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Picking Up The Pieces by TheGoldenKneazle
Chapter 7 : First Day Back
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Chapter 7 - First Day Back


Monday morning, I got up with the sun. It was pretty cool, watching it rise. But I didn’t actually get up for that purpose. In fact, the whole thing was Madame Beauvoir’s idea.

Although not necessarily quite that early. It was only because I went to bed extra early, worn out with all the adrenaline that had been and gone. So then I woke up at, like, five and got up at six. I don’t really know why Madame B wanted me to get up early to meditate, although she did say a bit (rambled about it quite a lot, actually) something to do with ‘early morning stillness’ and ‘peace and quiet’ and ‘morning freshness’.

Yes, well, it was bloody freezing.

Still, it gave me a while to mull over what all our beds were like. I had taken it slow so as not to cause a memory-onslaught again, and wasn’t TOO surprised this time. They hadn’t changed TOO much in three years.

Although, there was a large change in the posters around the dorm (particularly Isabella’s). There were many more now, especially Ninja/Sexy Team ones. Meh. Many bands, quidditch teams and moving photos had been put up now.

I suppose it seems stupid to be so hyped-up about the stupid duvets everyone had. But, as Fred always used to say, “you can tell a lot about a person from the state of their bed”. And, I had to live with these things. So you get my drift.

Well, Harriet had a pretty patchwork quilt on her bed, with some Laura Ashley – type cushions (she is a muggleborn, and so often shops in places like that). She just had a teddy at the end, among them, and cute, matching heart pyjamas.

Isabella had a hot pink duvet with a silky purple throw at the end of her bed. She had one of those cheesy heart cushions and SO MANY pillows under her head, she was practically sitting as she slept. She had her legs curled up underneath her though, because half her wardrobe and make-up collection, with pizza, was sleeping at the bottom of her bed. Typical Isabella just had one of those tiny negligee thingies.

Edie had a very sweet and bright duck-covered duvet, complete with the whole of Mayvern’s Tavern (the giant wizard toy shop) soft toy section. Sheesh. I didn’t even know you could get plushies in the shape of fire crabs, chimeras and kneazles, but there you go. She just had a giant tee-shirt on, that acted more like a short nightie.

I, on the other hand, was wearing a very large, turquoise-and-red, baggy Weird Sisters tee-shirt with long black leggings, and my purple Winter Sleep Hoodie on. I love that thing. It’s so soft! I must have had it for only a few years though, because I don’t remember getting it. However, apart from my normal pink-and-green duvet with long, red bolster at the end, it was the things above my head that had really startled me.

I had an extremely large shelving complex above my head, with small, boxed spaces for each item in there. And there was a LOT of stuff. Mostly either girlie/toiletry stuff, ‘rare’ or special WWW stocks, school inks and special quills etc, and more unseen Roxy’s Team stuff. Needless to say, I was quite in awe of mine and my friends’ geniosity. This was amazing!

In fact, the smashed window had been repaired pretty well too. Although James maintained that they should put a little plaque beside it.

As I had so many new memories, I wanted to check out Fred’s note to me before breakfast, and see if anything matched up. I really wanted to know what he was talking about, so I took it out of the lining of my trainer, and read it again.

Trust no-one.   Obviously. I wouldn’t know that until later. Although probably good advice.

It all runs in the family, skipping every other wave -

The waves ahead of us don’t know, but the swash does.  What does? Although… I remembered the memory of us all at the beach on my ninth birthday. Fred knew I could connect stuff to the sea. The waves ahead of us? The swash? Well, swash was that white stuff as it broke upon the sand, just before they died and went back to nothing, circling back under into the sea again. Huh.

Good luck around Hagrid – be careful. Act dumb .What? Hagrid wasn’t dangerous! But why would I need to pretend I didn’t know something about him?

There isn’t much time left… new moon will be worst. Oh no, was this some kind of inverted werewolf thing? Because I really hoped I didn’t have it. But was it a cycle thing, every new moon or just this one which happened to be on a specific date, which was what Fred was getting at? Ugh.

All incidents regarding Miss Strawberry must be covered up. There is a spy close by; close to you esp. Ugh, what did this mean? ‘Spy’ as in Spies&Sneaks, or just spy? And who was Miss Strawberry? I closed my eyes and thought back to my memories, when suddenly – BAM! It was Dominique, of course! “Strawberry hair” was what I had thought in the quidditch fight, and she must be Miss Strawberry! Who else could it be, after all?

