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I took one last look in the mirror. I was actually quite satisfied with the results.


My dress was blue and silver and flowing, and the icy rose I had placed in my long silver-blonde hair really added to the feel of the magical night. As did the silvery glitter I had placed on my eye lashes.


'I look just like Jack's princess.' I giggled quietly to myself. I reached for the spiky glittery-white earrings off to the side and quickly hooked them into my ears.


'Practically perfect!' I said.


'I'll say!' I whorled around and came face to face with none other then Jack Frost.


' do I look?' Jack did a mock turn, sending his dark-blue dress-robe into a circle about him. His hair was an excited royal blue color.


I smiled, 'You look nice Jack.'


Jack stopped and, mockingly, acted offended, 'Only nice? No perfection for the magical fairytale being that you didn't know existed until a week or so ago.'


'You look perfect Jack.' I gave a small laugh before standing on my tip-toes and gently kissing his cheek. Instantly his hair was the electric blue pushing white.


I smiled, 'I love being able to tell your emotions from your hair—its something I could get quite use too!'


'I hope you can!' Jack said before taking my hand and heading towards the door, 'Are we ready for the ball though my Lady Luna?' He bowed and held the door open.


I curtsied and he took my arm, 'Of course.'




The Great Hall was breathtaking.


Ice was everywhere: on the trees, tables, ceiling, either McGonagall had ice on her person!


The Greengrass girl didn't dare mess with me. I smiled to myself, it felt good not to be laughed at for a change. And not only was she not laughing but no one else was either. Instead, they were looking on with curiosity at my date – and some girls even looked jealous!


I smiled, it was sort of a nice change for once.


'You do look beautiful!' Jack said, as we walked to one of the tables. His hair instantly went to an Iceberg-blue. I smiled, I figured that color either meant that he was telling the truth or that he thought I was cute. I was really good with either!


'Thanks Jack, you don't look so bad yourself.' I laughed as he pulled the chair out for me to sit before excusing himself to go get punch for the both of us.


I sat tapping my foot for a bit, until Ginny Weasley came over to sit with me.


'So who is the mystery guy?' Ginny said, going all gossipy on me.


'A friend from out of town.' Technically it wasn't a lie. He was from out of town. I knew for a fact he had just been in Alaska this afternoon.


'Just a friend?' Ginny said, raising a questioning eyebrow.


I smiled and turned away, trying to hide my blush.


I didn't do too well of a job.


'Oh! I knew it, you like-like him!' Ginny gushed, clapping her hands together.


I tried to shh her as people from other tables started to stare at us.


Ginny covered her mouth with her hand, trying not to giggle, 'But do tell, what is with his hair? Does he just like the color blue?'


I nodded, 'Something like that...'


'Here is your punch my lady!' Jack said, showing up at my side with a glass-cup of pumpkin juice.


'Thanks Jack, oh, this is my friend Ginny!' I said, standing up and pointing to Ginny who also stood.


'Pleasure to meet you.' Jack said, with his priceless smile. His hair went from the Royal blue to the amused Dodger blue.


'Pleasure is all mine.' Ginny said a bit breathless, guess she thought he was cute as well. I bit my lower lip, trying not to be envious.


Jack's hair simply turned back to that Iceberg-blue, however, as he offered me his hand, 'Care to dance?'


A slow song had just come on and I gave a slight nod as he led us to the dance floor.


Jack placed his arms on my waist as I wrapped mine around his neck.


'So do you have any questions tonight?' Jack quietly whispered to me, giving me one of his amazing smiles.


I couldn't help but stare a bit at his perfect teeth, they were a pearl color – as white as new snow!


I shook my head, breaking the spell before biting my lip in thought, 'What is your story? Please, will you tell me now?'


Jack took a small breath, at first I was afraid he'd be upset, 'My Da was the original Jack Frost you see, so technically I am a Junior of sorts. My Mum was a human though—or a Muggle as I think as you call them.'


I nodded, 'Muggle is right. But how does that work, magic and none magic?'


'See, it's just like a person with pure magic marrying a human. It doesn't affect anything really except the persons blood status.' Jack explained.


'Oh, so its just like a Pure-blood marrying a Muggle or a Half-blood. It doesn't really matter unless you are a blood purest.' I said. Jack slowly turned me and then brought me closer to him.


