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Chapter 16

Warning! The Hermione/Malfoy scene below has a strong resemblance to a certain Bella/Jacob scene in Twilight!


Hermione hurried along the deserted corridor, feeling utterly humiliated by Jasper’s rejection. Suddenly she bumped into someone. She looked up him surprised and touched her neck because she felt something was burning her skin. It was the necklace.

’You’ve been in his room… With him… Haven’t you?’ Malfoy’s voice was full of jealousy.

’None of your business,’ Hermione answered automatically, without anger in her voice. Her fingers were playing with the necklace.

Malfoy noticed the jewel.

’What’s that necklace? He gave it to you?’

’A Christmas present… from Jasper.’

’A pendant with the Cullen crest?! It means you’ll be one of them?’ He scowled.

’It doesn’t mean anyhing,’ she sighed.

Malfoy stared at her for some seconds, then turned on his heels and hurried away. Hermione followed him.

’Malfoy,’ he heard the girl’s begging voice but he didn’t stop.

’Leave me alone. Be happy with him. That’s what you want so badly. So let it be,’ he shouted while striding out of the castle, in the direction of the rose garden, his black robe fluttering in the snowfall.

’Malfoy,’ Hermione almost screamed his name, running after the tall, blond guy.

He stopped and turned to face the girl.

’I’ll make it easier for you, Professor Granger. I’m leaving Hogwarts and going home to Malfoy Manor. Hale can have the DADA lessons and you both can live happily ever after.’

’Malfoy, please stay. Don’t talk like this. I don’t want you to leave.’ She was out of breath.

’Tell me one reason why I should stay.’ His eyes searched hers.

Hermione took a step forward, the necklace was burning the skin above her heart.

’I need you… I need your help in the investigation,’ she stammered. It was not easy to give up her pride.

He shook his head.

’That’s all?’

There was silence, the snowflakes were glittering in the moonlight. Malfoy set off again.

’Hogwarts would be so empty without you…’ Hermione gasped, following him again.

Malfoy frowned and didn’t stop.

’I don’t want to lose you. You mean so much to me… I’ve been trying to deny it but… I like to be with you… not only as a friend but…’ She almost cried.

He stopped and turned, causing Hermione to almost bump into him.

’Kiss me,’ she said unexpectedly, emotions bursting within her.

’Pardon?’ He asked in disbelief.

’I’m asking you to kiss me, Draco Malf…’

Before she could finish the sentence, he grabbed her and she felt his smooth, warm lips upon hers. He snaked his hands around Hermione’s waist and pulled her tightly against him. She kissed him back hungrily, she realised now how starved she had been. Malfoy’s passion ravished her senses, her skin under the necklace and her whole body was burning in desire, electricity sparked in the winter air around them, melting even the snow around.

It was exactly what Hermione needed. She wanted this kind of passion, an ’I-want-you-so-badly-kiss’ and not an ’I-can’t-make-up-my-mind-kiss’ like that of Jasper’s.

Jasper was ice, Malfoy was fire.

Malfoy broke the kiss for a second to look into her eyes, to see her passion, her wet lips, to make sure she wanted it, too. Then his lips crashed with hers again, impatiently, fervently, Hermione parted her lips a bit to invite him inside and when he accepted, running his tongue along hers, her mouth opened greedily to his kiss.

It was definitely much better to kiss with Malfoy than with Jasper. She didn’t understand why she’d fallen for Jasper. Jasper’s perfect beauty blinded her, his vampire scent intoxicated her senses… Hermione wondered whether Jasper could manipulate her emotions to make her fall for him… She felt madly in love with him only when he was around… Otherwise it was Malfoy who was on her mind.


The next morning Hermione didn’t dare to go downstairs to have breakfast. Her lips were so swollen and sensitive because of kissing the night away with Malfoy in the rose garden that she was afraid the others would notice it.

At lunchtime she didn’t look at Malfoy. She felt embarrassed and needed time to think things over and analyse her feelings. In fact, she didn’t look at anyone, trying to concentrate on the food only.

But from the corner of her eyes she could see Luna stand up and walk over to Malfoy. The heart-shaped ruby of her ring was glittering, too close to Malfoy’s glass. Hermione shifted her gaze to them. Luna said something smiling at him but he didn’t look too friendly. Luna put her left hand into the big pocket of her robe. Was there a small bottle in it or Hermione was just imagining it?

Malfoy drank his pumpkin juice, stood up and, glancing over to Hermione, left the Great Hall. Luna was about to follow him.

’Luna, wait,’ Hermione stopped her.

The blond girl turned to Hermione reluctantly.

’You haven’t eaten your pudding,’ Hermione said kindly.

’I hate pudding,’ she shrugged her shoulders and hurried out.

Hermione raised her eyebrows in surprise.


Professor Malfoy entered his room. Suddenly he felt very sleepy. So sleepy that he hardly got to his bed. He fell onto it as if he had been drunk and closed his eyes. He heard the door open. He forced himself to open his eyes just to see Luna Lovegood’s strange smile through his eyelashes. Then his eyes closed and everything went blank.

End of Chapter 16


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