. I quickly stepped inside to find Jay the same as I had left him.

“Okay, next time – get your own shirt,” I muttered to him placing the shirt on a table.

“Yes,” Jay muttered, “That wouldn’t draw any suspicion.”

“Are you almost done?” I asked him. He was still hunched over the front of the motorcycle. Something had gone wrong of the fuel – or the engine – the something.

“And next time use your wand to stop the leak not your shirt,” I grimaced, as I quickly did up his white shirt once more which was now a gooey black.

He looked up at me and grinned, “You’re welcome.”

I smiled back at him, “You know I appreciate this, I just want it to be fixed up by tomorrow.”

“Might not be-”

“What?” I screeched, I had worked on getting this motorbike ready just in time for Christmas for three weeks now. It had to be ready. I knew Sirius would love it. He had told me how much he loved his Uncle’s motorbike. Flying motorbike, I should add.

Jay grinned, “Don’t worry, it’ll be done, I promise.”

“Hayley!” I heard a yell.

I gasped. I quickly ran over to the burning candle, and pressed it out with my hand.

“Oh!” I gasped, “That’s hot!”

“Well, what did you expect when you put your hand in fire!” Jay hissed at me.

“James does it all the time!” I snapped. I shook my hand trying to get rid of the pain. I could feel my face growing red from the pain and the anxiousness.

"Well James doesn't have little fairy fingers!" Jay snapped back at.

“I don't have - nevermind, just hurry up!” I muttered in frustration, “Jay – quick!”

“I’m going as fast as I can,” he whispered back to me.

“Go faster,” I hissed, “He’s coming!”

“Just pass me my shirt,” Jay said urgently. I quickly passed it to him and watched him pull it on, “Oh just one more thing-”

“Hayley? You out here?” I heard Sirius call out.

“Merlin Jay!” I squealed, I quickly ducked under his arms and began to help him button his shirt as he continued fiddling with some parts.

“Hayl-” Sirius stopped mid sentence. He glowered at the sight before him.

“What the in the name of Merlin is going on?” Sirius spat.


“Merlin Jay!” I heard Hayley hiss.

And before I could stop myself, my hand twisted the knob, the door flew open.

I had been here too many times. Enraged by the scene before me. Enraged.

A noise escaped from my mouth, I couldn’t comprehend what it was.

Jason was half dressed in his muggle attire – his shirt half done up, his leg was propped up on the dusty object which my eyes flew past. His hands rested on something, I only noticed one thing. Hayley, still in the big black coat, between his arms, hands on his chest, her hair slightly dishevelled her lips a rosy pink matching her cheeks.

Her expression looked a mix between anger, shock and sadness.

I knew the expression playing on my face. Anger. How could it be? I was so sure. I trusted her. I did. I did. It was Hayley. She wouldn’t. She couldn’t. She couldn’t do this to me.

Finally, my mouth seemed to form some sort of word. They rolled out in a low growl, “What in the name of Merlin is going on?”

It seemed like the world was frozen for a second.

The silence was broken suddenly as Hayley’s cried, “NO!” She ducked out from under the meat-head’s arm and leapt towards me, “NO! NO! NO!” She pressed her hands over my eyes and pushed me back.

“What is going on?” I growled, pushing her hands off my eyes. I had already seen everything I needed to prove that she was cheating on me, covering my eyes wasn’t going to erase that.

“What are you doing here?” Hayley cried out in despair, cupping her face with her hands.

“What are you doing?” I asked growing more frustrated, “What is he doing?” I pointed to Jason.

“Oh!” she said trying to push me further back, “Don’t look!”

“It’s a bit late for that!” I growled.

“No!” Hayley huffed, “It was supposed to be a surprise!”

“What?” I snarled, “This is – wait – what?”

“It was supposed to be a surprise!” Hayley repeated, “You’re not supposed to see it until tomorrow!”

“See what? You and him – cuddled up together?”

“No!” She growled, she looked taken back. The shock and slight despair vanished from her face and it was replaced with sudden anger, “The motorbike!”she snarled whacking me on the chest.

“What?” I said pushing her towards the shed to try and get a better look at the said motorbike.

“The motorbike!” she repeated in slight anger.

“Oh,” I mumbled, “Ohhh, the motorbike.” I had not seen it before, but it stood there – gleaming black. The front wheel was slightly turned to help the bike balance. Other than the new coat of paint it was exactly like the one my Uncle Alphard had when I was a little boy. Mother never let me ride it, but he would secretly take me around the block with it.

