James Black was scared. Very scared. Horrified in fact. The deep pit in the heart of his stomach swelled up and threatened to engulf him whenever he thought about what he was planning to do. His right leg always twitched when he was nervous and he’d used his wand to stiffen it so it didn’t shake him into oblivion. His left hand was constantly in his pocket, toying with it, playing with it, fiddling with his future. James looked out the window of his cottage, watching the sun start to set over the night sky. He was due at the Hunts, and he knew it. But fear froze him to the spot; he was unable to breathe for a split second when the milky sky threatened to explode into darkness as the sun settled comfortably into the horizon.

James stood there for what seemed like an age. Time stood still as his fingers were enclosed around the object in his jacket pocket. He turned after what he felt must’ve been forever and looked at the clock. 7:57. He had been standing there only a couple of minutes and now all he wanted was to stand there forever, just to melt into the sky like the sun and become part of the inky blue that was now sweeping across the sky at a vast rate of knots. James turned to the door of his bedroom and exited, snatching up the basket and his wand as he did so. Once he had left his home and was out, into the chilly night, he apparated, arriving on the doorstep of the Hunts’ countryside house. James stood there for goodness knows how long. He couldn’t knock and he was at mercy to the chill of the night, the gorgeous inky blue suddenly appearing a darker, cruel black, waiting to suck him into the darkness. He wished he’d stayed at home. He could still leave. Amy would never know. He could tell her he was sick, got to bed. Contemplate…

“Hey James, what’re you doing out there? Come in!”

Bollocks. There went that plan. Hayley Hunt, mother to both Amy and Lucy, opened the door, smiling cheerily as she ushered him in. It always astonished James how much both sisters looked like their mother. She was slender, not short but hardly tall, and her hair was the darkest raven. The thing that unnerved James most of all about Hayley was her eyes. The piercing blue eyes that shot right through him. Every time he thought he’d be able to pull the one-up on her, she’d see exactly what he was trying to do. Just for tonight, James hoped her powers would be flawed.

Hayley took him into the kitchen, where he sat down opposite Jake Hunt, Amy’s dad. James almost flinched as Jake smiled at him but he managed to avoid it. Jake was the best friend of his now deceased mother and it never failed to strike James how much loss was always evident in Jake’s eyes whenever he looked at James. He did well to hide it, but he saw Amelia in her son and he hated it. He missed her terribly, even after all these years.

“Sorry James, she won’t be a minute,” Hayley reassured him. “You know what she’s like, she always leaves things to the last second.”

“Yeah,” James chuckled nervously, his right leg threatening to tear its way out of the locking spell he had put on it.

“You alright James, you seem nervous,” Jake laughed. James nodded, unable to open his mouth.

At this point, James’ agony was increased tenfold as Amy Hunt stepped down the stairs. She was wearing a simple white dress, not massively complicated so why it took her a year to get into it and ready was anyone’s guess. It had shoulder straps and wasn’t terribly low cut, and it flowed almost down to her knees. Because of the position of the stairs, James couldn’t see her feet though. Her blonde hair was freshly trimmed and hung in ringlets around her face, creeping down her back like the thorns on roses. Her face had little makeup on it, just a touch of eyeliner and lip gloss and she had a beaming smile. Her descent would have been almost elegant, but she tripped on the bottom stair and hit the floor, cursing loudly, a single profanity that as it hit James’ ear, exploded his heart. That was the best thing about Amy. His Amy. She wasn’t afraid to be herself. She wasn’t the most elegant or the most princess-like. But she was beautiful, beyond beautiful.

“Hey James,” she said quietly, her face blushing a terrific red as she picked herself up on the floor. As James expected, she was wearing heels and struggling to stay upright. James himself was wearing black jeans and a shirt with jacket. His wand was in his back pocket, his basket hanging ominously from his right hand.

“Hi Amy,” James said, equally as quietly. How they were still so stupidly nervous around each other after four and a half years dating was beyond him.

“Go on you two lovebirds,” Hayley ushered us out the front door. “Have fun. Bring her home in the morning James!”

“No problem,” James replied smiling as she shut the door, winking at her daughter.

“Where are we going?” Amy perked up immediately now they were out the presence of her parents. Now that it was just the two of them alone, her real, shining personality emerged.

"Look at it this way,” James replied with as much gusto as he could muster (which wasn’t much). “You brought the wrong shoes.”

Amy groaned audibly and linked her arm with James’. The two smiled at each other, and not just the courteous smile extended to family friends. It was a deep, meaningful, loving smile that said: ‘stay by my side forever’.

James landed, the apparition momentarily knocking him off balance. Amy beside him went one better and completely lost her footing, only to be saved as James extended an arm and caught her as she tripped.

“Fucking heels,” Amy chuckled, another small tear opening in James’ heart as her mesmerising laugh swept in through the cracks and splintered his arteries.

“Here, let me, we’ve not got far to walk,” James smiled. He swept Amy off her feet as she squealed and, for the first time, James felt confident. Now that he and Amy were alone, strength ploughed through him. He was in control of his nerves, not them controlling him. James strode confidently through the field of lush green grass where they had landed, carrying his giggling girlfriend as they followed a luminous red light. A lion-shaped rug, emblazoned with the Gryffindor symbol came into view, lit up by a dozen red scented candles. Amy grinned as James placed her on the blanket, depositing her heels beside him. The basket that had been on his shoulder slipped and he deftly caught it and placed it beside Amy as he sat down.

