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What Happened

“Hey,” Corvus greeted as Scorpius dropped onto the step beside him.

The two often spent their nights on the steps leading into Hogwarts, talking and smoking.

“You have sex hair,” Scorpius muttered, flicking open his lighter.

“You have the Rose-just-made-out-with-me smirk,” Corvus snapped back.

Scorpius chuckled before nudging his friend, “Talk to me.”

Corvus sighed heavily, “It’s freaking me out, mate.  I don’t like that Claire’s back.  It’s messing with my head.  I almost want to leave.  I hate what she does to me.”

“Yea, I know.  I’m sorry, Corvus.  I wish I could help.”

“Yea…” he trailed off, shrugging.

“How’s Lyra taking it?”

“Won’t leave my side,” he laughed, “I almost asked Albus to borrow the invisibility cloak just so I could make it to the Room of Requirement.”

That’s where you went after we got back?”

“She calms me down,” he shrugged, “I love her, Scorpius.  I’m gonna marry her.  I know it.”

“So you’ve said before,” Scorpius smiled; Corvus had been saying this for almost a year.

“Scorpius,” he said after a few minutes of quiet, “I think I want to propose.”

This caught him off guard, however.


“Yea.  I love Hailey.  I want to spend the rest of my life with her.”

“Well,” Scorpius began, smiling, “When and how?”

“Quietly, obviously.  And soon.  Can you help me pick out a ring?”

“We’ll go Sunday cos the game is Saturday.  Let’s ask McGonagall, though.  I really don’t feel like getting in trouble or using Polyjuice to disguise ourselves again or give Rose a reason to be mad at me.”

Corvus just laughed, nodding 


Two weeks later.

“Okay, guys, what the hell?” Adrian sighed, palming his face, “Why are they winning?”

“Because someone isn’t concentrating,” Corvus muttered darkly, glaring at his sister, “Can you stop tweaking out?”

“She’s staring at you,” she said, folding her arms over her chest.

Pay attention to the game.  I can handle it,” he said, voice low and stern.

Lyra just looked away, angry.

“Now that that’s settled,” Adrian sighed again, “Is their seeker honestly following you?”

“Unfortunately.  Mind if I throw her for a loop?”

At Corvus’ smirk, Adrian laughed and nodded, “Alright then.  Follow his lead.  Scorp, stay with Corvus.”

“On it.”

They broke from their timeout, to which the crowd cheered.  It was their first match against Ravenclaw, and, so far, it wasn’t going well.  They continued on for the next ten minutes, and, after a few brutal run-ins, no goals, and the snitch not appearing, Corvus sighed.  He was getting annoyed with their seeker, and so he turned upward, laughing as she raced after him.  He made eye contact with Scorpius, who gave him a thumbs up before moving away from the action.  One of the other Slytherin chasers noticed him, smirked, and dropped the ball before soaring away.  A Ravenclaw chaser raced to get it as Corvus took one last look at the still-following seeker and rolled his eyes before rocketing downward.

He made contact with the chaser as he caught the quaffle, nearly knocking him off his broom.  Corvus snatched the quaffle up as it was sent flying, and all of Slytherin was on its feet in the stands.  He soared away and dropped the ball as Scorpius appeared below him.  They looped around a Ravenclaw beater, Scorpius hitting him so hard the beater rolled over as he tossed the quaffle over to Corvus.  Together, they fell on either side of the other beater, and he quickly dropped away.  Corvus gave Scorpius a little nudge before soaring off.  He passed just as a Ravenclaw chaser approached him, and, as the quaffle went through the air, he turned on his broom so that the incoming chaser’s gut was met with the back end of his broom.

And then he saw the snitch, their seeker just going after it.  He raced off, ducking under an angry bludger, and he loped around their seeker, laughing as she started cursing and yelling.  And Slytherin won.


Hailey looked up as the doors to the Great Hall opened that night, anxious.

“Calm down, sis,” Chloe muttered, stabbing a piece of chicken, “He’ll show up eventually.”

“I haven’t seen him since the game.  I’m just worried about him,” she sighed, turning back.

Scorpius agreed with her, frowning; Corvus had taken off and disappeared as soon as he finished changing.

“Hey,” Molly said a few minutes later, waving at Hailey, “There he is.”

She barely finished her sentence before her sister jumped up.  She met him just past the end of the table, pulling him into a hug.

“Is everything okay?  No one knew where you were.  I thought something had happened to you,” she mumbled as she released him.

“You know I love you, right?” he said softly with a shy smile.

“Of course I do.  I love you, too.  Is everything okay?”

Corvus kissed her lightly, and Hailey let out a gasp as he then stepped away and dropped to one knee.  The Great Hall went silent.

“I want the whole world to know that I love you, that I adore you,” he said, pulling a box out of his pocket, “And I want to love you forever, Hailey,” he paused to open it, and she was crying, “So will you be mine for the rest of ever?”

“Really?” she squeaked, and Corvus smiled.

“Really,” he promised.

Yes,” she gasped, and his beam couldn’t be broader as he rose to his feet and carefully slipped the beautiful silver ring on her finger.

