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I was breathing hard and I could feel the blood matting my hair ever so slightly.


'Could it really be over?' My eyes scanned the grounds and I could barley believe it.


It was May 2, 1998 and the war was over.


It was over.


I let a small smile pull at my dry lips, 'It's over.'


Life could start again.


I looked around, trying to find someone I knew. Anyone that I knew that would allow me to give them a hug. My eyes caught Harry and instantly I was running to him.


His arms tightened around me as I buried my head into his shoulder, crying a bit.


'It's over, its really over. We can say his name now! Voldomort is dead!' It was probably morbid of me, but it felt just so good to finally say it. I felt safe and victory was setting in, real victory.


No more war. Peace was finally here, and here to stay!


I could almost dance.


I smiled and jumped back from Harry as Ron and Hermione rushed to him, completely bypassing me.


It hurt a bit, but I let it pass. They must just be happy to see him alive and well.


I sighed and moved to walk around, wanting some time to think.


It was over! what?


I sighed and fidgeted with my wand before looking around what was left of the Great Hall.


Not much was left. But thankfully a lot of people were alive. Many had been lost, but thousands had been saved.


I smiled to myself, I knew exactly where I wanted to go. I headed towards the Ravenclaw Tower. No need to guess the password because the door was still open from when I let Harry in to search for the diadem.


The stairs squeaked as I headed up towards my dorm. I took a deep breath before pushing open the door. I smiled as I saw everything in perfect order.


'My room.' I ran my hands over a few things here and there. I sat down on my trunk and pulled my legs up under me. It made me sad to think I would leave this place I had come to think of as mine. It was my hide away, my escape.


I sighed and dropped my head into my crossed arms. I was being silly, of course I had to move on and grow up. The war was over, I now had a future!


A future. My thoughts instantly went to Jack Frost. A few tears escaped as I remembered what I did to him, I hurt him – and I would never see him again.


I could never apologize. I could never have a future with him.


I had broken his heart, it was unfix-able.


I moved off my trunk and pulled it open. I grabbed a small bundle of silvery cloth. Carefully, strategically, I unwrapped it and revealed the beautiful icy rose.


More tears came as I turned it different ways to catch the light.


'Oh, Jack...' I cried, and carefully wrapped the rose back up and placed it back in my trunk, 'At least I will always have that piece of you.'


I looked over to the window, wishing to see any glimpse of blue.




I tilted my head as a movement caught my attention though. I slowly stood and moved to the window carefully.


The latch undid easily and the windows flew out. Snow fluttered all around me and I started to laugh.


I closed my eyes and let the cold wind blow around me.


Then my eyes flew open, 'Snow? In May?'


A familiar laugh broke through my confusion, 'Anything is possible for the Easter Bunny!' Jack's head appeared, upside down, in the window. I let out a shriek and fell backwards.


Jack started to laugh, his hair a Periwinkle, 'You're so cute when you are terrified!'


I pursed my lips, anger boiling in me a bit – it was an odd emotion, something I hadn't really experienced till Jack stepped into my life, 'Well you are such an arse—'




I looked up to Jack and a smile broke across my face. Jack was back! I didn't care that I had just rhymed and sounded like an idiot. I jumped up and instantly flew into Jack's arms.


'I guess someone missed me!' Jack laughed into my hair, but he held tight to me.


'I'm sorry, so so sorry.' I cried into his chest. Jack ran his hand down my hair and shh-ed as I cried.


'I'm back. And this time you won't be able to get rid of me!' I pulled back and looked up to Jack. His hair was going crazy, one second it was Periwinkle another is was Navy another second and it was neon blue!


'What does this color mean?' I asked, running my fingers through his bangs.


Jack smiled, and leaned in to kiss me on the forehead, 'That I found my other half.'


I blushed but I refused to look away, 'I love you too.' I smiled and pulled him into a kiss.


I could tell I surprised him because he stiffened but relaxed once he understood what was happening, his hair color still went crazy even after we pulled back.


He kissed my nose and gently touched my face, I gently placed my hand over his heart – I could feel it's slow steady beat, it really comforted me.


'Don't break it again please.' Jack said, kissing my forehead this time.


'Never.' I whispered back and pulled him into another kiss.


Jack pulled back with a bright smile, his hair a bright Iceberg blue, 'You are amazing.'


I smiled back, 'As are you.'


Stood like that for what seemed forever, just getting lost looking at the other and stealing kisses.


This was what true perfection was, true magic.



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