“James Jacob Remus Black,” Amy muttered. “This is too much. A candle lit picnic in the middle of a field at night? Are you trying to write a book on romance or something?”

“You don’t like it?” James stumbled, feeling his plan crash before his eyes.

“No!” Amy corrected him. “This is not just beautiful and thoughtful, but romantic too. I love it.”

James smiled, sighing a huge internal sigh of relief. He slipped open the picnic basket and emptied its contents onto the blanket. They ate silently, enjoying each other’s company with no need to fracture the tranquil silence of the night with their words. As they finished, James felt Amy shift her position. She was no longer sitting, but lying, sprawled across him. He felt her head rest itself on his chest. He felt her hot breath splay out across his neck as she looked up at him, nothing but pure happiness in her eyes. He moved his hand onto her stomach and rested his legs against hers. Protected from the cold of the night, they stared up at the stars that illuminated the beauties of the sky.

“I see Orion’s belt,” Amy muttered, pointing at a constellation of stars.

“Yeah well you always were better than astronomy than me,” James grinned. “I used to just look for pretty stars and then doodle on my drawings. How the hell I got an A I’ll never know.”

“You copied me in the final exam,” Amy giggled, her fingers, tinted with a splash of red as they gently touched his face.

“Oh yeah. Well, those stars over there look like you,” James pointed to a group of stars that were oddly shaped. Amy squinted and her eyes widened. As she looked, the stars grew brighter in the sky, to form an almost perfect picture of her face. She gasped and sat up, her blue eyes acting much like her mother’s did, as she turned them on James, passion burning inside of them.

“What did you do?” she asked trembling. Whether she was angry or not, James wasn’t sure, but he wasn’t finished yet.

“I just pulled off a bit of astronomy of my own. It’s amazing what the night sky can do with a little wand work,” he grinned.

“My face? In the night sky?” Amy whispered.

“We’re the only ones that can see it,” James explained. “This blanket is the perfect spot, the only spot where you can see my magnificent drawing of starlight.”

“But James,” Amy protested. “The girl in that ‘drawing’. She’s beautiful. Beyond beautiful. Surely that can’t be how I look!”

“That’s how I see you,” James replied, standing to join her on her feet. “Every second of every day, you are that beautiful. Words cannot describe how much I care about you. You’re all I think about. From the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep and every single moment in-between. This is merely a taster of my love for you!”

Amy stared at James, tears falling down her cheek, her eyes heavy, her hair clinging to her, no longer just thorns but the entire rose bush. But James wasn’t finished yet. Behind his back, he flicked his wand and Amy’s jaw dropped even further than it already had as fireworks shot into the sky, exploding to form the words: AMY HUNT, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF in big, bold, sparkling red letters. Amy’s eyes widened and she looked back at James, who had dropped to one knee. His left hand finally dug into his pocket and pulled out the object that had been burning a hole there for too long. He flipped open the box and sure, there was a ring inside, a diamond encrusted at the heart of the golden band.

“Amy Hunt, will you marry me?” were the last words James managed to say before she smothered him. She had moved so swiftly, sending him straight to the ground, crushing him in a pile of limbs as her lips crashed against his, moving with a ferocity and passion he had never felt before. He pushed her up and they kissed more, their hands moving like lightning to the parts of the body they wanted to touch the most, hers rubbing against his chest, his deeply embedded in her hair and the back of her neck. Their kiss grew more and more loving and even as the fireworks and the starry formation in the sky above them faded, their passion and love did not and they pressed on, the ring almost discarded in the chaos of their bodies but not quite as James slipped it into the pocket of his discarded jacket. They continued to make love long into the night and it was only when the sun began to reform, penetrating the dark of night, finally piercing the black curse on James’ heart, when they finally lay back in each other’s arms and slept…

James awoke. His body was aching slightly, but he’d never been happier. Amy was still asleep, her hair tickling his bare chest, her head resting beside him, her legs entangled with his and her arms holding his stomach in an almost vice like grip. James smiled as her eyes flickered open, staring into his soul with their electric blue fire.

“Hi,” she whispered.

“Hi yourself,” James replied. “I’m taking that as a yes?”

“Please,” Amy purred. “You make it sound as though there was ever a decision to be made!”

The rest of that day passed in a blur for James. They spent a lot of it just lying in that field. Talking, sleeping and just lying there, holding each other like they had done for years. Then, when their resolve finally broke, they travelled to the Hunts’ where they informed Amy’s parents and her little sister Lucy of the engagement. Following much squealing and laughing and joking, he took her home. To her new home. The cottage that James had been saving for the pair of them was at last ready to house them together. She was finally his. His Amy. Amy Hunt, his fiancé. Soon to be Amy Black or Amy Black-Hunt (that was a matter to be discussed). And, although it was merely the confirmation that she was his Amy, he had known they belonged together, for a very, very long time…


A/N: Here we are guys. For those of you who loved James and Amy, here is the next chapter in their story. Now, the focus shifts to their sister Lucy, and her exploits as Lost Potters enters the realm of Canon... HP


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