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 Chapter Twenty-One

The One with the Doubt

I would like to dedicated this chapter to the validators - I always re-submitted my chapters due to editing, chapter image changes, spacing issues... anything really, would like to thank them and apologise for always having to re-read and re-re-read my chapters. 

18:30, 24th December 1977  

“Quick,” I muttered, “Jay – quick!”

“I’m going as fast as I can,” he whispered back to me.

“Go faster,” I hissed, “He’s coming!”

“Just pass me my shirt,” Jay said urgently. I quickly passed it to him and watched him pull it on, “Oh just one more thing-”

“Hayley? You out here?” I heard Sirius call out.

“Merlin Jay!” I squealed, I quickly ducked under his arms and began to help him button his shirt as he continued fiddling with some parts.

“Hayl-” Sirius stopped mid sentence. He glowered at the sight before him.

“What in the name of Merlin is going on?” Sirius spat.

08:30, 23rd December 1977

“Happy Christmas Eve-Eve!” I squealed as Hayley came down the stairs, I tapped my cheek at her. She was wearing her red silk robe which fluttered beautifully to reveal her night gown underneath. The robe hung down to her mid-thighs revealing her perfectly smooth legs.

I sat at breakfast table which was adorned with different cereals, waffles, pancakes and multiple types of juice. No one had come down to breakfast yet, seeing as it was still quite early.

She smiled at me, her deep blue eyes twinkling, “Happy Christmas Eve-Eve,” She placed a light kiss on my cheek.

“Thank you,” I said politely, pulling her into my lap before she had a chance to seat down on the chair next to me. I ran my hand up her legs and the rested them on her hips. Hayley bit her lip trying to hold her smile as she blushed profusely.

“Everyone’s at home,” she stated, looking down at my chest. I held her down firmly as she attempted to get up. “Sirius,” she whined, her voice soft.

“Hayley,” I whispered against her neck. I crept my hands inside her robe and pulled her closer to

me. I kissed her lightly on the neck before travelling up to her jaw line. With one hand, I shoved

the plate of food in front of me to one side and roughly placed Hayley on the table.  

I felt her place her hand around my neck and entwining her fingers through my hair. I roughly brushed my lips against hers, my hands rest on her hips. I trailed my hands along the seam of her underwear before moving up.

I pushed her down on the table, swiftly shoving everything off it. I heart several plates and breakfast items crash to the floor.

“Sirius,” Hayley muttered again, only this time, with what I thought, more passion. I pressed my body against her as a laced my tongue along hers. I felt her leg rub against mine-

“HAYLEY!” came a sudden boom.

“Merlin-” Hayley pushed me off with a sharp kick hitting me in the stomach.

“OW!” I cried out, as she jumped off the table, pulling her robe tightly around herself.

“HAYLEY! Oh there you are!” the meat-head beamed, “Are you okay Sirius – What happened in

here?” he said observing the food on the floor. I scowled at him, as I rubbed the spot where Hayley had kicked me.

“Sirius – err- er- punched himself,” Hayley replied promptly.

I rolled my eyes at her, “You’re the world’s worst liar,” I muttered so only Hayley could hear.

Why was it so important to her that Jason not know that we were snogging. It’s not like it was James, who would definitely flip out. In his head we did nothing but hold hands – he blocked out all the times he witnessed me and Hayley snogging. This was the major complication in our relationship. I could no longer go to James. Before we used exchanged vulgar details from breasts to underwear.

When I told this to Remus, he of course brushed it off, saying it was not mine and James’ relationship which had changed but rather I who had changed. I had become... mature. He was definitely bonkers.

“Was I interrupting something?” the meat-head deadpanned. He had a look similar to James’ whenever he would catch me and Hayley snogging. It was as if I was corrupting her innocent mind.

“No,” Hayley said quickly, her breath was jagged as she tried to overcome the recent moments. She patted down her hair and faced Jason with a smile.

Hayley had told me Jason and James were like brothers, although several years apart. Jason lived a few housed down in a tiny cottage – well tiny compared to the Potter’s mansion, with his grandparents, and James had grown up with Jason. Hayley referred to Jason as another older brother – but less annoying and not as protective. Their relationship grew distant when Jason started to go Hogwarts and then finally moved to Drumstrang to live with his aunt when his grandparents died.

