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The ceiling was covered from top to bottom in snow white lilies. Row after row was filled with a sea of family and friends as the braids maids began to descend the isle. At the front of the hall stood 4 men in dark black suits with a single purple lily pinned to their chest. Lysander Scamander stood tense waiting for his bride to be. Rose, Dominique, and finally Molly all took their places opposite the groomsmen and the music started.

The audience stood patiently waiting for Harry to bring his youngest daughter down the isle and give his baby girl away. Second passed and nothing happened, the entire room seemed to be holding their breath as the doors finally swung open. Where Lily Potter should have been standing with her father however, was only Harry. He quickly rushed down the isle stopping in front of his soon to be son in law, and the groomsmen that consisted of Albus Potter, Hugo Weasley, and Lorcan Scamander.

“She isn’t there,” Harry whispered frantically. Lysander was speechless. He was normally pretty tough, Quiddich team captain, Auror and adventurer. Upon hearing that the love of his life was. . . gone was too much for him. Tears welled up in his eyes for the first time since he was just a boy. His identical twin brother Lorcan reached over and gave his shoulder a tight squeeze as Albus went over to tell the girls and see what they knew.

Harry kept his back to the crowd behind him as he attempted to ignore the holes their eyes were burning into him. Lysander sat down with his head between his legs running his hands through his hair as Albus returned.

“Rosie said she went out back for some air before they walked out,” he said looking worried, “You don’t think she would run do you dad?”

“No,” Hugo said shaking his head. “CRAP!” And with that he was gone running from the hall.

Hugo ran down the street as fast as he could to where he knew Lily would be hiding from reality. Hidden away was a small group of trees concealing the remains of an old burned down cathedral. The two found it years ago when exploring the area and made it a place of their own. All that was left was the front stone steps and a few broken stained glass windows, but it was their sanctuary. Days like this where the wind blew and the sun barely shone threw the trees made it the most beautiful place to be. Over the years as Hugo and Lily grew up together they never told their families of the place in fear of the cold stone steps telling their secrets. Secrets so deep that ran back to the time before Hogwarts, the times when jealous hearts brought these two cousins together becoming the best of friends. These worn down steps of comfort are where Hugo found Lily sitting with a tear stained face and bottle of Champaign in one hand!

“Lysander wanted to join a Quidditch team you know, and travel the world too,” She said upon hearing his crunching footsteps. Lily refused to look up knowing it was Hugo before her. It could be no one else. She was ashamed of herself, she sat before her best friend crying because she was getting married.

Hugo silently took a seat beside her as she raised the bottle to her lips again. He moved faster then he had in his entire life within the next second. Snatching the bottle from her hands and grasping her left wrist tightly in his hand. He brought it up to her face forcing her to stare into the beautifully carved diamond. The wind picked up slightly ruffling their hair and sending chills across Lily’s bare arms as more tears shone threateningly. “Do you know what this mean Lily?” Hugo growled refusing to treat his cousin like a baby anymore. Twenty one years old and she needed to grow up. “He loves you, and you are going to through that all away? Don’t you think it is a little to late to take back being in love?”

“I’m not taking it back Hugo,” She screamed disturbing a few birds pecking the ground, “I do love him.” She whispered a little more gently. Lily sat staring at her cousin who was just as livid as her. She knew he was angry, Lysander was his best friend, but she was family. Why couldn’t he see this how she saw it? “I just don’t want him to realize I was a mistake. All his dreams will be nothing with me in the picture.”

Hugo sighed dropping Lily’s hand. He set down the bottle he still held in his hand shrugged off his suit jacket that he proceeded to lay across his cousin’s shoulders. He was now pacing back and forth across the top of the steps in silence trying to work out what to say next. Lily slumped over leaning against the rest of the steps dizzy from her high consumption of alcohol. “Hugo will you talk to me?” she said quietly.

Looking down at the miserable girl he loved couldn’t have brought more pain to him then this. Taking pity on his cousin he conjured up a glass with water in it and made her take gentle sips until she was able to sit up without feeling sick. He sat watching her closely for a few minutes waiting for a sign of her falling over. As she took another sip of water he began chuckling to himself seeing how little she looked just then, “Do you remember when you first met Lysander?”

Lily nearly spit out the water she was drinking and choking, “How could I not remember!”

There was  a few seconds of silence before they both broke out laughing this time. Hugo picked up the bottle of Champaign taking a swig and grinning, “He was heartbroken that night you know! Thought he would never have a chance because of how much of a git his brother was.”

Lily blushed sipping her water but eyeing the alcohol in her cousin’s hand, “Don’t even think about it Lily.”

