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    A/n: Now in this chapter doesn’t show what I wrote in the last chapter where I said this and that in the preview, so forget about it. Enjoy it because this one deals on how Rich settled in his first day in Hogwarts. CHP 6 ~ Rich’s P.O.V ~ First day of school, what a wonderful life, I remember that first day of every schooling year. The smell of your desk in your class, the new friends you made, the wonders of learning, yeah right, and most of all the mishaps bound to happen. Sadly, none of them happened here at Hogwarts. It was a new experience to be felt in a castle full of dangerous obstacles, surprises, the dead and the living. Just having some breakfast with Hermione, she woke me up at four thirty and class was about to start in an hour and a half. Eating bangers and mash and hearing Hermione cursing a Hufflepuff named Justin ‘Big-Chin’ Fletchley were a fun way to start the day. Eventually, the Great Hall filled up with other students who were aliened to me. The boys in me room were worried where I was last night, so I explained. Hermione assured me that McGee, or McGonagall will gave me a four poster bed just like everyone else, I hope so. She kept glancing or rather glaring at Harry and the lad did the same to her. Funny how just twenty minutes ago she was blushing about Harry thinking about her in a very naughty way… life has it ways of showing it. After eating, we marched off to our first class, Potions which there was no Ron in, sadly. N.E.W.Ts, those were Hermione favourite topic to be discussed. Students were required to choose a few subjects matching the job they wanted to take. Sadly for me, I didn’t have a job to think about. I got an ability that almost half of the Wizarding World hated. What should I do? Classes were divided in to groups, lessons and practical. No need to explain that part. The classes that I took were accepted by the professors. We began with Potions or Double Potions; I didn’t know why I took this class because the teacher was making a whole life of hell out of my house. The first step I took through the threshold of the dungeon was the start of it. Professor Severus Snape, not a chap, I supposed. According to his pale face, fashion statement that said leave-me-alone-but-I-make-your-life-a-torturous-one, crooked nose and greasy hair, all I could say was this guy needed a therapy quickly. He could use a breath mint too. His eyes were on me and Harry, I heard from Ron he has a huge resentment towards Harry. The moment he started teaching, he called my name, with utter dislike, according to his sneering face. “A black haired Weasley,” he leered nastily, really, his lips were out of boundary of his face. “Stand up when I called you!” he ordered vigorously. So I stood up, without hesitant. “You could call my name, Professor,” I pointed out and he didn’t seem please with my polite advice. “Five points from Gryffindor for disobedient,” I gaped, how he could just take away points, that was straightforward injustice. “And close your mouth,” he ordered and I did, frowning a bit. “Tell me, Mr. Weasley, since your hopeless cousin wouldn’t dare to take this class, though I do appreciate if he takes this class,” he said, sneering to himself, the students paid real attention to him whiled me just standing still. “What is the effect of the Pinecones in an Emotionless Drought?” That’s easy… “The Pinecones throws away the awful scent of the Sunflower essence in it,” I answered, I exchanged a smirk to Hermione and she smiled, showing she was happy with my answer. Snape was shocked to hear my answer, I didn’t know why. Then his face changed to disappointment. “Very good, Mr. Weasley – five points to Gryffindor - why must the Dust of a Hardwood to be add into a Strength Enhancing Potion?” he asked more, playing hard was he. “It gave the power into a person’s stamina and endurance,” this was easy. “What is the most important ingredient to be added into a Fearless Potion,” he wasn’t giving me up easily. “A thread of hair of a person’s head,” I answered simply, Snape frowned that I got it right. “Very good, everyone turn to page fifteen,” he complimented me without a point rewarded, what a scrooge, Harry motioned me to sit down before more points were taken. Damn him. “Good job, Rich, not even I can’t answer the last one,” Hermione praised me from behind, as she leaned closer to me, I muttered thanks. She even got a chance to give Harry a glare which Harry gratefully returned. That was funny because the whole time when we were making Essence of Dolly Potion, which I dared not to tell what it is, you don’t want to know, Harry exchanged looks with Hermione every minute and am I the only one who noticed it. Harry and I eventually got our concoction correct, thanks to me; Harry almost put a Dragon’s tail instead of Dragon Bone which could cause a chemical reaction. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ The next class of the day was Arithmacy, Even I can’t spell the subject right. Professor Vector helped me a lot; I was the less attentive person on this class. I sat beside Hermione who was really has an eye on the professor’s words, time for Richard’s Girl Flirt. I wrote a group of numbers on a piece of paper and see if she can figure it out. 8 1 18 18 25 Can you guess it? I passed the paper to Hermione, she was confused at first, took her a bit time to figure it out and she did, with a bit of anger of course. She scribbled something on the paper and passed it back to me. What is the meaning of this? I turned to her, her face was flushed, she was angry but I noticed a hint of embarrassment. “Trying to disturb you,” I replied, grinning slyly. “Well don’t do it,” she hissed back and went back to her work before Vector could spot us. I shrugged and went back to my work but kept an eye on Hermione, she smiled softly and still flushing. {}{}{{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{ Care of Magical Creatures, I honestly didn’t like this subject back at Beaux, short name for Beauxbaton. After various arguments and protests from the trio, I solemnly decided to add CMC to my N.E.W.Ts subjects. I hoped Hogwarts didn’t take this subject as seriously as Beaux. To my unfortunate luck, it seemed that my house was very fond of this subject. Off we strode to…. Where exactly am I going? “Where is the class, anyway?” I asked my cousin. “It’s near our friend’s hut, he teaches us Care of Magical Creatures, he’s a half-giant,” he answered gladly. My face was showing indignation. At Beaux, they taught us inside the class not outside. At least outside was cooler since it was England. We reached a small straw roof hut, a half-giant leaving in a hut? What a world we lived in. “Ah! Arry, Ermione, Ron good to see yeh tee come early,” a very hairy big man came to greet us, I mean the trio. “Hello Hagrid,” all three greeted in response. The one called Hagrid turned to me, “This must be Richard Weasley, great to see you in my class.” “Um… yeah,” I said, slightly scared of his size. Wait! Hagrid, I heard this name before, didn’t he… and Maxine… oh! So this was the guys. “Heard yeh from Beauxbaton, they got some nice creatures over there,” he said delightedly, how happy he was, I can’t tell. “Yeah, unicorns,” I said nervously. “You like this class back at Beauxbaton?” he asked jovially. “Well, to tell you the truth, Professor-“ “Call me Hagrid,” “Err… Hagrid, I’m a bit dislike in this area of learning, if you know what I mean,” I said earnestly, not trying to break someone’s heart. Harry, Ron and Hermione were shocked at my confession. “Don’t worry, creatures here aren’t bad as in France,” he said, with a big smile, and I smiled back nervously. After that, class began with people from my house and other houses came. Hagrid brought us into the forest, some of us were worried, and I was the one who was the most worried. Hermione comforted me with words, “It’s alright, Hagrid won’t let anybody get hurt, he’s extra careful now after what happened last year.” Rubeus Hagrid ran away from Hogwarts being wrongfully accused of some political game play. Maybe I should give a chance towards this half-giant, after all people with special powers like me came from half-bloods. “Yeah, as long as Malfoy and his friends don’t disturb this class,” said Ron, scowling at a sneering Draco ‘Pussyface’ Malfoy, crackpot boy. “Honestly, why is he here, anyway? He can just drop this class since he hated it so much,” Hermione complained. “Tell it to his father,” Ron joked which I didn’t get it. They laughed together though. We reached a very secluded place, dimly lit by the sunlight that was struggling to make it to our way through the roof of trees branches. This place kind of - cool, great place to do some eh hem. Hagrid halted and turned around to face