Hayley made his story sound like a big sob-fest. But I knew better. I had to keep my guard up for creeps that could sway girls with their sob story. Not that I used my family’s neglect towards me as any kind of ploy to get girls. No, never.  Okay maybe once.

“If you two were-” he started, with a sort of flicker in his eyes which I could only related to anger. Maybe jealousy?

“No, Jay,” Hayley said quickly, “Sirius was just being silly, was there something that you needed?”

Okay, I was not being silly.

“Yes, I just needed to talk to you – alone,” the meat-head said, as Hayley walked towards him.

“Jason, whatever you need to say you can-” I started but Hayley cut across me, looking slightly flustered.

“Sure,” Hayley said. She quickly pushed him out the door, leaving me alone with the mess.

I sighed to myself. They had been disappearing a bit too often. Hayley always acted flustered whenever Jason and I were in same room together. Like they were keeping a secret.

“Hey Padfoot,” James said a bit too cheerfully, “How are – what happened here?”

Ever since he and Lily had started going out – he was a bit too cheerful. But I guess I couldn’t blame him. He had snatched the girl he had been pining for since forever it seemed like.

“The mea- Jason had a fit,” I lied, “I don’t know why,” I said quickly before James got a chance to ask. I wasn’t too good not lying either I guess. Well not to James at least.  We told each other everything – well used to at least.

“Actually no,” I muttered, if I wanted to get over this thing with James I would have make a step, “Me and Hayley were snogging on the table – she’s irresistible in her pyjamas you know – couldn’t keep my hands off her.”

James looked at me with shock. He seemed unsure of what just happened. It was as if I was talking about his girlfriend and not my own.

Good going genius.

“I’m kidding,” I said quickly, grinning. I guess that was not going to happen again.

I could feel James let out a sigh, before taking out his wand from his pocket, and with a flick the mess disappeared and the food was restore back on the table. He took a seat on the table, and I followed him taking a seat opposite to him.

“When is Lily coming?” I asked James, trying to diffuse the awkwardness. He had asked Lily to spend Christmas which she gratefully accepted. He also invited her sister Begonia; however, she ever rudely declined. I would too, if my name was Begonia.

“I’m picking her up at noon,” James replied, “I have to pick up her necklace from the jewellers in Diagon Alley first though... What did you decided to get Hayley?”

“Oh, jewellery too,” I lied. What I got Hayley I definitely was not going to tell James. If he couldn’t handle talk about us snogging I doubt he could handle lingerie.

Okay, now, don’t give me give me that look. I never gotten a girl anything. The fact I‘m getting her something is a gift in itself.

And I was sure if he knew he would punch me. Really hard. And being hit by one Potter was enough for today.

“Good choice,” James nodded, sipping his juice, “And you have to come with to pick up Lily,” he added quickly.

“Why do I have to go?” I sulked, “She’s your girlfriend.”

“Because you have to – and I don’t know what her parents will be like... and you’re always a good ice-breaker,” James shrugged.

So basically he was taking me more moral support. I don’t know why he needed me. He was always fantastic with parents. They loved him. I mean – look – his own parents love him. So other parents must as well.

That’s logical.

“Oh – Hayley was going to go but she’s going out with Jason-”

Those words seemed it flicker something in me. Yes, it was always Hayley and Jason. She had still refused to talk to her parents about us. I didn’t know if she afraid they would not like me or just the idea of us.

“No,” I stopped him, “She’s going out with me.”

“That’s not what I meant Padfoot,” James smiled, “She hanging out with Jason. You’ve got to get over this jealousy thing-”

He’s one to talk.

“So you’re telling me if Lily constantly hung out with a guy that looked Prince Charming and her parents adored him and had their weddings half planned out – you wouldn’t be jealous?”

“Why?” James said, narrowing his eyes at me, “What have you heard – NO - no, I wouldn’t be jealous.”

“Yeah, you’re not the jealous type,” I said sarcastically.

“Hello boys,” Mr. Potter said walking into the dining room, he took a seat at the head of the table followed Mrs Potter who took a seat adjacent to him.

James was a spitting image of Mr. Potter. They had the same unruly, jet black hair, the same height, structure – the only difference was James’ hazel eyes which he had gotten from his mother and his chaser’s build. Hayley had the same jet black hair – except hers was a bit more tame and she had Mr. Potter’s blue eyes.