I felt pretty elated. I had worked out some of Fred’s note, and written my notes around the side.

Hopefully, some more memories would magically reappear soon, and I could work out some more! Because, fail to plan and you plan to fail, as Nana Molly always says. And because I can’t get hold of the plan, it’s not looking good right now…





The next thing, I was being shaken by a panicked-sounding person. This didn’t even seem weird any more, it had happened so often so recently.

“Wuh… wuzzat? Wa’appnin? Whozat?” I mumbled incoherently to the shaker. Argh, get off already.

“Roxanne! You have to get up now! It’s ten to nine! You overslept after falling asleep by the window.” Harriet cried, still shaking me in an effort to get me moving. Fortunately, it was one of the rare occasions when words DID manage to penetrate my skull this quickly after waking.

Mostly induced by freaking-out-ness.

“WHAT!! But… the sun, rising… memories… oh nooo, where’s the note? The note! Frick!” I desperately searched the floor with my hands, but when I stood up, realised it was in the bottom of my bed socks that I was wearing. Phew.

Harriet was wringing her hands in despair as I flew to my wardrobe and started yanking out robes and skirts and blouses. “I only came up to brush my teeth, but there you were! And, we didn’t wake you before because we thought you must have set your alarm!”

“Yes, well, do I even have one?”

“Yes, trunk number 8, I think. And you have transfiguration first, with Chang!”

I gasped in horror as I tried to zip up my skirt. Damned blouse kept catching. “Frick! She’s evil with detentions! Oh no, what am I gonna do?! Ok, what do I have after that? And before lunch?”

Harriet walked to the back of the dorm door and checked our pinned-up timetables. “You have arithmancy, then double Herbology before lunch” she said worriedly. Those were not good first-day-back lessons, especially for a slightly mind-abandoned girl in all of this.


As I was having problems running a brush through my hair, and then decided to tie it up in a quick ponytail, Harriet quietly summoned all my books, notes, homework and gloves/quill/wand so that my leather satchel was ready by the time I was (minus make-up and food).

“Ok! We have” she checked her watch “two minutes to get to the transfiguration classroom, second floor. I have food in my bag if you meet me afters, but I have divination when you have arithmancy, so if you don’t catch me, you’ll have to buy a bag of Basilisk pretzels off the Potters for fourteen sickles of you don’t, ok? Yes, they’re a rip-off” she sighed at my tomato face, from angriness, “but they are good money-spinners, you have to admit!”

I could admit, but wouldn’t as we raced down moving staircase after moving staircase, jumping the trick trip rope on the third floor, and the vanishing step too.

At exactly 9:03 we were outside the transfiguration classroom, panting hard, and I banged straight in before bothering to catch my breath. I wouldn’t need to, as I waited through Professor Chang’s twenty minute lecture…

And sure enough, it was “Girls, you are five minutes late!” (actually, three. Get it right, Prof! I could see Edie’s back shaking up front) “I would give you a detention, but since it is presumably Miss Weasley’s fault” (Harriet is a prefect. Go figure), “and it is her first lesson back, I will only take five points off you each. However, such behaviour…”

On and on she droned, about behaviour and standards and not acceptable and OWLs and not making exceptions and our OWLs and our own good and upholding honour and OWLs. I tuned out fast, but was surprised to see that only twelve minutes had gone by when she dismissed us (me needing to be elbowed by Harriet to come to my senses and wipe the mildly-interested-but-very-sorry expression off my face. Genius. Until the elbowing).

So, now there was only half an hour of the lesson to go. Yay. (And in case you didn’t get that, it was sarcasm. The Weasleys’ native language).

As we took our seats, Professor Chang started her lecture on today’s fun exercise. “Right, today we will be going through all the exercises we learnt last term, as a kind of reminder before we move onto the next topic, which will link in quite well with all of this. I will write up the list of all the transfiguration spells you will need to perform to your partner, and we will carry on into next lesson, if necessary. You may begin.”

