Chapter 23:- Return to Godric’s Hollow. “But you died. Remus told me. Dumbledore told me. How can you be here?” asked Harry. “I will tell you everything Harry but we need to leave this place now. Your other friends need you. We need to go to Godric’s Hollow. Otherwise more murders will take place there on yet another Halloween.” “Lets go.” said Harry. “Wait Potter; don’t you want to avenge your parents’ death. This could be your only chance Voldemort is weak now and we are at our strongest. We can end this now.” spoke the voice of the ancients in Harry’s mind. “End for what? Will revenge bring back my parents? Will it give me back the years of torment I have encountered at the hand of my uncle? No, when human lives are at stake revenge is not insignificant.” spoke Harry. “Very well Harry. We the ancients see the world in a light very different from you. That is why Merlin never sought to use our powers. But we will not abandon you at this moment. We will guide you to the Power of The Immortals. But we will not help you in any other way. You will have to yourself get used to the Power that grow within you. I must warn you this will be a very painful experience. But in time you will learn that you do require the guidance of the Ancients to master your skills.” Then the ancients spoke out aloud. “Enemar. You gained an advantage over us by bringing Black here. But one day Harry will realize what he is capable of achieving if he follows the path of the Ancients. Till that day I shall let you guide the boy and look after his well being. When the time is right we will meet again. Help Harry understand his Powers. The Ancients will not help him anymore. But as our last favor we will return all of you back.” The ground they were standing on started to shake and rumble. “What’s going on?” asked Sirius. “We are going back get your game face on.” replied Enemar. ==================================================================================== “I do not remember Godric’s Hollow being this big.” said Rookwood. “No it was not this large. Dumbledore must have rebuilt it. How strong is the Shield?” “Very strong. We have hit it with almost everything we have but no one can get anywhere near it.” “Keep tying. We have no hurry. By now, Hogwarts would have fallen at our Masters feet. Our brother inside would had taken care of all the students.” “That boy really scares me. Have you seen the things he can do? Plus that ghost seems to be teaching him new tricks every day.” “Yes I have seen it too.” said another Death Eater. “Aradha some how favors that boy even more than master himself. That boy has something inside him. Something like what Potter had.” “Had? You think the master finally got him?” “In your dreams you freaks!” came a voice from behind them. They looked around to see Remus Lupin standing alongside two hundred Aurors. ==================================================================================== “Who is there?” asked Neville as he saw a shadow in the corner. “Neville. Where are the others? They are safe right?” asked Dumbledore. Neville took a couple of steps backwards. “Sir. How did you get here?” he stammered out. “Is the shield still up?” “Yes. When I rebuilt the safe house I devised the shield in a manner that no one except me can enter from outside. Now tell me where are they?” “They are in the Hall sir.” “What are you doing here? You should be with them.” “I was just exploring.” Just then give mirror glass started to glow. “Longbottom. This is Lord Voldemort. Potter escaped my clutches again. Dumbledore and his followers are going for the safe house. Kill everyone. Aradha is bringing you the Scepter. Kill them. Kill them all.” “NEVILLE.” shouted Dumbledore. “You betrayed us. Why?” “All because of your precious Potter old man. All because of him.” “What have you done to the student?” said Dumbledore wand raised. “Put the wand down sir. I know you can never kill your own student. Especially on whom the welfare of all your other students depends.” “There are fates far worse than death Neville Longbottom.” said Dumbledore in a voice that made Neville’s legs go weak. But then a shadow appeared behind Dumbledore. He did not even get a chance to react when the Shadow engulfed him completely. The aged wizard screamed in pain, before falling down on the ground. “Did you kill him?” asked Neville to Aradha. “Are you kidding me? Killing Voldemort would be easier. I just managed to knock him out.” Aradha replied. “How did you get here? The others are stuck outside. The old man told me no one can get in.” “The Great Dumbledore forgot to make this place Ghost Proof. As far as the others