“Where’s Hayley? I hardly get to see her anymore,” Mr. Potter asked, he looked around before flipping open the morning paper.

Mr. Potter seemed to overly cautious with the news around Hayley. In my opinion anyway. He got very annoyed when anything work related, like death eaters, came up. He brushed it off quickly and moved onto another topic.

“Yes,” Mrs. Potter said sadly, although she was smiling widely, “She’s always fleeting around with Jason – they’re always in the garden playing around.”

I tried to drown out their banter by thinking of quidditch. But Mr. Potter’s natural authoritative voice was almost impossible to block out.

“He’s good for her,” Mr. Potter commented, pouring himself and Mrs. Potter some juice, “Keeps her stable.”

Keeps her stable, my ass. Where was he when Hayley was in the hospital wing? Partying in Romania or Portugal – whatever.

I noticed as James cracked a smile at Mr. Potter’s comment, but quickly turned it into a frown as I gave him a death glare.

“But I don’t think anything is going on,” James said quickly, as I flicked some egg at him, “She’s seeing a boy at school.”

“What?” Mr. Potter said, he looked slightly livid, “You didn’t tell me this sooner James?”

“Well, he’s a fine man,” James smiled, he glanced over to me, catching my smile, “You both will definitely approve.”

“What do you think Sirius? You’re awfully quiet lately – are you feeling ill?” Mrs. Potter rambled, “You are looking a bit down – do you need some tea – James will you fetch Sirius some tea maybe some-”

I was caught in surprise, as suddenly everyone turned to look at me. Mr. and Mrs. Potter looked slightly worried, whilst James’ simply rolled his eyes at me.

“He’s fine mum,” James snapped, “Although I do feel a bit queasy.”

He really was a mommy’s boy.

“Then stop eating so fast – take a breath,” Mr. Potter chuckled, at his son’s jealousy, causing James to pout at his mom. She slightly heartbroken at his expression, and loaded his plate up with from food.

“I’m fine,” I said quickly, “I’m sure you’ll like him.”

“Well, I hope he’s coming to the Christmas party tomorrow,” Mrs. Potter said, piling more eggs onto our plates.

“Oh, there you two are,” Mr. Potter said quickly putting away his paper, as Jason and Hayley walked back into the room.

“Nice talk?” I said bitterly to Hayley, as she walked over to me. Jason took a seat next Mr. Potter.

She looked a bit taken back, “Marvellous.” She roughly pulled out her chair and took a seat next

to me.

“James just told us about the boy you’re seeing, young lady,” Mr. Potter said sternly to Hayley, looking over the top of his glasses. Hayley’s eyes widened as she swerved to look at me.

“Yes, it’s not Jason is it?” I snapped, resting my chin in my hand, turning to face at Hayley so my Mr. Potter could not read my expression.

“No, Sirius,” she hissed looking up at me, slightly confused at my anger.

“Is he coming to the party?” I chirped.

“No, I don’t think he’ll make it,” She smiled politely.

“Why might that be Hayley?” I said with fake pleasantry, letting bitterness seethe through my voice.

“Because I might kill him,” she hissed only loud enough for me to hear.

A man with a dark navy robes rushed into the room. He had quite a narrow build for his unusally large head, but somehow he managed to not topple over, “Mr. Potter, the minister is here.”

“The minister of what?” Mr Potter snapped.

“Of Magic.”

“I’ll be right there, let’s go Jason,” he stood up and left the room swiftly with Jason close behind him. Mrs. Potter got up and left as well, saying something about tea.

“Hello Hayley,” the man said, who was still standing at the door.

“Morning Charles,” Hayley replied politely, she turned around from her seat to look at him, “Want to join us for breakfast?”

“No, no, I must be going,” He said, looking slightly disappointed, “Just wondering, would like to be my date at the Christmas party tomorrow?”

Hayley glanced at me. I think she was expecting me to say something; I smiled at her pleasantly keeping my mouth shut.

She frowned and turned back to Charles, “Sorry, Charles, Jason’s already asked me.”

“Just as well,” shrugged Charles, before walking away. I waited until his footsteps disappeared.

Just as well? Just as well as what? People can’t just say just as well. It has to be just as well as something. It can’t just be well.

“What was that?” I spat at Hayley.

“Well, no one else asked me,” she shrugged innocently, there was a slight twinkle in her eyes. I didn’t know whether it was playful or anger.

