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Flying Away

One month later.

“I can’t believe you’re really moving out,” Hermione sighed, hugging her son tightly, “Are you sure you’ll be alright?”

“Mum, I’m fine,” Scorpius promised, kissing her on the cheek before going to hug Draco, “You and dad left the summer after your seventh year.  Besides, I’ll see you in, like, a week for the wedding.  I gotta go, though.  If Corvus sighs one more time, I think I’ll hex him.  I love you both.  I’m not far, so you can visit anytime, within reason,” he added to his mum, “And I’ll visit, too.  Okay?”

Hermione nodded, sniffing away tears.

Draco laughed and pull her to him, “You’ve totally turned into your mother.  C’mon, let’ him go.  Now we’ve got the house to ourselves and—”

“Okay, bye!” Scorpius shouted over them, shaking his head.

He left with a box in his hand, having already apparated a few times with the rest of his things.  He laughed as Corvus sighed again when he finally opened the door.

“Shut up, asshole, I’m coming.”

“It’s about goddamn time.  I nearly fell asleep waiting.  Mrs. Malfoy, always good to see how beautiful you are,” he finished with a wide smile.

“Stop flirting with my mum, and let’s go.”

He steered Corvus away, Hailey following them, and they apparated at the street.  After spending nearly all of June searching for a house, they’d finally decided to split up.  Corvus and Lyra, for the first time, were living separately, which had been a difficult decision for them.  Lyra’s restaurant, which she’d named after herself, would be opening in two weeks, and she was living above.  It was a beautiful place, though small, and London was already buzzing with talk about it.

Hailey, Corvus, and Scorpius were sharing rent at a two-bedroom flat down the stress from the restaurant, though Rose was still deciding and talking to her parents about moving in with them.  Albus, Molly, Adrian, and Chloe were also sharing a flat, though it was quite a ways away from the restaurant.

They spent the next three days unpacking and furnishing, though the latter end of the week was devoted to Corvus and Hailey’s wedding.  It was due to be large and wondrous, the ceremony held in an old, castle-like church, the reception at Lyra’s restaurant.  Rose was currently sitting in a cute little bridal shop, waiting for the girls to emerge.  She wasn’t in the wedding, though she certainly hadn’t expected to be, but Hailey had approached her asking if she wouldn’t mind helping with all the little things, like approving dresses.

Molly and Chloe came out first, in matching green dresses.  Thin jeweled straps held up a v-neck bust that was only tight until just below their breasts before flowing out in a shimmery chiffon material.  A large jewel rested below the bust, spreading out like a snowflake.  A darker, emerald green wrapped around their midsections and outlined the top.  Lyra stepped out as Rose was about to speak, wearing the same dress, though in blue.

“Wow,” Rose said, shocked, “You guys look hot.  Honestly, woah.  You look awesome.”

Lyra curtsied cutely before the three of them left to allow Hailey to come out, and Rose just smiled…


Scorpius closed the door behind him as he entered one of the rooms in the church.

“Nervous?” he asked Corvus as he noticed his friend smoking near the open window.

“Not really.  I’m mostly just excited.  Scorp, thank you for being my best man.  It really does mean a lot to me.”

“So you’ve been saying all week,” he laughed, shrugging out of his jacket and unzipping his suit bag.

Corvus put out his cigarette and went to change.  When he and Scorpius were finished, Albus and Adrian showed up, and Scorpius left to go see Hailey.  When Rose opened the door to let him in, he kissed her lovingly before turning to face Hailey.  She was just being zipped, and he smiled, eyes wide.  Her dress was white and strapless, her blonde hair tumbling in graceful curls down her back.  It was simple, with just a dash of sparkles across the bust, and it looked perfect.

“Hailey, you look,” he paused, shaking his head in disbelief, “You are so beautiful.”

“Thank you, Scorpius.  How is Corvus?”

“Calmer than I’ve ever see him,” he laughed, “He really does adore you.”

Her beam was so wide, and Scorpius gave her a kiss on the cheek before leaving again.  He went into the hall with Rose, who was giddy with excitement.

“Guess what!” she exclaimed, clapping her hands together, “My parents finally agreed with minimal amounts of contempt, and so I can move in!”

“Rose!” Scorpius laughed, pulling her to him and swinging her in a hug, “That’s awesome!  When are you going to start?”