'Exactly,' He said with a nod, 'But she was simply mortal.'


'Oh...' I said, 'So she—'


'Died. Yes.' Jack said, matter-of-fact, but I could see the pain in his eyes a bit, his hair turned a lighter shade of Turquoise.


'I'm sorry Jack.' I moved closer to him and rested my head on his chest, 'My Mum died when I was younger too.'


I liked that he was taller, I could curl up into him and just feel very safe and secure.


'What about your Da?' I asked after a couple minutes.


Jack took a slight breath, 'He linked lives with my Mum.'


I pulled back to look at him, my eyes must have looked confused because his reflected mine – as did his steel blue hair, 'Do he— well?'


Jack nodded, his hair going back to Turquoise, 'She was his love and his heart, he didn't want to be parted from her.'


'But that's not fair too you.' I said, biting my lip as I looked up to him.


Jack smiled slightly, 'It happened so long ago. Luna you got to remember I'm about a hundred years old or so.'


'Years don't dull pain though.' I said, gently running my hand through his hair.


Jack looked over my shoulder and bit his own lip, he looked as if he was trying to concentrate, 'My Da was the one that taught me how to make those ice-roses you love so much.'


Jack gently fingered the one I had placed in my hair, 'He use to make them for Mum all the time...yours were the first ones I have made in years—the last one I made was...was...'


'For your Mum's grave?' I asked. I felt the hurt coming of Jack. I had never had this close of a connection with another person besides Harry, and even with Harry it wasn't this strong. I knew how Jack felt and I knew what he was going to say. It scared me slightly, but not to bad.


Jack simply nodded.


'So what do you do? Where do you live?' I asked, trying to change topics.


'It changes.' Jack said, giving me another spin, 'Snow is needed year around the world so I move a lot.'


'All by yourself.' I whispered to myself. I bit my lower lip. For the first time it dawned on me, Jack would be leaving here after winter was over.


Would I get to see him?


'Let's get some air.' Jack said, pulling back and taking my hand.


I nodded and let him lead me towards the balcony.


'Oh damn!' Jack whispered once we got outside.


I was taken a back and tilted my head as I looked at him, 'What's damned?'


Jack ran his hand back through his tousled Bleu De France locks, clearly annoyed, 'Snow is needed in Ireland in about ten minutes!' He turned to me with a sad look in his eyes, 'Would you mind if I went real fast?'


I smiled and gently rested my hand on his cheek, 'Go do your job. I'll be here when you get back. Promise.'


Jack's hair stayed a Bleu De France as he sat up on the rail of the balcony, 'It will be really, really fast.'


'Take your time.' I said, gently squeezing his hand. Jack moved so that he was in the air now.


I laughed and leaned out over the stone barrier, 'You look like Peter Pan!'


Jack turned and gave me a small salute and smile before disappearing from slight.


I sighed and rested my head on my propped up hand.


'What are we going to do when you have to go permanently?' I whispered to the night. I let my free hand make circles on the frosty stone.


True to his work Jack was back in ten minutes.


Surprisingly I wasn't cold even though it had started to snow again.


'Back!' Jack said, landing quietly on the stone, 'And if I do say so myself, Ireland looks the best it has in years!' He gave me a playful wink before taking my hand, 'Would you care for another dance?'


I nodded but instead of leading us back to the Hall he pulled me close right there.


Jack leaned down so that he was just above my ear, 'I added the snow just for you my Lady.'


I pulled back and smiled, 'Why thank you kind sir!'


Jack looked down at me and it was like time froze. I laughed inwardly a bit at my own joke.


'What would you do if I kissed you?' Jack said, barley above a whisper.


I pursed my lips and felt my eyes grow a bit as his hair went an instant white color, 'I-I don't know. Guess you'd have to try to figure it out.'


Jack slowly tilted my head up to look at him, 'I'm game.'


I slowly closed my eyes, the last thing I saw was him leaning closer. The first thing I felt with the cool, light feeling of his lips against my warm ones.


This was what true magic really was. It was love.


We pulled back after a moment and just looked at each other.


I gave a small smile and a tear started to bud at the corner of my eye, 'What about when you have to leave?'


Jack didn't answer but simply pulled me closer.



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