they are being slaughtered outside by the Aurors.” “Then we must help them.” said Neville. “No. We have better things to do. We will burn this castle down one last time with every student of Hogwarts and the great Dumbledore inside.” “Why do that when you can finish of the greatest obstacle to your path right now.” “Who said that?” said Neville pointing his wand towards the source of the voice. “Come out or die.” “How could you Neville? You killed your friend’s brother. You almost killed Ginny Weasley. And today you want to kill everyone who ever called you friend.” “I have no friend.” screamed Neville. “They all took pity on me. They took pity on me because of my parents. They took pity on me because I was an idiot. But now I know. I am not clumsy oaf. My uncle and my master have shown me that I too can have powers.” “But you were a good person Neville. How can you side with someone as evil as Voldemort?” “Good? Evil? Now I know who you are. The great Harry Potter has finally joined us. Come out Potter and let me once and for all demonstrate to you that there is no Good and Evil there is only Power and those too weak to seek it.” ==================================================================================== Outside Godric’s Hollow, “Stupefy!” yelled Lupin as the death eater in front of him went limp. “These new boys of Voldemort are worse than the old ones.” said Moody. “One of them tried to hit me with a killing curse but could not even perform the spell.” “These idiots are not our worry.” said Snape. “There is someone in the castle who thanks to the Dark Lord has been given a lot of powers. The students are in grave danger till we are able to put him out of commission.” “Dumbledore is already inside he will take care of the traitor.” said Kingsley. “Dumbledore is either dead or unconscious.” said Reet. “What?” asked everyone in unison? “While you people were fighting the death eaters, I saw Aradha enter Godric’s Hollow.” “Enter? How did he enter? The gate is closed by spells of Ancients Magic.” asked a rather irate Snape. “Aradha is not a mortal. He is a ghost. A very powerful one too. Anyway, when I saw Aradha entering the castle I tried to warn Albus telepathically. But these morons and there curses kept distracting me. Once I was able to contact Dumbledore, I felt he was in great pain and then the connection snapped.” “Oh God no.” said Lupin. “Are you sure?” “He is right.” came a voice from behind them. “Enemar. Brother you are back.” “Yes, sorry for the delay in arrival. But yes, Reet is correct. I too have been trying to get in touch with Albus.” “What do we do?” asked Tonks. “We wait for Harry to open the door to his home.” said Enemar. “Harry!” exclaimed Lupin. “He is back. What about the ancients? Wait a minute. How did he get inside?” “Remus you keep forgetting Harry Potter is the Green Flame Torch. Mere protection spells will not stop him from entering his own house.” “But brother Aradha is inside. So is the traitor.” “That is what is bothering me too. We still do not know who the traitor is.” Just then Minerva McGonagall arrived on the scene. “I am afraid we have more bad news. Someone had broken into Saint Mungos earlier today. They have taken Frank and Emma.” Enemar’s eyes widened in comprehension. “Holy Snakes. It’s Longbottom. Neville Longbottom is the traitor.” ==================================================================================== Harry stepped out from the shadows. His expression was of mixed fury. This boy was once his friend. He had helped him fight Voldemort just one year ago. Now he is after his blood. Ho could this have happened? “What are you thinking Potter? How did bungling little Longbottom become powerful enough to do this? I actually have to thank you for this Potter. Everything that happens here will be because of you.” “I was your friend Neville. All these people were your friends.” “Friends. All you did were take pity on me. I did not need your pity. You see this place Potter. Godric’s Hollow. This is where it all began sixteen years ago. This is where you destroyed my childhood.” “Me. I lost my family here. I became an orphan. I did not even know of this place till I was eleven...” “I lost my family here too. Because of your heroics, my parents lost their minds. You did not know of your parents when you were a child. Does that make you sad Potter? Do you know how my childhood was spent? Remembering every moment of the day Barty Crouch torturing my parents and asking them ‘What did Potter do to our Lord?’ It was all because of you. I had to force myself to forget that night. My granny used a memory charm on me. That was what made me so clumsy. But then this summer I met Uncle Peter. He explained to me how my parent’s lives have been wasted because of you. My parents are remembered as martyrs. But what good did their sacrifice bring. The Dark Lord did come back.” “Neville I...” Harry began to speak. “You brought him back Harry Potter. Uncle Peter told me. You brought him back with your own blood. He made me realize there is no point in fighting the greatest wizard of all time.” “He is not...” again Harry began. “Yes he is.” snapped Neville. “He was able to cure me. And today in exchange of my services he will cure my parents too I will have a family again. For that Potter I can kill anyone. Tonight the Dark Lord will give me powers that no one can dream of. I will…” But Neville never got to finish his sentence. The ground had begun to rumble violently and Harry’s eyes were starting to glow eerie green. “Stop it Harry.” ordered Neville raising his wand. But Harry just raised his right arm and Neville’s wand burst into flames. “You fool. That is what all this is about right? Power. Tom promised you power and you decided to become his pet. I accept that I was involved in bringing him back and I am as sorry for your parents as I am for the loss of mine but my life had been no better than your Neville. Revenge is something that everyone craves for but no one can justify taking innocent lives for it. That too of your friends. We did not become friends out of pity for you. We thought you were a nice person.” “Don’t you realize Potter? It was my only chance to get my parents back.” said Neville. “No it was not Neville. You should have told us or Dumbledore. It may be true that Voldemort knows more Dark magic than any one else but then we would had sought ways to extract the spell from him. The truth is you did not do this for your parents or for anybody else. You did this for yourself.” “I had no choice. The Dark Lord would have killed me if I had refused.” “Then you should have died. Like we would have died for your.” shouted Harry. Just as he spoke Neville started to laugh. He kept on laughing so hard that the entire hallway echoed in his gale. “You are right Potter.” the voice came from Neville but it was not his, it belonged to Aradha. “We did this for ourselves. But Neville is right too. He truly did not have much choice. You see the balance of Power calls for it. The forging of the unlikeliest metals makes the strongest alloy.” Harry watched in dismay as right half of Neville’s body was replaced by the black shadow of the embodiment of evil. “Welcome to your death Potter.” it spoke again. “There is no escape this time. The last blood will fall at Godric’s Hollow, just like it was meant to be.” Then they jumped at him. …………………………………………………………………………………………................................................................ End of Chapter 23 A/N I know kind of weird way to end the chapter but actually this chapter was penned as an after thought as we felt more explanation was needed into Longbottom angle. I for one was really happy to get the long break when the site stopped taking new submissions. But now I am equally glad that the site is back and I can end my story. Coming up next: Hallows night is still not over as Harry combats the symbiot of the evil ghost Aradha and his onetime friend Neville. With the ancients not guiding Harry, he will need to do something special to save himself and his friends. We will learn more about Frank and Emma Longbottom. Back from Voialla, Harry does not yet know the truth about Quirrell neither does anybody. Will Enemar tell him? Will he help Harry fight the symbiot? How did Neville get so powerful? Coming up a chapter full of answers and even more riddles Chapter dedicated to Sandy and Sat for their first jobs. Also to the people who reviewed chapter 22 GolfinWizard [Much thanks for the encouraging feedback. Hope the story continues to be enjoyable.] Joda [The hound has a great role to play. His actual return will be a spectacle.] AdamJamesPotter [Harry will not find it easy specially with the ancients abandoning him. More about that will be disclosed in the next few chapters.] Rayven [The ancients will not confront Harry now. But in the near future… Wait and watch.] Archelaus [Ah one of my favorite reviews ever. Sorry that Dumbledore got blindsighted like that. Hope you like the Neville angle. A few more surprises are on the way. I tell you again victory will belong to the light but it will be a dark victory.] Richard Padfoot Willis [I can’t wait to start with your story. It has been long since I have devoured a long fanfic. 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