When they kissed, the entire hall broke out in applause.

“C’mon,” she whispered as they parted, “I’ve never felt your heart beat so fast,” she laughed, squeezing his hand.

The hall began to settle as they sat, and Corvus let out a huge sigh, his forehead falling to Hailey’s shoulder.

“I feel like I’m going to throw up.”

“Or pass out,” Adrian laughed, “Dude.  Wow.  Congrats, you guys.  That’s awesome.  Wow.”

That remained their topic of conversation all throughout dinner, but Hailey left him with a kiss as they exited the hall.

“Don’t stay out too late.  I’ve got big snuggle plans for tonight.”

He just smiled and waved as she walked away, looking away when Scorpius appeared at his side, arching an eyebrow.

“Totally gonna borrow my bathroom?” he laughed, shaking his head.

“And totally going to smoke after.  Do you mind?”

“Not at all.  Coming, Rose?”

“How’d you know I was looking for you?” she asked, falling into step beside him.

“I know you.”

“So, it’s nice to see you two finally hitting it off.  He’s a pretty good kisser, so I see where you’re coming from,” Corvus added to Rose who just stared at him with wide eyes.

“He doesn’t actually know,” Scorpius promised, “Corvus, be nice.  You’re freaking her out.”

Corvus just shrugged, sighing.  He fell silent as they walked back to the house.  Once there, he went off into the bathroom, silencing it as he did.

“What’s he doing?” Rose asked, going over to the armchair where her book had taken up residence.

“Heaving up his nerves.  So, what are you up to tonight?”

“Probably just going to stay in.  And you?”

“Hanging out with Corvus, as per usual.  Think maybe we could spend some time together when he leaves?”

He was hopeful, though she broke him down, “I don’t think so, Scorpius.  I don’t know if I’m ready for that.”

“Ready for what, exactly?”

“Kissing.  Being with you.”

“Oh, because that hasn’t happened at all?” he shook his head, “You’re unbelievable.”

“Look, Scorpius, you’re the one who kissed me last time!” she exclaimed, standing and pointing at him.

“If you didn’t want to, then why didn’t you stop me?”

“Because… well… because!”

“Oh, well then, Rose!  Not your because excuse!  Since that’s worked so great for you in the past!  I happen to remember that very excuse leading you to nearly throw yourself at me!”

“I did not throw myself at you!  It was one kiss, Scorpius!”

“Actually, Rose, it was quite a couple, a couple that you enjoyed very much, as you said!  Don’t put this on me!  So what have these past few weeks been?  Has it been nothing to you?  Does it mean nothing to you?”

“I’m going to assume this is a bad time to interrupt, though I feel it could also be opportune,” Corvus interceded, clearing his throat afterward.

“Oh, shove it, Johnson,” Rose said in frustration, “No one wants your goddamn opinion.  It’s not like you ever stand up for yourself anyway.”

Rose hadn’t expected the repercussions for making what she assumed was a mostly harmless stab.  Corvus’ expression dropped away, and he stared at her with empty eyes.  Scorpius was in front of her before she could even blink.

“Don’t you dare bring him into this.  He doesn’t need shit from you,” he growled, his face way too close to hers.

She was afraid of him, afraid of the deadened and furious gleam in his eye.

“Why do you always do that?” she yelled, shoving him in the chest, “He can take care of himself!  Let him!”

“Rose!” he screamed, shutting her up before he turned to Corvus, “Breathe.”

When his friend didn’t move, he gave Rose one more glare before jogging over, “Hey.  Look at me.”

He forced Corvus to face him, and he blinked, shoulders sagging and gasping for air.

“You okay?”

Corvus nodded, swallowing audibly, “Yea, I’m fine.  I’m sorry.”

“It’s totally okay.  We can smoke in my room.  It’s too cold out.  I’ll be right there?”

Corvus just nodded again before heading off, dragging a hand through his hair and sighing.  Once Scorpius was sure he was away in his room, he turned back to Rose.

“Do you know what happened?” he asked softly, not looking at her.

“Why does it matter?  Why do you have to stay so close to him?  Why does he need you?”

“Corvus tried to kill himself the summer before fifth year and then again in the beginning of fifth.”

The confession knocked Rose back into her armchair, and she stared at Scorpius’ door, shocked.

“Why?” was all she could manage.

“His father was his best friend, other than Lyra.  He did everything for Corvus.  He was his only son, his pride and joy.  Jack, his dad, was there for everything.  Corvus came to depend on him, loved him beyond comprehension.  I’ve never seen a family so close.  My dad, coming from a family so broken and empty, thought it was the strangest thing, but my mum always understood it.  Jack adored Corvus, would have died for him.  No one knows why he left, but, when he did, Corvus just died.  He holed right up, wouldn’t speak to anyone except Lyra, Hailey, and myself.  This summer, Lyra apparated to my house, hysterical.  She didn’t explain, just grabbed my arm, and apparated back to her house.  Corvus was…” Scorpius stopped, blinking, “He was unconscious on his bedroom floor.  There was blood everywhere.  He…” he almost couldn’t go on, “Rose, no one knows about this, not even Hailey.  When we brought him to Mungo’s, they said he was minutes from dying.  I’ll never forget the look on his face when he woke up.  He was angry, Rose, he was angry that he was alive.  You have to stop.  You can’t do shit like that.  It breaks him.  It’s what brought him to that point again, people taking stabs in the dark at why he was so gone, harmless remarks that shouldn’t bring a normal person to suicide.  Just stop, please.  Okay?”

