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Draco took off his cloak and dropped it on the floor where he assumed the house-elf was waiting. He didn’t even bother to look as the heavy material was dragged across the floor by the tiny figure.

“Twiggy!” he called; Draco hated the stupid names that house-elves had.

The small creature ran towards his master as quickly as he could. “Yes, Master Draco?” Twiggy said, almost tripping over his own feet to get to his master.

Draco surveyed the stumbling house-elf in disdain. “Any messages for me whilst I was out?” he asked, striding into the drawing room of Malfoy Manor.

He glanced up at the picture of his parents. They were gone now; killed by some Aurours in a raid. They still maintain it was an accident. Draco didn’t believe it but he lost the murder trial. It was his damned reputation and he knew it. Ever since the war the Malfoy name hadn’t been held in quite the same esteem. Draco knew he was lucky to still have the manor, not that it was worth much anymore. But it kept that sense of self-importance Draco needed.

“Sir?” a small squeaky voice issued from somewhere by his waist, he had almost forgotten the question he asked the creature. It looked up in what resembled concern at his master. Draco wondered if it could even feel emotions as acute as a humans.

“Well, speak up! I didn’t hear a word of that you useless creature” he spat, sitting himself down onto a plush, velvet chair.

“I was saying there is a man waiting for you in the cellar, Sir.”

Draco sat up and looked at the house-elf. “Who is it?” he asked almost fearfully.

“I don’t know Sir.” The house-elf quivered slightly, it’s eyes widening, afraid it had done something wrong.

“You mean to say, you let a stranger inside my house without my permission” he hissed, resolving to punish the elf later. He jumped off the chair, running his hand through his blonde hair and strode out of the room.

A few minutes later he arrived at the cellar, his wand out and lip curling in distaste. He didn’t light it in case he needed to use it in a hurry.

Draco hated this part of the manor; it held the worst memories for him, like the Lovegood girl he was forced to torture. ‘For practise’ Aunt Bellatrix had said. it always made him sick to remember how nice she had still been to him afterwards.

The smell was another thing; it was always damp and horrible yet there was something more. He could never put his finger on it but it was like the sorrows of hundreds of prisoners pressing down on him in a scent, if despair could have a scent that was.

He moved forwards cautiously, checking every part of the cellar for signs of life. Just as he was about to give up and go back upstairs to scold his house-elf for wasting his precious time, he spotted some movement in the shadows.

He stopped, watching the area for a moment; it was the darkest part of the cellar, not having the light from the door hitting it at all.

“Hello?” he asked, taking a step back and pointing his wand at the area, “Who is it? Show yourself!”

A figure slowly made its way out of the darkness towards Draco; it was no more recognisable due to the long black cloak that was hiding his frame and his face. A voice issued from the inside of the cloak, it was cracked and hoarse, like it had been tampered with or his voice box was damaged. “Draco Malfoy, we need to talk.”

Draco backed away from the figure.  “I don’t even know you. What do you want to talk to me about?”

It took a step forwards and lowered the cloak to reveal an awfully familiar looking mask. It said two words: “Harry Potter”

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