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    Disclaimer: I don't own harry potter. quotes that are familiar is the from the Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone book by JK ROWLING.


    "Hermione! Please, come out of there." Parvati knocked on the girls' bathroom door.

    "Go away!" Hermione sobbed, "Leave me alone!"

    Parvati shook her head and sighed, "Fine. But the Halloween Feast is about to start any minute, so dry those tears and come along." She got up and hurried towards the Great Hall, where she spotted Lavender Brown.

    "Hey, guess who's in the bathroom crying her eyes out?" Parvati told Lavender, as she sat down.

    "Who?" Lavender asked, her eyes widened with curiosity.

    "Hermione Granger!" Parvati smirked, piling her plate with more sweets. "I told her to come out. But she wouldn't budge."

    Sitting next to them was Harry and Ron.

    "You shouldn't have said anything, Ron." Harry muttered, overhearing what the girls are gossiping about.

    Ron rolled his eyes, "She could be crying for something else. Not of me insulting her." But he kept glancing at the empty seat across from them, with uneasiness.

    Meanwhile, Draco Malfoy and his two sidekicks, Crabbe and Goyle, were hurrying along the corridors to attend the feast.

    "Hurry up, you two! Run if you guys have to, Merlin knows you guys need the exercise." Draco said, rolling his eyes as he walks in front of them.

    "We're coming!" Crabbe snapped, half-jogging and walking trying to catch up.

    They past another hall and paused when they suddenly heard something that sounded like someone was crying.

    "Do you hear that?" Draco asked sharply, turning to them.

    Crabbe and Goyle nodded, hearing the sound again.

    "You guys go, I'm going to check it out." Draco said, pulling his wand out, and wanting to scare the person just for Halloween's sake.

    "Are you sure?" Goyle asked, already walking away.

    Draco rolled his eyes, "Yes go, just save me a seat."

    Crabbe and Goyle nodded and walked away from him, towards the Great Hall.

    Draco followed the crying sound, hearing it growing louder and louder with each step he took. He turned to the side and paused when he heard someone crying from behind a door nearest to him. He placed his ear on the door to make sure the sound was coming from inside, and pulled back.

    "Hello?" He called out.

    Hermione snapped her head up and groaned, "I told you to go away, Parvati!"

    Draco frowned and looked up at the door, reading it's the girls' bathroom. "I'm not Parvati, whoever that person is."

    Hermione strained her ears to listen to the voice and gasped when she realized it was Draco Malfoy. "Go away, Malfoy, you're unwanted here."

    He scowled and pushed the door open. He stepped inside and paused when he saw Hermione curled up in the corner, with her eyes red and swollen.

    "What are you doing here?" Draco snapped, pointing his wand at her. "This is a surprise. Saint Granger, breaking the rules." He smirked nastily.

    Hermione ignored him, and continued wiping the tears away. However, the tears kept flowing freely from her eyes.

    Draco couldn't explain it, but something inside him felt like he wanted to just go and comfort her. He looked at her face, and noticed it growing pink and wet. Sighing, he lowered his wand and placed it back inside his pocket. He crossed his arms and examined her.

    "What happened to you?" He blurted out.

    Hermione glared at him, "Nothing."

    "Clearly it's something, Granger." He snapped. "Shouldn't you be running along now? Wouldn't want to miss the feast and your pathetic friends, now do you?"

    She felt humiliated to be feeling weak towards him. But she's a stubborn girl, and didn't want to do what he's telling her to do. "I'll be there in a minute" She lied.

    Draco didn't move.

    She looked up at him and frowned, "You can leave"

    Draco smirked, "No, I think I'll stay. After all, if the Professors are here, I can tell them that I was trying to get you out of here. They'll award me points for thoughtfulness, and dock points on you for stupidness"

    Hermione gave him a dirty look and crossed her arms. "Shut up." She turned to her side, and faced the bathroom stalls.

    Draco leaned against the wall, staring at her. "How do you say your first name again?"

    She rolled her eyes, "Her-my-oh-knee."

    He raised an eyebrow, "Her-my-oh-knee. That's a stupid name."

    To his sudden surprise, Hermione laughed.

    "At least you can pronounce it." She said softy, still facing the bathroom stalls.

    He frowned, "As stupid as your name sounds, it's not that hard to say."

    "I know. I just suddenly remembered a friend I had when I was younger." She turned her head to face him, all sadness disappeared. "He couldn't even say my name, so he had to give me a nickname."

    Her expression suddenly appeared sad again as she looked down at his foot, "But I haven't seen him in so long." She sighed deeply and looked back to his face. "He was my best friend, you know?"

    Draco stared at her with such intensity, that she quickly looked away to hide the redness appearing on her cheeks.

    Draco felt like his breath was shortening, as he realized her mini story sounded familiar.

    "Do you think I care, Granger?" He snapped, trying to appear bored.

    Hermione glared at him, before turning back to gaze at the bathroom stalls.

    Draco examined her and felt curiosity overcome him. "What was the nickname he gave you, Granger?"

    Hermione scoffed, "Why? You said you don't care."