Slightly doubtfully, I turned to my partner. She was a Ravenclaw – Chang made us sit next to someone from the opposite house to ‘improve inter-house relationships’ – and I had no idea of her name. But, it would pretty rude to ask, right? So I would just have to pretend I knew it.


Looking at the board, I read “‘vanish your snail then conjure it back again’. Ok, well, do you want to go first?” The girl nodded, and quickly and quietly whispered the incantation for vanishing, paused, and then conjured it up again.

“Okay… well, my turn! Um…” I pointed my wand at the poor snail and after waiting for a moment, I realised I had absolutely no idea how to do it.

“Um… when did we learn the Vanishing and Conjuring spells? Because I can’t seem to remember how to do it…” I trailed off. The small Ravenclaw murmured the incantations for me, “Evanesco”, and then demonstrated the wand movements: it was the same for both, but backwards for vanishing.

I tried both at once, but it wouldn’t work. It all felt very alien to me, and I had to try hard for over five minutes to get my snail to vanish.

“Why can’t I do it?!” I complained to my very disgruntled partner. We had a good nineteen more things to do on the list, and had accomplished… one. With twenty minutes to go.

Seeing her patient-but-grumpy face, I said, “Look, go join another pair and make a three. I need to speak to Professor Chang, because I don’t know w… aah. Oh, no. Oh God. Please…”

My partner was now looking slightly worried for me, although more patient now that she could go if she wanted to. “What is it?” she said quietly.

“It’s… argh… I can’t remember the spells from the last three years of my life! Because of the bludger! What am I going to do?” I whispered, feeling as if the world had come crashing down upon my head. I had my OWLs in FOUR MONTHS TIME. And I couldn’t remember anything for them?!

“Well, Miss Weasley… if that is the case, I suggest that you go over each of your third year notes, then fourth year, then fifth year, in the next few weeks. If you would like, I can arrange for each of your teachers to go over things with you in the lessons?” It was Professor Chang. She was being extremely and unusually kind to me.

“If you are worried about how you will do it all, never fear! It will take you a lot less long to learn each spell the second time round, because you just need to re-find the paths for each of them carved into your brain. For example” she gestured to the snail, “it took us two lessons to get that the first time around. But only five minutes the second! So don’t worry, we’ll have you on your feet again in no time.” She smiled kindly at me, and wandered off to help my ex-partner, who was failing at Switching Spells three desks over.

But although, by the end of the class, I had a signed note from Professor Chang (even though she was head of Ravenclaw house),  I felt pretty overwhelmed and stressed. For obvious reasons.

Arithmancy was only one floor up, so I was waiting miserably outside with some of my other classmates for a while before Professor Vector let us in.

I didn’t even notice who I sat down by, I was so dreading the confirmation of my lesson-loss.

Unfortunately, I and Professor Chang were right: I had forgotten everything. This included arithmancy basics, because I had started in third year obviously. I couldn’t even get the arithmancy equation for wand/caster influence, let alone for Animagi transformations, which was what we were working on! I had to spend the lesson with him at the front, re-learning the basics and the first month of third year work.

Needless to say, I was very happy when break came around. I had agreed to meet Harriet (and presumably the others) in the east courtyard to appraise the Potters’ merchandise stands. Apparently, this was their break spot.

But, as I walked through the crowded corridors for the first time, I seemed to be attracting a bit more attention than I had bargained for. A LOT more, in fact. People were staring and whispering and pointing as I hurried past, head ducked. A sort of pathway was carved for me, through the crowd so that I didn’t have to push. A reputation bubble.

As I waited on the staircase as it swung around, being stared at like the new circus freak, an obnoxious Slytherin called out, “Oi! Sexy basilisk girl! Knocked anyone else out yet?” His mates all laughed, but I just stuck up my middle finger at him in that oh-so-easy gesture of annoyance.

One of the mates then shouted out, “Charmed any more toads yet? Maybe left a surprise for the other patients in the hospital wing?” Again, they laughed. Idiot no. 1 then opened his fat mouth and said, “Yeah, did you actually lose your memory, or was it just a new campaign for people to notice your underwear!”

They all laughed their heads off at this, and I had whipped out my wand when the staircase juddered to a halt. Everyone moved on down, but I whispered “Nasilius”, and moved on down with them, satisfied smirk on my face. My work was done.

