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So, I feel like I should preface this with a small passage from Radiant:

They all knew the Johnson’s tale, and it was one that scared them.  Their parents split up the beginning of Lyra’s fifth year and Corvus’ sixth.  Up until then, Corvus had been the life of the party.  He was very talkative, and he was a perfect fit for Hailey.  They threw every party, they attended every one, and they were some of the best students.  Lyra was much the same.  She wore beautiful clothes, smiled at every boy that gave her a look, and she was the highest in her class.  And then the split-up happened, and Hogwarts had never seen such a reversal.

Corvus instantly shut down.  They only ones that could get through to him were his sister, Hailey, and Scorpius for a long time.  It wasn’t until the beginning of sixth year that he started talking to his friends again.  Lyra fell away from eating, let her grades slip, and attached herself to her brother.  They hung onto each other for support, and, if forced apart, they were miserable.  It was a sad sight to see, even now, two years later, but it was still affecting them, the way their father threw his life away and spiraled out of control in a world of drugs and hatred.  He never spoke to them anymore, a man that had been their hero, the first person they always went to.  They’d always been unnaturally close to their parents, and everyone attributed that factor to why they took the break-up so harshly.

- Chapter 1, How September Started

That is what this story will be based solely on, that moment in Corvus’ life when he was, essentially, broken, emptied, annihilated.  If you’ve read Radiant, you know I have a very strong love for him, and I feel quite drawn to this in-pieces boy.  That said, you also don’t necessarily have to have read Radiant to understand this, though it would probably be very helpful.  Now, without further ado, I present Corvus’ story to you…


what if this storm ends? 

I want to see you
As you are now
Every single day
That I am living

April, 2023.

“Did you invite the Johnson’s?”

Corvus Johnson looked up, grey eyes twinkling as he smirked.  He ran a long-fingered hand through his shaggy brown hair that was always hanging at different lengths and angles around his face and turned his arched eyebrows and pools of grey to his sister, Lyra.  He nodded toward the conversation taking place a little ways down the Slytherin table, but she just smirked and nodded; she already knew.

“I didn’t think to,” a girl responded, shrugging, “Was I supposed to?”

“Sara,” the first girl sighed, “You have to invite the Johnson’s.  No one will come unless they’re going.”

“Won’t he bring Hailey, though?”

“Yes, and he’ll bring Scorpius.  Have you ever gone to a party without the four of them present?”

“Well, no,” the second girl trailed off, and Corvus just shook his head, laughing.

Lyra rolled her grey green eyes as her brother stood.  She gave him a stern look that he ignored, and his group of friends laughed as he quietly made his way to the back of Grace Lisesons, a pretty brunette in their year.

“Grace, darling,” he cooed, placing one hand on her shoulder and the other on the table so that he balanced himself, “I heard you were throwing a party this Saturday,” he continued, lifting the hand on her shoulder to push back a lock of brown hair, “I didn’t get an invitation.  Pity.”

“Corvus,” she nearly gasped, eyes wide, “I don’t know what must have happened to it.  Of course Lyra and you are invited.”

“And Hailey, as well?”

“Bring Scorpius, too, if you want,” Grace nodded fervently, “It starts at ten.”

“Of course it does.”

Corvus looked up as Hailey cleared her throat, and his smirk slipped away into a frown as he noticed her glare.

“Ten,” Corvus repeated over his shoulder as he stood and went back to his seat, “Hey,” he whispered to his girlfriend, slipping his fingers through hers, “I love you.”

“Stop doing that,” she said softly, and he nodded, “Thank you.”

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled, nuzzling into her hair and making her laugh, “Please don’t hate me.”

“I love you, silly,” she returned, pecking him on the cheek.

“Corvus, we have class,” Scorpius called his attention as he and Adrian Nott stood, “You can snog your lady later.”

“Right on,” Corvus murmured, quickly kissing Hailey on the mouth before motioning obnoxiously at his sister, “Are we after?”

She laughed at him as she tied off her braid, a long, messy blonde braid that dipped over her shoulder and nearly reached her waist.

“Yes, Corvus, I’ll meet you in the courtyard later.”

The group separated then, and Lyra found the other fourth years in her room as Corvus, Scorpius, and Adrian trailed off toward the dungeons for Potions.


Corvus took in a long draft of his cigarette early Sunday morning, long before anyone would be awake, before handing it over to Scorpius, who repeated his motions.  It was only in the wee hours, just past three o’clock, though this was a common time for the two friends.  They never slept after parties, simply ran right into the next day, a feat that their friends could never understand.  Lyra was not far from them; she was spread out on her stomach, her elbows bent, and a book in front of her.  Hailey was next to her, though on her back, and she was staring up at the stars.  They were outside, in the Quidditch Pitch, and they were quiet.

It had been a successful party, that much Corvus could agree.  Though it sometimes troubled him that his sister, at so young an age, had already picked up his lifestyle, but all he had to do was look at her and smile; she wasn’t a typical fourteen-year-old.  Growing up under the shadow of her brother and pushing away from that, becoming her own person, Lyra had discovered who she was at thirteen and a half, and she’d grown up quickly.  Now, even only at fourteen, she was nearly a carbon copy of her brother in many attributes.  They shared the same strength and determination with their lives, and they loved unconditionally.

“What are you smirking at?” Scorpius interrupted his thoughts.

“Lyra,” he responded, and Scorpius nodded.

He’d grown accustomed to this answer, knew that Corvus cared deeply for his sister, knew how much he worried about her.

“It’s scary,” Corvus went on, “how quickly she came to all of this.”

“She adores you.”

“I know.  I just feel so guilty sometimes, letting her be part of this.”

“She wanted it.”

“I know.”