us. “Today, we’re going to learn about animals that have evolved from its normal progression,” he said carefully. “Look into your book about Rainbow Pythons,” he smiled happily. We did as we were told. “Good thing, this book is not alive,” said Dean, turning a page of the Monsters Mangle and Menagerie. “Don’t remind me, that book almost ate me,” said Neville, and they shared a laugh which again I didn’t get it, probably something about the past years. “Now who can tell me, why it is called Rainbow Python,” he asked, I was astonished that he was asking such things. Clearly, he wasn’t made to be a professor. Hermione raised her hands. “It is called Rainbow Python because it can conjured rainbow colours on its scaly bodies whenever its skin come in contact with the sunlight,” she answered proudly, beaming with joy. “Very good Hermione, five points to Gryffindor,” Hagrid praised gratefully, my friend blushed and some Slyhterins weren’t pleased with her answer. “Now look at the spot near that tree over there,” Hagrid pointed at a moss covered tree. Weird, this place was dry then why was it…. Oh my. “There’s your Snake.” A ten foot snake appeared before our very eyes. It slithered around the moss covered tree as it was a pole. It skin was dull grey, an odd colour for a snake. Eyes that glittered like gold, tail that rattled more than its own intention and tongue that hissed silently. Has it made its way down to the ground, soon followed by his other friends, we were shocked or too shocked to see it glaring at us, like it was claiming that we invaded his territory. “Now don’t be afraid, it’s not going to hurt you… yet,” said Hagrid reassured us of our danger. “Yet?! What do you mean yet, it looks like is going to kill us,” Pussyface complained, his face was pale, what am I talking about, his face was always pale. The other students seemed to protest but their faces told something else. A bit of agreement with what pussyface just said. Hagrid let out a sigh, “What I need now is two volunteers,….. anyone interested?” I took a step back, and my action was followed by others, leaving two volunteers, guess who? Hagrid turned around and was happy to see his favourite students. “Ah! Arry, Ermione, glad you volunteered,” both of them gasped, they exchanged each other a surprised look and glared at the people behind them. Ron and I gave a weak grin to our dear friends. They growled in frustration and walked vigorously towards Hagrid for instructions on what they were supposed to do. “I’m so glad that you two volunteered,” Hagrid chimed. “Anything for you, Hagrid,” Hermione replied, giving a weak smile . Harry didn’t answer so she hit him in the rib causing him to squeak. “Urgh,” Harry yelped softly, and gave Hermione a glare. She tilted her head to motioned Harry to say something. “Huh… Oh yeah, right of course,” he said thought clueless of what Hagrid said. “Alright you two, I need you to make their skin colours turn rainbow colours,” he explained the instructions and they both gasped and looked at the glowering snakes. “Those big ones over there,” Harry protested, not wanting another encounter with a snake, I knew his story about the Basilisk. “No, no, of course not,” Hagrid chuckled, having fun seeing Harry’s face. I snickered too along with Ron and the other boys. “There’s small ones that you can’t see on the ground, they’re hiding under the leaves,” he said as a matter-of-factly. It was true of what the half-giant just said. I saw leaves moving around the leaves carpeted ground. We backed off a little bit again. Harry and Hermione looked in disbelief, pondering how they were going to change the colour of the small snakes that were children to the big ones. “Alright here goes,” Hermione muttered, she raised her wand and pointed at the ground, searching for anything that moved. She spotted one, “Lu...” she was about to cast a spell but Hagrid just grabbed her wrist. “Don’t Ermione, they’re very sensitive to the light, a little too much of light could melt their skins,” Hagrid warned, she gulped, not wanting to see utterly skinless snakes, who wanted to? Harry, who looked bright all of a sudden, stepped forward and walked to the clearing where the little snakes moved frantically away from him. Everyone looked incredulously at him. He could have been killed if he accidentally stepped on one of them. Luckily, the big ones didn’t react to his bold move. Hermione growled