“Yes – what did you think? I was shagging Jay in the broom shed?” Hayley said with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

Yes, that’s exactly what I had thought.

I tore my eyes away from the motorbike and back to Hayley. She stood there in slight shock, her eyes slightly glassed over, her hands still resting on my chest, I could feel her heavy breaths, her chest moving up and down – waiting for my answer.

“Well, what did you expect me to think?” I snapped, “You’re in a broom shed with a half naked man.”

“But you didn’t know he was half naked until you came snooping in here – is that why you’ve been acting weird lately – because you thought I was cheating on you after I swore to you – I promised you – I wasn’t?”

“Yes!” I sighed, “What do you expect from me? I’m an insanely jealous, crazy man.”

“I expected you to trust me Sirius!” she said, her voice slightly strained.

“I know,” I said, still glancing over at the shining motorbike, “But – Can I just ask – the motorbike – is that-”

“Sirius!” Hayley growled, stomping her heels into my leather shoes.

“Okay, that,” I said looking down at my feet, “Didn’t hurt,” I smiled turning back to her, “I’m crazy jealous – I think you know that by now, so yes – I thought you were cheating on me, and every time a boy looks your way I want to curse him into next year,  and you look beautiful. But the motorbike is it - ”

She gave me a piercing stare, and pressed my lips together immediately, I knew exactly all the seething words she wanted to call me right now. She softly shook her head at me before pushing me out of the way.

I stared at the motobike, it was exactly like the one my uncle had. Exactly what I always wanted. I turned to look at Hayley, she was already half way to the house,“Oh... Hayley!” I called after her, as she trudged through the snow back to the house.

“It’s Christmas!” I exclaimed, she took of her thick black coat and hung it on the hook behind the door, “Don’t be upset at me.”

She stood in front of me, not moving.

“You’re tie is crooked,” I heard her mutter. She reached up and yanked my tie straight, jamming it into my throat. I coughed, and reached up to loosen it. She gave me a death stare, and I immediately dropped my hand and gave her sheepish grin.

I smiled down at her as she brushed the small specks of snow of my shirt, “People think you have dandruff,” I heard her mutter again. My smile broke out in a grin.

I looked down at her, admiring what she was wearing. Her deep blue dress clung tightly to her before fluttering out at the waist, stopping at her knees. Her shoes brought her just up to my shoulder. Her black hair, curled, dropped in front of her shoulders. I reached my hand to run my hands through it-

Hayley slapped my hand away, and looked up at me putting on a big smile, “We’re going to go out there and be the happiest people in the world.”

“Okay, if that’s what you want,” I said, reaching my hand around her waist.

“Yes,” Hayley nodded, “But don’t touch me,” slapping my hand away again.

She straightened herself up, and before I could say another word she turned on her heels and made her way down the hall.

“Hayley,” I called out behind her, she paused for me at the door, “Don’t be like this – I’m sorry – I-”

“Please, Sirius,” Hayley muttered as I caught up to her, “I don’t want to talk about this now.”

“Are you okay?” I asked softly, I couldn’t make out if she was teary or not.

She ignored me and linked her arm around mine. She pushed the door open, and we stepped out into a buzzing room.

“You look stunning by the way,” I whispered into her ear, as she greeted somebody. We smiled goodbye to them before walking away to the drinks table. I slipped my arm out from hers, and slipped it around her waist, pulling her closer to me. I leaned down and planted small kiss on her forehead.

“No,” Hayley hissed at me, pushing my arm away, “You don’t get to kiss me and make it go away. I hate the fact that you don’t trust me. I hate it. You’re constantly accusing me of cheating on you and-” her breath heaved as she held back a sob, “- And you don’t believe me when I tell you how much I love you.”

I ran my hand through her hair, and grabbed her shoulders, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry – please – I- ” I sighed, and pulled her through the nearest door, which happened to be the kitchen, “I’m sorry,” I whispered to her, my hands travelled down her side and grabbed her hands. I entwined my fingers around hers and brought them up to my chest.

“I’m sorry,” I repeated, “Please – don’t be sad – I know I’m a idiot – I – just don’t – don’t cry – I hate knowing – being that one that hurt you – I’m sorry – I know – I know how much you love me because I love you just as much – I love you more that you’ll believe – I do... I know I’m an idiot – and I... don’t cry because for my idiocy – I like you Hayley Potter and I’m an idiot.”  I wondered if now was right time to ask about the motorbike, but I didn’t. It could “ruin the moment”.

“Yes, you are,” Hayley pouted, “I like you too.”

