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For all of you who thought outside of the box. And for Valerian, for the Bridget Jones review.

I wasn’t the first one to arrive at the Burrow. Though I finished packing before I thought I would and even skipped breakfast, Angelina was stuffing her face with cereal before I arrived. I shouldn’t have been surprised since she was making eyes at Fred across the table, but I did frown.

“Janey!” George cried, pulling me inside and grabbing my bag. “How was your date with Dodger?”

I rolled my eyes, smacking him lightly on the shoulder. “Shut up.”

“Did he tell you all about Madeline?” Angelina asked, snaking her head around the corner to see me in the hall. “What’s up with the pair of them? Did they do it yet?”

“Now why would he tell me that?” I muttered, meandering into the kitchen and taking a seat in a small wooden chair next to her. It was a small room, but there were books, utensils, and family photos everywhere. “But yes, he did tell me all about her. Her past, her Quidditch skills. Apparently Roger is just falling in love, though he didn’t admit it to me.”

“Good,” she said. “He deserves it. After losing you what was he supposed to do?”

I grabbed her spoon and hit her nose with it. “If you guys are already this annoying I might as well bail now.”

“And not wait until Oliver gets here?” Angelina stole her spoon back and continued eating. “You said something about practice, didn’t you?”

“Yeah. It’s his first day back today since he was in the hospital.” I leaned back a little in the chair. “I hope it goes well, though he seems fine now.”

“Especially after Katie waiting on him hand and foot,” Fred added. “Wish she did that for me. I could have used a foot massage.”

My eyes snapped up. “She gave Oliver a foot massage?”

“And a back rub!” he noted.

“Blimey,” I murmured. “She needs to get a pet or something.” I thought about George, but he didn’t reply. He was busying himself with the dishes, putting them away in cupboards, something I was fairly certain he didn’t usually do. “So where’s Mrs. Weasley?” I asked, happy to change the subject from my boyfriend getting spoiled foot massages from my best mate.

“She’s out shopping,” Fred replied lightly. “Apparently we need new shutters for the upstairs windows and seeds for the back garden. Sounds like work to me.”

“For you,” Angelina corrected tartly.

Fred took her cereal bowl and started eating from it bitterly, but with a smile planted on his freckled face. “When’s everyone else getting here? I’m bored.” He took another bite. “It’s warm today. We can swim.”

“You’re addicted to swimming,” I pointed out. “But I’m in. I brought two bathing suits.”

“Because of last year?” Ang said. “Yeah, me too.”

“Then let’s go,” Fred whined. “I’ll leave a note on the door and they can meet us out back.”

I stood up and stretched wildly. “You’re so impatient. Fine.” I grabbed my bag from the floor. “I guess we can go change.”

Fred beamed, leaping up and spilling milk all down his front. “Cheers!” he cried.



The girls were staying in a spare shed outside, which was transformed every summer into a cozy cottage. Mrs. Weasley even put in plumbing for us, which was a blessing from the rain. It was toward the back of the garden at the edge of the nearby forest. Inside were four twin beds, bunked on either side of the room. In the middle was a small sofa with a few extra blankets and a warm fireplace in the back, flanked by windows.

The only bad part now, was that it separated us from the delicious guys our lips were so frequently glued to. Well, except Katie. But she would realize that soon enough.

“How do you like the new one?” Angelina asked, modeling in front of a full length mirror. She wore a sunshine yellow bikini with small white polka dots. Her bags were on the bottom bunk across the room. We were partial to the bottom bunks, mostly because I was terrified of falling off in the middle of the night and she regularly snuck out to snog Fred by the pond.

“I’m a fan,” I said, tilting my head to the side. It really did look fantastic on her. I put on a solid black bikini top and boyshort bottoms. I liked the way they made my hips look.

“Swimming without me!” Alicia Spinnet threw the door to the small cottage open, a red striped bag in her hands, large sunglasses surrounding her hidden eyes.

“Should have shown up early,” Angelina said, switching her weight to her other leg to extend her hips in the mirror.

“To watch you and Fred suck face? Pass.” Alicia tossed her stuff on the sofa, throwing an extra pillow on the bunk above mine. She unzipped her bright bag and pulled out a purple top. “I think this year I’ll finally beat George in laps. He’s looking weaker. Perfect time to strike.”

Angelina snorted. “You’re ridiculous. George beats you by a mile every time.”