“What is your problem?” I snapped.

“What’s yours?” she snapped back, almost immediately, her temper rising like mine.

“You’re sleeping with Jason!”

“Sirius!” Hayley cried out, “Not this again.” Her angry tone had disappeared, and it was replaced with slight despair

“Yeah, Padfoot,” James grimaced, nodding his head, “This jealousy-” I gave him a death stare, he changed his tone immediately, “Okay – I need some tea too.” He quickly got up and left the table.

“If you aren’t, why did you get so worked up about him suspecting that we were doing something?” I quizzed her.

“Because Sirius, I was slightly alarmed,” she replied back calmly, “Just-”

“Where did you two hurry off to? Have sex?” I suggested.

“No!” Hayley fumed, “Sirius, do you know how ridiculous you sound?”

“I’m being completely serious,” I deadpanned, “Why haven’t you told your parents about us? Why are you letting them think you and Jason have something going on?”

“I haven’t told them because they would freak out!” Hayley cried out jumping out of her seat, “And I’m not letting them think anything – you’re the one that suggested Jason.”

“No, I didn’t,” I said shaking my head, “They were all – Oh, Hayley and Jason sitting on a broom-”

“Sirius,” Hayley said trying to steady her voice, “It’s Christmas, I really don’t want to have to hit you with this plate,” she held up an empty, white, ceramic plate.

“Oh, no need for that, you already kicked me!” I growled, “But maybe you forgot from all the making out you and Jason just did.”

“Well maybe I wouldn’t have kicked you if you didn’t pin me down on the breakfast table,” Hayley yelled, choosing to ignore my last comment.

“Well maybe – maybe...” I trailed off, unsure of what to say, “Well maybe, you should – oh, I don’t know – spend some time with me too – there are other people in world excluding Jay,” I said mimicking her melodic voice.

“I spend plenty of time with you!” She said rolling her eyes.

“When?” I laughed, “When you were making out with my brother? When you needed time away from me? Between all the lies?”

“Sirius,” she said softly, “You’re insufferable.” And with that she left the room.

“Just walk away!” I said following her out the door, “It’s what you always do! Yes, just runaway to Jason – send me a save the date for the wedding!”

I watched her storm up at stairs, trying to make loud thuds, which sounded more like rain falling on a tin roof.

“What is the matter with you?” came a stern voice from behind me.

I jumped up slightly alarmed, “Remus,” I sighed, collapsing back on the chair, “What’s the matter with you?”

“Oh, don’t start with me,” He growled, “Why are you behaving like a monkey? What is this whole problem you have with Jason?”

I narrowed my eyes at him. Did he call me a monkey?

“What?” I hissed, sitting up on my chair.

“You’re so scared that she’s really going to hurt you or leave you that you’re trying to sabotage the relationship,” Remus deadpanned.

“What?” I repeated. Okay, now he’s just talking crazy.

“Why are you so sure that she’s sleeping with Jason?” Remus asked me, neatly serving food onto his plate.

“I – I ... I’m not.” And that was truth. I really didn’t know why I thought it. I guess... he’s a good looking bloke and she’s hot. Oh, and they kept sneaking off together.

“Then why do you keep accusing her?” he asked. Oh, I hated it when he had his shrink mode on.

“Because – because, she might be.”And that’s the truth too. She might be.


“Nothing,” I shrugged.

“There’s something else,” Remus said not looking up at me.

“There’s nothing.”

“Yes, there is.”



“There isn’t!” I growled, frustrated.

“Yes, there is,” he replied in a sing-song voice.

“Because I want her to! Then I can break up with her! And then I can stop being in love!” I spat out. I was surprised at my own words.

Remus looked up at me and smiled, “Why?”

“Because it’s better to leave than be left.”

The words streamed out of my mouth. I didn’t mean to say them. But out of all this frustration they just came natural. Remus looked at me, with a saddened expression. He opened his mouth to say something but I cut across him.

“Don’t you say anything!” I snapped, he shrugged and went back to his food, slowly cutting pieces and placing them into his mouth. “I’m scared I’m going to lose her. I’m scared how much I love her. And I don’t like feeling this way. I don’t. I don’t. I don’t.”

“Sirius,” Remus said sincerely, “No girl would put up with your dragon manure if she didn’t love you.” I scowled at him. He rolled his eyes at me and added, “She will never cheat on you or hurt you. Look the extent she went to protect you and James from Rosier – she was willing to sacrifice herself.”