“Are you two lovebirds done in here?” James said poking his head. Why is he always around?

It’s his house.

Such a smartass.

“Yes,” Hayley nodded.

I let go of her hands quickly, “No touching, I forgot,” I muttered to her.”

She smiled at me, wrapping her arms around me.

“So she’s not cheating on you?” James asked, stepping into the kitchen, “I told you so.”

I sent James a death glare, which he chose to ignore.

“What?” Hayley said, pulling her head away from my chest to look up at me, “You told James I was cheating?”

“No,” I laughed, “You’re just – sleepy,” I muttered patting her shoulder. I pressed her head back against my chest.

“Hey Sirius,” Remus said walking into kitchen too, his eyes dropped down to me and Hayley, “Oh – she’s not cheating?”

“Remus thought you were,” James said it in his pompus, know-it-all tone.

“What? Remus!” Hayley exclaimed; she lifted her head again to look at me, “Sirius.”

“I- I-” I stuttered, and turned to James and Remus, narrowing my eyes at them, “Don’t you two have other things to do?”

“I- I- yes we do,” James nodded, “I was just at the drinks table, and then I went to Lily and now I’m here – see I did things. I do things.”

“We should get back out there,” Hayley sighed letting go of me.


“Wait – now that I’ve got you here,” James exclaimed, “Why did you not testify against Rosier?”

“Nobody wants to hear this now James,” Hayley waved off.

“Actually,” I shrugged, “I would like to know.” Remus nodded thoughtfully too.

“I – He...” Hayley stuttered, she let out a sigh, “I felt bad for him!” she exclaimed, we let out a groan at her words.

“What?” she snapped at us, “He would be stuck in Azkaban for Merlin knows how long – he has family you know!”

“He tried to kill you!” James growled, looking slightly angered.

“You just don’t understand!” Hayley snapped back, “He asked me not to.”

“And you listened to a crazy man?” I cried out.

She cocked an eyebrow at me, “Yes,” she deadpanned, “I listen to crazy men.”

“No,” I shook my head, “I didn’t try and kill you – I’m not that kind of crazy.”

“Yes, Sirius,” Hayley nodded, “You just spy on me.”

“That was love,” I smiled, patting her on the shoulder, “Besides, you gave me a motorbike.”

“What does that have to do with anything?” Hayley said narrowing her eyes at me, ignoring the gasps from James and Remus.

“Nothing,” I shrugged, “I just like saying – my girlfriend got me a motorbike.” Her pursed lips cracked into a smile, I smiled back at her before leaning down and brushing my lips against hers-

“Wait- what is this motorbike you speak of?” James asked in a very detective like tone.

“Oh,” I muttered, I had forgotten to tell him, “Hayley got me a motorbike.”

“YOU WHAT?” James snapped at Hayley, “A MOTORBIKE!”

“Okay,” Hayley started, “Can we please not talk about it until tomorrow?”

“WHY? A MOTORBIKE!” James snapped again.

“James,” I stepped in, “Not now,” I gave him a smile crossed with a death glare.

I turned back to Hayley, “Sorry,” I apologised. I did not want her getting teary eyed again. For some reason it was important for her that I get the present tomorrow – and I could not push it not any further.

After awhile, we filed back out into the party – much to my disappointment. I had no problem spending the rest of the party in the kitchen alone with Hayley, however according to Remus it looked rude. But after spending a few minutes out in the open party – I wished, for the first time in forever, that I had not listened to Remus.

“Good Evening, I am Nathaniel Williams,” Nathaniel said in a very pompous tone, “I believe you are Hayley Potter,” he extended his hand out to her.

He was just a few inches taller than Hayley – those few inches were achieved by his lofty, dark, brown hair that was swept to one side and screwed with what seemed like an enormous amount of hair potion. His dress robes dazzled with some kind of diamonds and velvet.

“You are most correct,” Hayley said with a smile, taking his hand.

He took her and planted a light kiss on top, he turned to look at me, “Oh – I’ll have scotch and the lady will have a...”

“Oh no,” Hayley smiled at him politely, “He’s not a waiter,” she wrapped her hand around my waist, “He’s my boyfriend – Sirius Black.”

“A  Black,” Nathaniel smirked, “Oh, never mind – he won’t last long,” he looked me up and down, “They never do,” he muttered under his breath.

“Leave it,” Hayley muttered to me, as I made a move forward. She unwrapped her arm from around me and stepped in front of me.

“Hayley,” Nathaniel said, “I’ll be frank here, I am not interested in who you are dating – I will as you wish ignore that – Obviously, as you probably have determined – I am from the famous, most noble, humble Williams line of wizards.”

