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Hero of War by Sirius Black Dog
Chapter 48 : To Save a Life
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Chapter 48

Harry sat before a piece of toast that Kreacher had just placed in front of him thinking of the breakfast his mother used to make for him.

‘The Daily Prophet,’ Kreacher said bowing slightly as he presented it to Harry. Harry looked at the front of it and felt his heart stop beating.

‘Harry?’ Hermione asked nervously. Harry’s hands had fallen to the table as Hermione grabbed the paper. Hermione sucked in a sharp breath, before tears started to stream down her face. Hermione looked at Harry who still hadn’t moved yet large tears glided down his face.

‘What’s wrong? Who died?’ Ron asked jokily, coming into the kitchen carrying the invisibility cloak. Hermione pointed to the paper and Ron looked down at the

‘Black Girl Dead!’

Halfblood Mathilda Black Weasley found dead in her home after she refused to join the winning side.

Ron didn’t read the rest of the article as he sat down looking at his best friend.

‘Mate, I’m sorry,’ Ron said pausing as he hugged Hermione who had tears streaming down her face, ‘But what if they’re just saying it because they know it’s a way to hurt you.’ Hermione looked at Ron, trying to decide whether she thought there was any truth to it. ‘Wouldn’t your parents have contacted you if something had happened?’ Harry snapped out of his trance anger filling himself.

‘Do you really think my parents would be in any state to…to…?’ Harry said looking down.

‘They might think it would be dangerous to contact you, maybe we should check.’ Ron said. Harry looked up and ran up the stairs heading for the front door.

‘Harry! No!’ Hermione said. ‘They could be expecting that. They could be waiting for you.’

‘I don’t care!’ Harry bellowed before they heard the front door slam shut. Harry apparated home but found it and the neighbouring house empty. He looked around lost. He disapparated and found himself in the alley by St Mungo’s. He hit himself on the head with his wand, disillusioning himself. He walked inside and fortunately nobody noticed him. He looked around and spotted his mother. Her red hair tied back as she walked swiftly from room to room. Harry followed her into a white room that held only a simple white bed and plenty of machines filling the room with beeps. Harry looked at his god sister and felt his eyes tearing up again.

Lily looked around the empty room except Fred who simply sat staring. Harry moved closer to his mother, kissing her cheek before whispering;

‘Is she ok?’

‘Harry?’ Lily looked around, pain erupting more than ever within her as she realised how much this would affect her son. Mathilda and Harry were as close as two people could be and would do absolutely anything for one another so with one been in such a state Lily felt the loss and pain that Harry must be feeling. ‘My boy, Harry the most I can say is she’s alive, the paper lied. Though she is in a really bad way at the moment but we’re doing everything we can. You should go; it’s not safe here for you.’

‘I don’t care. She’ll be ok though right?’ Pain etched in his voice.

‘I’ll do everything I can. By the way I reckon you’ll be a godfather in about six months and I’m not talking about Remus and Tonks’ baby. Now go! I love you so much please be careful. Come home to me when this is all over.’ Lily said as she felt something wrap around her and guessing it was Harry, she embraced her son. Harry kissed her cheek before moving over to Mattie.

‘Hang in there, Matt. I can’t lose my big sister,’ Harry leant down kissing her forehead before glancing at Fred before rushing from the room back to Grimmauld place to prepare his friends for the their plan to take place tomorrow. He left St Mungo’s with a new determination; wanting this all to end quickly to hopefully protect Mathilda and everyone else he loved.


A week had past and Fred Weasley had refused to leave his wife’s side. Sirius stayed everyday and every night only leaving when it was absolutely necessary. He walked drowsily into the bathroom to splash some water onto his face. Mattie’s condition hadn’t changed and she was still on the breathing machine. Sirius Black looked at his reflection in the mirror and couldn’t believe that yet again he was in St Mungo’s for the health of his only daughter. He felt as though he was watching himself from the sidelines, as though he were there physically without really being there at all.

‘Ruby?’ Sirius said as her outline appeared in the mirror, behind him, in the clothes she had died in. Sirius turned quickly as she became solid. His twenty year old wife looking the same as she did the last time he ever saw her.

‘Hello my love,’ Ruby said reaching forward and catching her husband up in her arms. Ruby held him, running her hands through his hair.

‘Promise me she won’t join you,’ Sirius said looking at his beautiful wife with a deep desperation. She had always had such a weakening affect on him.

‘At the moment I can’t tell you anything more than the Healers have already told you. But they also said that she should be dead but yet here she is alive and fighting. She’s never been one to give up easily.’ Sirius nodded knowing what she was saying was true.

‘I still miss you, Rubes. Please don’t let me lose her too.’

‘I know and I’ll try. I miss you always. I can’t stay but stay strong for our girl, she’s a fighter, she’s already proven that many times before. I love you,’ Ruby leaned forward and kissed him. The moment her lips brushed his, he felt something he hadn’t felt in over seventeen years. He didn’t want it to end but felt her pull away as soon as it had begun. He kept his hand on the nape of her neck, hugging her, tightly to him.