“Not this year,” argued Alicia, stripping off her top and tying on the bathing suit. “Nope. I’ve been doing strength training and George Weasley is mine.”

“Won’t Lee mind?” I questioned playfully.

“He’ll have to live,” she replied, cocky grin on her face. “I’m ready.” She paused and wiggled off her bottoms. “Where’s Katie? She not here yet?”

“Not a reason to show up early this year, is there?” Angelina said. “She doesn’t have a denial about fancying George. Well, she does, but she doesn’t want us to know it.” She shrugged, wrapping a towel around her waist. “Did Lee come with you?”

“Yeah, he’s giving Fred a hard time for his yellow shorts.”

Angelina blushed.

“You match?” I said loudly, laughing. “I can’t believe that. You’re such a couple.”

She stuck her tongue out at me. “Shut up. I think it’s adorable. He loves it.”

“He just loves you in a bikini,” Alicia offered. “No matter. I’m ready to get out there and have some fun, matchy-matchy couple or not.” She tossed her bag up on the bunk once she grabbed a towel out of it. “I’m just glad they have a pond too. I mean, what’s the point of visiting someone overnight if they don’t have a body of water we can wear bikinis around?”

I pulled open the door and heard voices in the distance, signaling the boys had already found their way to the water and Lee had already been thrown in. I glanced up to the house, but Katie was nowhere to be found.

Alicia rushed past me and into the forest. “Last one there is matchy-matchy!” she cried, racing to the trees.

Angelina huffed and followed. I shut the door and walked as well. A small scream told me Alicia had been the next victim into the chilly water.

The Burrow’s pond wasn’t large, but it was my favorite. Surrounded by a thicket of trees, it had a sandy shore put there by the twins’ parents (probably to get them out of the house) and a large dock and diving board they built themselves that had a history of falling off or thwacking George on the bum. There were three towels already bunched up on the shore, Alicia’s fourth almost falling off the dock. Fred was standing on it triumphantly.

Lee was out near the middle of the pond and George was building a sandcastle, placing a few shells in as windows.

“King of the dock!” Fred cried, throwing his fists in the air. That is, until Alicia grabbed his ankle and tugged him in.

“Not so royal anymore,” Angelina murmured, moving toward George and plopping down in the sand. She grabbed a twig and made a flag out of it.

I kicked through the sand over to where it turned to mud, letting my feet sink into it and then into the water. I walked out so it lapped at my shins. Then submerged my knees, which created tiny bumps along my legs and torso. Lee and Alicia had ganged up on Fred and were now trying to dunk him. He kept screaming out for twin help, but George was busy adding on extra apartments to his castle for the pretty ladies of the sand town.

Suddenly I glanced up, seeing Alicia and Lee glance toward the path behind me. Fred splashed both of them but turned as well.

Once I followed their stares, I realized Katie was standing in the break in the trees. She wore a large sunhat, covering her face in shade, and a pink sundress. I could see tan bathing suit halter straps under it. Her fingers twisted in front of her, around a white towel.

My gaze flew to George’s face. His jaw was a little lopsided before he caught himself, turning immediately back to his castle, but not working on it. Angelina leapt up and rushed over to Katie.

“Hey! That dress is amazing,” she said, beaming. “When did you get it?” By asking Katie about shopping, it got her mind off of her ex-fiance sitting a few meters away.

“Couple weeks ago,” she said shyly, tossing her towel in the sand. Katie bunched up the material of her dress in her hands. “What’s going on? Sorry I’m late. Mum was on my case.”

Angelina shrugged. “You’re here now. Oliver’s at practice until this evening but the rest of us are here. And Fred has lost his royalty of king of the dock so you haven’t missed much.”

“You know,” Fred said, swimming closer to shore on his stomach. “I almost bought that same hat. That could have been awkward.”

“Oh, I’ll let you borrow it,” Katie replied with a sly smile. “Don’t you worry.” She peeled off the hat and set it beside her towel, ignoring the skeptical glances of those around her and pulled off her dress. The bikini had white stripes on the tan material. Then Katie ran at the water, leaping in and submerging her head.

George glanced up.

I let my eyes roll. They were so frustrating. But then again, wasn’t I at one point? I hoped Oliver was doing well at practice.



After swimming, Alicia losing to George again, and a tour of the luxury sand castle, we waded into the shallows, my eyes closed as I took in the warm sun. The only sounds were the leaves on the trees and the water pushing against the shoreline.