As I stepped off the staircase, there was a sudden surge of people behind me, covering their noses with their sleeves from the dreadful smell coming off Idiots 1 and 2. It was as if a hundred dungbombs were inside their robes…

Revenge was sweet.

I was slightly less happy thirty seconds later, though, when everyone had been muttering something along the lines of “Sexy Roxy/Evil Bitch/Head Ninja/Basilisk Girl is back”. Urgh, couldn’t they just leave me alone?!

I was in even less of a happy mood when, in the East Courtyard, I could not find a single trace of any of my three friends. I even used the Locator spell with my wand (although I have no idea how I knew it… I was panicking), but it swung aimlessly around, meaning they were nowhere nearby.

I was pretty desperate and worried, dying to have someone to talk to, to dispel the despair I felt at all these whispers. It was then that I finally spotted  a familiar face among the milling students.

“Dan! Dan, behind you!” he turned around at my shouts, and gave a half-smile.

“Hey, Rox. How are you?” One look at my creased-up face gave him enough to work with.

“Oh, okay. But where are your friends? Have they abandoned you in the sea of gossip?”. I nodded fiercely. “Well, since you’re here, do you want me to show you the Potters’ stands? They’re quite something.” I smiled and accepted him.

It was nice to have a normal person to calm me down. I had been pretty hysterical, but Dan just kept telling me to ignore their comments as we pushed through the small crowd gathered around the three stalls.

From my short 5”5, I couldn’t see very much, except for three large banners above each of the stalls; one blue, one reddy-pink, and one green. They read “Roxy’s Ninjas”, “Dom’s Spies&Sneaks” and “Team Basilisk”.

What was it with Basilisks today?!

Pushing through the crowd, I got to the front of my stall. Lily was selling on mine, James on Dom’s and Albus on the green one. They were handling the fast exchanges and multiple demands extremely well!

My mind was partially distracted by all the cool things on the stalls, and I allowed myself a half-second to take it all in. I swear the whole student-competition-team thing hadn’t been done since the tri-wizard tournament!

NINJA STALL: Scarves, hats, badges, LOADS of different sizes and designs of posters, figurines (?!), underwear (“one size fits all: magical size-intelligent underwear for just seven galleons per women’s set and two for men’s!”), special potions (most of which I recognised as newly-packaged WonderWitch products from my Dad’s store), and a lot more.

SPIES STALL: Same drill on posters, figurines (?!), scarves, badges and caps, rollerblades, life-size cardboard cut-outs, Special spells, and so much more!

BASILISK STALL: Posters, badges, scarves, basilisk plushies, and a great deal of sweets.

The basilisk stall had fewer buyers, but still made a tidy profit, I could imagine. I made my way over to Al, and by the time he had noticed Dan and I were now behind his stall with him, my face was right next to his and ANGRY.

He leaned back just in time to avoid being quite as deafened by my “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH ALL THESE BLOODY BASILISK THINGS?!”

It was gonna take more than Dan’s “Easy, tiger: this is one for lunch, not now”.




Roxanne’s Memory Book

I have to admit, I didn’t really remember anything useful today. I just had a few dreams about our dorm, mostly, and all the different changes it has undergone (more than you would think, apparently).

I also had a few snatches of Fred, before he left. And the sea. Grandma loved the sea, I remember. But that was before she had to go to St. Mungos’ (as I know from a longer snapshot, that I hope is not currently correct).

I remember Fred being all isolated, trying to cut himself off from James, Dominique and Molly before he went… he made up stuff about them, he said that to me this one time. He was going through something in his mind, I think. Because he only ever seemed half-there for those two weeks, after the first fine week of when we went back.

After that, nothing went right… and the war began within our school, and Fred didn’t even know me as one of two most-known girls in school.

I wish he had.



*A/N: Sooo, guys, how’d you like this one? I’m sorry not much happened, but one problem come out of here (and a hint of the solution), and also, about to address two more issues in the next chapter!!

Thanks for reading this far! I love you guys. But… IT IS MY BIRTHDAY today, and you know what the best present would be?? Yeah… a review, considering I have over 300 reads, as of today, and only one review, by the lovely lizmusic45! That is a crappy ratio or reads to reviews, so even if you haven’t reviewed thus far, just do it for this one chapter… please?



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Picking Up The Pieces: First Day Back


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