    "What was your nickname?" He retorted, feeling scared and angry the same time.

    Hermione stared at him, shaking her head. "Honestly, stop acting as if you care."

    Draco took a threatening stepped towards her, fingering his wand. "Granger. What the hell was your nickname?"

    She bit her bottom lip, comparing those familiar angered silver eyes as her childhood friend. She looked up at him and was surprised to hear herself whispering. "He used to call me, Herminee"

    Draco felt like something was tightening around his chest. No, this couldn't be her. His Herminee was a muggle, for goodness sake! He remembered she said she didn't believe in magic.

    But, Granger's Muggle-born...He took a step back, staring at her. No, that's impossible, it can't be.

    Hermione noticed his changed of behavior and frowned, "Malfoy? Are you okay?" She got up and walked towards him.

    He continued staring at her, shaking his head. "No, you can't be" He muttered, looking at her up and down.

    "I can't be what?" She asked in confusion, reaching out to him.

    Something in Draco snapped, "Don't touch me, Granger!"

    He quickly turned around and slammed the door shut, leaving Hermione curling up in the corner and feeling hurt again.

    He quickly loosened his collar, and felt his forehead sweating.

    No, Granger is not Herminee. Herminee is a muggle! Granger's a Mudblood! He kept thinking to himself, as he entered the Great Hall and sat next to his friends. It can't be her! It must be just a coincidence, that's all.

    "Where you been, Draco?" Pansy asked, passing him a plate.

    "Nothing." Draco replied quickly, eating a piece of chocolate and automatically feeling better.

    Few minutes later, his Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Quirrel came sprinting towards the teachers and screamed, "Troll! In the dungeon! Thought you ought to know!" And suddenly fainted.  **

    The whole place started booming with fright, as the students screamed and the teachers trying to order them to calm down. Prefects were calling out their younger students, and the teachers were leading the older students.

    "What's a troll doing here?" Crabbe asked.

    "No idea" Pansy muttered, getting up and following the Slytherin prefect.

    Draco glanced at the Gryffindor table and felt his stomach sinking low again, noticing Hermione hadn't come back.

    They quickly went to the Slytherin dungeon, and waited. He sat on a couch and couldn't help but feel uneasy.

    "I didn't even bring any cupcakes" Goyle complained, sinking the cushion as he sat next to Draco.

    "Fatass" Pansy muttered, crossing her arms."Honestly, there's a troll on the loose and you're thinking of food?"

    Goyle shrugged, and sighed.

    About half an hour later, they got the signal that it was safe to go back.

    "There you are!" Blaise said, coming to Draco's side. "Where you been, Draco?"

    "No where, Blaise." Draco muttered, shoving his hands inside his pocket as they walked inside the Great Hall.

    Everyone was already settled as he glanced back at the Gryffindor table.

    Odd, even Weasley and Potter wasn't there.

    Pansy poked him on the sides, "What's that Granger doing standing by the door? She looks like a loner" She sneered.

    Draco shot his head at the door's direction and felt a rush of relief he didn't understand. "What is she doing?" He asked.

    They suddenly noticed Harry and Ron walk inside and paused when they saw Hermione. They watched as Hermione said something to them and they grinned at her. Hermione looked perfectly happy again as she sat next to Harry and Ron.

    "I guess they're her boyfriends now" Pansy smirked, shoving chocolate in her mouth.

    Draco glared at them with disgust.

    Another reason to hate Granger besides her being Muggle-born. He glanced at Hermione, She just became friends with ScarHead and Weasel.

    Later that night, he stared at the ceiling with too much thoughts running in his head. He turned his head towards his desk and reached for the necklace Herminee gave him. He shook his head and chuckled to himself.

    No, Granger is not Herminee. Draco lied to himself, placing the necklace back down. He rolled to his sides and closed his eyes, everything around him going black.

    Throughout their first year, Draco and Hermione has been insulting each other less. He still managed to make fun of Harry and Ron, and would do anything to get them in trouble. But one time, that only landed him in detention with them in the forbidden forest. He kept ignoring Hermione and only gave her dirty looks when they crossed paths, and exchanged small insults once in a while. His main target was mostly the Weasel and ScarHead.

    Draco was slightly impressed when Professor Dumbledore awarded 50 points to Hermione for cool logic during their last day of school. He heard the news that Harry, Ron and Hermione sneaked to help Harry protect the sorcerer's stone.

    However, the thought of her joining Harry and Ron facing danger, made him secretly feel protective over her. He didn't understand why he felt that, and it even angered and disgusted him.

    His thoughts were interrupted when he realized Neville has been awarded points for some rubbish about standing up to friends. His was face contorted into shock and anger, and he didn't even notice Ron was pointing and laughing at him. The whole Great Hall was suddenly changed from slytherin colors to Gryffindor colors.

    He glanced at the Gryffindor table and sneered when he made eye contact with Hermione. She gave him a satisfied smirk and turned back to her friends, celebrating the fact they just won the House Cup.


    ** "Troll! In the dungeon! Thought you ought to know!" (JK Rowling, sorcerers stone,pg 172)

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