Rose nodded, staring at him.  Scorpius finally lifted his eyes to meet hers, and she frowned at how pale he’d become, how glassy his eyes were.

“He’s my best friend, Rose.  I can’t lose him.  So, do not question him or me on why we’re like this.  Understand?”

She nodded again, and Scorpius left 

When he entered his room, Corvus was sitting on the window sill, knees drawn to his chest, and back straightened against the wall.

“You told her, didn’t you?” he mumbled, not looking at him.

“You know I did.  I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine.  I was going to tell Hailey.”

“When?” Scorpius asked, going over to him and sitting opposite him.

Corvus handed him a cigarette, and Scorpius fished for his lighter.

“Tomorrow.  I want tonight to be about us first.”

“So, quietly?”

This got Corvus to smile, and he turned his gaze to his friend, “Yea, quietly.  I dunno, man,” he sighed, “I felt like she deserved that, a big show of affection.”

“Dinner was halfway over, you know.”

“I was literally pacing outside of the Great Hall, trying to force myself to go in.  I was scared shitless.”

“I imagine.  I can’t believe you did it like that.  It really was perfect for her.”

“And that’s why I did it that way.  She loves PDA like that, so, it works.”

“I’m happy for you.”

“Thanks, Scorpius.”

He just smiled, grateful that his friend struck up the next topic.


Rose stared at his door, mouth set in a straight line.  Corvus had left an hour ago, but Scorpius hadn’t seen him to the door.  She’d been sitting in her armchair, attempting to read for the last hour, but she kept glancing up at the door, willing herself to just get up and go in.  She folded her arms, brow furrowed.  Why was this so hard?

“Because he’s angry at you, idiot,” she muttered to herself, starting to walk away, but something pulled her back, and she ran right up his stairs and knocked on his door.

“One second!” came his muffled voice from behind the door.

She tapped her foot out of nervousness, but quickly stopped when he opened the door a few cracks, stepping out only a little.  He was in blue and green plaid flannel pants and no shirt.  She almost forgot to speak as she noticed this, and Scorpius just laughed, tucking a finger under her chin and turning her eyes up to him.

“You knocked?” he asked, blue eyes wide and happy.

“I’m sorry,” was the first thing that came out of her mouth, and he sighed, still smiling.

“Don’t be.  Do you want to come in?”

“I want to decide what we are first.”

“Okay,” he obliged, leaving her chin and leaning against the doorframe, “Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Just like that?” she nearly squeaked.

“What else do you want me to do, Rose, ask your father?  Yea, that would go over well.  Oh, Mister Weasley, by the way, I’d like to date your daughter even though you hold a large grudge against—”

“I get it; my father’s an arse,” she mumbled, putting up a hand, “Are you going to break my heart?”

“If I promise I won’t, will you let me kiss you?”

“Scorpius!” she scoffed, hitting him in the chest.

“Look,” he sighed, snatching her wrist before she could pull away and drawing her close to him, “I can’t promise you that.  We don’t know what’s going to happen, but would you being willing to give it a shot?”

“I’m supposed to hate you,” she mumbled, though she was entirely distracted with their closeness, with his smell, with his touch.

“You only hate me because you’re afraid to love me,” he whispered before capturing her lips in a soft, inviting kiss.

He took a step backward, and she instinctively followed, wanting more of him.  He smiled against her, repeating the movement, though this time she didn’t follow, instead breaking the kiss.

“Scorpius,” she sighed, and he just rolled his eyes before moving back toward her, tangling his fingers in her hair, and kissing her passionately.

She finally succumbed, falling into his embrace and letting him whisk her away to his bed where they kissed and fell asleep together.


Okay.  It’s high time I get this over with: obviously, I’m totally in love with Corvus, so, naturally, I’m going to write a story about him.  Shoot me.  It’s just a short story, three chapters in length, but it’ll be structured as such: chapter one, before the split-up, chapter two and three, after the split-up.  So, you’ll see what Corvus used to be like and then what he went through during that time.  I really want to spotlight this change, but, this being a Scorpius/Rose story, I figured I shouldn’t devote too much time to it, so, that’s why there’s a short story.  It will be called The Lightning Strike, and I have the summary here:

The story of Corvus before, when happiness was a word that he knew, an emotion that he understood, and the story of after, when he was void, when he was destroyed by a single motion of broken love.

I’m really very excited about it, and so I would really love if you guys would read it, :)  I’ll be posting it after this story is over, as I don’t want there to be any confusing time mix-ups between the two or anything.  So!  You’ll see more about this in the last chapter (which isn’t too soon, I promise), so you’ve got that to look forward to!

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