When I walk into the Great Hall, I head over to the Gryffindor table and see Ron and Hermione holding hands. It must be so wonderful for them that they no longer have to spare my feelings and can be open with their relationship, they look really happy. I find myself actually not caring as much as I thought I would, I suspected it had to do with a certain blonde haired Slytherin, but that's just a guess.

I can see a few people glancing at Ron and Hermione, and then at me, I roll my eyes. As I sit down Ron, Hermione, and Harry look at me. After a few moments I say "What?"

"Where the bloody hell have you been?!" Ron asks.

I narrow my eyes. "None of your business!" He gives me a concerned look,

"Seriously, Aria, where have you been? We were worried about you,"

"I was around, alright, stop worrying, goodness!" There was no way in hell I was going to tell them I had slept with Draco Malfoy, all I had to worry about was Draco bragging about it to his stupid friends.

I look at Draco over at the Slytherin table, he's laughing and joking with his two croonies, Crabbe and Goyle, when he sees me looking he smirks and winks, then continues talking.

I turn back around, smiling a bit, thinking about the way his lips felt on mine. I'm so lost in thought I don't even realize Ron was talking to me.

"Um, Aria, did you hear me?"

"What? No. What do you want?"

"To apologize for what happened, we really didn't mean to hurt you, and we still want to be friends with you," I study them, they both look a bit anxious.

I shrug and say "Whatever, just know I really don't trust you guys anymore, so don't expect me to,"

Hermione smiles gratefully and says "Oh, thank you Aria, I really am sorry." I nod because I have no idea how to respond to that.

Breakfast was all together awkward, they kept asking where I was all night, but I wasn't telling them anything. After breakfast we were hanging out in the Entrance Hall, when Draco walked over With Crabbe and Goyle, it was awfully hard pretending to be annoyed by his presence.

Draco sneered and said "Wealsey, you dumped Merona for Granger?! That is disgusting, what's wrong with you, besides the obvious?" I somehow manage not to laugh. "At least Merona is good looking, but Granger looks like a beaver!"

He laughed like it was the funniest thing he'd ever heard. I knew Draco was saying all these horrible things to make me feel better, and that only made it even more harder to act annoyed.

"Shut up, Malfoy!" Ron said angrily.

Draco ignores him, "You probabaly weren't cutting it for Merona anyways, you weren't good enough for her." Draco is smirking, and Ron looks extemely pissed off.

Draco then turned to me and said, "Hey, Merona, if you ever want someone who will do it better, I'll be here." He winks at me and I try not to smile. I'm not sure if I succeed or not, though.

Ron scoffed and said "Like Aria, would ever be with you, she actually has standards." I'm a bit worried Draco is going to say something about what happened last night, I brace myself for it, but it doesn't come.

Instead he says, "You wouldn't know she had standards, considering she dated you. And you don't know, maybe she finally realized that she wants a Slytherin again."

I've always had this theory, I've never told anyone, not even Hermione about it. My thoery is while guys from other houses are great, Slytherin guys are the best, and I mean when it comes to sex. Something about them makes them better than other guys in bed, maybe it's all that anger and mystery.

Draco proved my thoery right last night.

I mean, Ron was great, but Draco is amazing! I also have another theory, while Slytherin guys do it better, Draco Malfoy does it even better than them. He also proved that theory right. Blaise Zabini was the first guy I slept with. I'm not sure why I liked him, there was just something so appealing about him. Anyways, we had sex, and it was wonderful but Draco was alot better. I, of course never told anyone any of this because I'm supposed to hate Slytherins, especially Draco.

"Yeah, I don't think she does, Malfoy, so leave her alone!" Ron says angrily. I hate it when he gets all over protective over me, it's annoying, even more so since we're not together anymore.

I roll my eyes and say, "Ron, I'm not your girlfriend anymore, you don't need to speak for me, I can handle this by myself anyways."

"Yeah, Weasley, let her speak for herself," Draco said taking a step towards me, "So, Merona, what do you say?"

I shrugged "I don't know, you Slytherin guys are jerks," Draco takes another step towards me and he looks me straight in the eyes, I can feel my heart beat faster.

"Well so you know, Merona, Slytherin guys do it better." A smirk spread across his face. That smirk I once hated, and I now found extremely attractive.

I smirked back and whispered in his ear, "Well, Malfoy, you should know that Gryffindor girls expect better."

"I assure you I can live up to your expectations," he said slipping a piece of paper in my hand. "I'll see you around, Aria."

"What makes you think that?" He shrugs.

"Just a feeling," he winks and walks away. I unfold the paper and it says:

"Meet me on the third floor corridor at lunch tomorrow"

I smile thinking over whether I should meet him or not.

"What the hell was that about?!" Ron asks me, as I slip the note in my pocket. I turn to face him.

"I have no idea." I say trying to keep the smile off of my face.

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