As she walked down the hallway to the Gryffindor common room, Hermione Granger knew what she had to do. It wasn’t like she hadn’t loved Ron at some point, she really had, but the spark was just gone from their relationship. After the Yule Ball when he finally asked her out, it had seemed like a dream. But they were just meant to be friends, she realized that now.


So she took a deep breath and walked in.


“Hey Mione!” Ron yelled from across the room “Can we talk in private? I have something I want to talk about…”


“Sure Ron.” She smiled, hoping he was going to say the same thing she was.


They walked into Rons room and sat on the bed.




“I-” they both started. They laughed nervously, looking warily at each other.


“You first” Ron said, gesturing towards Hermione.   


“Okay” she nodded. Mustering up all her courage, she began to talk. “Well, I was just thinking about how long it’s been since we started dating and it’s great that we made it last that long but-” she sighed “It’s just that, we’re both so different then when we started dating, and I do love you Ron, it’s just that I love you like a brother, not like a boyfriend.” She glanced at him warily, waiting for an outburst.


“Oh” he said “Well if that’s how you feel, then I’ll try to do my best to act like none of this happened.”





Hermione broke out into a huge, relieved grin. “Thanks Ron” She left the room, not looking behind to see Ron break out into silent sobs, tears streaming down his face.



Later that night, after filling Harry in on what had happened, the trio sat in the common room in front of the fireplace. They sat in each others company, all tension between Ron and Hermione now completely gone. They were all staring at the fire, in a comfortable silence, completely relaxing-




            “What THIS time?” Hermione said, exasperated.


            She walked across the room and saw the Weasley twins huddled over in a corner of the room. She moved in to see exactly what they were doing so she could properly perform her prefect duties and saw them giving air-like potions to a couple of first years.


            “Bottoms up boys” they said in unison, grinning ear to ear.


            “OOOOh no you don’t ” Hermione said before the first years could drink the potion “I told you already, no testing out your products on first years!”


            “Oh dear old ‘Mione, can’t you just let us have a little, itty bit of fun sometimes?” George said, putting his arm over her shoulder.


            “Yeah ‘Mione c’mon this potion is harmless, and it’ll make Ol’ Toadface buggin mad” Fred said, wrapping an arm around her waist.


            She shrugged them off, laughing “If you really want to test it out, test it on yourself, that breaks no rules whatsoever”


            “We tried that once” Fred grimaced “A word of advice, never have the only two people in the room who know where the antidote is take the same potion at once. It only results in pains, aches and being stuck as a peacock for a week.”


            She laughed again nearly doubling over “Okay, I won’t give you detention this time, but remember to at least make sure I’m not in the room next time you test out your products on first years.”


            She walked back to Harry and Ron, said goodnight, and left for her private prefect dorm down the hallway. As she was walking through the halls, she felt a strange feeling on the back of her neck. Almost like someone was watching her. She’d been feeling it for a couple minutes when she finally decided to believe her senses, and check to see if someone was following her.


            She turned quickly around, wand in hand. “Hello? Anyone there?”





            Seeing nothing, she turned back around and continued walking.



She had been feeling this way for a matter of weeks. Every time she walked down the hallway, she would feel those eyes staring at her. She would be sure she had just seen something out of the corner of her eye, but whenever she turned around, no one would be there. It frustrated her to no end. She was Hermione Granger for gods sake! She knew everything! She could solve any problem, answer any riddle, but she couldn’t turn around fast enough to see who was stalking her? Unacceptable.


Although, not many things had been happening like usual lately. She hadn’t caught Fred and George doing anything since she had talked to them. Although they were always careful, they were never this careful. They had to be up to something big.


As she was lost in thoughts, she didn’t even realize that something was creeping up on her from behind.


And then a hand fell over her mouth, muffling her scream.


Hiii!!! hoped you like the chapter sorry bout how fast it went. hope you like the story so far!

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