‘My Ruby,’ Sirius said as he held her burying his face in her honey-scented hair. ‘I love you,’ he said softly in her ear as she disappeared, leaving him alone in the bathroom unsure of what he was feeling. All he knew was that his wife was in a place that he prayed his young daughter wouldn’t go anytime soon. The continual pain in his chest at the thought of losing her was always there, stronger when he thought of how life had been before she had entered the world and how life would be if he lost her before her time.


‘Lil, you need to get some sleep,’

‘No I’m fine,’ Lily said as James stopped her with his strong, muscled arms.

‘Lil, please you won’t be any good to Matt if you exhaust yourself in the process. I’ll take the kids maybe visit Arthur, he’s off work today. Now please get some rest.’

‘Ok,’ Lily said weakly undoing her hair. James looked at her taking the ends of her hair in his hands, before kissing her forehead. Lily walked up the stairs and into her room, collapsing onto the large, warm bed.

She was woken to a constant tap against her window, an hour or so later. She rubbed her eyes and knew no one else was home as it was so silent. She made her way over to the window and let in the owl. It was black and its eyes bore into Lily as she took the letter. As soon as she looked down at the parchment she knew who it was from, the handwriting all too familiar to her.

Meet me where we first met. Please. It’s important.

Lily ran her hands through her hair, letting it fall loosely down her back. Lily knew what she was about to do was dangerous and stupid yet she still held so much trust for the sender. She tugged off her old, slept in clothes, pulling on instead a pair of jeans and a singlet, throwing over the top a long length white woollen jumper; wrapping a brown belt around her lower waist. She pulled on a set of thick stripy socks before pulling on her brown boots.

Lily left quickly, wand in hand disapparating from Godric’s Hollow. She arrived in the bushes and looked out carefully. She stepped out from behind the bush, her palms sweating as she gripped her wand.

‘I won’t hurt you,’ the voice of Severus Snape said. Lily turned quickly to face him. She said nothing as she watched him eyeing her.

‘What’s so important, Severus?’ Snape looked hurt at Lily’s harsh tone. Lily instantly felt regretful as his stance hardened.

‘Lily I would never hurt you again, trust me.’

‘How am I meant to trust you when you murdered Albus Dumbledore,’ Lily said quickly her eyes flaring.

‘I didn’t…I. Don’t worry.’

‘What you didn’t kill him? Bullshit, Harry saw you.’

‘It was planned, Lily. Please trust me,’ Snape said looking at her hopefully. ‘I’ve saved Harry numerous times, why would I have done that if I was a true killer.’ Lily remembered at his words how things were once. How he spoke to her so differently to everyone else, as though she were the only thing that truly mattered. The look was still in his eyes, which frightened Lily somewhat. Lily looked down nodding slightly.

‘You don’t look so good, Lil. Are you alright?’


‘Lily.’ Her name rolled off his tongue, full of raw emotion.

‘I’m fine, Sev, just tired. So what’s so important that you wanted me to meet you here of all places.’ Lily hated this place ever since she had seen her childhood home destroyed down the laneway, killing her parents.

‘They know that your goddaughter is still alive and they want her dead, real bad.’


‘They’ve taken over Hogwarts and the Ministry; they’ll have no problem taking her from St Mungo’s.’

‘Why are you telling me this?’ Snape paused looking at her.

‘Because it’s the right thing to do. Get her out of there quickly, Lily and take your family somewhere safe.’ Lily looked at her old friend and knew after everything he was still the same person inside as the one she had befriended so long ago.

‘Thank you,’ Lily turned to leave.


‘Yes?’ Lily said turning to face him as he came closer to her.

‘Be careful.’

‘Always am,’ Lily said before smiling slightly and disapparating from the park.


James Potter walked quickly into the room that held his still unconscious goddaughter, pausing by his best mate’s side.

‘Padfoot, we need to talk.’

‘What?’ Sirius said looking up in a daze. James however didn’t reply instead yanking Sirius up and leading him from the room. They walked out of the hospital before James said anything.

‘We’re meeting Lily at our place. Come on we must do it quickly.’ They turned on the spot and arrived in Godric’s Hollow swiftly making there way into the Potter home. Sirius was slightly shocked when he found Molly and Arthur Weasley and Fred and George there as well as Remus and Tonks and of course Lily and Terra.

‘We need to get Mattie out of St Mungo’s.’ Lily said quickly.

‘Why?’ Molly asked, nervously.

‘There isn’t time to explain but with the Ministry haven fallen and Hogwarts is under his control it won’t be long before he uses the hospital to gain control as well. They’ve proven all they want for Mathilda now is her destruction, she’s too valuable for them to just leave her be so they’ll try and kill her and we can’t let that happen.’ Lily continued talking at an incredible pace. ‘We need to move her somewhere safe and I think the best thing for us to do, so we’re not found and questioned about her whereabouts is if we disappear for now with her.’

‘But there’s no where safe.’ Tonks said as she passed her daughter to Remus, before rubbing her back. Remus took the little girl who was almost two and placed her on his knee facing away from him, bouncing her as if she were on the back of a horse. Georgia wore light pink tights and a light pink skivvy with a denim dress over the top, which was very much like a set of overalls except with a skirt for a base not shorts. Her hair was getting longer and was been held back by a pink ribbon.