“Hungry,” mumbled Fred, splashing water at Angelina.

“So eat,” she replied, splashing him back.

He leaned over and bit her bare arm. She smacked him.

“I’m hungry too,” Alicia added, sitting up and leaning back so her arms were still in the water. “I wonder if your mum is home yet. There was a recipe card in the kitchen that very clearly said muffins and I’m interested.”

“I can make muffins,” Lee noted.

“Yeah like they’re made out of dirt,” she replied in a huff. “What’re the dinner plans tonight, twinsies?”

“Mum said we’d be eating in the garden,” George said, pushing his hair back into the water. “Something about chicken and roasted potatoes. I’ve gotta get the extra silverware out of the cabinets, just remembered that.” He groaned loudly. “I know she wants to wait for Wood to get here so she can question him all about the reporters and his new Quidditch glory.”

“Jealous?” Alicia said with a snicker.

“Hey, I’ll be far more famous than Wood,” he said with a smirk. “We’re going to have the joke shop of all joke shops.”

“I’d rather sleep with a Quidditch player,” Angelina said, laughing, and Fred bit her again.

“C’mon,” Katie said, getting to her feet. We stared up at her. “I need a snack, I don’t know about you guys. If I have to sneak it, I’m going to.” She smirked devilishly. I recognized that smirk from the Katie I adored at Hogwarts. The risky Chaser that did what she could to get what she wanted. And now she wanted a snack.

Fred was the first one to leap to his feet. “To the kitchen!” He threw his hand in the air and grabbed his towel, wrapping it around himself like a cape. Then he took off into the trees, Katie not far behind, wagging her towel in her hand as she grabbed her clothes.

“I missed her,” Alicia whispered, watching them go.

George busied himself with moving his fingers in and out of the water.

“Good to see her calming down finally,” Lee noted, now standing with his girlfriend. “I’m sure it was my dancing skills at the party the other night.”

“I didn’t know you danced with Katie,” I said with a smile. Lee was such a charmer.

“Don’t be jealous, Janey, you were busy getting a fancy new necklace.”

I smirked and squeezed out my dark hair. “I’m always jealous, Lee. I just can’t keep my eyes off of you. I’ll have to tell Oliver it’s over. Unless you’d like to join us.” I raised an amused brow.

“How’d you know about my crush on Wood?” Lee splashed me, forcing me to wring out my hair again.

Alicia dunked him.

When we caught up with Katie and Fred, they already had full stomachs. Mrs. Weasley’s muffins were spread out on the counter and when I asked how many they had, they blushed and each put up three fingers. Bleeding pigs.

“Where’s Mrs. Weasley?” Angelina wondered, grabbing a muffin before Fred could get his greedy paws on it. I figured she found it just as weird that Fred’s mother wasn’t in the room harassing all of us about our health, bathing habits, and the state of our hair.

“Living room,” mumbled Fred. “Knitting something.”

The color in Katie’s cheeks rose. Silence fell.

A knock at the door jilted me, almost causing me to drop my muffin. I wanted it to be Oliver, preferably sweaty from Quidditch practice, hair sticking to the back of his neck. Maybe some dirt on his shirt. Not that there would be a reason for it since they showered after practice, but a girl could dream, right?

“Oliver!” Mrs. Weasley squealed. “You’re skin and bone! Look at you, famous man about town.” She giggled. Mrs. Weasley always giggled over Oliver, even though up until this year she rarely saw him.

Everyone hurried toward the hall. Including me, since he was, well, my boyfriend.

Apparently he was my completely delicious boyfriend with wet hair, chiseled cheek-bones and a lopsided smirk. Blimey, he looked good enough to jump right there in the living room. Only that wouldn’t be appropriate. I didn’t want Mrs. Weasley to think I was a harlot. Until she saw us snogging in the garden, which was certain to happen at some point that week. We were pro snoggers.

Oliver met my eyes, even from across the room and with a whole crowd of not-Oliver’s-girlfriends standing in front of me. And with Mrs. Weasley straightening his collar. His brown eyes made me freeze, unaware of the muffin dropping with a soft thud onto the tile floor.

“Gunna eat that?” Fred asked, grabbing the muffin off the ground and taking a bite.

Angelina nudged him. “You’re gross.” He bit her in response.

Mrs. Weasley shoved past all of us into the kitchen. “What’ll you have, dear?” she asked Oliver. “Spot of tea? Muffin—where’d all the muffins go?”

