Lily crawled out of bed at around ten o’ clock, on the first day of the Easter holidays. The mid-morning sun lit her dormitory with a warm, glowing light, throwing into prominence a note addressed to her, and left on her bedside table by her friends.

Didn’t want to wake you up   (It said)   Sorry we didn’t say bye. Owl us if you want to talk, k? See you in two weeks, lots of luv M, E, A and R xxxxx

Lily felt decidedly grumpy as she dressed and prepared to head down for breakfast (it was served until after 11 during the holidays). She didn’t bother with her hair or make-up as there would be no-one to see her, and traipsed down into the common room looking as if she had just woken up – which, admittedly, she had. She had forgotten about Sirius.

“Hello Evans!” he said, exiting the boys’ staircase just as she stepped out of the girls’. “You look lovely today – done something new with your hair?” his voice sounded amused.

“Get lost.” Lily retorted irritably. “I don’t have to brush my hair just for your benefit – and there’s no-one else here.”

Someone got out of bed on the wrong side this morning.” said Sirius. Lily ignored him. However, she did wonder at his change of mood since the night before, as he seemed considerably cheerful.

“Do you mind if I join you for breakfast?” he asked, still in the same, slightly mocking tone.

“Yes.” said Lily.

“That’s a shame.” Sirius answered. “Because I’m going to anyway. Sorry about that.”

Lily turned to face him.

“Why are you so chipper?”

Chipper?” he laughed loudly.

“Yes.” She replied, unfazed. “You were in a sulk last night – if we hadn’t been about to go to bed anyway it would have ruined the party.”

Sirius’s expression darkened.

“Yes, well,” he said. “Last night I didn’t have the lovely Lily Evans all to myself” (Lily’s breathing sped up at these words.) “And I’m going to make the most of this time, before James comes back. Seeing as you obviously prefer him.”

Lily spoke more angrily than she felt, as she thought James deserved someone fighting his corner.

“Well, maybe I do prefer him.” She told Sirius. “He doesn’t sulk, and he isn’t annoying me right now. Anyway, how do you know that I’ll spend this holiday with you? I might go and find Severus instead.”

Sirius cracked a smile.

“Really?” he said. “You would really, rather spend time with that slimy…”

“Don’t you say a word against him!” Lily shouted. “Why do you think I hated you’re guts for…”

“Calm down!” Sirius entreated, trying not to laugh. “I was only trying to wind you up.”

“Well you succeeded.” Lily snapped. Sirius put a hand on Lily’s arm, which she shrugged off – however her mood didn’t prevent the tingle of electricity which ran over her body as Sirius touched her.

“I think you’re hungry.” Sirius said, his face straight but his eyes twinkling.

I think you should keep your opinions to yourself.”

“But my opinions are always right!”

Lily rolled her eyes.

“Well,” she said, relenting. “You are right about me being hungry. Should we go get some breakfast?”

“Wasn’t that my suggestion?”

“Your suggestion was that I sit with you. My suggestion is that we walk down together, and then I sit at the Slytherin table.”

“Do what you like.” Said Sirius, amused. “But Snivellus won’t be there.”


“He’s not staying. I heard him say he’ll be at Mulciber’s for Easter.”

“And where did you hear that?”


Lily looked at Sirius, suspiciously.

“Hmmm.” She said. “Well, whatever. I’m going to breakfast.” She turned, and climbed through the portrait hole. Sirius followed, still grinning.

“So,” he began again, taking long strides to keep pace with Lily, who was trying to get away from him. “What do you plan to do with your two weeks of freedom?”



“Some of us do.”

“Well,” said Sirius, superiorly, “Some of us don’t have to.”

Some of us, are annoying.”

Sirius laughed in response.

“Yes, my academic brilliance might be annoying, to those of lesser ability.” he said.

“Put a sock in it, will you?”

“No thanks, I think I’ll have some toast actually. Much more suitable for breakfast  – but each to their own.”

Lily sighed.

“I think I liked you better when you were sulking.”

The great hall was deserted – by usual Hogwarts standards – when Lily and Sirius appeared there. There were only two other students (sisters by the look of them) and three teachers at the top table. The girls had taken seats at the Hufflepuff table, as far away from the teachers as was humanely possible, and also near to the food, which (being only enough to feed the sixteen assorted pupils and staff that had elected to stay for the holidays) was spread out on the Hufflepuff table alone. Lily and Sirius wandered over to help themselves, and carried their spoils back to the Gryffindor table, where – out of habit – they seated themselves.