And they fell silent again, allowing Corvus to soak in his thoughts.  Not only had he brought Lyra into this, he’d led Hailey straight into the chaos that was his life, though she’d never looked back in regret.

“We should get going!” Hailey called from the ground, “It’s getting late.”

Though no one moved for the next few hours.  They continued on like this, talking occasionally, but mostly just enjoying the peace of the morning and the silence.  When they did finally retreat, however, it was nearing seven o’clock, and they took to the skies for an hour, Hailey wrapping her arms around Corvus and taking off with him.

“I love flying,” she whispered, touching his neck with a kiss.

“I love you,” he returned, and she just smiled against him.

When they finally touched ground around eight, they stowed the brooms back in the broom closet near the changing rooms, then headed back to the castle for breakfast.  They were one of the few Slytherins awake that early, a face they’d kept up all year and, for Corvus, Hailey, and Scorpius, all the year previous.  It was a face they knew McGonagall did not question, a face that allowed them to continue on their lifestyle without any consequences.  By showing up so early, they proved that they were responsible, and she rewarded them with ignorance, to which they greatly appreciated.


June, 2023.

Corvus tipped back the rest of the Firewhisky he’d been carrying around before setting it on a table and going off to find Hailey in the mass of bodies.  He finally discovered her chatting away with his sister on one of the couches, though, at his hungry glance, she excused herself and let him pull her into the middle of the common room.

“Did you know that you’re beautiful?” he purred in her ear as they molded together, moving to the music.

“You’re just horny,” she retorted, laughing when he mumbled an affirmative.

It was the last party of the year before they’d go home for the summer holidays, and it was already well underway.  It had begun at ten, as per usual, and it was already two in the morning, though it seemed that no one was ready to let go.  And so he kept it alive, the last party that the Johnson’s would throw this year, a party that would be unforgettable.

He continued to supply endless amounts of music and alcohol, and the room was clouded with cigarette smoke despite the open windows.  The event swung well into the morning, though it began to slowly die around four, and, finally, at six, the common room had cleared and Corvus fell onto a couch, smirking wildly.

“That,” he began, “was incredible.  A perfect way to end the year, don’t you think?”

His three friends agreed wholeheartedly before Scorpius brought up the ever-important question, “How did you three do on your exams?”

“Flawlessly,” Corvus replied instantly, “Aced every single one, as did my insanely intelligent sister!” he finished in a shout, reaching over and tickling an already protesting Lyra.

“I’m pretty sure McGonagall has never been so proud of a single class,” Hailey laughed, “Cos I certainly did as well, or, at least, almost as well, as those two did, as I’m sure you did, too, Scorp.”

“Of course.  So, next year, are we kicking off our to-be-amazing sixth year with a kickass shebang?”

“Fuck yea!” Corvus exclaimed, throwing his arms up in the air, allowing Lyra access.

The two tumbled to the floor, and Scorpius just shook his head as Hailey laughed.  They had never been happier.


Scorp-a-dorp –

I am currently Galway!  Can you believe it?  It’s July sixth right now, and the weather is just beautiful.  Everything about this country is amazing.  I honestly don’t even know how my parents managed this, but wow.  We totally need to come here someday with everyone, after you finally woo Rose over.

How has your summer been?  It’s weird not spending every day gallivanting around London and wreaking havoc everywhere!  But I’ve been having loads of fun with Lyra in Ireland.  I’m telling you, mate, this is the greatest place in the world.  Everything is so gorgeous.  It’s just so serene here.  I love it.

I miss Hailey like crazy.  We’ve been writing nonstop.  She told me that Rose is showing signs of improvement, at least when they talk about you.  Apparently, she doesn’t mutter horrible things about you under her breath anymore, though that could just be Hailey’s imagination.

Merlin, Scorp, you just.  You need to come visit, at least for a couple days.  Have your dad apparate you over or something, just stay for a little bit.  You really would love it here.

I’ve got to go, though.  Lyra’s been glaring at me since halfway through this letter.  I promised her I’d go sight-seeing with her.  Don’t be shy, write back!

- Corvus

“Ireland,” Scorpius laughed, setting the letter down, “He wants me to visit.”

“So go,” Hermione said as she set down a bowl of eggs, “I’m sure it would be fun.  Your father can take you over, and you can stay a few days.”

“That’s exactly what he said.  It really would be awesome to go.”

Draco just nodded, though the gaze he sent Hermione worried her.  Their son left after breakfast to change, and she raised a wary eyebrow as she collected their plates.

“Hilary isn’t happy,” he murmured, frowning, “She wrote Emily last week, and Hermione,” he sighed, “You should have seen it.  Em showed Blaise the letter, obviously, and he told me about it.  All they do is fight, and I guess he’s hit her before.”

“No!” Hermione gasped, turning, “He hit Hilary?”

“She won’t tell the kids, obviously, but… I’m afraid for Corvus and Lyra.  They’re already so messed up, Hermione,” he sighed, “And Corvus just worships him.  I really don’t see how this could end anyway but horribly.”

Hermione nodded, “We shouldn’t tell Scorpius.  That’ll just worry him.”

“I’m worried about Hilary,” he frowned, leaning back in his chair, “And the kids.  I don’t even want to know what this could do to them.”

Hermione went to kiss him, squeezing his shoulder, “Things will be okay.”


It’s over.  They’re done.  My parents split up.  I didn’t even see it coming.  He hates me.  He fucking hates me.

It’s August.  I think it’s the nineteenth.  I don’t even want to be alive anymore…


Well!  Not only do you have the spotlight of Corvus as happy, you’re starting to get the break down.  It’ll be quite interesting, rest assured.  I hope you enjoyed and, well, be prepared for a very, very dark next two chapters.

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