a bit, it was funny the way her look at Harry, a bit happy then sullen then furious. Harry was in front of the biggest of them all. He looked straight into the glimmering golden eye of the big one and made a strange calm hissing voice. The snake looked surprisingly at him; he let out a hiss of his own. Harry was in total control over the big one. Harry turned his head towards Hermione. He motioned her to come along… Was he crazy? She did what he ordered after Hagrid pushed her a little for encouragement. She was beside Harry now, a bit scared, and looked nervously at the big snake. “Why do you want me here? You can do it yourself” she whispered, arguing her very presence. “He knew Hagrid chose us,” he explained, not keeping his eyes off the big snake. Hermione was about to say some thing but Harry shushed her. “Wait,” he said and hissed some more weird voices. “I never knew parseltongue could be useful,” Ron said, grinning a bit. “Yeah,” I said with utter fascination. The snake moved its head and looked at the clearing where Harry and Hermione’s feet have stomped. It hissed loudly like it was calling something. It was so loud that all of us have to cover our ears, except Hagrid and Harry. Then, a wonderful sight to be seen was unfolded before us. Around fifteen or eighteen snakes were standing on their tails, heads held high and proudly at the command of the big snake. They hissed a low tone in harmony, they were singing, oh yeah, this made up for the snoring song last night. They were very melodious and angelic; it was unbelievable that snakes could make nice songs. The others were awed by the song. “Now Hermione,” Harry ordered Hermione, who was mesmerized by the little snakes’ act. “Hermione,” he shook her, and she got out of it. “Huh, what? Harry,” she said, a bit upset. “Shoot Lighting Charm at the trees,” he said hurriedly. “Oh! Right,” she drew out her wand. “Lumos.” A glimmering bright light shot out of her wand and hit the top most part of the moss covered tree and it shown the ground like a sun rising. What it did was it made the sight more beautiful. With the melodious snake singing, their grey coloured skin turned remarkably into a very stunning rainbow colour. It was utterly beautiful. I’m speechless at this moment. Their rainbow colours moving around their body, blue, indigo, green, yellow, red, and others were shining. It was a complete perfect parallelism to their voices. But all good things must come to and end. The light faded and the snakes stopped singing and went back hiding on the ground. Everyone groaned in disappointment, even my cousin. “Bloody hell, that was quite a picture to see,” he said, face shown wanted for an anchor. “I agree, cousin, but right now, Harry and Hermione really need to get out of there,” I told him and his faced expression changed into worried. The big snaked looked scathingly at them but didn’t make a move on them. Hagrid didn’t move too but he said something to calm the situation. “Thank him, Arry, he’ll appreciate it,” he said anxiously. Harry nodded in return and moved Hermione to his back so he was one on one with the snake. Hermione didn’t protest. Why would she? The only one who can make the situation better was Harry. He said some more to the snake in parseltounge. It sounded a bit distressing and long. It was only thanks. The snake moved away from him and nodded. Harry turned to the worried Hermione. “Let’s get out of here, move slowly and don’t step on the childrens,” he said to her. And she nodded worryingly. They crept slowly towards us, and we Gryffindors held our hands to show where not to be stepped or where the snakes were. We urged them when to move, the Gryffindors do the talking. “Just fall Potter, and let the snakes bite you,” the Pussyface gave a not so funny mock, he was lame. The other Slytherins were laughing, suck ups. Harry held Hermione closely to him by holding her arm tightly but Hermione, due to their circumstances and current relationship, she shrugged off of him. She didn’t think what would happen if she tugged her hand away as she fell on to the ground and landed almost on a little snake. “Oh no!” The little snake hissed scathingly at Hermione as she backed off. Harry, who was panicked, hissed some more parseltongue at the little snake but his efforts made it only worst. The big snake approached them. “Damn I got to do something,” my cousin, drew his wand out but was