Hermione Granger woke up with a start to her day with her mum knocking on the door.

"Hermione dear, are you awake?"

"Yeah mum, i'm coming down in a sec" Hermione replied.

Today was Hermione's birthday and little did she know, there were going to be a lot of surprises today.

Hermione picked her favorite black skinny jeans and a red and gray stripe v-neck t-shirt with elbow length sleeves.While she was walking down, she remembered that it was her birthday, so she ran back up, grabbed her wand and re-did her hair just for the fun of it.

She walked down the stairs for the second time but this time, when she walked into the kitchen, her parents jumped up with a birthday cake and began to sing 'Happy Birthday...'.

Hermione was shocked to see her parents up and about so early (she knew that her mum had made that cake because no-one decorated cakes like mum did).

When they finished, Hermione blew out the candles and finally spoke.

"You didn't have to do this."

"Yes we did" replied her dad "it was necessary because this birthday is different in two ways."

"How dad?"

"Well" this time it was her mother who spoke "first off, from today you can use magic in and out of Hogwarts, which is special because it has already been six years since you started Hogwarts."

"And second?" Hermione was curious.

"Sit down Hermione, because this one is a long one" her father said.

Hermione sat down with her parents at the dining table and listened.

"Hermione" her mother started to explain "you have to listen to us without any interruptions, OK?"

Hermione nodded while wondering weather this was good or bad news.

"Hermione, you are not our real daughter. You are not a muggle born either. Your real name is Cassiopea Anna Kendall Zabini. You are a pure-blood and the sister of Blaise Zabini. Your mother is Gabrielle Zabini and your father is Rico Zabini. You are under a glamor charm and a memory charm" her father said in one big breath and then continued, "Your real parents are coming to pick you up at midday and you will need to pack as it is 10:30 am!"

Hermione was so shocked that she just sat there open mouthed and speechless, staring at her 'parents'.

"Are you serious?" she finally croaked "You cant be serious!"

"Don't be scared or shocked darling" her mother soothed "It won't be that bad."

"Bad?" Hermione half yelled "BAD!?!"

"Don't be-" her father started but never finished.

"How dare you think that this won't be bad, this is HORRIBLE because I have been lied to all my life!" now Hermione was yelling.

"Darling, calm down it will be OK, I promise" her 'mothers' words were soothing to her so in an instant Hermione calmed down and embraced her 'mother' and began crying on her shoulder. After a minute or so, she stopped crying and went to her room to pack up.

It took her 1 hour to pack and it seemed to all fit in her trunk (undetectable extension charm) so she took it down and waited for her real parents to come for her.

Half an hour later, there was a knock on the door and Hermione took a deep breath and opened the door to see two strange faces and one she reconised at her doorstep.



Thanks for reading!
As this is my first fanfic, I was worried about how to start the story off but then I got to my senses and had a go.
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