“Soon.  Obviously not today, but soon.  I’m so excited to be living with you.”

“As am I, sweetie,” he said, kissing her one last time before smiling, “I have to go, though.  Corvus will be wondering where I’ve gone.”

Scorpius headed off as Rose reentered Hailey’s room.  The ceremony went on flawlessly.  Hailey turned heads as she walked down the aisle, and there were many tears to be had between the women.  When it was over, Scorpius was sure he’d never seen Corvus quite so happy.  They returned to the restaurant where Lyra’s new staff greeted them and catered the reception, which lasted until about eight that night.  The group didn’t stay together much longer after that, and, before they knew it, a week had passed, and Corvus and Hailey were honeymooning in Ireland.

“What d’you think?” Scorpius said, setting down one of Rose’s boxes in his room.

“It’s really nice,” she murmured, nodding.

“You’re nervous,” he sighed, “Do you not want to do this?”

“No, I do,” she promised, “It’s just a big step.  I don’t come from the same background as you, Scorpius.  My family isn’t… rich,” she finally spat out, “How this just happens makes no sense to me.”

He frowned, “Is that really bothering you?”

“I don’t know,” she groaned, “I’m going to go into Diagon Alley tomorrow, see if I can find somewhere that’s hiring.”

“May I come with you?  I can job-search, too.”

“You’re not gonna work at, like, the Ministry or something?” she scoffed.

“Rose, baby, I’ve never wanted to work there.  You should know that.  I want to be close to you.  I want to live my life with you.”

Rose looked over at him, and he sighed before going over to her.

“Rose, I love you so much.  I just want you to be happy.”

“I am happy.  I have you.  Nothing could make me happier.”

“Good.  That’s what I like to hear.”


One week later.
Late July.

Lyra looked around at all the gathered people, her entire staff and her friends.  They were due to open in fifteen minutes for the first time.

“Alright,” she started, climbing onto a table, “My name is Lyra, though you should know that.  I want to start off with the most obvious: we’re all wizards and witches here.  Our customers, however, will not be, for the most part.  Therefore, the most important rule that you will follow is this: no wands.  When the restaurant is closed and we’re cleaning up, then you may use them, but as long as we are open and there are Muggles in here, there will be no magic.  Is that understood?” she paused to allow this to sink in before continuing, “Other than that, I don’t have many specifics.  The most obvious ones, like staying cleanly and, y’know, doing your job, don’t need a reminder, I’m sure.  I would like to do introductions, though.  Our prime entertainer is my brother, Corvus.  Corvus, stand up.”

He did as told, rolling his eyes.

“Thank you.  Regardless of his entertainer status, however, you will treat him as you would treat me because he is also your boss.  I’ve only just turned seventeen, and so I’ll be attending my last year of Hogwarts in September.  Therefore, Corvus will be running the place until I get back.  This proves to be a problem, though, in the matter of head chef, which, thankfully, I have solved.  The month of August,” she went on, crossing her arms, “will be very important to you.  One of you will be promoted by the end of August, so take this seriously.  Now.  I’d like to take a quick few minutes to introduce everyone.  Just go around, you’re spread out enough that this shouldn’t be hard, tell us your name and your position.  You there, start,” she said, brandishing a hand at a tall redhead.

“My name is Ayshlin,” she started in a thick accent, “And I hail from Ireland.  I’ll be working as a cook.”

“I’m Devyn,” a lanky man with black hair said, “And I’ll also be working as a cook.”

“My name is Jay, and I’ll be a cook,” a brunette said.

“I’m his brother, and I’m Luther, and I’m also a cook,” a blonde spoke.

Another blonde, though this one was quite a bit spunkier chimed in, “I’m Lucy, and I’ll be a waitress.”

“I’m Ronnie,” a small woman with black hair murmured, “And I’ll also be a cook.”

“And my name is Sandra,” the last, also raven-haired, said, “And I’ll be a cook.”

“Wonderful,” Lyra said, and she went to continue when Devyn spoke up.

“Er, we only have one waitress?”

