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I got back to my room just in time to get Harry's message. I was revealed to know he was alright as was Hermione and Ron.


'So I should be going...' Jack's hair shifted from the happy Royal color to a burning Turquoise shade.


'Hey—' I called, Jack stopped just as he was about to go out the window and turned to look at me.


'W-what does that color mean?' I asked, walking over and picking up one of his tousled locks.


A light blush dusted his cheek as his hair color headed towards the embarrassing shade of Electric blue, slowly pushing its way towards white.


'It means I'm sad.' He said barley above a whisper.


'Oh...' I turned away biting my lower lip.


'Yeah, so I better be—'


'Do you want to go to the ball with me?' I blurted out before I could help it. See McGonagall wanted to hold a ball of sorts, it was Christmas – and would probably be the last one that everything would be normal for – and Voldomort was no where near Hogwarts and so there was nothing to fret about. Yet.


Jack looked at me with shocking Tufts blue hair and raised eyebrows.


I bit my lip and closed my eyes, wishing I hadn't said that. I opened my eyes. No such luck. This wasn't a dream.


'You don't have to if you don't want to.' I said after he still hadn't said anything.


Jack smiled, his hair shifting back to his Royal Blue color, 'I'd love to accompany you to the ball Lady Luna.' He gave a mock bow and then continued to the window.


He turned around and gave one last smile, 'When is it?'


I smiled and gave a fake curtsy, 'Tomorrow at 7.'


'I'll be here.' Jack gave a quick wink then he was gone.


I ran to the window and looked out – he was no where to be found.


I sighed and leaned against the sill, then a thought dawned on me.


'Oh, I don't have a dress!' I rushed to my closet and started to grab this and that. Tossing what I found useful on my bed I grabbed my sowing box and some scissors.


No matter, I'll make my Cinderella Dress.


I smiled and started to cut, 'And it will be picture perfect!'




My eyes fluttered open slightly as the snow started to come down outside. I smiled and sat up, stretching as I went.


'Perfect timing Frost.' I whispered, crawling out of bed to look out the window. It was picture perfect really. A fresh blanket of snow coated the grounds, and there were no footprints.


'Beautiful.' I reached up and unlatched the window, letting the cold air come in. The breeze gently caressed my face and I closed my eyes, leaning in to it.


'So this is what it's like to be you.' I said to Jack who wasn't there.


I closed the windows a moment later and walked back over to my bed.


I gently fingered the dress that lay on my trunk before looking over to by bedside.


An icy-blue color caught my attention.


'Jack.' I said, and walked over to touch the icy flower. It's color shone as I picked it up and turned it this way and that. It was so fragile yet so beautiful.


I looked back to where the rose had been to see a note.


I tilted my head as I looked at it before reaching to pick it up.


Lady Luna,


I couldn't help but laugh a bit at the nickname.


Tonight you can ask whatever you want. I won't hold back any answers. But there is one condition although, my story for yours.


And that was all there was.


I smiled and placed the note back down. I started to set the rose back down but stopped. I grabbed my wand and tapped an un-melting spell on the flower before placing it in my hair.


I walked over to the vanity and took in my appearance. The rose really added to my appearance. Now I actually looked pretty.


I gently fingered the rose and sighed, 'And I know exactly what will make me beautiful for tomorrow night. Tomorrow night will be my chance a the perfect Fairy Tale.'



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