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Chapter 27- family matters


AN: Thanks so much for sticking with me throughout the lengthy waits and what not. The story is almost over, it’s so exciting! Hope you like this chapter. Please read and review!


Hermione knew that she really needed to tell her friends then. She invited them to have dinner in the Head’s rooms that Sunday. They showed up just as she finished setting up. Draco came down to join them.

“What’s he doing here?” Ron asked.

‘I told you guys we were friends. I’m tired of trying to split my time. It would be so much better if we could all just hang out together. Just try to get along, ok? Draco agreed to it.” Ron still looked skeptical, but Draco just took a seat, pretending nothing had happened. Everyone else eventually sat down to eat.

As awkward as it was at first, they all started talking like it was a normal evening. Draco even joined in. Soon enough they were all laughing. Everyone was able to see that Draco really had changed. He didn’t even notice it, but little things he did gave away his love for Hermione. He made sure that she got plenty to eat and was always looking at her. No one could deny that they cared for each other, though the others didn’t even know they had been dating yet. Hermione had to tell them soon. Mostly she really wanted to. She hatched a plan.


“Hey guys, this has been really fun. I was wondering if we didn’t want to make Sunday dinners a weekly occurrence?” Everyone agreed and it was set.


The very next Sunday Hermione decided to make the first step towards total openness and truth.

“Um…I was wondering if I could tell you guys something and you promise not to freak out.” They looked at her oddly but agreed. “Well, the thing is…um…you see…”


“Hermione, after what we’ve all been through we can handle anything just spit it out.” With Harry’s encouraging words she did just that.

“Draco and I are dating.” Everyone was silent for a few minutes. Then Ginny spoke up.


“That’s, um, great Hermione! I’m glad you are happy. I will admit, I’m a bit surprised, but I guess I can see that.” The boys looked at her like she had grown an extra head. Then they swallowed their own surprise and anger and accepted that they had to deal with Hermione’s choices. Plus, Malfoy had changed. 

Hermione was so happy that they had accepted Draco. She hugged them all. They started hanging out more as a group. Unfortunately it was already half way through March, so plans needed to be made for the Summer semi-formal. It was to be held the last day of the school year, after all exams were finished. The official date was June 3rd. While it seemed far away, it never hurt to be prepared. Hermione hoped she could tell her friends the truth soon. 

Between prefect meetings and studying for her N.E.W.T.s, Hermione was finding it hard to make time for her friends. Their Sunday dinners became some of the only care free time they had together and she cherished it. 


They had two more Sundays before Thursday, April 1st came around. Hermione was not the only one who wanted to make their 7th year eventful and memorable. The boys wanted to pull a big prank. They wanted to make it Fred and George level. Hermione volunteered to help and even got Draco to help out. They left Ginny out of it, since she would be returning next year so they didn’t want her in too much trouble. They started hatching their great plan those two Sunday’s before the 1st.


They finally decided on a multifaceted set of pranks. Draco convinced them to prank all the houses equally, since he didn’t want Slytherin hit harder than Gryffindor, that wouldn’t be fair to his house. They agreed, obviously they all planned to sleep over in the Head’s dorm to avoid the chaos. 

On that Thursday, April Fool’s Day, everyone left their common rooms with a false sense of security. The teachers were relaxed, happy that the Weasley twins were no longer at Howarts. That relaxation was broken when they started eating. The Gryffindors’ hair turned green and silver striped and the Slytherins’ turned red and gold striped. The Hufflepuff’s turned blue and white striped and the Ravenclaws’ turned yellow and black striped. The teachers’ hair just turned the color of the rainbow. 

The next surprise occurred when the students and teacher tried to go to their lessons. As they left the Great Hall the archways spit confetti at them. The say happened anytime anyone went through a doorway to a classroom, the Great Hall, or the common rooms. Confetti was everywhere.

Additionally, any time someone decided to put on their hat, it turned into little witches on broomsticks that would fly in circles around their heads. They could not be removed, and like the other pranks, would not fade until the next day.

The final part of the great prank happened during lunch. Everyone looked questionably at their food, but then, those who already had funky hair decided it couldn’t do anything else to them, so they ate away. But they were wrong. Their hair remained colorful. It was their actions that were affected. About one third of the students and staff ended up eating in a potion that made them started singing at the top of their lungs. They could sing whatever they wanted, but they couldn’t help but sing. Another third of students and staff ate a potion that made them start to spontaneously tell others what they thought about them, good and bad. Truly deep secrets were not affected, but light crushes or misunderstandings were soon out in the open. Finally, the last third got a potion that forced them to skip if they ever wanted to go anywhere.


Of course, during all this Draco, Hermione, Ron, and Harry stayed safely in the Head’s
dorms. They didn’t want to show it was them by walking around with normal hair, but it certainly would be no fun if they were affected. So they played hooky and just sat, talking and laughing, in the Head’s common room all day. Hermione made them a safe, potion free lunch and they had a blast.

The teachers never figured out who the culprits were, and everyone found it pretty funny once it was all over with. Friday went by normally, though some people were extra shy due to the truths that had been shared the previous day.

That Sunday they gathered in the Head’s rooms as usual. Ginny was simply gushing about the prank. She had known it was them, and she had found it hilarious. Apparently two boys had confessed crushes on her that day.


Once all the excited talking was over with Hermione decided it was time. They had gotten along so well the past two weeks when they were planning the prank that she thought maybe they wouldn’t be so upset by it then. They had accepted them dating well enough; engagement wasn’t that much of a difference.

“So, in following with the joyful atmosphere of our dinner today, I have something else 
exciting that I want to share with you.” They all looked at her expectantly, Draco looked up, eager.


“I know this may surprise you, but please remember how much fun the past two weeks have been and how well we have all been getting along lately.” They looked nervous at that. 


“Draco asked me to marry him and I said yes.” Hermione spit it all out as fast as she could and then held her breath. Blank stares met her eyes as she looked at her friends.

“Well that is certainly a surprise.” Harry was the one to speak first this time. He wasn’t particularly thrilled at the idea, but he couldn’t deny that he had kind of been having fun with Malfoy the past few weeks. He could even honestly say he enjoyed his company. And he could clearly tell that Hermione and Malfoy loved each other, that was obvious by their actions. “I admit, I don’t totally know what to say, but good for you. You two clearly love each other, and you know you mean the world to me Hermione, I just want you to be happy.” Hermione got up to hug him.

Ron was a bit slower to accept it. He sat, saying nothing, as Ginny expressed similar sentiments and she too hugged Hermione. He still said nothing as Harry shook Malfoy’s hand in congratulations. Ginny did the same shortly after. Finally Ron spoke.  


“Congratulations Hermione.” It wasn’t much, and it was said quietly, but it was something. Hermione rushed over to him and hugged him extra tightly. She whispered in his ear. 

“You will always be one of my best friends Ron, I hope that never changes. You mean so much to me. Thank you for letting me have this.” Then she pulled away and they all sat again to finish their dinners. Things were a bit tense for the next week, but they finally got used to it and accepted Draco as part of their friend group. Ginny even began to stay up late having girl chats with Hermione about the wedding.

AN: For those of you who read my other novella, yes, the April fool’s day pranks were copied from my Valentine’s Day Pranks. I liked them last time, so I just tweaked them and reused them. I hope you liked this chapter. Please review, I really appreciate it. :D

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