Fred moved behind Angelina.

“I’m fine, but thank you kindly,” Oliver said with charm. I felt an arm slid around my waist, goosebumps trailing my arms. “I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone.”

“You just let me know if you need anything,” she said fondly, looking around at us. “Jane, Alicia, Ang. You too. Don’t be shy, girls.”

I noticed she didn’t say Katie’s name. In fact, she didn’t even look at Katie. And Katie kept her gaze focused intently on a spot on the floor. Awkward.

“Sure,” Angelina said, trying to diffuse the tension. “Of course we will. Thanks, Mrs. Weasley.” She made a move toward the back door. I followed.

“Dinner will be ready in about an hour,” Mrs. Weasley said cheerfully. She grabbed a few pans from under the stove. “I’ll have you lot set up the table in the garden. It should be a clear night.”

Fred groaned and we followed him outside, the door shutting with a soft snap behind him. We didn’t dare say a word until we got to the girls’ cottage and that door was closed.

“She hates me,” Katie said loudly. To be honest, I was shocked it was her who said it. She threw her arms in the air, climbed onto her bunk above Angelina’s, and threw her face into the pillow. “I knew I shouldn’t have come! She hates me and wants me to leave. Get my towel. I’m going to go home.”

“Shut up.” I expected that to come from Alicia, but instead it was Fred’s voice. “Mum doesn’t hate you. She’s just upset she won’t be getting grandbabies any time soon.”

“Like she would have been anyway,” George said. He didn’t have a bitter tone. It was actually thoughtful. “I’m seventeen.”

“And in your prime.” Fred laughed loudly. The rest of us laughed and Katie took her teary face off the pillow to stare at him. “Katie, stop worrying so much. She’ll like you again. She’s just bitter. Mum takes disappointment rather hard. And she can’t blame George for being a prat since he’s her bay-bay.”

“I wasn’t a prat!”

“Shut up, prat.”

George punched him in the shoulder. “Shut up. Don’t talk about my relationship when I’m right here.”

I watched Katie’s eyes widen, but I was the only one who saw.

“Your ex relationship,” Fred noted and dodged another punch. He fell down onto the sofa and pulled Ang down after him. “So Oliver fucking Wood! How was practice today, mate? Save all the Quaffles?”

He chuckled and drew his arms around me again. His bare arms were warm. “I saved as many as I could,” Oliver replied. “I’m feeling ace though. A little tired, but I’m assuming that will go away after a few days. I don’t feel poisoned anymore.”

“Was everyone curious?” George asked, finally getting in a punch to Fred’s shoulder. “I mean, you sort of went down right at the party and had to be lugged out of there.”

Oliver nodded. “Yeah, I got a lot of questions. Especially when I told them it was poison. There was a gaggle of girls on the sidelines trying to hear everything. They’ve been coming to practice every time and they get louder and louder. One girl keeps bringing the same sign asking me to marry her.” He laughed.

“The life of a playboy,” I said wickedly and he kissed my cheek.

“I still don’t get it,” Angelina said from Fred’s lap. “Do you think it was Bridget?”

“Could have been,” Alicia said. “After we took her out in the bathroom. Hope she’s got a brilliant bruise. Or it could be the thousand other gaggling girls that somehow got invites to that high caliber party.”

Oliver didn’t reply right away, his eyes focused far away. “I have no idea. I feel like Bridget wouldn’t resort to poison to off Jane. I mean, there are loads of other eligible Quidditch blokes she could seduce and be the trophy wife of.” He glanced down at me. “You’re wearing my necklace.”

“Are you surprised?”

“Not surprised,” he said roughly. “Happy.”

Lee cleared his throat. “As touching as this moment is,” he said with a cocked brow, “I think we should do something.”

Alicia threw a pillow at him. “We’re trying to find out who wanted to off Jane and almost offed Oliver instead! It’s like a murder mystery novel in here!”

“Where’s the resolution?” Lee whined.

“That you shut your bleeding mouth.” She threw another pillow at him.



Though we were late setting up the table because of Alicia chasing the boys around with lampshades (trying to make them into hats to look like Katie), it got done and once dinner was on the table we all shut up, listening to the painful growls of our stomachs.

