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'Aneirin Désiré and Sean Aldéric Frost!' I called down the hall.


The twins, who had originally been sprinting down the hall away from me, now they skidded to a halt.


I couldn't help the smile that tugged at my lips a bit, the boys were almost exactly like their father.


Both were in their fourth year and doing well in every class, they were Ravenclaws after all.


They both had mischievous silvery eyes with strong and sharp faces. Now they were trying to pass off innocents. I snorted slightly, they were anything but.


No sons of Jack Frost could ever be innocent, especially after one just saw Professor Severus Snape dressed in bright pink robes with orange eyebrows. He wasn't happy to say the least.


I on the other hand looked at my boys with love as I knew I was going to have to reprimand them. It was hard to keep a straight face when you looked at them really, everyone crack a smile it seemed.


No one could stay mad at them, not just because of their charmer personality, but because of their hair.


See, I have very silvery-blonde hair, as do my boys. Jack has changing blue hair, as do my boys as well.


They have very tousled silvery-blonde hair but with permanent blue streaks throughout it in random places. The blues always changed with their emotions, just like my Jack's does.


So, of course, I was smiling as I walked up to them, their streaks going from a worried azure to a bright, anxious light blue.


'Yeah Mum?' They said, giving me the best innocent smiles they could come up with.


'The reverse spell please.' I said. The boys did well in all aspects of magic, but creating spells seemed to be their specialty.


They sighed, admiring defeat and Sean handed me a piece of paper, 'Here.'


I smiled and took the paper, 'Good, see me after classes for an hour detention.'


I saw them start to open their mouths to complain but I claimed a hand over each of theirs before they could even think about what to say.


'You want two hours? With Snape?' I asked, my eyebrow raised. They shook their heads in unison and I let them go, 'Thought so. Now scurry along to your class, I don't want McGonagall giving you a detention as well.'


'Bye Mum! We—'


'—love you!' They called as they ran down the hall, their streaks changing to a run of the mill blue. I smiled, knowing they were already planing their next joke.


'I shouldn't let you two be around Fred and George so much!' I said to myself, shaking my head and heading towards my room. No one had my class today.


See, Jack and I got married a couple months after the war. The twins came along a year after, but before they had McGonagall offered me a position as the Muggle Studies teacher at Hogwarts. I got the position as Head of House for Ravenclaw a few months after my twins got their acceptances to Hogwarts and they died the other Head of House's cat a permanent azure-puce.


It was a great job though! So many interesting things were to be learned about Muggles, I was constantly learning new things right along with my students!


I made my way up to my room for a much needed break, the boys were a handful but the rest of the school was as well!!


There were so many Harry's and Ron's and Hermione's and so many other kids named after people I knew it was hard to keep all the kids straight!


I fell back on my bed, in my little hideaway of a room. McGonagall was gracious enough to give me the room I had when I went to Hogwarts, the little attic room I got for my last two years at Hogwarts, when I excepted the teaching position.


I sighed and turned around, I smiled when I saw the small ice rose on my bed side table.


I picked it up and let it catch the light, 'Thank you Jack.'


'Well, you are very welcome!' Jack said, his head peaking in the window but his hands covered his eyes, 'Are you descent?'


I laughed and sat up, setting the rose down as I went, 'We've been married for how long and you ask this question now? We have two sons!'


Jack gave a mischievous smile and came into the room, I smiled back—and I wondered where the boys got it!


'Twins actually, so that only involves one—' My hand was over his mouth before he could continue.


He smiled and playfully kissed me, 'I'm alright with another go. Sean does have that odd laugh sometimes and I bet we could perfect it if—'


I smiled and leaned into his kiss a bit before pulling back, 'When does St Petersburg need snow?'


Jack smiled, 'Not for another half hour. Just enough time to spend with my beautiful bride.'


I kissed him wrapped my arms around his neck, 'I love you.'


Jack let a low, relaxing sigh, 'I love you too Luna. Just. The. Way. You. Are.' Each word he emphasized with a kiss.


I laughed, 'Good!'


'Oh, and we've been married for 15 years, six months, 3 days and...' Jack looked at his wrist, I took the time to study him – a habit I had inherited over the years. His soul was knitted to mine, meaning our lives were literally linked. He had aged a bit, but just a very small bit. He was still perfect to me. The light shone off of the flakes on his dark lashes and his hair shone a shinny color that kept changing, he looked up to me with his bright grey eyes, '...four minutes, twenty-three seconds!'


I laughed and kissed his nose, 'What would I do without you?'


Jack pulled me into his arms and gave me a sweet, long kiss, 'Good thing you will never have to find out.'


I, in turn, wrapped my arms around him, 'It's a very good thing. And the boys won't have to be without us as they grow up either. Its a win-win.'


Jack nodded, 'Now we just have to figure out which one wants to take over the family business...well, we could always—'


I raised my eyebrow, 'We could what?'


Jack gave a playful, boyish smirk, 'We could practice having another so they won't have to worry about it.'


I gave another laugh and kissed him, 'Yeah, maybe if you hurry back from Russia Jack Frost.'


Jack pulled back, his hair going a soft iceberg blue, 'As long as the lovely Mrs. Frost is waiting for him, the famous Jack Frost will always hurry back.'


I cringed at my title, it made me feel like the mythical Mrs. Clause or something. I smiled at the thought, better not think its mythical – I was proven wrong once! After meeting, kissing, and marrying Jack Frost – nothing seemed impossible, nothing.


'Bye Jack.' I said, moving to get under the blanket.


Jack gave a mock bow, but his hair was going through that wild array of blues once again, 'Bye my love, I will hurry back.'


I watched as he left, giving me one last wave before he disappeared.


I smiled, thinking of all the memories we had made, all that was to come. I gripped the pillow next to me – Jack's pillow.


I smirked, thinking about all the 'practicing' Jack wanted to do for another kid, 'Oh, do hurry back Jack Frost. But it's not that we need to practice my dear, we have already perfected it! And in another seven or so months we will have another little Frost arriving.' I snickered at the thought, burying my face in the pillow, filling my nose with Jack's familiar and comforting scent.


'And hopefully he will share the boys streaks as well!' I laughed, thinking about the third Frost boy we would be adding to our family.


'Áedán Joshua Frost. I like the sound of that.' And that was all I thought about before falling into a sweet dreaming state of the love of my life and my two, soon to be three, amazing sons.


Shades of Jack's Blue - just in case you got confused any time during my story

Cyan: Defensive

Periwinkle: Joking

Dodger: Slight-Enjoyment

Electric: Uncomfortable*

Sapphire: Scared

Ceil: Knows He's Right

Iceberg: Thinking she's cute or when he sees something beautiful and unique

Royal: Excited

Regular Blue: Mischievous

Midnight-Blue: Hurt

Very Light Alice Blue: Comfortable

Turquoise: Sad

Tufts: Surprised


Bleu De France: Annoyed

Azure: Worried

Constantly Changing Blue Shades: In True Love

Light Blue: Oh d*mn I'm caught

*The more embarrassed Jack gets the lighter his hair gets.

Author Note: So I'm throwing around an idea of making a New Generation flic with the Frost boys, drop a review if you want telling me if you think its a good idea or if its just going to ruin the story! = )

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