stopped by Hagrid’s voice. “Stop that Ron, it’ll only make Arry and Ermione get eaten,” he said, with his hands raised. Ron and some few others reluctantly put their wands back. We didn’t see that Harry was reasoning the big snake with harsh parseltongue. It was long and tongue twisting. They hissed scathingly at each other non stop. Hermione was paled, looking at the other snakes eyeing her like she was delicious, can’t argue with that. Finally, the situation was calmed. The big snakes hissed loudly and all the snakes moved away from us. The little snake that was hissing at Hermione, gave a last hiss and left. We waited before all of them were out of our sight. “It’s over now,” said Hagrid, assuring us the danger was over. He looked at us, with utter relief. But our eyes were on Hermione as she was a bit shaken from the incident. Harry who was near her, knelt down to look at her as we Gryffindors ran to her. “You alright, Hermione?” he asked anxiously, she didn’t answer. “Hermione?” he touched her shoulder to shake her but was immediately answered by a hand slapped his arms off her. “Don’t touch me,” she snarled, Harry was taken aback. “I’m sorry; I-I-I didn’t,” “Shut up!” she yelled shrilly and got up. Rubbing off the leaves and dirt, and smoothing her skirt. “I’m sorry, I am,” he said desperately, it wasn’t his fault. “Just Shut up!” this time her voice was echoed throughout the whole forest. All of us were shocked. Birds were flying away from the nearby trees. Hermione noticed our gawked faces and flushed. “I mean just be quiet,” she said to him, sounded like an apology. Harry was about to reply but she ran off leaving all of us standing stupidly, unable to do anything. “Well, well,” the nauseating voice of Pussyface interrupted the awkward silence. “Looks like Potter and his best mudblood friend is at uneasy state,” he leered at us derisively. “Sod off Malfoy,” Ronnie said irritably. “I’m not talking to you, Weasley,” “Leave him alone Ron,” I said, and Ronnie looked at me like I have two heads. “He can’t face the fact that his name is Pussyface,” I added and the students laughed enjoyably, the Slytjerins snickered a little only to be silence by Pussyface. “Alright class, that’s all for today, you can all go now,” said Hagrid, a bit shaken of the whole situation. He noticed Harry’s sad emotions, hell, everyone can felt it. “Harry, may I see you for a moment,” he asked. Harry shook out of his stupor and looked at Hagrid, “Huh, oh alright.” He faced Ron and I and said that he’ll meet us at Transfiguration. He then followed Hagrid to somewhere in a hurried manner because the half-giant was already a metre away from him. Ron and I exchanged knowing looks and just shrugged. We went off to Transfiguration, after we found Hermione of course. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oh my god, I didn’t know she was teaching Transfiguration. I should’ve just dropped this class in the first place. This stern old witch made my life a bit topsy-turvy two days ago. She was just plain stern and articulately impossible to detest. “Don’t worry Rich, she is Gryffindor’s Head of House, she won’t do anything bad to you,” Hermione reassured me, she was very kind to me, endlessly seeking my solace. “You better not make her mad, she could kill a kneazle with just one look,” Ronnie joked, I didn’t get it. “Make that grindylows,” Harry chimed in, he was quiet the whole time after seeing Hagrid. The two boys along some other eavesdroppers chuckled. Hermione however gave her death glare at the two boys, which I felt it, first-hand during fishing. “Just like that,” Harry pointed his index at her and everyone laughed again even me, now I get it. “Good impression, Hermione. You and McGonagall could make into an ‘Identical lost Family Contest’,” Ronnie continued Harry’s mock joked, good going Ronnie, let us see what happened to Hermione. She scowled at them and turned back to her books. She whispered some incoherent words like ‘Four-Eye idiot and Freckled Moron’ and ‘Bigheaded boys’. McGonagall came in the classroom filled with lots of students. She walked in a rather fashionably way. She sent me a glare, out of nowhere…. Wow, that rhymes. “Good morning class, we’ll be teaching the subject Transfiguration in a now higher level, I want you all to work very hard especially those who were from my house,” she said, sending a knowing look at my direction… or was it