“You know,” I snapped, “Saying your humble cancels out being humble.”

“Hush you commoner,” Nathaniel flustered at me, “I have researched throughout the west for a finer match for myself and cannot find a finer one than yourself.”

Commoner? Did he just call me a commoner? COMMONER? I was no commoner, I had the motorbike. Did commoner’s have motor bikes? I believe not.

“Nathan, I’m-” Hayley started.

“Oh please – call me Nathaniel,” Nathaniel deadpanned.

“Nathaniel,” Hayley smiled, “I’m sorry, I am sure you are fine young man but I have Sirius here.”

“But he is a Black – imagine your offspring – they will be the devil’s spawn-”

“Excuse me?” Hayley growled before I had a chance to, “I suggest, Nathaniel, you show yourself out of my house before I find someone that will.” She signalled him to the direction of the front door.

“Hayley – you were always feisty – come let us have some scotch,” he smiled, stressing the “tch” in scotch. He took her extended arm and folded with his. He pulled her away from me towards the drinks table. Hayley looked back at me and shook her head.

Stay calm. Stay calm. Calm. Calm. I have a motorbike. Say calm. Calm. Calm. Motorbike.

“Nathaniel,” I heard Hayley growl over the music, “I will curse you.”

“Oh, pish posh,” Nathaniel exclaimed softly, “I believe we are meant to be – I have researched you – I know everything about you, your favourite colour is white although recently you have taken a likening to softer greys, your favourite subject is Arithmancy, you love going to Epping Forest in Essex, the number of boys you fornicated with totals to -”

I didn’t get to hear the number, as the meat-head cornered in beside me.

“Hullo Sirius,” he said pleasantly.

I tore my eyes away from Hayley, and towards him, “Hey,” I said, slightly awkwardly.

We stood in silence for awhile, before I finally found soemthing to say, “I want to apologise for the way I’ve been behaving towards you...”

The meat-head shook his head, “Oh no, you had the right to be,” he said with a lop-sided grin, “If the girl I loved was shooting off with some meat-head-” he said this with a slight twinkle in his eyes, “Who consquently was in love with her too, I’d be dead-set worried.”

I continued to stand in silence. I was slightly stunned by what he had just revealed. He had referred to the word ‘meat-head’ like he knew something else. He had just told me he was in love with Hayley. I didn’t know how to react, should I be worried? Should I argue? Should I punch him?

“I had liked her for awhile, but always deemed her too young,” He sighed, “When I heard what happened, I came rushing back, I was sure I was doing it out of care and worry and not love.” He paused for a second, sipping his butterbeer, “But when I saw her, I saw her face light when she saw me, I saw her happy - I knew how I still felt.”

And then she told me about Sirius Black, a boy she was crazy in love with. But me, being as daft as I am thought I could lure her away. We were walking down this muggle street, and had decided that I would tell her how much I loved her, but that was when she spotted this motorbike. We went ages traipsing around Europe trying to put it together. I thought this would make us even closer, she would see be spend time with me, and want to be with me. But then when you came home, I saw her face really light up. And I knew I was fighting a lost match. You already had her, and she didn’t want anyone else.”

He paused again, he looked back at me. I didn’t know why he was telling me this. I didn’t know how to react or what to say.

He continued, “You’re lucky to have her Sirius. But just know if you ever screw up, I waiting.”

With a slight smile, he clinked his glass to mine, and walked away. I stared silently behind him. I didn’t quite understand him. Had he stopped going for after Hayley? Or was he still trying to win her over? Or was he simply pining for her, ready to swoop in? Well, whatever the case, I wouldn’t give him the chance.

I focused my attention back on Hayley who was still talking to Nathaniel

“Really, Nathaniel,” I heard her snap, “Let go of me.” I grinned to myself as she grabbed the plate of quiches and slammed them into his ribs.

She has a real violent streak, you know?

It’s cute.

Yeah, wait ‘til she gives us one of her death slams.

I watched as Nathaniel, straightened himself up with an ugly grin appearing on his face. He stepped towards her again, wrapping his arms around her. Okay, time to save the day. I walked over to them from where I was standing a few feet away.

I pushed Nathaniel back, tearing him away from Hayley, “I wouldn’t touch her again if I were you.”

“Well, Black, what are you going to do? Kill me?” He smirked, “It’s what you lot do, isn’t it?”