The sun was going down behind us and floating lights kept the table glowing as we served up the chicken, roasted potatoes, salad, and chocolate cake. Fred had more than his share, which caused his mother to slap him with a wooden spoon, but other than that we all had just enough and we passed around sighs of contentment.

“Amazing,” Lee said, leaning back and patting his stomach.

Both twins mimicked his gesture.

“You outdid yourself, Mrs. Weasley,” Oliver said with a polite and charming smile. Apparently he was not only the guy every girl wanted to bag, but also the one the parents wanted their daughters to marry. Dad seemed to entertain the idea of Oliver. I wondered how Mum would like him. If she would approve of his need to showboat or his insufferable arrogance. I was sure she would like him. Or at least want to pinch his damn adorable cheeks.

“Thank you,” Mrs. Weasley replied, her face flushing pink as she dabbed her lips with the red cloth napkin. “I think it turned out well. It’s nice to have enough faces around here to eat it all. With everyone else gone it’s been lonely waiting for you all to show up. And with Fred disappearing all the time…”

Fred and Angelina went the color of the napkins around the table. I wondered if George and Katie would start debating whether they were an apple red or a crimson. I decided they were more of a brick red, so I could settle that argument if it started.

“I’m taking painting lessons,” Fred mumbled, grabbing another roll from the center of the table and stuffing it into his mouth.

“I really thought you were taking painting lessons,” George said thoughtfully. “Your oils are getting so much better.”

“Natural talent,” Fred said, but there was a sparkle in his eye that hinted that his oils were getting better from practice. And there was a heavy blush on Ang’s cheeks that suggested she might be the subject of said oil paintings. Who knew?

“So what are you kids going to get up to this evening?” Mrs. Weasley asked, absentmindedly stacking plates as she scanned the table.

“Bonfire?” Lee offered, shrugging as he placed his napkin (totally brick red) on top of his empty plate. “I seem to remember last year George nearly set himself on fire because he was pretending to be a marshmallow.”

“I don’t remember that,” said Mrs. Weasley in a lofty tone, glaring at George.

“It’s an inside joke!” the Weasley twin said, his face now glowing. “It was pretend. And we were joking. I’ve never even been near a fire. In fact, I don’t know what fire is. Is it hot? What does it MEAN?!”

I rolled my eyes and cast a sideways glance at Oliver. He returned the glance that clearly suggested, who the heck do we associate ourselves with?



After George was done lecturing Lee on keeping his mouth shut in front of Mrs. Weasley, the boys constructed the bonfire in one of the large clearings in the forest while me and the girls stayed in the cottage, ruffling through our bags to find some hooded sweatshirts and actual shoes.

“Hate bug bites,” mumbled Alicia, grabbing her fuchsia shirt and pulling it on over her head. The tiny cottage was quiet and warm and we could hear the boys screaming about one thing or another.

“I just hope they’re not planning another abduction,” said Angelina, glancing up from where she was trying to get her jeans over her hips. “I can’t believe Fred slipped last time and we both ended up in the pond.”

“He deserved it for throwing ice on my bed!” Alicia shot back, narrowing her eyes. “Wow. Thinking back to last year it seems ages ago. All I did with Lee was kiss him once when we played that silly spin the bottle game. Maybe that’s when he started fancying me. Obviously knew I’d be a good snogger after that.”

Angelina rolled her eyes. “I’m sure that was the moment he fell for you.” She chuckled darkly and tied her hair up in a knot.

“Weird,” I said absently, thinking about the previous year. It had only been us and Fred, George, and Lee. No Oliver Wood, mostly because I loathed him and to the others he was just their Captain. Just their superior that had them get up before the sun to run laps. Not their friend. Or my boyfriend. I actually remembered making jokes about him falling off his broom last year. Similar to Alicia calling Lee her big brother.

Even Katie and George hadn’t realized they were perfect for each other.

Hmm. Perhaps it’s something about summer that made those two become idiots.

Or napkins.

“Last year was so different,” Alicia said at last, tightening the laces on her shoes. “I mean, just last year Katie had that infatuation with the Muggle cashier up the street. Perhaps he still works there. Shall we go down tomorrow and bat our eyelashes at him?”

“No,” Katie said, a heavy blush on her cheeks. “He probably doesn’t remember me.”

Yeah, I thought, that’s why you don’t want to go.

I hoisted the hoot on my gray sweatshirt over my head. “Ready?” I asked, glancing around at the girls.

They nodded and we walked out of the cottage, greeted by the eerie sound of silence.