“I don’t want her to protect me!” I said, slightly frustrated, “I don’t know Moony – I’ve never felt this way about anyone and I know no-one has felt this way about me.”

“Why don’t you go apologise to her?” he suggested, finishing off his eggs.



“Not this again,” snapped James as he walked into the room, “We’re all going to Diagon Alley– want

to come?”

“Who’s we?” I asked, as Remus nodded at James.

“Me, Hayley and Jason – and Remus too,” he replied, “HAYLEY!” he yelled at the top of his lungs, “Let’s go!”

“Jason, eh?” I smirked, “Yeah I’ll go.”

We headed off to Diagon Alley a little while later. There was an awkward tension as I wasn’t talking to Hayley or Jason, Jason wasn’t talking to me, Remus was trying to talk to everyone, Hayley wasn’t talking to anyone and James was talking to himself.  We roamed around for a while stopping at Wonderland’s Prank Store. I watched as Jason and Hayley whispered madly at each, immediately stopping as they caught me looking. I exchanged glances with Remus who looked unaware of everything.

We cut a short cut through an alley way to get from Wonderland’s Prank Store to the herb shop.

“Potter,” came a sneer from behind us, “POTTER!”

“We heard you the first time,” James grinned, turning and pointed his wand at Lestrange, “Congrats on the wedding? Where’s the wife?”

“Killing some muggles,” Rudolph smirked, “You still alive?” he titled his head to look past me to Hayley.

I pushed past Remus who was in front me, to Lestrange, “I swear to Merlin, Lestrange, I’m still a Black, I will kill you.”

“What’s going on here?” came a growl from behind Lestrange, “Last time I saw you, you weren’t looking so good?” I squinted my eyes past Lestrange to see who it was. Carrow.

He smirked, “Don’t worry, it won’t last for long.”

Hayley walked towards Carrow with a smirk on her face, “You don’t scare me Carrow – after all I’m the only one who knows.”

“You know nothing,” Carrow spat, grabbing her by the front of the robes. We all jumped forward towards Carrow. Hayley held out her hand signalling us to stop.

“I know her.”

“YOU KNOW NOTHING!” Carrow yelled, shaking Hayley violently, “Rosier couldn’t do it but I will.”

“Don’t!” James yelled out, cutting across, “It’s two against five, we beat you in school, we’ll beat you here.”

“Save yourself the trouble, Potter,” Carrow spat, “I know a Auror when I see one...” he smirked at Jason, with one swift movement he knocked Hayley back towards us and disappeared with a stream of black smoke. Lestrange followed.

“You couldn’t have used your wand?” the meat-head cried out, as we stumbled out of the alley way.

“I forgot to bring it!” Hayley shrugged, “It worked out okay, I think some of my flair is back,” she grinned at us.

Before this whole Rosier incident, I could hardly remember, Hayley used to be quite feisty. She had grown into a weak, fragile girl after Rosier’s repeated use of a certain unforgivable curse. She didn’t like to talk about Rosier or anything that happened and the impact it had on her.

“WHAT!” the four of us exclaimed.

“You forgot to bring your wand?” Remus cried out, “That’s like signing up for a death wish.”

“Oh, calm down,” Hayley said rolling her eyes, “I was fine – it was you lot that looked like you were scared out of your wits – so much for Gryffindors.”

She looked up at me a gave me a wide smile, I looked back at her sternly, displeased with her careless attitude.

“Oh c’mon Sirius,” she laughed, wrapping her arms around my waist. I frowned at her as he continued to grin at me. I wrapped my arm around her tightly, “Are you okay? Did you get scared?” she asked me.

I stayed quiet for a bit until we were inside, “No,”  I muttered to her.

“Love me?” she asked with a grin.

“You came without your wand?” I growled, as we walked into the leaky cauldron.

“I forgot it,” she shrugged, “But look at the good side – you all had yours.”

I rolled my eyes at her. We decided we would stick around for dinner and got a table at the corner of the room.

“Wait,” I whispered to Hayley, I pulled her away from the table just as she was about to sit down.

“I’m sorry,” I muttered to her, as soon as we were out of hearing distance.

“WHAT?”  Hayley said loudly, grinning.

