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    The sun made her bright red hair golden and I could not look away. Her pale face turned up at me with her emerald gems piecing into my body as she scanned it and her plush lips parted into a smile. Her slender frame was covered in a white one piece as she lay on her elbow and stared up at me. Alice Roux was a goddess from above and I was unworthy of her.

    I am part veela so everyone thinks that that means that I am some beautiful creature that anyone that stands next to me would look ugly. I guess with my sliver hair and light blue eyes I am breathtaking but I could never compare to Alice.

    I met Alice only a week ago and I could not look away from her. Ma famille had come to Nice for the holiday before I went back to school for my fifth year, we always went to Nice. I loved Nice; the beaches, the shops, the people, the water. For as long as I have been coming to Nice, I had never yet met Alice.

    The first day I was laying on the beach in my blue one piece, revealing in the stares of the beach goers and saying ‘Salut’ to the people I have met before when I saw her. She was locked in an embrace with a tan girl with jet black hair. I could not look away from them and I was slightly jealous. I had this funny feeling in my gut and I desperately wanted the fire headed girl to be locked on my lips. I was about to look away when her green eyes locked on my blue ones. I blushed as I smiled at her. She winked at me and I swear that I almost fainted there on the beach.

    That whole night I thought of her. Every ginger I saw I thought it was her but they were never as beautiful as the one of the beach. She even was in my dream. The moments in the night when I was not dreaming of her I was thinking about myself.

    I like boys, not girls. So, why was I so interested in the girl from the beach? I bet it is just a phase all girls feel this way at some point in their lives, plus the girl is stunning it is hard not to be attracted by her.
    The next day, I wore my most beautiful swim suit. It was a hot pink one piece that had ruffles on the bottom and it belonged to ma grand-mere when she was my age in the forties. I walked onto the beach in the glow of all the eyes on me and search for the one person I wanted to notice me, but I did not see her.

    I sat on my white towel and lay down solemn. I pulled my shades over my eyes and closed my eyes and hoped I would not cry, when I heard a sultry voice say, “Bonjour, belle fille. I am sure I saw you yesterday.”

    I quickly opened my eyes and saw her, the ginger from yesterday.

    “Je suis Alice Roux, proclaimed gay, as you saw yesterday. Pourquoi, were you staring at me while I was kissing the beautiful Latin beauty?” she asked sitting down on the towel by me.

    “Je suis désole, you just pulled me in and I could not look away,” I said turning pink in the cheeks.

    “That is fine, many love to stare, mostly rude old hags and boys, but I have no time for them, so mystery fille do you like the ladies?” she asked smiling at me.

    “Um…I don’t know….maybe,” I stammered.

    Alice laughed, “Its fine if you are confused, but I find you stunning and if you want we can hang out together?”

    “I would like that, I am Gabrielle Delacour by the way,” I said.

    “Well, Gabrielle I am certain toi et moi are going to have a splendid time.”

    Alice was right, that week was amazing and it was all thanks to her. We spent most of the days on the beach, tanning under the hot sun, splashing in the ocean, rubbing lotion on each other’s backs and talking about our lives. Alice was a muggle and went to a boarding school in Switzerland and I told her I went to a school in Belgium, I could not risk telling her I was a witch. We also shopped at all the shops and ate lunch at the trendy cafes. Anyone who was to see us would only think that we were the best of friends, but at night we were much more than friends.

    She would kiss me all over finally ending at my lips, she tasted of red wine and chocolate, it was delicious. She said my lips tasted of pomegranate and cinnamon, I thought that was a weird combination. We would lie on my bed in my hotel room for hours talking, kissing, or playing with each other’s hair. She was extraordinary and her body was a wonderland to me. She was the most stunning specimen and she was all mine…well for this week.

    I sat down next to my love and play with her white straps to her white bathing suit and kissed her softly on the lips. Today was the last day of our love and I was sure to miss her loads. She promised to write and I believed her immensely.

    “Gabi, ma amour, you are a goddess in your gold bikini, I will forever keep this image of you, ma grand amour,” she said softly into my ear.

    “I will miss you ma Cherie,” I replied smiling at her as she kissed me passionately.

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