Lyra glared at him for a moment before starting again, “If you’d let me finish, these people,” she waved at her friends, “will frequently be here.  Hailey and Adrian will be our hostess and host,” they stood as she pointed at them, “and Molly, Chloe, and Albus will be our other waitresses.  And waiter,” she added when Albus cleared his throat, “Scorpius and Rose don’t work here because they’re lame,” she paused to glare playfully at them, “but they will be in here quite often, I hope.  So, is that all settled then?  Any questions?”

When no one voiced any concerns, she smiled, “Great.  We open at eleven and close at eleven.  We do not serve breakfast, and I expect you to be here fifteen minutes before your shift to suit up and get ready.  If you’re opening, you will be here at ten thirty; if you are closing, you will be here until the place is clean, which shouldn’t be much later than midnight.  Waiters and waitresses will wipe down tables, so, uh, Lucy?  Awesome, yes, you’ll be cleaning this table once I’m done, thank you.  Positions, please!”

The staff quickly got to their feet and put the chairs back before heading toward the kitchen.  Corvus went to his piano as Hailey went to pull up the large curtains to allow light to stream into the restaurant.

“So, the point of us being here?” Rose laughed as Lucy quickly wiped down the table Lyra was getting off of.

“I just wanted them to see you and know you so that they wouldn’t flip out if you came in and didn’t recognize you, y’know?  Guys, you’re my friends.  You’re welcome here anytime.”

“Thanks, Lyra,” Scorpius said, smiling, “Uh, Rose, I’m gonna go chat with Corvus real quick.  Do you want to wait or…” he trailed off, eyebrows arched.

“I actually have to go to work.  I got a job at Flourish and Botts,” she explained to a curious Lyra.

“Oh, good for you, you’ll love it there,” Lyra congratulated before waving to them and heading off into the kitchen.

“Alright, I’ll see you later,” Scorpius promised with a kiss, “I love you.”

“I love you, too.  Have fun, be good.”

He just nodded, watching her go.

“So, you’re working in a bar?” Corvus laughed as Scorpius sat next to him on the piano bench, “Specifically, the Leaky Cauldron?  For real, man?”

“Hey,” he shrugged, “I figured it’s a really good gig, y’know?  They pay really well, and I know the guy who owns it.  Plus, I’m into that scene, as Rose would put it, so it’s not like I don’t want to work in a bar.  ‘Course, the Cauldron is a little sketchy at times, but whatever.  I’m working in a bar, Corv.  It’s perfect.”

“Does that mean I get all the free drinks I want?” he asked, starting his song, “Or do I have to pay like every other slimy customer?”

“Slimy,” Scorpius laughed, “Shut up.  Just cos you’ve got a job co-owning a restaurant with your sister and playing music doesn’t mean you get to call my customers slimy.  Speaking of, I have to go serve those slime balls.  When do you get off?”

“I’m working til close with Lyra.  We figured it would be best if we stayed here the whole day since it’s the first day.”

“All the staff is, too?”

“Just the first day.  Tomorrow, they all have different shifts.  We just wanted everyone to get acquainted and become familiar with the place.  Makes sense.  Alright, go to work before you lose your job.  I’ll bring home Chinese if you get booze.”

“I think I can knick some Firewhisky.  I’m all out of smokes, though.  Want me to pick you up some?”

“If you don’t mind horribly, I would consider you my best friend for life.”

“Yea, as if you didn’t already,” Scorpius laughed before standing, “Okay, I’m leaving.”

Corvus just turned back to his piano as Scorpius left, smiling to himself.  It scared him a little how grown-up they’d become in less than two months.  It also made his chest swell with pride, knowing that he could survive on his own, surrounded by his best friends and the girl of his dreams.



So, it’s over.  I did and didn’t like this chapter.  It felt kind of weird to me, so let me know.  But, you know, onto my tradition, I want to say thank you to four of my amazing reviews: ykai, Ehlana, Dalek194, and Immaslytheringirl.  You guys are the greatest, :D

I hope you all enjoyed this because I certainly had a lot of fun writing this, honestly.  That said, I’ll be posting the first chapter of The Lightning Strike with this, so please go check it out!  It’ll only be a quick three chapters, just a little short story, but it should be interesting.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing this, and it was a fun ride!  :D

- Mary

ps, If you're interested in what happens in everyone's coming lives, just ask away, and I'll let you know in review responses.  I have things planned out for their future careers and marriages and children, so, if that piques your interest, shoot me a question!

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