“Weren’t they just screaming mating calls or something?” whispered Angelina, placing her hands on her hips in irritation.

It was pitch dark outside other than the area surrounding the door, which was lit up by a small lamp beside the window. We could barely see the light above the back door of the Burrow. I could hear the crackling of a fire within the forest.

“Lumos,” we whispered in unison, lighting our wands.

It didn’t do much to help considering we just had four beams of light and the forest was the kind of dark where you can’t see your hand in front of your face. The overcast night didn’t help.

“I hate this silence,” Alicia finally said as our footsteps gave away our position, twigs snapping under our feet. “I mean, they could just be sitting there swapping war stories.”

“But they could be behind us,” Katie said, her voice nervous. “They wouldn’t, though. Not this year. Not with…everything…”

“George might not,” Alicia replied shortly. “But I know if the idea struck them Fred and Lee would most certainly go for it.”

So would Oliver, I thought. I knew.

“They’re going to know where we are,” Angelina said impatiently. “Our only shot is outsmarting them.”

“What if they already know?” I asked, glancing over at her as I put out the light from my wand. The wind flew through my hair, sending it in leafs over my face. “They’ve been quiet for a few. What if they know where we are and they’re just waiting to scare the shit out of us?”

I listened to the night noises. Crackling twigs. A few birds. The wind through the trees. The fire some distance away. Branches creaking. It was terrifying and a little chilling.

Alicia was the last to put out her wand. “Game plan.”

I looked over, barely able to see the outline of her profile in the darkness now that we had entered into the thicket of trees.

“We make for the fire,” Alicia whispered, her face darting back and forth. “It’s just due east from here, with a little veer to the left. I can see the orange glow. If someone is captured, continue.”

“What happened to leave no one behind?” Angelina asked impatiently.

“What am I, a military woman? If you go down I’m leaving your slow ass.”

Angelina shoved her, but said nothing. I could tell she was looking around too.

I wasn’t sure what they were looking at considering I could see the outlines of a few trees, the orange fire quite a distance away, and my body. That was pretty much it. I tried not to breathe too loudly, but my footsteps were horrid.

“There,” hissed Katie, grabbing me by the shoulder and pulling me to the forest floor. The other girls followed suit. “They’re coming from the fire. I can see the outlines of their bodies—get behind there!”

We crawled through the leaves and dirt behind a large fallen tree, each of us peeking over it. I could barely see them, but Katie was right. I did see two people who looked very much like Lee and Oliver walking toward the path from the trees. Every couple meters they paused to dodge behind a tree. I kept my gaze fixed on them. Especially Oliver because, to me, he was the dangerous person. I remembered what Fred did to Angelina last time and I wasn’t getting thrown in the pond.

It took them ages to even get near to us, but I could tell from Katie’s body language that we weren’t taking chances. She was stoic, staring out at them.

“They’re looking for us,” she whispered, glancing over at me with a quirky smile. Then she glanced at her other side and jumped. “Shit!”

“What?” I glanced over on the other side of Katie and they were gone—both Angelina and Alicia had vanished. I had no idea if they had just gone to the other side of the log or had been taken. If they had been taken it had been a stealthy job. I glanced around the tree, seeing no sign of them or the twins. “Shit,” I said, echoing Katie. I glanced over the tree again. They were still walking toward us.

“We have to get to the fire,” Katie said firmly. Her fist was clenched, patting the bark quietly.

It was then that we heard a scream and a splash. Then an angry shriek and another splash.

“Casualties,” Katie whispered, closing her eyes for one moment. “C’mon, Jane, let’s show these boys that they can, and will, be beaten.”

A/N: Ahh, the Burrow. One of my favorite places to write. Finally I get to! I'm glad I finally finished this chapter. I had another serious case of can't-write-it's-cold-and-February. Does anyone else get that? It seems every Jan/Feb/March I go into some odd funk where I want to write and I have tons of ideas but nothing comes out of the keyboard. But I did finish it!

What did you think? I KNOW what you're going to say. Not enough GeoKat. Or Jane/Oliver. Don't worry. I wanted everyone to get their fill of the eight of them back together before I start splitting people up and letting the dramatics ensue.

Up next: Dramatics. More Burrow antics. Maybe an argument. Maybe Lee will wear Katie's big sunhat. Or Alicia's large sunglasses. I'm fairly certain sunglasses will be a a part of the next chapter.

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