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Not all Death Eaters were bad. Not all Muggles were ignorant or spiteful. No one is just who they are, by themselves. There is always a part of them made out of motive: some even stemming from first love.




Can a century of a family’s hate become love for a single man? 


One love—punishable by death. Every man has his breaking point. Every man knows what he wants. Sometimes, they even don’t know where to choose what two things they want most in life.


Regulus Black grew up with pride. He hated and despised the lower scum. But he was more than proud be accepted into the ranks of a Death Eater at the age of sixteen. Proud Slytherin. Pureblood. Member of the inner circle of the most powerful wizard of the age. 


His values were corrupt. He began to see the errors of his ways. So much was wrong, but he swore it to be right. Time hit him, and it took one man, one Muggle to turn him around. He began to dig, and dig deep. His master was more twisted than he could ever have known, but he saw it now. He swore it to himself that when all else failed, he would right his wrongs by ending the reign of the Dark Lord. 


Along the way, he met someone he never knew could change his life so much. One Muggle, one stubborn, Muggle man, was the hope for a lost cause. Regulus Black would make it his sworn duty to undo the wrongs he would unknowingly pledge upon his love. Regulus Black would die for the love of this one, Muggle man.


Normalcy is thrived upon, once you’ve lived without for so long. Grudges held towards those who hurt you so terribly. One note, off-kilter, that shattered a world; shattered the heart of a man who would never love a “freak” again.


Vernon Dursley met with a life-changing twist. He fell in love. A love so strong and powerful, he could look far beyond the magical blood in his companion—blood that scared him. 


Vernon Dursley was a sheep in the dark. He was currently unaware of the Wizarding War. He was unaware that the love of his young adult life supported those wishing to exterminate the likes of him. He was unaware that he would not be spending the rest of his life with this love.


Vernon Dursley was living a life of bliss with a man he couldn’t get enough of. Everything seemed to be perfect. Regulus Black was slowly changing, stressing, slowly dying. Worry took its toll as the days with no contact moved on and on. A very singular letter brought proud young Vernon to his knees in pain. Sirius Black stood before him, trying to sympathize, trying to help him understand.


“No one knows what happened,” Sirius said gravely. His younger brother Regulus wasn’t a saint by any means, but still did not deserve to die at so young an age. Sirius came home to “comfort” his mother, but to no avail. He instead spent most of his time shut up in his old room—in his brother’s room. It was there he had found the letter that was now clutched in Vernon’s hand. The context was vague, but enough for Sirius to understand that his brother was, indeed, dead.


His brother was in love with the man kneeling before him, but something, some unknown cause was more important. This unknown cause was the source of this awkward meeting.


Vernon stood up quietly, slightly green in the face. As he turned to walk to the sitting room he nearly fell. Sirius had to grab him around the middle to keep him from falling over again. He set the still-shocked man on the couch and headed to the kitchen where he pulled out his wand and quickly made a pot of tea.


After setting a cup down on the table for Vernon, who didn’t move, Sirius had the courage to ask the question that was burning in his mind since finding the letter three days ago. “Excuse me, but how did you know my brother Mr. Dursley?”


Almost mechanically, as if in a trance, Vernon slowly looked up from his hands that still clutched the letter tightly. His face was pale, and he looked close to either vomiting or crying. Sirius sat patiently, awaiting his brother’s devastated lover to kick him out of the house.


Much shock came to Sirius when in a very shaky tone Vernon spoke.


“Well. . .”





Well I did it! I have started the unthinkable! A Vernon/Regulus. I have some explaining behind this I think, and some major crediting! I guess I need to first thank ciararose who was throwing around horrible ships one day and I added this one to the list. The more and more that people became disgusted by it, the more and more I fell in love with it. I also really want to thank Charlieday because she gave me full on support of it from the beginning! I also want to thank AquariaJasmyn for helping look over the first chapter and also aideilweasley for becoming my new perminate beta for The Other Secret! Furthermore, the title came from orderofthephoenix who suggested Regulus’ other secret, but I didn’t want to give away the ship! I hope you all enjoy the interesting fic that is yet to come! Explaining the ups and downs of a muggle dating a death eater! Please leave a review I’m most intrigued by what you think! (although if you have to many questions please visit my MTA at HPFF forums instead of asking in the review as it would be easier for me to answer. :/)

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