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Chapter 14




After the trip to Hogsmeade Leif had been avoiding Avalon, in fact he had been avoiding everyone. The image of the mother and child brought to mind a memory that he had long ago suppressed. He sat looking over the grounds from the old abandoned astronomy tower he often went to have a think. He sat hugging his knees rather like a child, letting the setting sun warm his skin. It felt like ice even under his bulky sweater.



“Why did you have to go?” it sounded more like begging then a question. He put his head on his drawn up knees and let the silent tears run down his cheeks. 



He had awoken earlier than normal. A nightmare, one he still had. He climbed out of bed and rushed bare footed to his parent’s bed room. He still remembered how it smelled. Like lavender, his mother was so fond of it, and like the country air. When he pushed open the door he noticed the window was open the natural sunlight spilled into the room he often snuggled up to his mother in. 
She would stroke his hair and tell him the many adventure that little Leif would have. He called for her but she did not answer, the room was quiet, but it was not empty. He peeked under the bed and saw her lying on the other side of the bed. She was playing a game! Hide and go seek! It always was his favorite. He crawled onto the bed quietly trying not to laugh as he slunk over to the other side. He looked down from on top of the bed and saw her laying waiting.



He yelled his triumph and leapt onto her. But when he landed on her form she did not move, she didn’t even shift. He called out to her but she did not answer didn’t close her eyes that looked wide eyed and scared under the bed. It was when he turned her head to look up at him he noticed the blood and the part of her head that was missing.


Covered in blood he went to find his father bawling. His father was horrified at the sight of his small son covered in blood and tears streaming down his face. His greatest fears, he knew then had come true then. What he knew was coming had finally happened.



Leif let out a strangled sob and covered his face with his hands. Pushing hard as if trying to push the emotions, the very memory back, back into the dark part of his brain he had kept it all these years. He looked up again over the green grounds of Hogwarts. He crossed his arms on his knees and rested his chin there and closed his eyes. The soft breeze of the afternoon found him through the cracks in the old stone walls where the mortar had worn thin.

This memory was a major setback. It would take a while before he felt normal again, till he could bring up the mask again. The last thing he needed was for him to get emotional and loose it all.

 “I thought I was the only one who had hiding places.” A soft voice behind him said. He didn’t bother turning around he knew who it was.

 “It is about time you started balancing out this game of hide and seek.” As he spoke the words they filled with emotion. A soft hand came to rest on his shoulder

 “I’m sorry you are in pain.” Her words were so simple yet meant so much to him.




“I don’t like you seeing me like this.” He said putting his arms over his head in shame.



She came round and knelled in front of him and took his hands in hers. She used one of their intertwined hands to lift his chin to look at her. “There is nothing to be embarrassed about.” She told him. He looked away and a tear he fought with for so long fell down onto his cheek. Avalon released his hand and reached out and whipped it away.



“It might come as a shock but I am a rather large cry baby.” He said trying to joke even though his heart was breaking.

 “I could have guessed that.” She said smiling.

 “What! How?” he said exasperated.

 “You wear all your emotions on your sleeve. That is what makes you so easy to read.” She said tapping his nose.

 He snorted and lay back dragging her with him. She landed with a on his chest and he wrapped his arms around her holding her to him as if drawing comfort from her closeness. “I was a mummy’s boy you see.” He told her. His voice was like a rumble in his chest it coupled with his heart beat brought her comfort.

 “It was my Father’s greatest annoyance that I would be with her then with him. He would try to have me come out on the grounds and throw a quaffle but I would always rather sit at her feet and listen to her tell stories.” He felt new emotions burn through him.

 “She must have loved you a lot.” Avalon said imagining a little Leif looking up to a beautiful woman as she spun tales for her son.

 “I thought she did.” He said.

 Avalon propped herself up on his chest and looked down at into his face. “What do you mean.”

 “She left me.”

 “Did she run off or something.” Avalon asked really interested.

 “No.” he said tears welling in his eyes again. “She killed herself.”

 “You found her didn’t you.” She asked she felt pain now, pain for him, pain for the small boy who saw his beloved mother in a way that no child ever should.

 “I don’t really want to talk about it.” He finally said after a long pause.

 “It’s alright. You don’t have to.” She lay her head back down on his chest and closed her eyes and listened to the sound of his heart beating.









Avalon awoke sometime later still pressed to his chest. She knew she was supposed to be appalled she was supposed to push against him and stand but she could not will herself to move. She felt like she had been melted into his form had become a part of him.

“Did I wake you.” His warm sleep thick voice asked.


 “Thank you for finding me.” He said after a long pause. “I don’t do will with all this emotion stuff.”

 “No one does.” She folded her arms on his chest and rested her chin there and looked down into his face. She studied him, studied the lines that filled his visage. She reached out a hand and traced her fingers over his cheeks, his brow, his nose, and his lips.

 “Am I as attractive as all that.” He asked.

 “You live up to the hype.” She said with a shrug.

 His lips cracked into a wide smile and he tightened his arms around her waist. Laughing he rolled her over so her back was pressed into the hard and rough stone floor. He propped himself up on his elbow next to her but kept a possessive arm wrapped around her.

 It was his turn to examine her and he did with delight. “Your beautiful you know.” He told her smiling.

 “No I’m not.” She said shaking her head in mirth.

 “No.” he said firmly. “You are beautiful. But you are more than just beautiful on the outside like so many people. You are beautiful on the inside.”

 “That was really sweet you know.” She told him looking into his eyes and finding nothing but truth in the green orbs.

 “It is the truth and you know it.” He laughed lifting his hand from her waist and put it under her chin and lifted it to him.

 Avalon knew then that he was going to kiss her. That she was going to have her very first kiss with this boy who had been plaguing her and her dreams. When she felt the soft press of his lips and felt his body come over hers butterflies franticly fluttered in her stomach trying to find their escape. Her hand found its way to his cheek and she held him there pressed against her lips in a simple kiss that changed her forever.  










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