“You were hungry then?” Sirius observed, as he watched his companion devour a steaming bowl of porridge, topped with raspberries. Lily glared at him. After finishing her breakfast however, Lily’s mood did improve (as does often happen) and she began to see her recent quarrel with Sirius in a more humourous light.

“You know,” she said to him, licking the last of the porridge from her spoon. “I can’t believe that you said that I was hungry before – it’s like you’re my mother or something.”

Sirius grinned.

“Mother knows best.” He said. “Well, my mother doesn’t, but you know what I mean.”

They were both silent for a moment or two, and then Lily said

“Do you want to do anything fun today?”

“Fun?”  Sirius raised his eyebrows, and Lily, hearing the implication in his tone, blushed crimson.

“Not fun like that.” She answered.

“I don’t know what you mean.” Sirius responded innocently. Lily ignored him and continued.

“Like we could explore the grounds, or play some Quidditch or something. Whatever, I don’t know.” Lily turned away from Sirius slightly. She felt vaguely stupid now.

“That does sound fun.” said Sirius, half-mocking again. “Are you any good at Quidditch?”


“Even better.”

That day turned out to be a bit of a bizarre one, in Lily’s opinion. After breakfast the two of them fetched their broomsticks from their respective dormitories, and headed down to the Quidditch pitch. Lily was terrible in the air, and she knew it, but this didn’t stop either her or Sirius enjoying themselves. Sirius thought it was hilarious, and teased Lily mercilessly about her skill-less-ness.

“It’s not all my fault!” Lily protested, after ten solid minutes of Sirius’s hilarity (What had set him off was the way her broom had started to jerk as she flew a lap around the goal hoops).

“It’s this broom – it’s just a cheap one, and it flips out if I fly too high!”

“Oh yeah, blame the broom.” Sirius laughed, pulling himself together long enough to imitate the way Lily flew, pretty accurately.

“ooooeeeerrrr!” he mimicked, choking with amusement at his own genius, and jerking his broom around in a circle.

“You are the only one laughing!” Lily yelled at him, although this wasn’t strictly true. She couldn’t help but giggle as she watched his control slip, due to the violence of his laughter. He clung to the broom as he shook with mirth, barely able to keep himself in the air.

“Now who can’t fly?” Lily accused.

“You!” shouted Sirius, pointing at her and bursting into fresh peals of laughter.

Following a morning of what couldn’t exactly be described as Quidditch, the two of them sat by the lake for an hour or two, while Lily read her book.“Geek.” Sirius had bullied her, but Lily had stubbornly read on. The truth was that if she hadn’t had something to distract her, she would have found it hard to lie beside Sirius Black, in the late afternoon sunshine, and just talk. It would have been too tempting.

It wasn’t long before the sun set over the grounds, and the day was over. However this wasn’t too much of a tragedy for Sirius and Lily, as they spent most of the next day in much the same manner - a shared breakfast, Quidditch, and walking by the lake in the afternoon. You could have called it romantic. On Monday, Sirius had to work, and Lily was bored. She waited in the common room for him that evening, until he got back.

“Hello,” he had said. “You didn’t need to wait up you know.”

“My turn to be the mother today,” Lily answered. “and plus, I had nothing better to do.”

“You shouldn’t admit to that.” Sirius said, “It makes you sound boring. You should say you’ve been having the time of your life – to impress me.”

“And why would I want to impress you?”

“Because I’m so sexy?”

Lily laughed.

“If you say so. I’m going to bed now that I’ve seen you back safe – see you at breakfast?”

She did see him at breakfast, although he couldn’t stay to keep her company. His shifts in The Three Broomsticks involved daytime work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and the night shift Friday and Saturday. Thursday he had off.

“What am I supposed to do all day?” Lily demanded.

“You sound like my wife now, not my mother.”

“But I’ve got nothing to do! Damn Petunia, this is all her fault.”


“It doesn’t matter.”

Lily took a bite of toast, and munched irritably. She wondered what her sister and parents were doing at this very moment. How would her mum and dad like Vernon, Petunia’s fiancée? They had met him before, but you can get to know a person so much quicker if you’re living close with them, with not many other people around….

“Oi, Evans!” Sirius flicked a bit of toast at her, trying to regain her attention. “Wakey wakey.”

Lily turned back to him.

“Sorry, what?”

“Do you want to go out somewhere tonight?”


“Ah,” Sirius grinned wickedly. “That’s for me to know and for you to find out. But you’ll enjoy it – if you’re brave enough to give it a go.”

Lily furrowed her brow in slight confusion.

“Don’t worry,” he said, and as his eyes met hers she was caught up for a second in their expression of growing excitement. “It’s not that dangerous.”









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