“I’m sorry,” I deadpanned, “What I said was stupid – I’m an idiot – I know nothing is going on-”

“I know-”

“Wait,” I stopped her, she gave me a small smile as I continued, “I’m scared you’re going to dump me.”

“And why would I want to do that?” She said stepping closer to me and wrapping her arms around my waist.

“Because you know what I’m really like – I’m not that awesome as everybody thinks.”

“I’ve known the real you for a while,” She smiled, “And it’s why I love you. Now, would you stop being a jerk and have a good Christmas?” She jumped up on her toes and lightly brushed her lips against mine.

“I won’t pin you down this time,” I whispered, causing her to scowl and pull away. She grabbed my hand and pulled me back to the table.

“Oh – It’s almost noon have to go pick up Lily,” James said quickly standing up.

“It’s only eleven,” Remus said looking at his watch.

“Who knows how long it’ll take to ... get there,” James stumbled blushing.

“It’ll take half a second,” I grinned.

“Yes, but – oh will you just come!” James snapped, pulling me up by the arm.

“Wait,” I said as James dragged me out of the booth, “What about Hayley?”

“Jay will take her home,” James shrugged.

“I – wait – oh James – I – okay,” I said, I leaned down pecked Hayley lightly on the lips.

“I’ll see you at home,” Hayley smiled, “Don’t take too long.”

James rolled his eyes at us before grabbing mine and Remus’ arm.  With a sudden yank, I felt the scene before me disappear and within a second I was faced with a cream coloured suburbian house.

“This is cute,” Remus smiled, stepping up to the front door, he extended his hand out to knock.

“No – wait!” James hissed, “I’m not ready!” He ran his hand through his hair and then wiped his hands on his coat. I grinned as I noticed him run his tongue along his teeth, “How do I look?”

“Like you have for the past seven years,” Remus started politely.

“Like an idiot-”

Remus nudged me, “You look great James-”

“Just stop sweating so much – you don’t want to look like you just came out of the Pacific Ocean-“

Suddenly, the door burst open to a chirpy Lily Evans, “I thought I heard some voices,” she grinned, “Come in.”

“So this is the house of Evans,” I said stepping in behind James and Remus.

“Ah – yeah,  sure,” Lily said sending me a awkward glance, “My bags are upstairs-”

“I’ll get them,” James chirped, he ran towards the stairs.

“First door on the right!” Lily called out as James disappeared.

“Don’t mind him,” Remus smiled, “He’s a bit nervous about meeting the parents.”

“Well he doesn’t have to worry...” Lily trialled off, she walked over to the fireplace and handed me the pot of floor powder, “No one is home...”

“Was just the two trunks Lils?” James asked walking back down the stairs empty handed, “I shrunk them.” He smiled at our confused looks, patting his thigh pocket.

“Thanks James,” Lily said, giving him a small kiss, “Let’s get going.”

“Yes! Let’s!” James said quickly, he pushed me into the fireplace, snatched the floo powder out of my hands, “Potter Manor!” he yelled throwing in some powder.

“James-” I started, but before I could finish the scene before I disappeared, and came shooting out of another fireplace. Within seconds somebody else came shooting out after me, stumbling into me causing me to fall forward.

“Sorry Sirius,” Remus apologised, “James just pushed me in.”

“It’s okay,” I muttered, wiping the soot off my coat. I looked around, we were in the upstairs lounge room. I walked over to the large window looking out to the mini Quidditch pitch. I watched as Hayley and Jason emerged from the small broom shed, his arms wrapped around her tightly, both seemed in intense conversation.

“Sirius,” Remus whispered from behind me softly, “I – You – They could be talking about dragons – don’t get carried away.”

“In a broom shed?” I smirked, I sighed to myself, “No, you’re right Remus, I should give her the benefit of doubt – it’s Hayley, she would never...”

“Ohh,” came another girly voice behind me, “Who’s the cute boy?”

“He’s nobody!” Remus snapped, before I could say anything.

“Hayley has a new-” Lily started.

“No!” Remus snapped again, “He’s just a friend.”

“It’s not the way it look-”

“I beg you not to finish that sentence,” James said to Lily, peering over my shoulder too.

“It’s okay,” I muttered to them, “You’re right, I should have seen it.”


“No James, just don’t,” I muttered, “I know it, and you know it too.”


“It’s really okay,” I whispered, breaking away from the window, “I’m fine.”



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