Harry, who was behind me. “Now – the first lesson that I will be teaching is changing one colour into multiple colours. Each of you has a red velvet cloth in front of you -” Hermione raised her one and showed to the teacher as though she has it, “- Tap your wand on the cloth three times and the red colour will change into rainbows.” Rainbows… its rainbow day I guessed. Eventually the whole class got it right easily; I meant it was very easy to perform the task. Then the tricky part came. “Alright now you know how to change into multicolour, change it into a pattern of your desire,” the old witch said, oh my, can’t get this one right. Hermione successfully did it – she changed her cloth colours into a zigzag pattern, which earned us some house points… nice. The others were struggling but they succeeded. Harry did the most beautiful pattern of all, a lion crest in boxes. Ron’s was lots of orange, though I didn’t know what pattern it was. I turned mine into small words that were written many times. It said ‘Humanity Absurd’. “Humanity absurd? What does it mean?” Hermione asked puzzled. “Something I came up against Haters,” I replied firmly. Before she could asked again, McG stood in front of my shared desk with Hermione. “I need to speak to you after class Mr. Weasley,” she informed me, I couldn’t help but made some jokes. I turned my back to face Ron. “Oh, hey Ron, McGonagall wants to see you about you – eh hem – problems,” I teased slyly. Ron was utterly bewildered all of a sudden. “Huh What? I-I didn’t do it professor, honestly,” he said apologetically. “What are you talking about Mr. Weasley? I’m talking to your cousin here,” she scoffed, it’s hard to get to use to two Mr. Weasley. “Oh! Sorry,” Ronnie’s face turned red. He hid his face by lowering his head. Harry and Hermione chuckled softly, not wanting to make Ron more embarrassed. “Apology accepted,” she said and gave me a stern glare, she went back to check on the others. Then I earned a smack on my shoulder from my cousin. “What did you do that?” he asked, his face was murderous. “C’mon Ronnie, its funny,” I said, Harry and Hermione try to muffled their laughs. Ron noticed them and shut them up. “Besides, what did you mean that you didn’t do it?” I asked. There was something awfully wrong about him since I came here. He went fidgety a bit then nervously said, “W-What are y-you talking about?” Hermione stopped giggling and looked at Ronnie with an exasperated look. “Ron, from the looks of your worried face, you’re hiding something,” she said as-a-matter-of-factly and grinning. “I’m not,” Ron exclaimed, his face was red as his the Weasley dominant hair colour. “Yeah, and we’ll eventually find out,” I said firmly and exchanged knowing looks with Harry and Hermione. Ron snorted to himself; he crossed his arms and sat down, pursing his lips. ~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~> Class was over, that meant meeting with the horrible old witch. I told my cousin that I met him at the common room after this. I hoped this was a fast one. I approached McGonagall whilst muttering some prayers that this won’t be bad news. “You want to see me Professor,” The old lady looked profoundly at me, thank god, good news after all. “Yes, Mr. Weasley is about the Student with Specialty Club,” she then searched through a small stack of parchment and pulled out a very white paper, a clear sign of magic has been performed on it. “This is the list of students that has been signed up for the club, a total of eighteen students from all houses have entered,” she said as she handed me the paper. I checked the list. “Hmm… if I known this entire people, I could be feeling a bit surprise,” I said nonchalantly. “Who are my advisors?” “All the teachers at Hogwarts including the headmaster himself,” she replied greatly, scribbling something on a parchment. “But the main advisor is your Defence professor.” I turned my gazed to her, feeling surprised right now. “You mean, the new one,” I said, raising my brows. “Yes – and good one too,” she smiled widely with a hint of cunning. I was scared of her smile, what was she planning? “You can use the Room of Requirement as your place of meeting, your friend, Ms. Granger will show you. And here are the list to do in the meeting,” she added. I took the list and put it in between my books. “You may go now,” “Thank professor.”

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