‘Potter Manor,’ James said loudly to himself.


‘That’s where we’ll go. Potter Manor. It’s big enough for everyone and it has all the potions that would be needed to keep Matt healthy.’ They all exchanged looks before nodding their agreement.

‘Ok well how are we going to do this?’ Terra asked looking at Lily, both understanding the condition Mattie was in better than anyone.

‘We could get a set of everything she needs and shrink it down and take it to the Manor before we move Matt?’

‘Yeah that sounds good, ok we’ll do that. Now how will we move her without injuring her more?’

‘I think we’ll just have to grab her and go. We need to get her out of there as quickly as possible.’

‘But what about you know, her surviving the travel without the machines?’

‘Hmm yeah, well we’ll just have to risk it. Ok,’ Lily said finally turning back to the rest. ‘I want you all to pack the stuff you’ll need most we won’t be coming back for a while. Terra and I will set up a room for Matt with the machine’s she needs and we’ll need James to move Mattie.’

‘Why James?’

‘Because he can apparate directly into the home because he is a Potter by blood, the rest of us can only apparate once he has allowed us within the protection that surrounds the place. So James you’ll come with us.’ Lily said.

‘Wait, Lil you need to pack for your family,’ Molly said looking at the red head.

‘Damn ok umm Ter can you handle the machines by yourself?’

‘Yep, easy. Come on James, let’s go.’ James raised an eye at Terra before following her. The others dispersed to pack, ready to leave their homes.

Terra walked into the store room and grabbed everything she needed, shrinking it down. It wasn’t long before Terra made her way into Mathilda’s room to find for the first time since Mattie had been there that Fred Weasley was not in the room. James looked nervous as Terra began to unplug things and withdrew Mattie’s breathing tube.

‘Take her and go quickly, without the machines she won’t have long. Go!’ Terra said watching as James hoisted Mathilda up into his arms, her thin, limp body flopping around as James disillusioned himself and left the room. Terra left quickly waiting moments for James to be within the Manor to allow her access.

When Terra and Lily entered the Manor and practically ran up the stairs heading towards the room that was for Mathilda. They found Mattie lying on her bed and pulled out their wands setting up the machines while Lily contemplated placing the breathing tube back down her throat. Lily decided against it as although she was still struggling it wasn’t to the same degree that it had been a week ago.

The pair double checked that Mathilda was doing ok before they went downstairs into the living room to await James bringing the others to them. They arrived via floo which was shut off once everyone was through. Molly and Arthur had had to leave their home after the mishap at the Ministry revealing the truth of Ron’s whereabouts, so had been staying with their Aunt Muriel the last few days. They prayed that Ginny was ok at Hogwarts until they could get her home. James stepped out of the green flames holding his eight month old twins. George came next holding AJ, followed by his twin brother. Mr and Mrs Weasley followed before Sirius came stumbling out holding Jonah. Tonks came next with Georgia and her growing belly and last but not least was Remus.

As they all looked around the large room four house elves appeared.

‘Master, has returned home,’ Milly said.

‘Hello Milly, Sappy, Gabey, Ellanie it’s good to see you all.’ James said smiling at his house elves. ‘Milly could you please take Arthur, Molly and George up to the south master bedroom and the room opposing.’ Milly nodded before taking the bags that they held. ‘Sappy could you take Remus and Tonks to the West master bedroom and set up the room beside it for their daughter please.’

‘Am I taking Master Sirius to the East master bedroom, Master James?’ Gabey asked.

‘Yes thank you, Gabey. And could you take Jonah up to Sirius’ old room and AJ up to my old room please.’ The house elf nodded before making the bags disappear and leading Sirius, Terra and the two young boys up stairs. ‘Ellanie could you set up the north master bedroom and the room next to it for the twins, please.’

‘Yes Master James,’ the youngest house elf said kindly before taking one of the twins from James before making their way upstairs with James. Lily turned to the only person left in the room.

‘Do you want me to show you to Mattie, Fred?’ Fred looked up at Lily, nodding. Lily started to make her way up the stairs side glancing at her goddaughter’s husband. ‘Are you ok?’

‘I should have been there with her. I could of…I could of…’ Lily stopped and grabbed Fred’s upper arm.

‘Fred, if you had been there you would be dead right now,’

‘But Mattie survived and she could be even better if I’d…’

‘No Fred, Mattie should be dead right now, the only reason she survived to the degree that she has is because she’s so powerful. All you can do for her now is wait for her to wake up and be there for her when she does,’ Lily said smiling before she continued up the main staircase. Lily opened the wooden door that led into a large bedroom, which held a still unconscious Mathilda.

‘Fred, get some sleep, let me know if you need me for anything’ Lily said as she did a quick once over of Mattie before leaving the room and heading to her own. Fred conjured a comfortable chair and sat in it taking Mattie’s still cool hand, brushing his lips against it before leaning back, hands still intertwined as he drifted off.


A/N: Ok this chapter is more of a bridge for the last chapter and the next. I hope you enjoyed it and please leave me some reviews on what you thought... :D

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