“Fine, I’m just saying if you are planning on making me go through these memories I should at least have some alcohol in my system,” she huffed and began giggling realizing what she said by the look of horror on Hugo’s face. “Fine, I won’t drink any more, but in my defense I was only a first year when I met him, Lorcan was annoying, and they looked a lot a like!” She whined.

Hugo laughed and slung his arm back around his cousin pulling her into a tight hug. She sighed and laid her head down on his shoulder as a flood of memories came back to her.

Four years ago she sat with Hugo, sitting just like this only fresh out of Hogwarts. They arrived instantly after graduation when Lily had just gotten the news of Lysander’s acceptance into the Auror academy. Her dad had known for some time now but due to ministry rules he was forbidden to tell her. She was upset with everyone who knew. She wanted to be alone and came here to their secret spot. Tears flooded her face as she curled into Hugo’s side. She wasn’t ready to let go of Lysander, but as long as he would be away she wasn’t sure she would remain sane. Like now Hugo was yet again the only person to know how to get to her. He reminded her why she loved him and how strong she truly was. Then, like now he was right. Like he always had been.

“What’s going on in that over active mind of yours Lily?” He asked in a barley audible whisper.

“Lysander,” was her solemn respond. To her shock however Hugo chuckled. “Stop that,” She said punching his arm and sitting straight up again.”It really is not funny! I’m scared, and I’m worried!”

Hugo took a long drink from the bottle again trying to hide his snickering from Lily who was now giving him a death glare. “Look, Lily that means you are human. You have run away from your wedding yet all you can think about is Lysander. They sorting hat placed you in Gryffindor 10 years ago not because you would never be scared or worried, but because he knew deep down you had the courage to stand up to the fear. You know that Lily. You want to marry Lysander, but you are making up excuses.”

Lily crossed her arms over her chest tightly with a pouty look on her face. The wind blew up ruffling the leaves overhead and some sun seeped through glistening off her wedding ring. Lily’s attention was once again brought back to the matter at hand. She held her left hand out so she could examine the ring that has sat securely on her finger since that day one year ago it was placed there. Lysander had just gotten back from his first mission as an Auror. Lily had been worried sick and refused to stay at home alone in her flat without knowing he was safe. That same mission her father was on with him. She knew that as long as he was there, nothing could go wrong, but still she found herself curled up at her mother’s side worried sick with a cup of tea.

Lysander took her to a small park, the same one that his father proposed to his mother at and got down on one knee. She knew then and there this man was the man she would spend the rest of eternity with. So why was she sitting on the ruins of an old cathedral with her cousin? She knew then that no matter how many times he left her out on a mission, she would have his children some day. So why is she so afraid to say “I do”?

Lily sighed again feeling utterly defeated in both herself and Hugo. “When did you start being right all the time?” She said giggling and standing up.

“When you started be wrong all the time I guess,” he said watching her stick her tongue out at him and walk backwards slowly. “Where are you going Lily?” he called after her as she dropped his suit jacket and began running back to the wedding in heels.

On a normal day she would have fallen three steps into her flight, but today she was running on adrenaline and slight intoxication. She slowly ticked off the blocks in her head as the wedding hall came into view. Her heart was beating ten times its normal paces as her heels violently clicked on the hall. She heard Hugo just a few feet behind her yelling for her to wait up as she reached the front doors. His words where drowned out as her thoughts of Lysander burned deep into her mind. She was one door away from being in his arms again, one door away from being his forever.

Finally pushing open the last door she yelled his name, “Lysander!”

He had been sitting down and looked to be utterly distressed. Her heart was suddenly tightened knowing it was her fault. However the feeling soon vanish as he stood up smiling. She ran down the hall flinging herself into his arms and burying her face in his suit. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry I’m sorry,” She cried over and over as he lifted her off the ground spinning in a circle.

Gently setting her down on her feet whispers broke out amongst the crowd. Hugo awkwardly made his way over to his uncle and began rapidly explaining what happened. Lily detached herself from Lysander enough to stay in his arms yet stare up into his dreamy eyes, one of the only things he inherited from his mother.

Lily’s hair was messy and windblown, and falling out of its once neat bun. Mud and dirt flecked her once pure white dress and mascara streaks filled her face. There was a lingering smell of alcohol that hung around her and her vial was hanging askew. Whisper after whisper filled the hall most about the bride’s attire and tardiness. Lily and Lysander however were in their own little world. He very softly reached up straightening her vial and kissed her cheek lightly. Lingering close to her ear he whispered so soft it sent chilled up her spine, “I love you.”

Hugo stood next to his older sister Rose smiling like he had just won a race. She rolled her eyes and with a wave of her wand Lily’s dress was cleaned, her hair was fixed and she looked like the proper bride everyone had expected 20 minutes ago.

Harry walked over to his daughter and future son in law and smiled. “May I walk you up the isle?” He said offering his arm and winking.

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