I grabbed him by his sparkly dress robes, “I could do a lot worse-”

“Sirius, Sirius, Sirius,” I heard Hayley pleaded from behind me, “My parents are here – just let him go.” I felt her hand rest on my shoulder pulling me back.

I sighed, letting him go. I turned back to Hayley and wrapped my arm around her.

She smiled up at me, “Thank you,” she muttered, wrapping both her arms around me.

“Oh, you’re the first Black I know that would walk away from a fight,” Nathaniel said from behind us, I twisted my head to see him following us.

I could hear Hayley mutter against my chest, “Ignore him, ignore him, ignore him...”

“It’s okay,” he said, “I’ll be waiting by the drinks table – a couple of swigs of brandy and you will be departing with that lovely dress of yours in no time.”

As those words reached my ears, my legs seemed to be paralysed. I felt Hayley sigh against my chest, before trying to pull me away.


I took a deep breath, “I’m sorry,” I muttered, giving out a small dry laugh. I swiftly turned out, to find Nathaniel exactly where I wanted him. I swung my arm around hitting him on square on the jaw. He stumbled backwards, before crashing into an old couple. A few people turned around to look but luckily the music was loud enough to drown out the commotion.

“Sirius!” Hayley cried out, she pulling me away towards the kitchen, “Don’t,” she whispered, pulling me by the arm.

“Sirius!” came a different voice, I turned around to see who it was. Remus who had more strength than Hayley, pulled me towards the stairs, “It’s not a party until Sirius punches someone,” I heard Remus mutter as we walked reaching the top of the stairs.

“Oh Sirius,” Hayley frowned. I collapsed onto the couch, after Remus made his way back downstairs, and pulled Hayley onto my lap. I rested my feet on the maple coffee table, letting out a sigh. Hayley stretched out her legs on the couch, wrapped her arms around my neck and rested her chest on my chest.

“I have lost count on the number of guys you hit because of me,” Hayley grimaced, she traced one hand around my neck before loosening up my tie.

“Well, it’s not my fault,” I grinned, “Maybe if you dressed down a bit – didn’t look so good – maybe dress like a nun?”

“Dress like a nun eh?” she grinned, tracing her finger around in circles on my chest.

“Well, maybe for me, you can dress in something a bit more provocative...” I grinned, as I lightly ran my fingers through her hair.

“Sounds like you have something in mind.”

“You’ll just have to wait and see,” I shrugged. I gave her a small smile, before brushing my lips against hers, “Wait-” I said quickly pulling away, “I didn’t know about this Epping Forest-”

“There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me,” Hayley said confused, tilting her head slightly.

“Oh, what’s that supposed to mean?” I snapped, “Comparing me to Nathaniel?”


“I’ll have you know – I know plenty – PLENTY – about you,” I smirked, “I bet Nathaniel doesn’t know-”


“- that you never wear white clothes because you’re afraid it stains, in Arthimacy - you always sit next to Peter and tilt your page slightly towards him just to make sure he can copy, you always have to sit by the third maple tree from the right by the lake and when you do always sit to its right which causes the sun to catch your eyes and it shines a blue-green colour, and the total number of boys-”

“-that I’ve ever loved is one, and he’s slightly neurotic, a little crazy, excessively jealous, the only boy I ever want to hold, kiss or be with and he’s sitting right in front of me-”

“-You forgot to mention good-looking-”

“-tremendously good-looking- and I get weak in knees every time he touches me – oh yes, and I like the Christmas presents he buys.”

“How did you-” I found lmyself suddenly stuck for what to say. She was staring at me with a blazing look that I had never seen before. I gently turned, climbing on top of her. Within seconds our lips met closing the distance between us. I felt her hands run through my hair before travelling to my chest and slowly working down my shirt.

I pressed myself onto her gently, our hips grinding. I felt her let out a slight moan, as I kissed her jawline moving down to her neck. She pushed off my shirt, letting it collapse on the floor.

I pulled away slightly from her, “Are you sure?” I asked, our faces just inches away.


A/N: Well that's the end of that plot line, OR IS IT? haha, no, I think that will be all from Jason for now at least. 

I was bit unsure about Nathaniel, felt like I was adding in too many new characters at one time. But let me know what you thought of him :)

Okay, so I have two possible chapters for the next chapter. Christmas day and the train ride back and I'm unsure of which one to post. So it's up to you, my lovely readers;

1) Would you like to read about the aftermath of Sirius/Hayley sleeping together (that's what just happened btw) and the happenings of Christmas day?


2) Shall I move on from the Christmas chapters and get back to hogwarts?

Let me know

Thank you for reading, and leave some of those lovely reviews!


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