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I sit at the kitchen table alone. James was sleeping in. I guess it is fair, considering that it's seven o'clock on Saturday morning. I hear my Magiphone go off. I pick it up to see that Natalie had texted.

Sirius is sleeping. What about the other guys?

Peter's out.

Remus is, too.

James is sleeping.

And so is Frank! We can finally go shopping!



Keep religion out of this, Alana.

Damn you!


She's not that bad!

And I'm still in this conversation!!!!! Thanks, Lily.

No problem!

Shut up and let's go!

I smile and pick up my purse. Shopping... I sigh. We're finally going shopping in Muggle London. I haven't done that since the year before my parents died. I pick up my car keys and my wad of cash. I head upstairs to kiss James on the forehead. After doing that, I run outside to get in our new Ford Expedition. James' parents bought it for us two days ago, and we were surprised that they knew where we are.

I wait for the girls to come by turning up the radio and singing along to the songs. Out of the corner of my eye, I see something dark. I look at what it is. A hooded figure stands there, looking straight at me. He seems familiar. He lifts his head and I jump.

Severus Snape stands a few feet away from the house. My house. I hop out.

"What are you doing here, you bloody arsehole?" He looks hurt. Too bad.

"I got expelled from Hogwarts. Just like you did," he says innocently. I laugh harshly.

"I graduated early, you twat," I spit. "Dumbledore said that all of the Gryffindors have nothing more to learn from being in Hogwarts. We have diplomas." He looks at me with rage.

"You're living with Potter, aren't you?" He asks. I roll my eyes and hold up my hand with the wedding band on it. Snape glares at me.

"I still can't believe that you married that wanker. He is so thick headed!"

"How dare you call my husband a wanker? You are infinitely worse than him, you backstabbing tosser!"

"You tell 'em, Lils!" I turn around to see Ally followed by Alana, Natalie, and Alice. I smile as she stands right next to me.

"We all did. I'm with Remus, Alana's with Peter, Natalie's with Sirius, and Alice is with Frank. Now piss off!" She grabs my hand and we get into the car. Snape apparates away from here. I pull away as fast as I can.


"Lily, come look at this dress!" I sigh and walk over to where Natalie is standing. I look at the emerald green dress. She hands it to me.

"You want me to try it on?"

"Uh, duh!" She shoves me into a cramped changing room. I put the dress on quickly and walk out. The girls are all waiting for me. They gasp.

"What?" I ask. Ally turns me around. I gasp.

The dress is perfect. It's a strapless cocktail dress that matches the color of my eyes. I turn back around.

"You have to get it!" I smile.

"I will." I go over to pay for the dress.

"Is that all you want today, bitch?" I look up to see my older sister fuming at me. I nod and pay her the one hundred pounds. She glares at me until I'm all the way out the door.

"What was up with her?" Ally asks.

"That was my horrid sister," I say. She backs off when she hears my tone. I feel my Magiphone go off again. And again. And again. I take it out of my purse and answer it.


"Lily?! Where are you? I woke up and you were gone!" I smile at James' concern.

"I'm shopping with the girls, my love." He calms down a little.

"Well, where are you?" I sigh.

"I'm near Harrod's," I answer. Then I hear a click and a pop! I turn to see James standing in the entry way of the ally that I just passed. I smile as he runs up to me.

"You shouldn't be out, Lily," he says. I look at him, confused.

"Voldemort could be out and about." I laugh at him for a second before realizing that he is right. I look around me to see if I can see any Death Eaters.

And for the second time today, I see Snape coming towards me. Followed by two Death Eaters. James sees them, too, and moves in front of me. I hear four more pops and Frank, Peter, Sirius, and Remus are standing with their respective other. Snape stops right in front of James.

"Move," he says, his tone deadly. James whips out his wand.

"No." The Death Eaters whip out their wands as well. We have ours out before they do. Snape remains wandless. He points to Alana.

"Get her," he commands. We all watch as Alana gets magically pulled towards them. James attempts to stun them. He fails as they apparate. I'm too busy crying. Peter screams.

"NO! YOU CAN'T! SHE'S PREGNANT!" We all turn around and stare at him. He doesn't care. Sirius smiles and pats him on the back.

"Good job, mate! You got the virgin to break!" Peter waves his hand away. Ally slaps Sirius.

"First off, we've been here for three months and I knew she was pregnant! She's my twin! She lost her virginity three year ago! The only virgin here is Lily! And this is not the time to congratulate someone on having coitus with someone!" She storms off toward Remus, who is shaking his head and comforting Ally. Natalie and Alice are also crying. James leads us to the Expedition. He expands the seats and we climb in. I sit next to him in the front. We cry the entire way home.

When James and I enter our house, he pins me up against the wall. I think he's going to take advantage of me. But I am wrong. He kisses me gently and caresses me. He looks at me lovingly. I look up at him, sad.

"What's gonna happen," I ask in a small voice. He looks down at me.

"They're going to keep her hostage until one of us comes to get her. Or turns to the dark side," he says, tucking a strand of my hair behind my ear. Fresh tears spill over my cheeks, the salt stinging my eyes. None of my friends can go through that.

"Poor Peter," I say. "He's going to be a father and his 'wife' is being held hostage." James hugs me tighter. I just cry harder.

After about forty-five minutes, James asks me a question.

"So, you're still a virgin?" I nod, sniffling.

"Don't you dare change it!" James kisses my forehead and shakes his head.

"I was just asking. I won't push you." I smile up at him.

"We've been together for three months to the day," James winks. I smile wider and kiss his lips. This is a great relationship.

Someone is knocking on the door. James goes and answers it. Alice runs straight toward me while James and Frank shake hands. James closes the door behind them.

"Peter's gone," Frank says. James stops in his tracks. Frank pulls out a piece of parchment. James reads it out loud.

"Dear friends,
I am going to find Alana. Don't follow me.

James punches the wall next to him. I flinch and rub my arm, thinking about when Snape and I had gone out. He'd beaten me up until he'd called me a Mudblood. I still have scars.

James looks at me in a weird way. I explain what happened. He punches the wall again, this time denting it.

"James! Stop!" Alice goes over to him and touches his shoulder. He looks at me apologetically. I shake my head, pleading him to not leave me. This is going to be a long night.

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